The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary October 14 – 18.

A tragic loss rocked Genoa City, Nikki regretted giving Dylan up and Sharon vowed to get better…

Chelsea relayed to Adam and Jack that Delia had been hit by a car while chasing her dog. Adam recalled almost hitting the dog and discovered his taillight was broken. Alex noticed pieces of a taillight at the scene of the crime. Delia died from her injuries, leaving everyone devastated. Later, Adam was stunned to find part of Delia’s costume behind his wheel-well and hid it inside a cabinet. A woman in charge of organ donations approached Chloe, who insisted on seeing her daughter’s body. As Adam made a down payment to obtain a donor for Connor through the black-market, a woman told Alex she’d witnessed the hit-and-run and had seen a black SUV drive away from the scene. Nikki wondered what it would have been like had she kept her son, Dylan, and became upset when Victor continued to blame Billy for Delia’s death. Though she warned Victor that Billy would have to live with his mistake forever, Victor didn’t think it would be enough.

Dylan thought about Avery. Stitch told him about Delia and reminded Dylan that life was too short. He urged Dylan to go after Avery. Elsewhere, Sharon apologized to Nick for manipulating the situation in order to spend more time with him and vowed to get better. She refused her vision of Cassie, who urged her to fight for Nick. Later, Avery returned her engagement ring to Nick.

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- Amy Mistretta

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  1. From Gloria

    Delia was so much a part of the soap. She was a vivacious little actress. While this may happen in life, the sadness of losing a child is devasting for parents. Billy and Vitoria have had enough problems without the loss of a Delia.

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