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Things go from bad to worse as the snow settles around town. Victor’s mustache nearly falls off his face when he learns that one-time sex pot turned church lady then tabloid journalist Nicole has been living with Daniel. The good doctor manages to match his godfather’s disgust when he hears about the lies that Nicole has been spinning to disgraced Father Eric. But his week gets even more disturbing when he manages to eavesdrop on Jennifer making what sounds suspiciously like plans for a date with some dude.

The terrible news continues as Gabi manages to wise up about Sonny’s discovery. She finds out that he knows about the killing of Nick Fallon and starts to hyperventilate. Gabi manages to control herself long enough to tip Kate and Sami off about the impending Daysaster. All three of the women race off to stop the Kiriakis from going to his father with what he knows. And if Sami’s life wasn’t already hitting the rocks, she gets into a brutal battle with Ciara.

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  1. From dc

    what I am wondering is why bo calls hope.. is he coming back to the show?? this would be a good thing..

  2. From bobbi

    Boy, somebody did some blog house cleaning! Almost fell asleep with today’s show. #1 dc Haven’t heard anything about Bo coming back. Or a replacement for Peter Reckell. I have a feeling he’s asking for a divorce. Or, he’s been turned into Father Bo by Stefano and is an art thief with Princess Billie in Italy. Hope this show picks up the pace again. And I for one hopes that Marlena tells John to take a hike. Can’t decide about fellings for Kristen and then takes off and leaves her to deal with his son’s situation. The men on this show leave a lot to be desired. Roman, Gabe and Rafe seem to be the only ones that step up to the plate and back the women of the show.

  3. From Heather

    Suddenly on the other page, all the comments I tried to post last week have turned up. Please bear with all my repititions!! Then I tried to post again over there and got the error message again. Oh, well. . . . .

  4. From Kaye

    Who’s Gabe?? hoping they do not drag out this Nick story for 6 months..getting old on dragging things out..Victor must stayed good for as long as he could…he went bad again..Glad if they will let Hope go on with her life..sick of her pinning after a MIA Bo…..keep the cougar Kate away from men her son’s age..nasty…

  5. From Clear

    That about Nicole did NOT make sense! Guess we will find out.

    So Sami finds her earring and Ciara will not give it up! What a brat she is too! Of course Sami probably has no tact and could have traded something to her for it.

  6. From Sherry

    Bo is calling to tell Hope he`s not coming back and he wants a divorce.

  7. From Livia

    Wasn’t this Will (Chandler Massey) supposed to be gone already? Is he staying on the show now??

  8. From Tracey

    Please just put Jennifer and Daniel back together!! These writers keep messing things up. Let them be happy together. They obviously love each other!!!

  9. From bobbi

    #5 Livia I asked the same question when he came back from California, and someone said Chandler will leave in Jan. of 2014. I still haven’t figured out who Jordan is, but if she is running from an abuser and Kate exposes her and puts her life in danger because of her jealousy, she’s no better then Stefano.

  10. From Heather

    Hummm, guess the error message 503 is just normal procedure on this site and then the comment eventually shows up. Or maybe I’m the only one getting it since nobody else has mentioned it.

    I don’t like the writers messing with Ciara’s character. But maybe they are trying to show how she acts out because her daddy is gone.

  11. From Suzie

    This show has gotten juvenile and boring. I feel asleep yesterday too. And I agree with Clear that Ciara has grown quite snobby for such a little girl.

    Bo/Peter it would be great to see you yet All is Understood as I agree the storylines are not good and appear desperate!

    And Please bring John and Marlena back together as they kept this show together for a long time.

    the Sam/kat and gabs line is boring—do something exciting with it please. And No need for a sister of Gabs as gabs has grown old. ANd Please explain this Abs and EJ tweet ling storylines, the age difference alone is at least 20 years, and abs just got out of HS what 2-3 ago?

    Again the show has grown juvenile—where is the intrigue, the mystery, real love (since all couple are now broken up) and something entertaining to follow.

  12. From dc

    #7, I read where the “new” will is not going to be on the show until January. I would rather see chandler massey stay on as will.
    I’m not really into this good girl, bad girl thing with Teresa. but I read where she is going to blackmail jj..

  13. From reardon

    I kinda like the good girl/bad girl that is Teresa. She completely fooled me with her redemption act. And the actress can pull off turning on the tears then switching to haughty laughter in a nanosecond. Very talented, and beautiful to boot! She plays a mighty bewitching villainess, IMO.

