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Vikki delivers shocking news to Victor and Nikki. She explains that Billy said Delia was in an accident and that things don’t look good. Back at the accident site, Alex finds a piece of a car’s taillight and wonders how someone could hit a girl and drive away. Meanwhile, Adam is confused when he notices that his taillight is broken and later has a confrontation with Billy. As Billy and Chloe face a major tragedy, Kevin tries his best to reason with Chloe, who lashes out at him.

Plus, Chelsea apologizes to Adam then stuns both him and Jack. Stitch thinks Dylan belongs with Avery, and Sharon and Nick come to an understanding.

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- Amy Mistretta

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  1. From Patricia Williams

    What the hell was that Friday with Delia being hit by Adam? That was just wrong. Keep writing like this and this show(Young and Restless) will be cancelled. Worst writing I have ever seen! I don’t want to watch it anymore. Why can’t you leave the children alone….

  2. From Laura Campbell

    Agreed that the writing is going really off track and the show is not enjoyable as it was. Something has definitely changed in the writing with story lines that are not that interesting and that go on too long. And this latest zinger – the death of Delia – WHAT? And pointing the evidence at Adam is really not the way to go. I’ve watched Y&R since day one and this latest Delia storyline is really off track and terribly disappointing.

  3. From Jody Olson-Dahn

    I agree the story line with Delia makes me sick. I cant even watch it. It breaks my heart.

  4. From Michelle l

    Agreed. I have been watching y & r for 28 years and this story line is sickening and unwatchable. They need to fire the person who wrote it. Who wants to watch their worst nightmare happening and people balling their eyes out. Too dark for my blood

  5. From Michelle l

    I think “killing” a little girlwent to far on this soap.

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