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The media hype is high for the latest Hope For The Future fashion show. Hope can hardly wait to show off the huge diamond that she picked up with Wyatt. The whole thing leads to a host of questions from the public that riles things up behind the scenes. Oliver comes out of the woodwork to chat with Wyatt about the perils of dating Hope. Meanwhile, Liam continues to be annoyed that the show pushed his wedding plans back. He soon starts kicking himself when his video celebrating his relationship with Steffy winds up in the hands of his newest enemy. Quinn decides it’s time to sink Liam and Hope for good now that she has the material to do it. After receiving an email about the video, Hope is appalled and confronts Liam about it. She has some more serious doubts about their future. He’s too busy worrying about who sent the email to be soothing.

Donna is shocked and appalled when she learns that Brooke is planning to tie the knot with Bill. Brooke is more worried about how her other sister will take the news. When Katie holds her first board meeting as the new CEO of Spencer, everyone is on tenterhooks. Still fuming about this, Bill is there to make sure that it doesn’t go well for her. Meanwhile, when Caroline is not helping Liam track down the infamous email, she’s reminding Rick of how great she is. In light of the fact that Carter is going to marry Maya, Rick and Caroline start planning out their own future.

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