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The idea of Nick taking Gabi and the baby all the way to New York City throws Sami and Kate into a panic. When those two women are angry, someone is bound to pay the price. However, things spiral out of control before they can concoct a plan to prevent the trio from leaving Salem. Kate and Sami are left trying to do damage control before matters can get worse.

Things continue to be bad between Jennifer and Daniel. They are forced into each other’s orbit once again when Thanksgiving comes around. She may not be yanking on his wishbone, but the whole scene is still enough to make JJ gag. He’s sick of seeing his mom in the dumps and decides it’s time to try to make things right with Dr. Love.

Kristen’s disappearance leaves the men in her life frazzled. Brady and Elvis argue about where she may have vanished to. EJ isn’t very helpful, but Brady soon gets a mysterious tip about where she could be and heads off in pursuit.

Days of our Lives will be pre-empted on Thursday and Friday.

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  1. From Beth

    I love Days and been watching for 44 years. I am sick of the Daniel and Jennifer go around and around…… Hope it gets better or I might have to change.

    Thanks for the years though!

  2. From Beth

    Sorry, will try again.

    I have been a fan of Days for 44 years. I am sick of the Daniel & Jennifer part. Enough. I said if nothing comes or goes soon, I find a new show BUT Thank you for all the years.

  3. From Clear

    Are they actually going to let Gabi leave Salem with the baby?

    Is Rafe’s therapist in witness protection or hiding from a man? Remember Brady’s dead fiancé that was keeping Ian a secret? Secrets end in catastrophe?

    I do not like characters being murdered?

  4. From mommatocharlie

    I do hope it is Nick who dies(oh, dear, badly phrased). There has been a spoiler of Gabi bashing him in the head with a rock.But the only one I have seen who is leaving(besides Chandler Massey) is Gabi.

  5. From dc

    I think Nick is the one that may die. If Sami and Kate have anything to do with it Gabi won’t be able to leave Salem with Ari..
    I hate that Will and Gabi are leaving soon, Nick not so much (if he is the one who is murdered).
    I don’t think they should bring someone in to play Kristen, she just needs to stay gone for everyone’s sake..
    I wonder what secret Jordan is hiding.
    I read where a drug dealer is headed to Salem (not a good thing).
    I will be glad to see John again just wish he would bring Bo with him, maybe even Steve (Kayla’s husband)..

  6. From Kat

    Hey, looks like this is working… does not have DC’s name and Email displayed…..

    Wondering myself, who is going to die…I know Nick,Gaby and Chad already are leaving, but I thought they had found a replacement actor for Will’s character… I have even seen his pic, blond….
    Jenn and Abby, can’t handle much more of those two…
    I would rather see Dr.Dan hook up with Nicole again, then go back to
    She has never shown an ounce of faith in Dan, always doubts and drama, who needs that… and of course Abby thinks that she is “Snow White”, LOL, always sitting in judgment of everybody around her.

    5 dc, all good questions you raised….
    3 Clear, same to you, good questions…
    Hope the rest of our old gang will check in again…..

  7. From Tess

    Please get rid of Jennifer. She is so irritating and down right mean the way she has been treating Daniel. Daniel deserves better. I would like to see him with Nicole.

  8. From gerri

    If site Is still working,a big yell out to everyone…..
    Days has been good lately,but shake-ups are bound to happen,with so many leaving,I hope Kristen,isn’t replaced,writers please,enough already!
    I hope Nicole does end up with Daniel,she and Parker have a great connection.Jenn needs to move on with someone else.and Kate goodness,put her with someone her age….
    I’m thinking that Jordan,possibly Is The one Lucas was supposedly,engaged to,while he was out of the country,before Sami,coaxed him into returning to Salem,he did say(if I remember correctly)that her name was Jordan,and I don’t think,that there has been a scene,where she and Lucas have been in the same place,have they?

    Kate Is really trying to find out more about her.,Jordan would know who Kate is,being Lucas’s Mom,and is just keeping Quite,oh well guess this mystery will be resolved,at some point.

    was so good to see Shane and Kim,if only Bo would return.the clan would be complete,if only for a short period of time. anyway hope my post comes through…
    Hello to Clear and Kat,hope both of you are doing great!!!

