General Hospital Spoilers And Videos For October 28 – November 1.

Spine-tingling situations.

Read a sneak peek of what will happen in Port Charles during the week of Halloween. Soap Opera Fan Blog has “General Hospital” spoilers for the week of October 28.

Since Patrick told Sabrina that he believed Robin had called him on her birthday, Sabrina has felt somewhat uneasy about their relationship. However, Patrick was able to soothe her fears with a wedding proposal even though Carlos has continued to vow that he will get Sabrina back. With Robin and Patrick’s wedding anniversary looming, the citizens of Port Charles are bound to think of her, especially Epiphany and Patrick who by the end of the week have an emotional moment remembering her death. This may cause Sabrina to leave the door open for a possible reunion with Carlos.

With the revelation from Alexis that Julian Jerome is her father, Sam, has been on a quest to find out if the brother Kiki mentioned Ava had is Julian. Determined to discover more about her new found and supposedly deceased dad, Sam asks Silas for assistance and they encounter someone who knows about her past. Meanwhile, with Kiki still reeling over news about Morgan wanting an annulment and living with her mom, Michael reveals a new situation to her. Carly also can’t stand her son shacking up with Ava and heads to her penthouse where they have a huge cat fight.

After telling Ellie he needed some time to think about her lies, Spinelli has been preoccupied with the baby Connie situation and has not let Ellie know where she stands. By mid-week, she confronts him wanting to know if he’s come to a conclusion about where they go from here.

Port Charles prepares for a festive Halloween with a huge hospital party filled with creepy costumes that camouflage hidden emotions that may rise to the surface, and the morbid and mysterious Wyndemere sets the scene for several surprising situations and a rebellious act.

SOD November Sweeps:

Much of the focus of November is on Robin’s return. She almost encounters her loved ones during Halloween and this makes her even more determined to cure Jerry and return to Patrick and Emma. Patrick is gleeful and joyous over his impending marriage to Sabrina unbeknownst that Robin is alive. Luke also gets pulled into Robin’s return.

The custody battle over baby Connie will start and finish. Will Lulu and Maxie’s friendship survive the heartache and heartbreak?

It’s Corinthos versus Jerome, with Morgan entertaining the thought of betrayal and double-cross and Derek Wells will be unmasked. Franco and Carly will be drawn into the mob war while they also come to grips with the intensity of the emotions they have for one another and the artist behind Franco’s paintings will come to ahead.

Duke finds himself entangled in the search for Anna and wonders who he’s really working for.

A.J.’s trial sets off several revelations that Elizabeth may not be able to handle.

Sam and Silas are on a hunt to find out as many details as they can about her dad while Alexis deals with the news and her growing attraction to Julian.

Scott is still hurt over losing Laura and may turn to Lucy, who has her own marital troubles, with Heather watching from afar.

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