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After having shot Chad, Marge turns her gun on EJ.

While praying for his son to make it through surgery, Stefano makes a solemn promise to God.

Eric contacts someone who may be able to shed light on what really happened the night at the capital hotel.

Kristen and Marlena face off when Kristen gleefully reveals Eric has agreed to marry her and Brady.

The judge delivers his decision to an anxious JJ, Abigail and Jennifer.

Jenn unleashes all her anger at Theresa and attacks her!

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  1. From Michelle

    Stefano makes a promise to God?! If Chad pulls through, I wonder if he’ll keep it!.

    I missed this site!

  2. From Krys1990

    What is going on with Jen, JJ, and Abigail that a judge is needed for? Have I missed something?

  3. From Linda

    I wish that EJ had the balls to stand up to Stefano. He gets his way at any cost. Too bad Marge did
    not shoot him. As for Kristin,end
    this BS once and for all.
    Hoping that Nicole gets a good job
    and Eric finally sees the light!!!

  4. From Linda

    can’t wait to see what Stefano does..and I can;t wait for this Marge character to disappear…can’t stand her…

  5. From lisa

    please don`t let anything happen to ej please!

  6. From LUMI

    please let EJ be the one to die,Im sick of him taking up most of the air time,Its time we see more of the other characters.

  7. From Mosey

    Stephano making a promise to God. Doesn’t Stephano think he is God? I think he’s bargained with God before and quickly forgets his end of the deal.

  8. From Maleeha Ali

    Krys1990: JJ just found out that Jack had raped Kayla a long time ago. JJ trashed the Town Square by throwing chairs in the window. JJ was arrested and put in jail. so that’s why JJ, Abigail and Jennifer are eager for the judge’s decision.

  9. From Sharon

    Is anyone else sick and tired of Kristen and that whole mess?? Please, end this storyline soon. Will be glad to see the end of JJ, Jen, Dr. wimp, and that whole storyline also. No one on the whole show acts like they really care one way or another. The writers must have taken a very long vacation!!!

  10. From MAB

    It’s been so long, I can’t believe the comments are working again. I’ve been enjoying the show a lot for a while now. I think since they finally put EJ & Sami together, TPTB finally got it right, and coupled with them and the rest of the cast, the show is better than it has been in a long time.

    I, of course, have been immensely enjoying all that is EJ & Sami! James & Ali are superb, as usual, and always knock their performances out of the park! Looking forward to their engagement party, although the ever annoying Marge will cause trouble…and shoot Chad. I assume this will be his exit to the show. Spoilers say Stefano will make a deal with God after this, but that probably won’t last long. I wonder if he’ll decide not to carry out his revenge against EJ & Sami. He should, since it was him who started all of this in the first place when he denounced EJ as his son, and made EJ beg for his help getting Sami out of jail. Not that I don’t love Stefano, but I don’t like his treatment of EJ.

    After Chad gets shot, Roman and the rest of the Brady clan start in on Sami about the danger she’ll bring to herself by marrying EJ. Well, that is a load of bull because whether Sami was marrying EJ or not, Marge would still come after Sami for shooting her husband. I know this s/l came about because of Alison Sweeney’s filming of The Biggest Loser (so she wouldn’t be missed on Days), but I hate that it had to be Sami who shoot Bernardi to protect Rafe. I wished it had been someone else, because I hate the thought of Rafe trying to cause trouble for EJ & Sami once he gets out of the hospital. I’m just hope by then he’s too occupied with Jordan to once again play second fiddle to EJ & Sami. He needs his own s/l that doesn’t involve them. I’m routing for Rafe & Jordan. I like the way he is with her.

  11. From Ed

    Herre is hoping a better week next week. Tired of Kristen’s lies and deceptions, she needs to leave soon. And Marge, very poor actress, she talks about her”joe” and never sheds a tear. Hope she is leaving too. And JJ, why does he blame everything on poor Daniel. I think maybe Danile might be able to “wake” JJ up and put him on the right path. Hope so anyway.

