Days Of Our Lives Poll: On The Run?

Mystery past.

Jordan has been settling into Salem for what feels like a really long time. Although she’s gotten pretty close to Rafe, he’s about as clueless as the audience is about her. We recently caught a glimpse of her with a pile of fake IDs, something that suggests Kate’s suspicions of her are not unfounded. Does she have as bad a past as has been hinted at? What is she really hiding?

Vote in Soap Opera Fan Blog’s “Days Of Our Lives” poll to let us know your suspicions.

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- Matt Purvis

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  1. From dc

    still on the fence about Jordan. not sure what her purpose is. just hope she does not break rafe’s heart. looks like he is really falling for her.
    it appears, this week, jj is going to get back into his old ways..
    I read where hope hears from bo but I sure wish he would return.. he would be a nice asset to the show. especially with john returning (maybe bo could return with him), just saying..

  2. From soapsfan25

    I am drawing a blank here…but I can’t remember who Meredith is? One of the choices says, its Meredith with a new face.

    Admin edit: Rafe’s ex-fiance.

  3. From Kat

    Emily is Rafe’s ex-fiance..
    Meredith is Emily’s crazy sister, that locked Rafe up in some underground room for a while…

    Maybe Jordan is Rafe’s Ex Fiance Emily that supposedly died in a car crash before the wedding,…

    Who knows, see that the writers have in store for us.

    Bo is Not coming back.

  4. From RaeAnn

    I would like to think she was / is an informant for CIA, etc. Like Raef use to do. Now her new case has to do with either the Dimiras’ or Raef.

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