  14. From gerri

    If Bo Isn’t going to return,I’m thinking maybe Hope will be paire with Daniel,in my opinion this would be good,It would give Ciara,a brother as well as a Dad.
    and Jenn would see her cousin,in Dan’s life that she just threw away.

    Kate and Stefano should get back together,and some crazy times will begin happening with her and Sami,living under the same roof.
    This SL with Theo and Ciara,is nothing but a repeat from the previous one,and Is boring,tho Sami might make this one more interesting,and hopefully it will be short-lived.

    Jordan has all these fake IDs for a reason,and I think like some of the others,she’s either hiding out from possibly an abuser,that has threatened her life,or she’s really,an undercover FBI agent.

  15. From patty

    I am loving Rafe and Jordan so much. They are sweet together and I can’t wait to see their story develop. Finally Rafe is free from the hag Sami and has moved on to someone he deserves.
    Why am I not surprised in the least that Theresa was faking it all along. Poor JJ should get as far away from her as possible, she is just going to drag him down with her. What an annoying little creature she is!
    Well it is really starting to look like they are going to go with a Ejabby story. Quite the tender little scenes today between those two. Then Sami comes home ,the lies and secrets continue, EJ turns back into his domineering self, pushes and shoves , yells that he won’t be denied access to her body(really? Who says that?) and then of course the inevitable angry sex, blech! Still icky as ever.
    Jen and Dan ,yawn! Cierra and Theo make a more interesting pair, and so much cuter too. How sweet of Theo giving her a 30 k diamond earring.
    Can’t wait for the call from Bo.

  16. From Livia

    #9, thank you Bobbi….yeah, I thought when he came back from California, it was supposed to be the new guy walking through the door…secretly i hope he stays…but, we’ll see in january…thanks for letting me know!

  17. From Livia

    #11 thank you dc…i don;t like Theresa at all, she is a big trouble maker…i’d rather she was gone for good…

  18. From eboniewoman

    i read back in the summer that “cassie” encounters rafe in the hospital….so im thinking that Jordan is cassie… is boring right now….I wonder if nick is really dead…I also read that gabi wont be leaving until may…..the new will comes in janurary

  19. From Lacey

    The fighting between EJ and Sami which ends in angry making out is getting real real old. I can’t stand those two! Really girls does this happen to you? Sickening writing. And Nick is not dead I’m sure.

  20. From Clear

    Sami and EJ’s scenes seemed to be more about domination and control many times than love. Steamy though!

    Sami doesn’t think unless she is coldly plotting to fight something, she reacts emotionally! Makes her interesting and unpredictable.

    I cannot wait till Nick turns up!

  21. From Heather

    That one scene a while ago when Theresa was first in the hospital and she had her eyes closed but then when Dan or whoever it was left the room, she opened them and had a sly look on her face. Ever since then I have believed she DID remember what happened that night she OD’d. Just waiting for the right time to reveal it . . . . a time when she could do the most damage!

    I got a kick out of the Ejabby reference in #13. HA! That could be a most interesting 2-some. It does look right now like that’s what the writers have in mind but they have fooled us before. I’ve always thought EJ and Sami’s relationship was sick, really sick!

  22. From Stacey L.

    I think the Bo call is about him not making it home in time for the holidays. I also think that they should have paired Rafe and Hope together (two cops). Now there is this new guy coming to the show from Jordan’s past … so perhaps he and Hope will get together. I can’t see Dan and Hope getting together ONLY because she’s Jen’s BFF and you don’t break the girl code – but… it would make for an interesting story line.

    As far as Theresa is concerned… I see by reading here that she’e making everyone hate her which means the actress is doing a good job. Frankly, she drives me nuts but we need a baddy in the show since whackjob Kristin is gone.

  23. From dp1969

    I love EJ and Sami together, but I hate the writing they have been getting the last few months. They have done nothing to develop the relationship and have just been stagnant. It’s almost like the writers haven’t a clue. The sad part is they have the most writing potential of all the couples even the potential ones. The writers seem to have no clue, though. It’s too bad. They should have been a power couple on this show for many years. Now it looks like they are headed to an EJ and Abby pairing, which is just gross, even if technically their ages are closer than they seem they just aren’t close in age. She’s a college age kid hanging around with his soon to be stepson. That’s gross not the relationship of two people that have been meant to be together from the time they meant. Too bad – so much potential. JMO

  24. From dp1969

    dp1969 is on the name line on my computer and her email is on the email line. Don’t think she would want that!!