  9. From Scotty

    I am so tied of Sammy and Ej why not send them out of Salem for awhile? The actor who plays Brady is nothing short of annoying to watch, when he was cast in Passions he played the same type man stupied. It will be good to see John back in town maybe then we can see a good man with a little bit on the ball not like the men in the show now.

  10. From Kat

    Hi gerri, doing good, thank you..
    How is your daughter’s hand/finger…
    If I remember correctly, Lucas’ fiancee was Autum…
    I am wondering if Jordan could have anything to do with Rafe’s fiancee Emily, the past He never wanted to talk about….

  11. From gerri

    Kat,you are so right,about Lucas’s fiancée,I don’t know why I was thinking Jordan,that name must,have been mentioned at some point,probably,she will be somehow involved,in Rafe’s past,if so don’t think she will be a good match for him.He needs someone with no baggage(but in Salem,don’t believe that it’s possible)

    Thanks for asking about my daughter’s fingers,she’s had numerous problems,and her doctor has tried,different things,seems to help,for short periods,she stopped working,at the place where it happened,hard to do with basically one hand,but she has opened a booth,in a local flea market/antiques etc,and is hitting yard sales,estate sales and thrift stores,and is doing quite well,and she is having fun doing it(thanks for remembering and asking about her)Gosh I have missed conversing,with everyone,maybe some more of the old bunch will come back on board…

    Can you believe It’s almost Thanksgiving and Christmas?
    Time has flown by so fast!!

  12. From Debbie

    I believe Jordan is connected to Stephano. He hired her to make Kate miserable since he knows she’s now in love with John.

  13. From Debbie

    Storylines have been good, but now what?
    Will Kristen be found?
    Will Eric and Nicole get back to each other, I do hope so.

    Seeing Caroline again was fabulous! She is what holds the Brady’s together!

    Theresa, I just hope all backfires for her as such would be best for the character!

    John, golly I do hope that he bring Bo Back, not a love child. The Gina story is old news no need to bring it back—especially because of Ciara. It would be great to see Bo around for the Holiday Season.

    I also hope that these storylines focus more on the adults then on the kids in the New year but that the truth of Theresa the druggie gets caught as it was herself no one else who provided the overdoes—Not JJ!

  14. From Kat

    11 debbie, did you mean Rafe instead of John…

    I agree, Theresa did Overdose Herself, as a matter of fact,she pushed really hard to get JJ to drink that stuff also. Not excusing JJ, but in this case he was not the guilty party. Thank God, he called Dr. Dan instead of running, that should count for something. Both need to somehow pay, for all the things they have pulled. No Free Ride..
    Sick of Jenn playing the Wounded Deer… LOL, so pathetic anymore. She tells Dan to stay away from her, but every time she sees him, she points her finger, (just like Abby).. and She has something more to say… Just Shuttie Jenn, and stay away from Dr. Dan. Hope they stay done for good.
    This is No tragic Love Story, it’s stupid and sick, no chemistry there at all. Dan, Parker and Nicole have more chemistry together, than Jenn, Dan and Parker ever had. Just me ranting on…

  15. From Micheline

    I’m i the only one who think that Jordan is Kate’s daughter Cassie????

  16. From j Corbett

    Kristen will come back and either be pregnant or have twins – in the year 2040 we will find out one of the father’s is Eric and the other is Brady. GET RID OF JENNIFER, THERESA, JJ, ABS AND THE REST OF THE TWINKETTS.


  17. From MAB

    Hello to all.

    I’m enjoying the show immensely! Kristen went out with a bang and left everyone & everything in turmoil, as only she could. Eileen Davidson will be sorely missed. The performances of all involved as of late have been terrific, bravo!

    EJ & Sami are still terrific, naturally, no matter what’s going on between them. They have their ups & downs, but are still together, and I love it! I don’t see them breaking up anymore. I think they are together for real this time. And Sami must not be too mad at him if she hasn’t left the mansion yet. I know she’s mad at EJ right now because he was privy to Kristin & Eric, but he only found out moments before the wedding, which I wish Sami knew instead of thinking he knew all along, but I’m not surprised he didn’t tell her at that point. He didn’t have proof of anything, and if it didn’t come out the way it did, then Kristen & Brady would be married right now, and Eric would still be blaming poor Nicole. Yep, EJ probably made a mistake by not telling Sami, but he’s human just like the rest of them.

