Days Of Our Lives Spoilers And Videos For October 21 – 25.

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Nick, who is already showing signs of instability, realizes just how interested Gabi is in Cameron, and it’s anyone’s guess what his next move will be.

JJ flaunts his drugs in front of his mother. At the end of her rope, Jennifer makes a painful decision about her son that could change his life forever.

Kristen is furious after Brady reveals what Nicole has been saying about her.

Not long after Sami and EJ’s engagement party, Lucas lays down the law with Sami – he will not allow Allie to continue living in the DiMera mansion! It seems happiness is short-lived in Salem.

Will shares his exciting new opportunity with Sami but the new path may lead him out of town.

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- Candace Young

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  1. From patty

    I think Lucas getting Allie away from the Demiras is long overdue. No one in their right mind would want their child exposed to that life of horror.
    Curious as to what decision Jen makes about JJ but one thing for sure, he needs to straighten out and stop disrespecting his mother.
    Can’t wait to see what crazy Nick will do.
    Wonder if Dr Wonderful brings Chad back from the brink of death?

  2. From dc

    well, since chad is leaving, him dying would be a way to leave, although i really hate this being the way he goes (if that is the way it happens)..
    sounds like nick is going back to being like he was with melanie (watch out gabi, even though she is leaving too)
    the news will is going to say probably has to do with him leaving the show too (it would be a good way to exit). just wonder if sonny will leave too. and will gabi take arianna when she leaves. lots of questions.
    it appears all the “young” actors are leaving. even though the lady playing kristen is leaving i think they are replacing her with someone else.
    jj really has disrespected his mother. and bringing drugs into his mothers house, i think jennifer should turn him in..
    i wonder if this will be a way to get jj out of the picture (maybe teresa too)..
    read where cameron character is leaving too. with chad and cameron gone, what will abby do??
    lots going on this fall.. hope we get to see john and maybe even bo again..

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