  25. From Heather

    This is Heather and I wrote #22.

  26. From sharon

    I do hope something happens soon to story lines as they are def on the boring side now. How many times will we get to see boring Jen and Dr.Goody-Dan drag out a scene?? Please bring back Bo, even if he is a different actor..we need some new story lines!! and I totally agree with whoever said Marlena should tell John to take a hike. He messed up BIG time.

  27. From bobbi

    @10 Heather I get the same message each and every time I submit a comment. But, as long as it gets posted, no complaints. It’s when I sit and write a long comment and it doesn’t take do I get annoyed. I really can’t see Abby and E.J. storyline. Although she has gone for older men. I’ll wait and see what age bracket the new guy showing up next week is. I do know that I am getting real sick of Sami running around killing people. (or at least trying) Enough! The Nick storyline is so stupid. We need some fresh new stories or this soap is going to lose ratings and get cancelled.

  28. From Linda

    Days is getting so boring. They need to give us some good story lines. This Daniel/Jennifer is getting so old that nobody cares if they get together. Theresa and JJ are both bad news! Hopefully Jordan will add some excitement. I don’t think John coming back will! he was such a jerk to Marlena, hopefully she can find someone new and make him jealous. Same for Bo and Hope, let her get involved withsomeone and he’ll come home!

  29. From Clear

    Linda’s email was showing. I just deleted it. BTW, spoilers say John will be back, and several of us have speculated on what he might be bringing back–divorce papers for Gina and the pawn?

  30. From Heather

    Clear’s email on my computer this morning. Seems to be the last person who posted a comment. Easy enough to delete those but I don’t think people want their email address floating around. I know I don’t so I probably won’t write comments anymore until I don’t see that happening. Is this why this site was closed down before?

    I wish they would do away with Nick’s storyline but I don’t think he is really dead. Great actor playing a disgusting character.

  31. From Hellolisare

    #12 Gerri, I like your story ideas. I’m hoping for a Stefano Kate reunion too. Kate and Rafe are not viable. The man just said he wants to start a family of his own. Plus lets face it she is an older version of Sami.
    Seeing Sami and Kate under the same roof could be fun if an uneasy truce were called.
    I don’t want a Daniel Jennifer reunion. She has been horrible to him, and they are so BORING. Seeing her lose out to Hope. Would put a smile on my face.

  32. From Steph

    I agree, the Abby/EJ pairing is gross. She looks too young for him. Besides, she JUST started having sex…she is no match for experienced EJ. Sami is and always has been the only one who can bring out the fire in him. The only guy who didn’t try to hit on Carrie while with Sami. It would be a big loss to the show to bear them up.

  33. From Heather

    There it is. Steph and her Dziner etc., etc. email on the name and Email lines on my computer. I will delete them but they shouldn’t be appearing.

  34. From Kat

    I never get anybody’s “E-Mail”.. field is always clear.
    Besides I wouldn’t care. Just delete it and move on, but to each their own.
    Heather, you were last, and nothing .. all clear.

    Abby and EJ, that would really mess it up for me. I can’t stand Abby in the first place.
    EJ belongs with Sami, but I did enjoy yesterday when EJ really let Sami have it. Boy is she ever a big black pot, going after EJ… really.
    She is more and more like the old shrill Sami.
    Baby,give me a break, remembering just how cool she was when dealing with Chad, keeping him from finding out about Melanie. She had no problems, seeing how bound and gagged Mel was in that room held prisoner by Andrew. Andrew could have done terrible things to Mel, but did Gaby care… No, all she wanted was Chad.
    Of course, Sami and Kate are very experienced “would be killers” and Gaby’s act is just to much anymore because she is just as bad.

    Glad, that I did hear and see right… EJ found out about an hour before the wedding, what Kristin had done, and as he said .. He had no idea there was a video and that Victor and Marlena would play that in church….
    Victor knew what/WHO was on the video with Kristin, all Marlena knew, that it was a very compromising video with Kristin and some Man… Really Marlena, no matter who’s on it, to play a “Porn Video” in Your Son’s Church, Not cool at all.

  35. From Hellolisare

    Actually, he did know there was a video Kristin told him so. He said something to the effect of have you lost your mind.