    I feel for Nicole and the treatment she received from Brady & Eric. They were horrible to her, and they need to grovel at her feet before she forgives them.

    I get why Victor wanted to expose Kristen to Brady so bad, but did he really have to do it and Eric’s expense? I didn’t like how that played out. He knows Brady & Eric are stepbrothers, so didn’t he think that would effect Brady too? Which is why I’m surprised Brady isn’t angry at Victor for that??? And I get Maggie being mad too, but I’m sure she’ll go back to him eventually. She married him after all, flaws and all. She knew what he was capable of.

    I just hope Brady finally finds someone who is the real deal for him. It’s long overdue!

    I feel sorry for Marlena too. She was trying to help Brady, and in the process hurt her son terribly. I’m sure they’ll eventually get back on track. I wonder if John will help – SO looking forward to his return!

    Missing Stefano and can’t wait until he returns as well. I hope he & Kate eventually work things out and get back together. I hate this new path of hers being jealous of Jordan, and trying to expose her. I love Kate being devious, but I hate it when it serves no purpose. Rafe is a big boy, Kate, I think he can handle anything Jordan is hiding. In the end, she’s the one who is gonna look foolish, chasing after a man who no longer wants her. And speaking of Rafe, funny how he has become so much more likable (to me) now that he is hanging out with Jordan. I’m looking forward to these 2 getting together, and the added bonus of him staying out of Sami’s orbit for good!

    I like Daniel interacting with others, but I’m so over him & Jen. The whole situation is so played, it’s annoying. I kinda like JJ, but he also can be annoying, and so can Abigail. I hate that Chad left. He was the only one who made her the least bit interesting. And Teresa, I’m tired of her too. That whole bunch is overplayed. Why can’t they dial down their s/l’s and concentrate on others more, like Hope, Lucas, or the many other talented actors?

    Not much to say about Will, Sonny, Gabi or Nick. Same ole same ole. Nick irks me to no end. I hope he disappears soon.

  18. From Kat

    Never even thought of Cassie, thought that Roman and Kate were in touch with Rex and Cassie.
    Wondering, why Jordan more towards Rafe’s age, than Abby or Gaby, would hang out with such Young Girls…???
    I like Jordan with Rafe, .. he seems to be quite taken with her.
    Have not watched yet today’s show. Going to miss the character of Kristin, she brought spunk and good acting to the show. Certainly more entertaining to watch than Jenn any day.

  19. From gerri


    Everything well said!!!

    Writers,we do need more S/L’s for the older actors,instead so much of the younger crowd,and their problems and silliness.

  20. From Livia

    from what i gather, i think Jordan is in the witness protection program…hope the bad dude does not show up in Salem….Kate is a wench and I would really like this idiotic back and forth with Jennifer and Daniel to be over with…PLEASE!

  21. From Kat

    MAB, good hearing from you, and I like what you had to say….
    I agree about Rafe, I like him so much more these days, away from Sami, in a SL if his own.

    I am with you Ladies, give more good SL’s to the more mature characters, like Lucas. Roman, John etc.

  22. From Swim

    Sonny and Will -CONTENT REMOVED BY ADMIN – Gaby – get that baby to NYC NOW! The men of salem act like girlie men – while the women act like uber-masculine conniving schemers.

    We do not allow gay bashing on this website. Please do not post it again or you could be banned. ADMIN

  23. From Tracey

    Waiting for Daniel and Jennifer to get back together love these two!

  24. From Debbie

    Kat I was referring to John not Rafe.

    Jordan, wouldn’t one think that Mama Kate would recognize her if she was Cassie? I do think she may be in the Witness Protection Program, Yet Kate needs a life with one her own age, over jealousy of one much younger. She also needs a decent role as the current one has grown ancient!

    The Gabs Line is growing old as is Nick the creep—do something with it please!

    Will and Sonny work great together good to see.

    Must add that Yes, I do hope that EJ gets caught covering Kristen’s Butt, but will he.

    Hope Joe/Stephano is doing OK.

