Days Of Our Lives Poll: Eric’s Future.

Back to the priesthood?

Since he was suspended from his priestly duties, Eric hasn’t been sure what to do with himself. Last week he got his camera out again and landed a gig shooting Nicole. It momentarily felt like old times for them, but is this the direction that you want to see him take? Should Eric fight to remain a member of the clergy and tend to Salem’s many souls in need of saving, or should he do something else?

Vote in Soap Opera Fan Blog’s “Days Of Our Lives” poll to let us know what you would like to see him do.

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- Matt Purvis

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  1. From dc

    would love to see eric as a photographer.. maybe him and Nicole could get together again. when he came back as a priest, I was not sure about his occupation..

  2. From Hope Fernandez-Williams

    Could care less what he becomes, but he’s not priestly material. Too judgemental & unforgiving … i.e. Remember how he treated Nicole? Nothing like a true man of God.

  3. From Kat

    #2 ..totally agree with you..

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