The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary October 28 – November 1.

New evidence was found, Delia was remembered, and Fen was arrested…

Avery lashed out at Nikki for binding her by lawyer/client privilege and making her lie to Dylan. She updated Nikki’s will but warned how her secret could destroy many. Later, Avery felt sorry for Nikki and gave her a few details about Dylan. Nick came across them and privately voiced to Nikki his dislike of Dylan for coming between him and Avery. Elsewhere, Dylan and Vikki bonded over Delia’s death.

Paul told Christine they pulled a partial serial number from the plastic headlight cover found at the scene. They discussed how Michael was lying for his family. After Michael was beat-up in jail, Christine planned to have him moved. Across town, Fen bought drugs from Raven, who admitted that Courtney was one of her biggest customers. Everyone was stunned to see Fen brought into the station for possession of drugs. Fen admitted to Lauren he’d gotten arrested on purpose and was sent to jail with Michael, who was scared for his son.

Ashley convinced Billy to attend Delia’s funeral, where he entered the church arm-in-arm with Chloe. Victor told Billy he was very courageous. Adam was filled with guilt and left a white rose at the site of the accident. Soon, word came that the surgery was successful and Connor could see. Chloe stared into Connor’s eyes, knowing part of Delia would live on in him. Chelsea upset Adam by suggesting it was time she and Connor moved out. Across town, Billy found Dash at his door and held the dog tight.

Leslie gave Hilary Rose’s letters to Gus. Hilary read them with sadness then apologized to Neil, who offered her a job. Lily was furious and threatened to resign, and Cane warned Hilary against taking it. When Hilary turned the job down, Neil suggested she work with Jack at Jabot. Meanwhile, Mason observed Victor talking to Devon about his inheritance and the possibility of Katherine wanting Victor to mentor him, as well as Neil warning Devon about placing trust in the wrong people. Devon agreed to meet with Victor. When Devon walked away, Mason took his wallet from his coat pocket and later gave it back, pretending he found it on the floor.

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