  25. From Kat

    Debbie, I was referring to your comments, talking about Stefano having maybe hired Jordan to make Kate miserable, since she is now in Love with “John”, that’s when I thought you maybe meant Rafe…
    No big deal…just wondering if I am missing something…
    I miss Stefano, and I truly wish TPTB would bring back Bo. He was such a power house character, a Manly Man..

    I get a kick out of Sami, so high and mighty, when she tells EJ, Kristin tried to kill my Mom, dah..
    Sami .. you tried to kill the father of your children, the man you are talking to…and you did more, like drugging Austin, etc, .. one would think, that Kristin is the Only Bad person that has ever lived in Salem that has done bad deeds. Wow… Not excusing Kristin, what she did to a Priest, horrible..
    However, Victor and Marlena, willingly put on a Video that had Kristin “cheating” on Brady on. Victor knew who the man was, Marlena did not, but what’s so much different, Marlena was willing to disgrace her Son’s church with smutt, put the church at risk for a big scandal. It did not matter to her, what she was doing in God’s house, As long as she GOT Kristin, oh, and She saved Brady, no matter the cost.
    I do not think that Eric would have appreciated any “Soft Porn” video in his Church, regardless. However, having said all that, it would have made the SL boring, and we all like excitement.
    I would have liked for Brady and Kristin to get married and have so much more exciting SL’s coming down the road. To bad the Eileen/Kristin wanted out of the show.
    Right now, I am voting Brady “Dumb” No. 1 when it comes to women, following Dr.Dan…

  26. From Annette

    Just kill Kristen off tired of her and the pain she causes.Now do not mess with EJ and Sami their chemistry is red hot I love the fact he knows her better than she knows herself so let them alone they are the first couple since Bo and Hope that sizzles.

  27. From j

    Perhaps Jordan is really Ciara in soap opera years. We haven’t seen her is years as Hope as been so busy NOT solving crimes in Salem. Does anyone really care who Jordan is/was or wants to be?

  28. From Bobbi

    Hate to go off course of the usual gripes, but, How hot was Eric in street clothes? I liked that Abbey was one of the few women on the show that stood by her morals and made E.J. look like an idiot. When is Sami ever going to realize you have to trust someone to love them. She’ll never learn. I know she and Brady aren’t blood related, but both just as dumb about love and marriage. What does it take? And Marlena slapping Victor was priceless. Glad Maggie gave it to him too. Let my guard down and forgot how ruthless he could be. The one that should go is Anne. She is just nasty. Well, it was good to see this site up again and see all the familiar names. Hope nobody does anything to tear it down again. Best blog I’ve found to share DOOl>

  29. From Clear

    Yes, it is time to find out what Bo has been up to all these months? TPTB need to get Peter R. back, or recast him!

    By the way, I hate when Days is preempted! I like sports, but not in place of my daily escape fantasy soap opera! Plus put sports on the sports channels!

  30. From Maryl

    Yeah, we are back on again! I missed everyone!

    Could someone please enlighten me on whether or not Kristen was pregnant or did it turn out to be a false alarm? I don’t know if I missed out on that or was it never made known to us for certain. If she really was pregnant and left Salem, look out for that story to pop up again in the future.

    Loving EJ and Sami as always. So glad they finally are over denying their love for one another. We know the strength and capacity these two people have to get thing
    done their way, so here’s hoping they will always be a team!

  31. From gerri

    Mystery as who Jordan might be,Could she possibly be another one of Stephano’s long lost children,?whomever she Is I’m sure she has had many names,as Kate Is really digging for info,there is a reason,this S/L
    was injected into the soap.or maybe,she was one of Maggie’s frozen eggs,(possible umm?)

    The one I can’t get a grasp on Is Anne,where did she pop up from,and why has she hated Jenn so?I’m thinking It Is a Horton connection,that she has been treated badly by someone close to her.or maybe It has something to do with Jack(maybe at one time she was involved with him,and he dumped her,and returned to Jenn?)maybe soon we will find out.

    Could It be,That Nicole and Daniel,will become a couple?looking that way..and what direction will Hope go,if the writers,don’t return Bo?
    But loved it,loved it,when Maggie walked out on Victor,They were too different to make it work,never thought other than Brady and and Daniel,that they had anything In common.oh well It’s Soap Land,so anything Is possible.