  12. From Ed

    I love days but an also tired of some of the lame story lines. I agree sami and ej are a must be couple i think they should have a huge wedding and sami annoucing she is pregnant again!!!!rafe and jordan ??? maybe when she gets some lines but right now she has no storyline… Kristen is on her way off show hopefully back into nicholes arms and a baby for those too!!!!

  13. From Clear

    I know Chad’s character gets shot, but I hope he doesn’t die. Even if the actor is leaving, the character does not have to die!

    Jen goody two shoes character has been wearing on my last nerve. She is so busy being fair and PC, that when she does lose it, she has no control. She is so irritating I want to slap her character silly! Poor Marge and Nick need to get locked up for therapy.

    JJ should go into the military and find out what home and family really mean.

    I love Nicole. She needs to find happiness.

  14. From terree

    Smack Jen for me too….she is so irritating and Daniel should get back with Chloe.
    Nicole and Eric are the greatest…..and if he decides to leave priesthood …..he can still stay close to church in some capacity. With Nicole.
    Where is John and beau…..ready for them to come back please.

  15. From patty

    Big hello to all! So happy to see this site up and working again. Missed it a lot.
    Loving the JJ storyline. As good as the actor playing JJ is and as troubled as he seems to be, he still comes across as a disrespectful brat with a kind heart. That being said, his performances with Kayla , Adrienne and Jen are outstanding and it’s nice to see these vets with something worthwhile to work with. Loved the Jack/Kayla rape storyline being revisited.
    I hope Chad doesn’t die but his actions of late have made him such a slime. Lying about a brain tumor is going to come back to bite him in the butt and rightfully so. Stephano and the Demiras don’t keep promises, to God or anyone else.
    Kristen needs to go asap so Brady can get his brain back.
    Anne and Theresa are beyond annoying and their antics are so juvenile. Can’t believe Shane and Kimberly’s daughter turned out to be such a sleaze. So far there is nothing redeemable about her and joining Anne’s mission to destroy Jennifer is just pointless. Jenn has enough on her plate as it is.
    So happy that Nicole is finally getting out of that convent and doing something for herself. Hoping she finds happiness soon, with or without Eric.
    Loving the Jordan/Rafe story so far. Can’t wait for Rafe to get out of that bed and move on.
    EJami’s unhappy ever after life is about to get worse. Karma.
    It looks like Nick is about to get all obsessive again. I hope they don’t push him over the limit this time around either. BB is a keeper on that show. Wished they would have gone with a Gabi /Nick romance but since CB is leaving, don’t see it happening.
    All in all, the show has been good and worth watching lately.

  16. From Jacqueline Oh

    What jail allows people to visit with prisoners at their cell? It seems pretty unrealistic.
    What’s with the pink hair [Sami] and blue hair [Kate] They’re both too old to be sporting those styles.

  17. From Noxie

    I thought I read somewhere that the character of Chad was being recast? Now with Cameron leaving too, I would hope they keep the character. Even if he is sort of a snake in the grass right now, he and Abby have chemistry. And who can’t be redeemed in a soap am I right?

  18. From Marjele

    Rafe needs to get back on his feet really soon as his bein’ stuck in a bed storyline is gettin’ very old. I hope we don’t get stuck with a Rafe/Jordan storyline as I don’t like the Jordan character at all. I would love to see a Rafe/Nicole storyline as they are great friends and great relationships always start with great friendships. Plus Rafe is the one person I think that could keep her on the up and up. Besides he is the one ex-husband of Sami’s she hasn’t married yet, LOL!!!

