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What lies ahead.

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Lauren wants to know if Avery will represent Michael and becomes increasingly concerned about Fen. After a confrontation with her son, Lauren panics even more. Fen wants to go to the police, but Lauren refuses to allow it. Back at the scene of the crime, Alex spots the bullet hole in the wall.

Paul relays the news to Nikki that her son’s adoptive parents, Penelope Harrison and her husband, are dead. However, Nikki’s son is still alive. Nikki prepares to reveal her secret.

Things between Tyler and Abby heat up. Across town, emotions between Avery and Dylan are at an all-time high.

Sharon decides to finally open up to Nick about her feelings. However, when Jack calls and tells Nick that Phyllis squeezed his hand, Sharon worries that she’s coming out of the coma.

Plus, Adam receives Connor’s paternity test results. Christine returns, and a tragedy occurs.

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- Amy Mistretta

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  1. From sandra cobb

    I have been watching this soap for a very long time and realize it is just the story line but I am disappointed in the writers if they let Dee die to give eyes to another why not just use the bank. I am through with this after Phylis comes out of her coma. I stop watching Bold and now y&R Good-bye

  2. From Doris

    I am through with this show too. They always kill off the children and I am tired of it. They could have used he bank and why can’t Adam ever find happiness. This has got to e for the last time.

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