  36. From Kat

    35 Hellolisare,
    right, I should have said, He did not know that the video was still out there, Kristin claimed it was Gone, gone…
    EJ could not have dreamt, that somehow the video would show up in church, so like he said, what was he to do, an hour before the wedding,really… I don’t know what anybody in his place would have done..the way everybody in Salem likes to keep Secrects…but it is EJ, darn if he does, darn if he does not…

    So many of you are right, it is getting a bit boring with all the same old stuff coming up. Get that Nick Stuff resolved and move on to some better SL’s.
    Not to forget, please let Dr. Dan finally move on without Jenn. Even if she finds out how wrong she has been, Dan deserves better than Her, wow I said that about our Former Lover Boy Dr. Dan…but being a Dad has changed him, and Jenn is not for Him or Parker. Don’t know what comes out of her mouth from moment to moment, and of course, she is always right, Miss Judge and Jury.
    Dr. Dan, just for me, get the whiney/suffering look off your face, and just put that righteous woman in her place… Would sooooooooooo love to see that, and then just walk away..

  37. From bobbi

    Ok-if Bo is not coming back, but John is, and I read somewhere Marlena and Roman have a moment-why not put John and Hope back together. Not that I think he is worthy of anybody, but it could mix it up a bit between Hope and Marlena. Then, they should put Brady and Theresa together and let them end up on the streets of Salem. It’s demeaning the way the writer’s are handling the drug story. I, for one have family members that have dealt with problems, and it makes me cringe and fast forward when I see Brady doing coke and Theresa just being stupid. Too many reminders of how it really goes down. And for the life of me, if the writer’s think they are doing it right-Jen should have gotten J.J. in rehab right away. After all, there’s Maggie right there to help him. Stupid, stupid storyline.

  38. From gerri

    I’m thinking possibly,with Brady,coming face to face with J.J,that a drug intervention/rehab is coming for the two,with Jenn right in the middle,maybe the writers are planning to put Jenn and Brady together, oh who knows?
    I think we fans could write a few episodes,that could be quite entertaining……

    The one thing I would do,is make Daniel more professional

  39. From bobbi

    #38 gerri Nobody deserves Brady. He’s become one of the biggest losers on the show. Spoiled rich kid that turns to any woman available and drugs. He needs to grow up and stop with the self pity. We frown upon people that self-inflict their own pain.
    Totally agree about the writers listening to fan ideas. Our imagination seems to be much better then theirs. And we don’t even get paid the big bucks.

  40. From bobbi

    I, too, have a family member, a nephew, who was hooked on drugs and nothing happened the way it has on Days. I say get it right or don’t do that s/l!

  41. From Lisa

    Seriously have watch DOOL since 1974, I have walked away from the show from time to time do to important actors leaving and making already poor storylines even worse, it seems DOOL writers are unable to come up with anything new. I agree EJ and Sammy would make a great power house couples, instead here we go again with the lies, and one uping eachother. None of the great couples are together anymore, and the couples that are together are separated or just dont seem in love. Can we please get some decently written storys and some hot couples together PLEASEEEE. I AM STARTING TO FEEL A BREAK UP OF MY OWN COMMING ON.

  42. From gerri

    Bobbie,I feel as well that Brady,is spoiled,and out of control,but he deserves the same as everyone else on the show,Turn It Around,get him help,and who knows,(I know a few will succeed but so many won’t),bring someone into his life,that can help not hurt.I thought Nicole might be the one,but writers decided differently,(strange that Maggie is taking up residence at Jenn’s)definetely a reason behind that. I believe Theresa,has so much more damage to do,she just might be in the group,that fails.
    she sure fooled me,with her actions,following the OD.

  43. From marie

    I think the JJ/Teresea storyline is annoying. This new blackmail story is lame, and is already dragging out. Just end the storyline already. Worst storyline ever.

  44. From bobbi

    #42 gerri He has been to rehab before and has Maggie as his sponser, and knows it’s all about choices. And yet, he scoffs at J.J. when he thinks he’s fallen off the drug wagon. He must realize he’s going to hurt his family when they discover what he’s doing, but hey-he’s a victim. Loser is more like it.
    Wish the writers would let him grow up and do some good for Salem. Open a clinic to help kids get clean and get on the right path. He’s smart and certainly has the money to do so.
    Nick has to be alive somewhere and has a memory loss because that’s the only way the three musketeers are going to get out of this one without a prison term. And I’m tired of the pointless Anne storyline. Was never a rhyme or reason to explain her bitterness. Wrap it up and take Theresa with her. Too much nastiness without a real story to back it up.

