The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary October 7 – 11.

Nikki received news about her son, Phyllis squeezed Jack’s hand and a tragic accident occurred…

Victor thought Nikki had been talking about Nick when he overheard her on the phone discussing her son. Paul told Nikki her son was alive and in Genoa City. Nikki started to confess to Dylan something she did years ago. As she cried, Victor appeared and demanded to know what Dylan had done to his wife. Nikki defended Dylan then realized she wanted to know her son.

Michael refused Avery’s representation and claimed he murdered Carmine. Paul believed Michael was covering for someone he loved. Fen didn’t remember what happened and wondered if he shot Carmine. Lauren refused to let him talk to the cops and took Fen back to rehab.

Tyler admitted to Abby that it wasn’t until she told him she loved him that he realized how much he cared about her.

Jack called Nick to report that Phyllis squeezed his hand. Sharon believed Phyllis was coming out of her coma and told Nick she had taken matters into her own hands. When Jack later said Phyllis’ movement was a false alarm, Sharon didn’t explain any further but tried to kiss Nick and said they belonged together. Nick pulled away and brought up Sharon being off her meds. Sharon admitted it and broke down. Jack confided in Avery that Phyllis squeezed his hand when he mentioned Summer. He believed Phyllis wanted to tell him something about Summer.

Connor’s fever broke and a DNA test proved Adam was his father. Adam insisted his name be on Connor’s birth certificate. Connor was put on a cornea donor list. Adam promised Chelsea they’d be a family for Connor, as they realized someone had to die in order to prevent their son from going blind. Meanwhile, after her play, Billy left Delia in the car with Dash while he ran into the store to get ice cream to bring home to Vikki. When the dog got out, Delia ran after him. In his car, Adam swerved and avoided the dog and continued driving, after stopping to make sure Dash was okay. Billy noticed Delia was gone from the car, found her hat in the road and her unconscious nearby. Billy begged for Delia to wake up, as her life and future flashed before his eyes. Paramedics arrived and feared they were going to lose Delia.

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