    So lovin’ the Sami/EJ storyline. It has taken me awhile to like EJ as I was rooting for Sami & Rafe to stay a couple. The Brady Family needs to quit worryin’ about Sami livin’ in the DiMera Mausoleum with Stefano. Sami is one heck of a strong woman who always stands up to Stefano and she won’t put up with his crap. She calls him on the carpet more than anyone in DOOL’s history. I am lookin’ forward to Sami & EJ’s wedding cause it will be a beautiful event. Hopefully Sami & EJ will have another baby so this time we can see them together when she goes thru her pregnancy, childbirth and raisin’ the child together not as a divorced couple like with their current kids.

    With Camilla Banus leavin’ DOOL if they don’t recast the character of Gabi I hope Arianna Grace stays in Salem and Will & Sonny raise her together just the 2 of them. I am hopin’ the writer’s write the Nick Fallon character off the show maybe have him locked away in a mental institution for his natural born life. I didn’t like them bringin’ the character & actor back and have wishin’ him gone from day 1. Will & Sonny should be raising Arianna Grace together without Gabi or anyone else. Marry them on the show and get them a surrogate mother to have a child of Sonny’s that they can add to their family.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed Nicole’s storyline all these months she has been workin’ and livin’ at St. Luke’s. It will be sad to see her leave St. Luke’s but it is time for her to venture out into the “real world” and get a life again and maybe a life with Rafe! Most likely they will pair Brady & Nicole up again once Kristin is gone from Salem which I think is a distinct possibility since Nicole appears to be going back to work for Titan TV.

    Jen, Abby, JJ & Dr. Dan storyline is so awful to watch. I am sick of Jenn’s goody goody behavior, Abby’s Princess behavior and JJ’s everyone pay attention to me attitude has ruined Dr. Dan’s character. I do think tho that the Jack/Kayla rape storyline will change JJ’s view towards Dr. Dan which is why I think they are revistin’ that storyline. I also don’t care for Dr. Dan & Jenn together. I rather see Dr. Dan together with someone else and see DOOL bring Jack back. They bring dead characters back all the time. All they have to do is say the Feds had Jack in Witness Protection in reference to his hostage storyline.

    Here’s hopin’ the Salem PD have to shoot dead Marge Bernardi when she turns the gun on EJ after she shoots Chad. She has never shed a tear over her husband’s death she just acts like she is upset, with no tears, and gets horrifically angry at everyone in the world. I get that she is in the denial phase of her grief but she has been in the denial phase since Bernardi died.

    Theresa Donovan being a sleazeball is actually a good thing as it shows the Bradys aren’t all perfect. Pairing her up with Anne is aggravating as it is just Theresa replacing Chloe in that whole mess. She should have been given a better storyline as a sleazeball. Anne needs to be fired from the hospital all ready with all the crap she has pulled. I would like to see her working a job she thinks is “beneath” her and make her suffer.

    I love Sami’s hot pink hair but how does she explain being in jail all that time and the color never once faded or grew out any. I know they don’t let prisoners dye their hair in jail. Kate’s blue hair went from her left side to her right side.

    It will be interestin’ to see if when Stefano makes his solemn promise to GOD when Chad gets shot if he makes that solemn promise with his word as a DiMera as those are the only promises he keeps are the ones with his word as a DiMera.

  19. From Marjele

    I don’t like that they are playing Eric and Nicole as if Nicole was the Villain that drugged him. I think after all these years and time at the church She Deserve better than this line. I hope that Dan and Eric discover that it really was Kristen in disguise as the 2 do look quite different.

    JJ’s actor has done a pretty good job as have his cohorts in crime. But I agree Jen needs to develop a back bone and stop playing games with her son and her friend Dan.

    Marlena, I hope she and John get back together sooner than later as
    both seem lost without each other!

  20. From Hellolisare

    Everyone was so civil to each other it was a pleasure to read all of your views and comments.