  32. From Clear

    We were to believe Kristen was not prego by Eric, but she went to the fertility doctor after that. Who knows if a future SL will have her children and who’s the daddy?

    Anne wants Jenn’s job and gets thwarted every time she thinks Jenn is leaving or she is on her way out. Her character is so mean, and I am hoping she will soon get her usual comeuppance!

    Too bad about Maggie, but she knew what Victor was like about his family. To throw away the life she had with Victor is stupid. I guess no relationship is allowed to last too long on a soap. I think they should keep Mags and Vic together though.

  33. From cathym

    Maybe when Kristen went to the fertility doctor she had also found a surrogate mother using her eggs (Kristen’s eggs)and maybe it was going to be a wedding gift for Brady.

    To get what she needed from Brady to carry the baby, she’s a DiMera, if Stefano was able to get Susan pregnant with EJ, anything is possible. It’s something they won’t show on tv until if she ever comes back it will be explained to us from Kristen’s flashbacks.

  34. From Just Moi

    Hello fellow peeps. Hope everyone is good and nice to see this site back up.

    Bobbi, have to agree with you on how hot Eric looked in street clothes. Not sure if was the priest garb but I did not find Eric hot at all until I seen him yesterday.

    Oh Victor how can I hate you and love you at the same time? I hate how he exposed Kristen and hurting Eric in the process, there had to be another way. But oh Victor how I love your frank ways, you know how to deliver a line and keep me laughing and hooked on you. Maggie, Maggie what was the line about “You’re not the man I married”? huh? who do you think you married? You married Victor Kiriakas, crime lord extrodinaire umm who did you think you married?

    Glad Kristen is gone, never liked the storyline with Kristen and Brady. Liked the havoc Kristen brought to the show but wished she would of hit on John or someone, anyone else but Brady. For me Kristen and Brady was just gross.

    Never thought I would say this but I am actually enjoying EJ and Sami. They certainly deserve each other and I like how the writers have been handling the story line lately, at first I found them to sweet and sickening but as of late, I am liking them.

  35. From dp1969

    Loving EJami I hope they are together to stay. I don’t mind them having ups and downs as long as they are together.

    Kristen/Eileen was phenomenal last week. I loved all the drama and it was definitely must watch tv. Kudos to Eric, Nicole and Brady too.

    I too think Kristen will be back with a baby in tow. I can’t wait for that. It will be good soapy drama.

    I like Daniel with everyone, but Jenn. They just don’t work for me.

    I’m not sure what the Abigail and EJ scenes were about yesterday. First, I thought ok this is about Chad and a possible recast, but then when she had the flashback I was uuuggghhhh this better not be the beginning of a pairing. I will hate it!

  36. From dp1969

    Forgot to mention so not liking Jordan and Rafe. They are just BORING! I think Jordan would have been a better choice for either Brady or Lucas. I know they are going to go with Eric and Nicole, but Rafe and Nicole do have chemistry that is the only person I can see Rafe with. Maybe he can go off with Gabi to NYC and we won’t have to worry about a pairing for him. That would be my choice. Of course, Arianna can stay in Salem.

  37. From Maryl

    #32 Clear, thanks for the info on Kristen’s pregnancy! I appreciate it.

  38. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    This show has such a throwback to the 80′s feel about it. Didn’t we quit arguing about women’s careers a number of decades ago? I don’t like the bullying against Gabby’s choices. It might be more acceptable if it was more familial, but they are not MARRRIED to her. It’s three’s company. What’s she supposed to do – hang around a coffee shop? As usual, EJami as boring as always. I wish they would break up and go DO SOMETHING INTERESTING. They’re so blah. Tired of Rafe in wheelchair. Tired of Kate’s story, in general. Good stuff from Dan and JJ. I am glad they’ve moved away from child abuse and pregnancies in general on this show. Once again, Days writers chose to victimize a rape victim, instead of writing a ‘justice served’ story. Monsenior all but blamed Eric, the victim. It’s a major complaint I have had over the years. Wonder if Sami, EJ and Kristin can have a chat someday about their shared penchant for abuse? It figures that EJ the rapist would support Kristin the rapist, but throw it in Sami’s face that she is a rapist. Classic childish EJ.

