The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary September 30 – October 4.

Nick and Dylan got physical, Paul uncovered news about Nikki’s son, and someone shot Carmine…

Nick told Sharon they would never be anything more than friends then got into a scuffle with Dylan over Avery. Dylan made it clear to Chelsea that they were over for good and planned to leave town. Nick warned Noah against working with Victor, who convinced Jack and Adam to sell him Newman for a fair price. For Connor’s sake, Adam wanted a fresh start. Chelsea warned Victor to stay away from Connor and threatened to make trouble for his family if he didn’t. Nikki defended Chelsea to Victor, who trashed her for giving up Johnny. Later, Chelsea and Adam rushed Connor to the hospital with a high fever.

Chloe attended the Businesswoman Of The Year event to honor Lauren with Kevin. Michael and Lauren told Fen about Carmine’s escape and were stunned when Lauren and Carmine’s sex tape was shown to all the guests. Fen stormed off. Carmine, dressed as a police officer, lured Lauren to an alley claiming to have Fen. Michael heard a gunshot and found Carmine dead with Lauren standing over his body. When Lauren insisted Carmine was dead when she arrived, they couldn’t find Fen and realized their son killed him. Michael fired a shot so the authorities would think he killed Carmine. Alex arrested Michael.

Neil was furious when Hilary tried to spike his orange juice with vodka. She refused Devon’s offer to leave town for a million dollars, which infuriated Mason. He reminded Hilary she promised him a payoff and vowed not to help her any longer. Meanwhile, Victor promised Cane a powerful position at Chancellor but not as CEO. Cane quit.

Stitch got an internship with Dr. Costner and instantly connected with Nikki. Meanwhile, Paul uncovered a name mixed up in Nikki’s son’s adoption and went to visit the sister of Penelope Harrison, not Penelope Wayne. Pamela claimed Penelope was dead and had passed the baby off as her ex’s. He took ‘his father’s’ last name and last she’d heard he’d been in the military overseas. Paul left Nikki a message to call him. Later, Victor overheard Nikki leaving Paul a message wondering what information he had on her son.

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