  21. From Yiota74

    Chad is leaving the show sadly so I guess Cameron wins in the end… I am thinking Abigail will end up pregnant with a dimera…

  22. From Beth

    Oh my gosh, please stop making the Days men look like such baby’s. Such weakness. Brady and Daniel need to stop being such idiots. They are such hunky men but look so stupid. Brady and Nichole are so hot together, even tho she loves Eric but really who hasn’t she been in love with. Now the women, GET RID OF ANN, she isn’t even a “good” bad girl she is just annoying. JJ great actor and very believable but please take that backpack away from him. And time for Kristen to go sick of it!!

  23. From Pamela

    Does anyone know why Anne hates Jennifer so much? I’d LOVe to know the backstory there.

  24. From Tess

    Nicole is the best character on the show now and Jennifer is the most pathetic one

    I hope Daniel dumps Jen and goes back to Nicole. Jennifer is just so cruel to Daniel it is unbelieveable

  25. From gerri

    Happy to see site back up.
    as we say In the South”"Hey Y’all,hope everyone is doing great health wise…..

    Glad that Nicole Is getting an exciting job,and different SL.and now it’s also time for a new love interest,in her life.Not Brady,tho to me ,that is so used up.Eric could very well,give up his priesthood,after finally discovering,what happened with Kristin,and umm just maybe things could come together for he and Nicole…

    But I liked her with Rafe,before,and maybe who knows,in the future??? It Is time for Kate,to move on,with someone else,and Let Rafe get a new beginning,with someone closer to his age. Not sure It would be Jordan tho.

    I’m with all of you,re-Marge,what a crazed woman.and Teresa and Anne,what a stupid SL.with those two.I don’t know what else Daniel,needs to hear from Jennifer,before he finally gets it,there Is no room In her life for him,and It might be on the horizon,that Teresa,is going to get him in her bed,she sure Is trying hard enough.and we all know Dr.feel good,won’t wait around much longer.

    No comment re-EJ/Sami,will wait for their story to unfold,and see what the future holds for them.

  26. From Tess

    It’s funny how people just disappear on this show and you never know what happened to them. It seems that everybody has forgotten about Beau Brady. it’s like he never existed. Has there been any mention of him lately?

  27. From Maryl

    Hi, everyone!! Glad to see this site is up and running again. Loving EJ and Sami. I know life will not be easy for them and the marriage may have to wait because of insecurities Sami will probably be feeling. Her family will make sure that she has plenty of that heaped upon her. Through it all, I do believe EJ and Sami will make it. They know they are meant to be and that the love they have between them is special, unique, and everlasting no matter what comes their way. Maybe if Stefano softens as the spoilers seem to indicate, this will help EJ and Sami. I think Stefano will began to see that Sami is truly in love and committed to EJ. Heck, I still think Stefano will wind up back with Kate. After Rafe drops Kate, she will no doubt start baking her poison brownies and get herself in trouble with Jordon. Stefano will have to rescue her from the law once again.

    Really tired of the Jenn and company SL. Seems that Jenn and Dan have dragged on and on for way too long. I do have to give credit to the actor playing the role of JJ. He is very good!

  28. From E.J.

    I have to say that DOOL is getting the attention it deserves now… Best Daytime Emmy Awards and all! However, the writing for some of these characters is just annoying. I don’t know if the writers are trying to establish new “regulars” and maybe some history story lines, but the young cast of DOOL is lacking. The whole Theresa/Anne idea is just stupid. Just because Anne feels that Jennifer gets perks for being a Horton, THAT’S the reason she is out to destroy her life?? A little far-fetched to take seriously. If she had stolen a man, or had someone’s baby, or something, at least it would give incentive to pull out all the stops in destroying someone’s life/career. But they gave nothing to Anne to create such a vendetta. It’s dumb. And pulling in Theresa to help??….again, a girl half her age to help “destroy Jenn”. Pffff. The writers have let Jennifer disintegrate into a spineless mess. She allows J.J. to continuously make stupid decisions, lie to her, break the law, then lie to her again, and THEN allows him to talk to her like she is dirt and blame his life’s consequences and jail sentence on HER??? I understand the whole “good mom” attempt, but at some point a good mom would get him the help he needs instead of making excuses for him and pushing away everyone who disagrees with her. Everyone was telling her about J.J. and yet, to her, everyone was wrong. ?? Too unrealistic. Yes…I know it’s a soap opera, but c’mon. At least be interesting. These stories are dragging on too much. While the actor portraying J.J. is good, it’s ridiculous that he has been allowed to “fool” all these adults and his mother and carry on this way without taking responsibility at all until now.

