The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary September 22 – 26.

Chelsea moved in with Adam, Nikki received crucial information about her son, and Chancellor Industry’s owner was revealed…

Adam insisted that Chelsea and Connor move into the penthouse with him. They met with an eye specialist and found out Connor didn’t have retinitis pigmentosa but rather his corneas had torn from a traumatic birth. Chelsea infuriated Adam when she wished she and Connor were back with Dylan. Meanwhile, Avery comforted Dylan and admitted she and Nick weren’t together anymore. Dylan snapped at Avery and refused her help, believing she simply felt sorry for him. Avery lashed out at Chelsea, and blamed her for Dylan’s relapse, then had it out with Sharon for injecting herself into Nick’s life.

Nikki received word that her son died in a drowning accident when he was seven years old. Though Paul offered to put Nikki in contact with the adoptive mother, Nikki decided to put the past behind her. Later, Paul found something shocking in the adoption files.

Neil made Cane and Lily upset when he refused to press charges against Hilary. He met with Hilary and told her the story of the night Rose died. Though Neil apologized for leaving Rose alone and asked Hilary to end her vendetta, Hilary retaliated by telling a reporter that Neil was responsible for Rose’s death.

Lauren and Michael were shocked to learn from Alex that Carmine had somehow escaped from jail.

Traci admitted to Abby and Kyle that she and her husband had reached an impasse. Abby ordered a massage and caught Tyler massaging Traci’s foot, thinking she was her. Abby teased Tyler and jokingly told him she loved him. Tyler appeared very disturbed by her words of love. Meanwhile, Kyle convinced Summer to take a modeling job in L.A. and encouraged her to embrace the great opportunity.

Victor asked Noah to work with Vikki on something at Newman then told Jack and Adam he was stepping away from the company. Jack accused Victor of being behind negative press, which caused clients to walk away from Newman. Victor showed them a letter to prove Katherine had left him Chancellor Industries and said Newman’s customers had gone over to his new empire.

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  1. From Missy

    I, think she left chancellor to jack love jack run it. Bring down victor this wk

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