  39. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Hi all this is Cougar. Good so see so many familiar names on the site again; just in time for the holidays! I have DTBB’s email diisplayed so Not sure nwhat will pop up on email info hers, mine, nothing (hopefully) when I enter this?!

    DTBB I agree why are they so batsh_t about Gabbi getting a promising career. Diapers, formula & day care cost money. Modeling is a career thats time sensitive; you can’t bottle your good looks and decide to do it when Ari is 18. Also, haven’t we got past th issue of parents residing in different states when employment is part of the equasion. Im not questioning that Will loves and supports Ari but what kind of big bucks is he pulling in right now any way? Any judge would opt for a parent willing to support and provide the best they can for their child. It is a sad but true fact that manny parents in this day and age have this very dilema. Deal with it like the rest of the world and make it work with out persicuting Gabbi

    I guess I’m in the minority but I will miss all the mayhem that Kristen brings to Salem. If Stephano ever leaves the show for good she is the only true (even is whe was adopted) Dimera baddy who can live up to all the evil of family name. She can do all the truly outrageous, twisted acts like drugging and raping a preist and then slippng away to return another day. Sound familiar – the Phoeniz did it many a time.

    Ann is a jealous medusa and Teresa is a terrific bad seed. We can’t have a Walton Christmas in Salem we need a few black pots and wicked cooks to stir up toil and trouble. PS Is it me or do I need new glasses I think Teresa kind of looks like a young Julie

  40. From G-mom for sure

    Have watched days for years. always loved ejami. Would love to see their story line involve
    and evolve where they are working together to resolve types of espionage against their companies and families. I believe they would be as good as when Hope, Bo and Ms. “H” use to make days shine. What is your opinion of “DAN” with “HOPE” if our Bo is not returned??? – I see chemistry with them – Not automatically jump in the bed kind, but becoming good friends and growing into love. I think it might work.

  41. From Larry

    Im so glad Ejami is finally getting to be together and Rafe isnt there trying to mess things up.At 1st I didnt like them but now I know they are perfect for each other. As far as Jordan.I think she is another Madison.I think some man is going to show up soon and say he is Jordan’s husband. I hope this site stays up this time

  42. From Kat

    Have to agree, Eric looks so much better in Street Cloth, now all he has to do, is loose that whiny look on his face…understand why he has it, but one can hope.

    Will maybe, might understand Gaby’s move to NY, of course he needs some time to let that thought settle in,
    but wow, when he finds out, that Nick is behind all this, and will be NY to get Gaby back.. all Hell will break out…
    Maggie and Victor, at least they will have a SL for a while, it got boring them being so “sweet”, LOL.
    I think, now that Eric Is “out”, he just might get used to “Reg. Life” again, and might even discover that he also has feelings for Nicole, prob. had them all along, but was denying himself… And another Triangle will begin.
    EJ should have asked Abby, since she claimed that Cameron was her first choice,(she told Chad that in the Hospital), was it really fair to let Chad believe, that He was her choice, Not,
    who wants to be second best. Prob. did Chad a favour, He deserves to be No. 1 pick some day…
    After all, he never lied to Abby, she had no idea of His “BrainTumor”, she just played to guys. If you can’t have Door No. 1, what the heck, I’ll just take Door No. 2.
    What Man or Woman wants to be A Consolation Price…
    Abby is so much like her Mother Jenn, playing Men, never knowing what she wants, kicking them around whenever she pleases.
    Both of them need to figure out, what True Love is all about, for One Man period.
    Nothing has changed, I still like to Babble on…Later

  43. From Bobbi

    Glad they nipped Nichole and Dan in the bud. No need to get on that merry-go-round again. I want to know who is going to get murdered on the show. Anne is my first choice, Nick second. (characters, not people who play them) Think I heard Gabbi was leaving show, but hope Nick doesn’t cause it by getting her caught in the crosshairs. Just think, next month is Christmas, so you know all these estranged couples will find their way back for the holidays. Except for the dead one. John is supposed to be back in Jan. Will be interesting to see how Marlena reacts. Tired of Kate lurking in the bushes watching Rafe and Jordan. How much lower is she going to go?