    I love the E.J./Sami/Stefano story and Will/Sonny story. But DOOL is losing too many characters at one time and seriously needs to create stories that are long enough for us to love or hate the characters, then give us that twist that keeps us watching in suspense! I’m ready for Brady to wise up and Nicole to blossom again. Let’s get this thing rollin’! :)

  29. From E.J.

    Jenn needs to stand up to her son…he makes me sick….so does Kristen…deflocking a preist!!!!

  30. From Betty

    I think JJ look like a younger Sylvester Stallone. Especially his eyes what does any one else think. ?

  31. From Maryl

    Jacqueline Oh #12 I believe the reason Sami has the pink streak in her hair is to show her support for the fight against breast cancer. Pink is the color that symbolizes that crusade. Even our high school football team has worn pink socks, T-shirts & etc.

    Not sure what Kate’s blue/purple streak is about. I do remember reading something about it but can’t remember what was said.

  32. From Evelyn

    Please don’t let anything happen to dear sweet E.J., please! Special props to James Scott- he is the most wonderful Days actor that I have ever met 2x; he is very nice and sweet and I’d love for him to stay on Days as he is one main reason why I watch! And belated congrats to Days on the Daytime Emmy, in case I forgot to say so!

  33. From Reba H.

    Days messes up every good couple they have!! They’ve managed to make Brady and Daniel look like complete idiots. Jen/Dan were such a great couple and for some reason they brought back Jack only to have him die. Jen/Dan have never been the same. It’s gotten to the point where Jennifer’s character is annoying all around. Chad/Abby were great and then they paired her with Cameron. Now Chad just looks like a sleeze:( Days, please bring back the super couples and romance you’ve been missing. Gabi/Cameron could be great.

  34. From Clear

    I guess Beau Brady is deep, deep, undercover and it would be nice if we could see what he is involved in too. Ciara was such a little pain, that I was happy when we didn’t see her much.

    Talking about hair- – hard to ruin Sami’s much more than the ugly side bun. She would have looked great with it more like they did Kristen’s for the party.

    Jen is starting to look really older and pinched in the severe hairstyles they put on her!

    I hope Eric finds out what Kristin did soon. So want him to throw in the collar and follow Nicole to make her happy and be happy too.

  35. From bobby

    #3 Linda-I think Stepheno still has the upper hand because he has the proof Will shoot E.J. years ago. That was what Sami was trying to get from Benardi in the park fight. #16 Tess-John is another one that disappeared. What happened to him. He missed the engagement party and I don’t see where he will be at wedding.
    And why, oh why do we have to keep seeing Jen butt heads with Theresa? She’s just a nasty kid and Jen is supposed to be the adult here. Sick and tired of J.J. and Theresa. Both of them need to go in the service as pointed out in someone else’s comment. So glad this site is back. Tired of mumbling to myself about the story line.

  36. From Hellolisare

    LOL picturing bobby #21 mumbling to self. I’m so tired of Jennifer! I never thought I’d see the day that I would feel sympathetic to Daniel. He should leave her and not look back! The stories right now aren’t bad but they could be a tad bit better. It would be more interesting to know why Anne has it out for Jennifer and see her clean up her act and go after Daniel instead of Theresa.
    Theresa/Nick had potential. More so than watching him stalk dumb bunny Gabby.
    They missed the boat with Cameron they should have made him Lexie’s son instead of his brother. HIs interactions would have had more depth. Really who cares about Lexie’s half brother other than that one tie there is nothing to really care about.

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