Days Of Our Lives Poll: Romancing Rafe.

Which woman?

We already know Rafe has Kate’s love if he wants it, but it’s possible that he could fall for Jordan now that he’s spending so much time with her. She seems to like him too. On the other hand, Rafe always has had a soft spot for Sami, and only last week told Will he still cares about her happiness. A man like Rafe is never alone for long, so when he is out of the hospital and back to being himself again, he’s sure to wind up in a romance.

Who would you like to see Rafe in a romantic relationship with?

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  1. From bj gallion

    Would like to see Rafe have sexy mad love affair with younger woman. Kate is too old~

  2. From dc

    well, i guess it would be good for rafe to be with jordan, but i am wondering about her past.
    it appears he is gonna have a long recovery and she would be good for him..

  3. From Kat

    Still think that Jordan could be Emily, Rafe’s great love… the dead never stay dead in Salem.
    Kate, since she,according to her, at one time really did truly loved Stefano, could end up with him again. Now that he does realize how wrong he was … treating her that way, and all the horrible things he did.
    This is a soap, and everything and anything is possible.
    God loves Sinners, and he does forgive and if Stefano keeps his word, why not.
    Look at Victor, a Man just as/if not even more bad than Stefano, and now he is married to the Golden Gossip Maiden of Salem, our Maggie…LOL
    Long live Stefano, he is such a great part of the show.
    Any good story needs good and evil, and some in between.

  4. From Kat

    well, after thinking about it some more…
    Jordan could have something to do with either Dr. Dan.. late wife Rebecca, or Rafe, as I said.. dead fiance Emily….

  5. From CJ

    Please anyone but Kate! She is old enough to his mom. I fast forward through all their scenes together.

  6. From babs

    I don’t like Rafe too bad Bernardi wasn’t successful

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