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Liam fumes when he hears that Hope and Wyatt will be spending the night in Mexico. Down South, a jeweler assures Wyatt and Hope that he will have a special gem for them in the morning. It’s not long before Wyatt is throwing himself at Hope, telling her how much he loves her and how she shouldn’t marry an oaf like his half-brother. When they get back to LA, Quinn is pleased to see them together and does her best to keep it that way. She starts making waves in a bid to stall Liam and Hope’s wedding. Liam may accidentally help with that himself since he bungles things with Steffy again. The Hope for the Future show is scheduled for the day Hope is planning to marry Liam. He instantly blames Quinn and Wyatt for this.

After some more unpleasantness between Katie and Brooke, the former decides to make a serious choice where her future is concerned. As she ponders where to go next, Bill and Brooke are left going nowhere. Thanks to the nasty reaction that their relationship has spawned, they have to stay away from the Hope for the Future event. However, the fashion show still sees some controversy. Carter is sure to rub his marriage plans with Maya in Rick and Caroline’s faces.

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