The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary October 21 – 25.

Fen confessed, Nikki told Avery the truth, and Chloe and Billy learned about Connor…

A judge granted Christine’s request for a sentence of ten years for Michael, who continued to claim he killed Carmine. Fen refused to allow his father to take the fall and confessed to killing Carmine himself.

Dylan received documents that his parental rights to Connor were terminated. While Sharon urged Dylan not to give up on Avery, Nikki met with Avery, who was stunned to hear Nikki wanted to add her son, Dylan, to her will. Nikki explained that Dylan’s parents never told him he was adopted.

Alex told Paul the black SUV found near the scene of the accident was Nikki’s. Paul questioned Nikki and found that her SVU hadn’t been involved in the hit and run. Adam received a call that a donor for Conner had been found. Chelsea couldn’t believe the surgeon who agreed to do the transplant was involved in the black-market. They soon learned the donor had fallen through. Elsewhere, Chloe refused to donate Delia’s corneas. When Billy and Chloe found out Connor needed a cornea transplant, they arranged to have Delia’s donated. Adam appeared, ready to confess, but held back once he learned of Connor’s upcoming transplant, which ended up being successful. Jill and the rest of the family, including Ashley who returned to Genoa City, rallied around Billy with support. Chloe wasn’t receptive to Jill’s presence.

Vikki reminded Billy that Johnny still needed him. He warned her to back off then informed Alex if they found the person who killed his daughter he wouldn’t play by the book. When Delia’s things were delivered to Chloe, she found the scarf from her witch costume missing. Chloe reported the scarf missing to Alex, and Billy admitted he hadn’t seen it near Delia at the accident scene. Across town, Adam burned Delia’s scarf. Victor arrived and questioned the smell of smoke. Adam claimed there was something wrong with his fireplace. The Abbotts held a press conference to announce a hundred-thousand dollar reward for information on Delia’s hit and run. Devon wanted to help and hiked up the reward to one million dollars.

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