  44. From Kat

    40 G-mom for sure,
    I like your ideas…

  45. From Clear

    Tried to post this earlier, but did not take!

    Spoiler said John is bringing Hope something on days ahead– divorce papers?

    Maybe that is what he has been doing. Maybe he is planning to ask the Marbeast to marry him again?

    We still have those loose ends though. What was with Stefano and the coins? What was with Alice’s Bank account? Remember somebody went to Africa and did not find anything? Did I miss something?

    Now the catchable has letters again! I liked it having numbers to copy. I could read them.

    Last, but not least they need to stop preempting Days! I can understand Thanksgiving and football, but enough already!

  46. From patty

    Hi all! Is this site really working again? Good to see everybody!
    I want to agree with anybody who thinks Father Hotness is the best thing to happen to Days in years! GV and AZ deserve an emmy for their work last week.
    I also agree with anybody that thinks Theresa and Anne need to disapear soon.
    Loving Rafe still and just want Jordan to remove the ugly glasses and kiss him already. I think Rafe will soon be on his feet and will be protecting Jordan from whatever she’s hiding from.
    Sami and EJ, well, still as dysfunctional as ever , living unhappily ever after with the lies and deceptions, which is what she signed up for so good for her. More to come you can bet on it.
    Again, Sami and Kate are all up in Will and Gabi’s business. They need to back off and so does Sonny. I love that Will is willing to move to New York to be with his daughter and that he won’t tolerate anyone trying to take Ari from her mother. I know from spoilers that a surprising twist is coming up concerning this storyline so all this probably won’t even matter later on but I love that Will and Gabi support each other as parents and for what is best for Arianna.
    Dan and Jen, no words. Not sure I want Nicole and Dan to have a thing but I do kind of like them together with Parker, as friends. Besides, I want Ericole to be end game . Nicole deserves the best, love her and Eric!!
    I’m with everybody else that we need to see more of Hope, Kayla, Justin , Adrienne , Abe, Roman , Marlena and John and all the people that made this show so great. All these nasty villains are great for entertainment but we need to get back to the roots of what this show was created on.
    In case this thread goes poof again, I just want to wish all Americans a Happy Thanksgiving this week and a big shout out to my fellow Canadians!

  47. From Bobbi

    #45 Clear. Agree on putting football where it belongs. On a sports network. Everybody assumes that everyone has a computer, then why don’t they assume they have a cable t.v. of some kind? And the tennis matches. People are at work when they broadcast them. They don’t need to use our soap time.
    I hope Jordan and Rafe work out. Time he has a normal relationship. Kate needs to start stalking someone else. Brady is an easy target. Go after him. I’m hoping that we don’t have a Nichole, Eric, Brady triangle. Love seeing J. back. He adds a little humor to the show. Will had no right to just assume Sonny would just pick up and move to New York with him. I see trouble there. Besides, it looks like N.Y. is going to get hit with a nasty snowstorm next week, so it’s better to stay home in Salem. Also agree that the Numbers are much better then the letters. Keep hitting the button above the sound until I get my way.

  48. From gerri

    Hi Patty.
    I attempted a post.but got the famous 503 unavailable message.
    so will try again later.
    anyway Happy Thanksiving to you,your family and country…..

  49. From Clear

    Happy to read everyone posting again. Hope all of you have a great and safe Holiday!

    Where is Sandygram?

  50. From gerri

    post shortened,in case it fails again,liked your entire post.
    I agree Will and Gabbi,should make their decisions,without anyone else,putting their 2 cents in.

    Also maybe writers,will put nasty,and mean Ann with Stefano,then she could find out what trouble really means.

    Kate should return to Victor(if his marriage to Maggie is over)and they can make each other miserable..
    I agree Eric is the “Hottest” Male,on the show right now,and if he leaves the priesthood,I can see he and Nicole together,she has really been the best on the show,for awhile now.She and Marlena,seemed to be bonding,as they worked as a team,re-Kristen’s secret and bad deed.

    Either move on the S/L with Daniel and Jenn,or put each with someone else.

