The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary September 9 – 13.

Katherine’s will was read, Adam confronted Chelsea about his son, and Nick canceled his wedding…

In Katherine’s will, Murphy inherited one-fourth of the estate, a car collection, a country house and a fishing pole. Esther received $20,000/month to stay at the mansion. Cane remained sole CEO of Chancellor. Katherine decided the owner of the company would remain private. Victor received her first edition books. Tucker inherited her record collection. Brock, Mac, Phillip III, Phillip IV and Nina shared one-fourth of the estate. Nikki was left Katherine’s writings, Chloe her gowns, Delia an education fund, Kevin a skeleton key to unlock his happiness, and Devon the remainder of Katherine’s fortune, $2,475,000,000. Jill received Katherine’s half of the mansion, which she could never sell, and a jewelry box, pictured in the drawing of Katherine, containing the date of Katherine’s 12th birthday.

Nikki admitted to Paul she’d gotten pregnant by cult leader Ian Ward and her baby had been taken away. Katherine recently urged Nikki to find the child and left Nikki a number in her letter. Nikki asked for Paul’s help. Meanwhile, Victor lured Jack into meeting him and informed his nemesis he knew what he and Adam were up to.

Adam overheard Dylan telling Billy about Connor’s disease and confronted Chelsea about Connor being his son. Later, Adam told Dylan Chelsea had something to say then planned to sue Chelsea for custody of Connor. Chelsea admitted to Dylan that Connor was Adam’s son. Dylan turned his back on Chelsea. Vikki admitted to Billy she’d known Connor was Adam’s son and explained that Chelsea asked her to stay quiet.

Sharon made sure Nick saw a picture Faith drew with Avery as a bride, scribbled out. Sharon promised Nick she’d talk to Faith, who finally agreed to go to the wedding when Sharon privately agreed to take her there. Dylan arrived at Avery’s apartment, upset over Connor, which made Avery late to her wedding. When the minister left, Nick canceled the wedding. As Sharon comforted Nick, Noah realized Sharon was off her meds. Avery finally arrived and asked Nick if she was too late.

Lily and Cane faked an argument in front of Hilary, who later kissed Cane. Mason published a photo of the kiss online. Cane admitted that Lily had been right about Hilary. Lily explained her theories that Hilary was Anne Turner, and they agreed to continue their charade. Hilary knew they were playing her and told Mason Cane and Lily were the ones getting played.

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