  45. From Gloria

    I think the whole damn show is repetitive from years ago and is boring. I want Peter Reckell back as Bo. I want Jen & Dan to get it together or leave the show. Also Jenn shut your trap when JJ is trying to be real with you. Bring John Black back. C’mon writers, other soaps are much better written than days! Wake Up!

  46. From Cougar

    I think that Teresa is going to be a colossal train wreck but not before she wreaks a lot of havoc. Teresa & Anne are villans with a short shelf life and they are about to expire. I get that Teresa is a mean girl and Anne is jealous but I don’t think that either would still be around in the real world for very long but having said that this is a soap; and we need a villan to stir up the pot and plot.

    Gabbi better get a grip before Sami & Kate put her out her misery. If Gabbi doesn’t care about self preservation those 2 sertainly do. She better watch her step before she winds up sleeping with the fishes in the river with Nick (if he truly is dead). If Will & Gabbi are truly leaving Days the gruesome grannies could bump her off and then fight over who raises Ari, I can smell this one coming a mile away, EJ & Sami with a baby in the house to raise but with the convenience of Sami not getting preggers again.

  47. From bobbi

    #44 Cougar- Will’s character is being replaced by someone else in January. Gabi isn’t leaving until, I think May? So, settle in for a long, long, Nick storyline.
    What’s Marlena’s problem with Nichole. She was good enough to help stop Brady’s wedding and she is the one that took Eric’s abuse and now has forgiven him and trying to clear his name. You would think Marlena would be grateful. She might better turn her attention to Brady and put her college degree to use saving him. Nichole seems to be doing just fine.

  48. From Linda

    S/l with Gabi is a joke She had no
    problem keeping a secret re Mel,so
    why now? If she is leaving in May I hope they don’t drag it out.
    Hope needs a new man in her life &
    her daughter needs a big time attitude adjustment – she is now a spoiled brat.

  49. From Tess

    Maybe Hope or Nicole could team up with Dr. Dan? Jennifer is so mean I hope he never takes her back

  50. From MAB

    The best thing that happened last week was EJ & Sami’s scenes together at the mansion. They were fabulous, full of emotion. Fantastic acting from James & Ali as always, as only they can deliver. Kudos to them both.

    I truly believe EJ when he told Sami he didn’t know what Kristen did until the day of the wedding. He was too adament about it. I loved that they said they would work it out, and I think they will. I think right now TPTB are just keeping things unsettled between them with all that is going on. I think no matter what happens coming up, EJ & Sami will be the end result when all the smoke clears.

  51. From Cougar

    I agree MAB; Sami & EJ were tops last week. I especially loved Sami’s comment that she didn’t stop loving EJ she just didn’t love his failure to share with her the very second he found out that Kristen slept with Eric. At least the writers got it right that the relationship has matured. Rather than seeing Sami storm out saying its over and that they will work it out. Case in point when EJ put the question to her about why she is still there and not moving out.
    I still think that EJ will have to swoop in and save Sami from yet another murder wrap.

  52. From Cougar

    Oops. Should have typed Rather than seeing Sami storm out saying its over; that they will work it out.

  53. From Heather

    Still getting all your names and emails here.

  54. From Arlene

    I recently read where Kate isn’t jealous of Jordan. She feels that she could have been sent to Rafe in order to somehow harm him and she is leary of who she really is. She was trying to protect Rafe since he was a target of Stefano’s. As for Bo, I didn’t read that he was calling Hope to tell her that he wanted a divorce. I read he was calling her to tell her that he wouldn’t be home for Christmas. The storyline on him is that he is undercover to find stuff on the DiMera family. I believe all of this was in Soap Opera Digest. As for EJ and Abigail, I don’t think he would get involved with her, knowing that his brother Chad loves her. Chad took a bullet for EJ so I don’t think he would do that to Chad. Perhaps he was just being nice to her since she lost both her dad and Chad. Oh well, time will tell.

  55. From nancigal

    I posted earlier today and cannot find it. There were only about 10 postings at that time.

  56. From Kat

    55 nancigal, your post is on the Spoiler site for Dec. 16 – 20.
    I always check for both weeks that spoilers are on, current and next week..

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