The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers And Videos For October 28 – November 1.

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Rick and Caroline continue to spread the news of their engagement. Brooke and Eric get to hear all about it. Maya continues to wish she had never heard about it at all. Her doubts about pushing ahead with her plans to marry Carter increase exponentially.

Liam gets on Hope’s good side by explaining once again that his marriage to Steffy is really and truly over. Not only that, he also tips her off about Quinn sending the video. Hope’s furious and lectures Wyatt and his mother for being so underhanded. Quinn’s not impressed. She has other tricks up her sleeve though, including one involving the Hope for the Future Diamond. Her son gets busy scheming too and comes up with another idea of how he can hype the business and win over Hope.

Wyatt and Quinn aren’t the only ones with diamonds in their eyes. Liam hopes that the lady he loves will take back his ring. But he still finds time to talk to Katie about how she has been treating Bill, particularly regarding their child. Katie has second thoughts. She also has some pretty ominous premonitions that something bad is about to happen to Bill. Meanwhile, he and Brooke head off to Aspen for some magic but doom could be waiting.

SOD November Sweeps:

Bill has to face his own mortality while the two sisters who love him face what a life without Bill could be like. Meanwhile, Aly Forrester sinks into the middle of things. She idolizes Hope, who continues to deal with the half brothers who love her. And Pam gets a new man.

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  1. From Marilynn

    I think that what brooke and her daughter Hope are doing to the men in there lives is wrong Brooke keeps saying about how she wants to set a good example for her kids because they mean so much to her well shes doing a bad job of it living with your sisters husband ex husband or not is just down right wrong and she needs to look deep inside of herself because even if you are in love with the man your blaming your sister for you falling in to bed with her husaband while she was in the hospital fighting for her life no one put a gun to your heads and made you two sleep together your sister didnt strip you both down to you bare skin and then push you both into that bed so you and bill Brooke need to stop putting it off on Katie shes your sister and you know somewhere deep down inside that you being with Bill is wrong and I never heard that you got a divorce from Ridge so now not only are you cheating with your sisters husband but you cheating on your husband now that shows how much of a good example you are setting for your kids Rick thinks its ok to use women to his advantage and then when he has one fight with the women hes with he sleeps with the other one I dont think that Caroline has grown up she still that self centerd spoiled rotten little witch shes always been Rick didnt listen to Maya when she tried to talk to him he just let Caroline take him to bed and he didnt even feel guilty about it he was so hard on Maya when he found out from Caroline that she kissed Carter but thats all it was. Just a kiss nothing else and it would never have been a kiss if rick looked for Maya harder the night he missed her big night but when she said she had to much to drink and when Carter kissed her she was kind of out of it you tore her a new one but what do you turn around and do you go and let Caroline seduce you with wine and sex now if that isnt the pot calling the kettle black. And then theres little miss innocent Hope loving the fact that she has not one but two men in love with her and the fact that they are brothers no less she comes down on liam for sending a goodbye to there life video to his ex wife and yes thats all it was and i think Hope Wyatt and Quinn are blowing it all out of proportion. but anyways she is flirting with Wyatt non stop and she even did it right in front of the man whom she claims to love more then anything else the man for whom she pined away for even though she was the one who told liam to marry Steffy so that his child didnt have to grow up the way that she did without knowing her dad so he did that then tragady struck and sure enough Hope took advantage of it and when Steffy final gives her the one thing that she says she wants most she walks away once again to the waiting arms of his liams brother Wyatt whom she know all along had the hots for her and shes not doing anything to put a stop to it. so Hope you are just like your mom you want what you cant have then when you finally get it you no longer want it you expect liam to live up to your high morals but you dont think that what your doing with both brothers is wrong in the least. well Hope take a look at your mom your telling her to follow her mind because you say that what shes doing is wrong but maybe you should take a step back and follow your own advice because i think in some way you are punishing liam for choosing Steffy over you and now you want liam to see what it felt like for you to have to watched him and Steffy falling deeper and deeper in love and having to watch how much they both where looking forward to there baby boy being born and now that that bay isnt a reality anymore now its time for you to make liam suffer the same way you did. I think liam needs to go away for sometime and come back when Hope has grown up and is able to commit to him and him alone I think she doesent really love liam she just wanted him because Steffy had him and now that shes got him back she doesent want him now she wants a new heart to do foolish things for her like poor Wyatt. Heres atip for you Wyatt go look Steffy up she is more down to earth and fun loving the boring old miss im perfect or so I think i am Hope.

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