Days Of Our Lives Poll: The Truth.

Finding out.

Jennifer is under the impression that Daniel slept with Theresa since he decided to help JJ cover-up his role in Theresa’s overdose. However, in Salem, the truth always comes out, so at some point, Jennifer will find out about the cover-up. How do you think the truth should come out?

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- Candace Young

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  1. From Miche

    Happy we are getting rid of Evil Kristen!!
    Oh happy day!!

  2. From Fay

    I hate the entire Jennifer and Daniel thing, I am so sick of it. I hope Jennifer never finds out and Daniel moves on with Nicole for real relationship this time.

  3. From kathy

    I hope JJ comes clean to his mom. Daniel and Jennifer need to be together.

  4. From Kat

    Quite frankly I don’t care about Jennifer. No matter what, Jennifer has shown No faith in Dr. Dan ever, but she loves him, ha, ha. Those Two, IMO, don’t belong together, because at every turn down the road, Jenn will find something wrong, and throw Dan away. Dr. Dan, wow … I am saying this, deserves a more Loyal woman than whiny Jenn.
    She is pushy, judgemental, in your face…just like her daughter, just don’t like what Jennifer has become… Annoying.
    Dr. Dan has a young son, he needs a more stable situation, than being with Jenn.
    The trust and the faith in each other, just is not there between Dan and Jenn,
    she will never have his back, just look at her track record.
    I like to see Dr. Dan back with Chloe, when she is fully recovered. A lot was done to Chloe, by some the “good” people of Salem, they get away with it, and she is still paying the price….IMO

  5. From edna

    I would like to see Dr. Dan with Nicole. I think with Nicole wanting a child so badly, that she would be such a good Mom to Parker and a faithful wife to Daniel. As soon as Eric sees that tape and then apologizes to Nicole, I think you will see Nicole finally lay her love for Eric to rest and move on with Daniel.

  6. From bettyg

    Edna, I’m with you. Nicole and Daniel would be a good match. But can Nicole ever settle down to the “humdrum” existence of wife and mother?

  7. From Cougar

    Wow is this site working again or what?!? I’ve been afraid to use this site dor some time. The last time my email address was visible and when other people posted my name stayed up as if I was commenting. Had to email admin to take it down. Hopefully it will stay open, miss the old gang!

    Me thinks that JJ turned around too quick. His self destructive behavior after his arrestsm not considering the consequences of his actions he deserves and over dose too. I do appreciate this sl of the evils of illicit drugs. It’s a current, relevant and a very good morality sl to tackle.

    However this thing with Jen’s schitzophrenic behavior on her relationship with dumping Dan every time her son acts out is getting old, boring and repetative. Send JJ to a court ordered youth/young adult offender boot camp please. Now that would be some must see tv watching him pay for his actions would be just deserts.

    Ann has turned into one of the most abnoxiouse villaness’ we have seen in a long time. All we need is for her to somehow hook up with the DiMeras, she’ll fit right in at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Teresa is going to be a great next bad seed type, she and Ann could very well be the next skunks to stink up Salem. Too bad Shane & Kim aren’t in Salem to anguish over it. By the by am I the only one who, when I look at Teresa, see a physical resemblence to a young Julie. Don’t know if I’m imagining it or what. TTYL

  8. From Kat

    Why am I not surprised, the scum bag is Victor.
    There is not a reason good enough in this world, to put that video on in church, in church for heavens sake, and have Marlena do it, without warning her first, that her son is on the video…
    Well Victor was a big time deadly gangster, and I guess it is still in his blood to do something like that.
    Kristin deserves what’s coming to her, but please Victor should also pay for what he did to so many people, and in the house of God.

  9. From Cougar

    Kat, Im with you VERY disappointed in Victor keeping silent about who is on the video with crazy Kristen!

  10. From Kat

    Hi Cougar, Not only did Victor very wrong, Marlena must not have had her Head on straight, to do what she did. No matter what, you do not Air Dirty Laundry in a Church of all places. How disrespectful of both, Victor big time and Marlena… In a Church, were they both brain dead.
    Wait till Maggie finds out what happened, she would Never have let Victor and Marlena Do what they did, how they did it, in church, I just can’t get past that.
    Again, what Kristin did is totally unforgiveable, but what Victor did, knowing WHAT AND WHO was on the Video, run him out of town.

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