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About a year ago in Salem, EJ and Abby briefly entered into a randomly flirtatious set of interchanges that left some viewers perplexed. Then she ended up torn between his half brother and his half-sister’s half-brother. But now, Abby is single again and EJ has been calling her over for quiet discussions. Since things are becoming increasingly fraught in EJamiland, could Elvis be looking to take a little vacation to Abby’s happy valley?

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- Matt Purvis

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  1. From dc

    well, it looks like e3veryone is on the same page about abby and ej. (BAD IDEA!!)..
    maybe they can bring a younger guy into the picture for abby.
    gabi and “t” seem like a good match.

  2. From Rozanne

    If today’s show didn’t prove that abigal is a total snooze fest then please don’t subject us to more torture. Abigail isn’t a lead character she’s not even good as ten supporting character . Ejami has already set days on fire they already are a huge part of days success . Besides EJ will always have Sami in his heart . Abby can’t hold a candle to his Samantha. Ejabby is a joke . Days won’t trade gold like ejami for worthless junk like a non exsist Ejabby .

  3. From Kathy

    Great idea…Ej/Sami have been dancing around this SL for 8 years and it’s still not working and never will! The age thing is nothing on a daytime soap. Ej is a well educated man and maybe he can have an intelligent conversation with someone of this equal. And not a sexual and obsessive relationship, because that’s all he /Sami have together and when you think about it, it’s not very good.

  4. From Kathy

    ANYONE is better than Sami, she’s disgusting. EJ and Abby could be a hot fling before he moves on to someone new and they put Abby with T. But I really want to see the end of EJami, they have NO chance with their history and Sami’s inability to grow up and stop acting like a 14 year old!!!

  5. From EJabbyFan

    I love the potential between EJ and Abigail – James Scott and Kate Mansi’s chemistry is effortless and natural! EJabby would be HOT HOT HOT! Days needs to pursue this duo!

  6. From EJabbyFan

    no way no way she could be his daughter YUK

  7. From katie

    Ej and abby is very bad idea. Its sick. ITs even above EJs character. If that happens, I promise I wont watch another episode.

  8. From EJabby4ever

    The chemistry between EJ and Abby is natural and effortless, which subsequently makes EJami look like a forced and unnatural mess. I really want DAYS to pursue EJ and Abigail – so much potential there, not to mention ample drama! They would be a gold mine!

  9. From MALAKIA

    Seriously NOT Happening! EJ doesn’t need a Baby in nappies..He has a real Woman by his side who gets him and the only who can handle himHOTNESS! EJAMI ARE A SUPERCOUPLE and wait they were voted the HOTTEST COUPLE of all soaps.

  10. From TK

    EJAMI 4 EVA! Cos they are each others destiny :)
    P.S EJabby storyline is just so wrong on so many levels. EWWW if u get my drift.

  11. From Cougar

    I could see EJ having more of an “intellectual” affair with Abby. He seems to enjoy connecting with her on a level other than sexual. Not that it couldn’t eventually go that direction. What I think I could see coming is more the case where Sami gets jealous of Abby and make her a target of her rage. Another possibility is that EJ is getting tired of taking care of the cosmetic business with Sami being AWOL while she tries to put out “Nick & Gabbi” fires. He then gets the idea to hire Abby to handle a few things. Meanwhile still creating a situation where Sami gets jealous. But I really don’t think they will they break up the EJami union at least I hope not.

    I would like to see Teresa fall flat on her smirking little face. She is a villaness, and the show really does need one but there is just something that she needs yet for the fans to feel the way they do with Stephano. I can’t quite put my finger on it other than to say she has failed to come across in what I’d call the villan we love to hate.

  12. From Christine

    Ej and Abby would be a great idea! Need a hot new couple on Days that are actually intriguing anyways!! Long overdue. Love both of their characters so yes I vote Hot for the couple! So let’s get more scenes between these two!!

  13. From Dmitri

    Go EJabby! They have natural chemistry. EJami are so forced and boring. All they do is argue and have sex afterwards. I am tired of Sami belittling EJ when he risks everything for her. She does not deserve any man.

  14. From RaeAnn

    I dont care for Abby and EJ as a couple, I how ever dont mind the 5 minute fling. It dropped a lot of jaws and stirred the kettle. (so to speak). I do not care for Sami and EJ as a couple anymore. Sami just dont have the intelligence or maturity for EJ., she needs to have itchy feet again and either try going after Lucas, or Raef
    again. (but not succeed)I like the thought of new girl Sherryl( Jordans friend, i think thats her name) and Jordan with Raef.Sami always trys to get something she can have. EJ could always get with new girl……

  15. From Anonymous

    I think it’s absolutely DISGUSTING! The Days powers to be have had to take BOTH characters right out of character for this to happen and for what? Buzz?
    It’s pathetic and like shooting themselves in the foot. Talk about self sabotage… I seriously think they need some new blood in the ranks over there because obviously this lot have no idea.
    First rule of business know your client base. For years and years and years the majority of Days fans have loved and wanted Ejami and since January 2013 there popularity has only grown. JS, AS and Ejami are consistently on the top of the polls as favorite soap actors and couple pairing so what do Days do? Yep, go for this kind of a story line. Simply weird if you ask me.
    I believe there was never a better time for Ejami to get married than when Sami was released from jail. We had those fantastic love letters with Sami finally bearing her soul. We had EJ on his hands and knees begging his father and handing everything back over to Stefano just to get Sami out of jail. They were so connected, so in love, so happy. The natural progression after 7 1/2 years you would think would be a wedding but instead we get this. YUK! Makes me wonder if Days ever plan on going there with this dynamic couple. In reality for anybody else to get hitched before Ejami on this show is silly. All these new couples have only been together for 2 minutes in comparison. So Days fix your mess and fix it quick smart!

  16. From Anonymous

    I have been wondering if Days plan on keeping Ejami together how they are going to spin this. To be honest I really don’t know… you would think by doing the “unthinkable” to Ejami that Days are clearly showing us there intention is to split them but if they do try and spin it here’s some of my thoughts.
    Some have suggested EJ sold his soul to Stefano with the Bernardi murder and this time around EJ sold his body to save Sami. In other words he pimped himself out. We all know EJ can’t see straight he is that in love with Sami that all reason just goes out the window. I rewatched a clip today where EJ stated to Sami “You have to know there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you. Nothing.” And yes EJ has been true to his word whether we like it or not. Let’s not forget in this whole sordid tale EJ went there to stop Abby not sleep with her. He has never shown us he was attracted to her or fancied her. Abby was the aggressor, EJ tried to leave she stopped him, she was the one flirting and pouncing on him. He simply took the bait. Does that make it any better? No…
    I just hope so called little miss innocent is slapped silly by Sami once she finds out. Just by her actions Abby is showing us what a immature little girl she is. She was the aggressor saying any woman would want you blah, blah, blah, and now she wants to play the victim? EJ you used me? What a spoilt brat. Get real Abby you wanted it, we all saw it SO OWN IT!
    PS: Talk about no moral compass too. Abby really has some cheek showing up at Ejami and the kids home. How will she ever look at those kids she babysat the same again (Allie being related to her)? Let alone Sami who has been good to her and is a family friend. I hope she gets what is coming to her.

  17. From patsy

    I think all of us EJAMI fans should just quit watching the abbie show and see how long days stays on the air then WHO would have the last laught

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