  51. From Kat

    Since Jenn talked to Eric,and mentioned the pregnancy scare…
    maybe there is something coming up in the future, why else put out the “seed” in peoples mind.

    There we go, Sami and Kate assuming that Gaby is leaving With Nick, she doesn’t even know yet, that Nick is also going to NY.

    It seems that Will still does Not have legal papers to have partial custody of Ariana. Sami tried to tell him over and over, to make it legal.
    Stupid and naive of Will, Gaby might be nice right now, but things can change in the future. All divorced/whatever parents should have their rights protected, 18 years is a long long time and people change.
    With Gaby leaving the Show, wonder what will happen with the Baby, … will she stay part of the show, or not.
    Jordan has me puzzled, she does not seem to be a mean/evil kind of person, so I am ruling out being in bed with Stefano…I think.
    gerri, what an idea, Kate going back to Victor, maybe Maggie should try her luck with Stefano, LOL, why not, Victor in his hayday was much more evil than Stefano ever could be. Stefano is on his way to becoming a better person, so maybe it’s time for Victor to go to the dark and evil side again. Stranger things have happened in Salem.
    *Joe/Stefano in an interview did mention that the Character of Victor was more deadly than Stefano…Victor actually did kill people himself, Stefano never did, he had handlers.

    In case this site gets glitches again,
    Happy Thanksgiving to all, may the Turkey Rule the Day.
    Admin, thanks for your work, getting this site up and running again. As you can see, it was missed …

  52. From Clear

    Is the person that gets killed going to be Gabi? I hope not!

  53. From carol

    Jordon is nicholes long lost child. the one she thought died.enough of jen and abby already!!!!!!!!

  54. From Mary Anne

    My feeling all long was that Jordan was working for Stefano, but the witness protection idea is feasible. I had forgotten about Cassie, but if she is Kate’s daughter (which I don’t remember), it would seem she would know her whereabouts.

    Jennifer and Daniel storyline has run its course …. too much drama on her part. Cut them loose and get on with something new for the characters or just do away with Jennifer, although it would b sad to see her leave. Abigail needs to grow up and face her own actions.

  55. From Babs

    I think Jordan might be Rafe’s “dead” girlfriend from that car crash he talked about when he first met Sami.
    And, I agree that Jenn Jenn needs to shut up. Daniel and Nicole need to get together and she Jennifer how people treat each other right.

  56. From Bobbi

    #51 Babs I think Kristen did admit she wasn’t pregnant, and that was why she was thrilled Brady was looking into an adoption. If she was pregnant with Eric’s baby, (as she thought she was) #1 she would have been showing by now, and #2 I don’t think she would have taken a chance with drinking alcohol the way she was. She may tell Brady she is just to finish him off with her meaness, but I don’t think she really was. But nothing surprises me, Nichole wasn’t supposed to be able to conceive, and she did twice. Those writers must be giving them pregnancy drugs we don’t know about.

  57. From j

    the population of salem is about to increase – who is going to add to it????

    Theresa/Who Knows
    Sami/EJ/Rafe/and the list goes on

    Hope John NEVER returns his condescending behavior verges on verbal abuse. He always look like a volcano about to explode.

  58. From Clear

    I like John’s character and think the actor is good. Just hope they give him decent hair instead of a rug that looks like an upturned piece of sod when he gets back. I want to see SuperJohn back!

    I never liked the Marlena character that much until she had the nerve to dose Stefano with the drugs. Still sometimes she is, or rather her character is extremely patronizing and detached.

  59. From j

    hey j your email stayed on the e-mail bar.

  60. From Kat

    Wonder when and why there will be Kristin look alike showing up.
    I read that a while back…
    Site is working great so far, hope it stays that way.

  61. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Site still broken #39 not me.

  62. From Clear

    No! Don’t let the site go down again!

  63. From Kat

    58 DTBB, I saw that, but that seems to have been the only glitch out of 59,
    keep this site going….
    I have no problems, see no problems..

  64. From Kate

    They need to finish up this Jennifer and Daniel story. I really can’t stand either of them but at least he is trying to do a good thing for her son. She is just too self righteous for me.

  65. From Markie

    I love days, and I will continue to watch. Unlike others, I love the story lines, keep up the good work.

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