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The mysterious Jordan opens herself up to Rafe a little more… or her mouth at least. They share a kiss. Will it be enough to get him up again? Meanwhile, Sami has her leather breeches in a twist as she goes into freak out mode. She’s sure that she’s left some incriminating evidence at the scene of Salem’s latest blood-curdling crime. Things only get worse when someone unexpected rears their head and scares the bejeezus out of Sami, Gabi and Kate.

Nicole searches her soul to come up with an answer about what she should do with Eric. While she’s mulling that over, he’s busy getting a pummeling. Sami takes a break from freaking about other things to freak out about Nicole doing a story on the scandal to hit Eric. Nicole’s determined that she can help the town’s disgraced priest prove that he’s innocent and clear his good name.

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- Matt Purvis

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  1. From Clear

    Nick is dead? Why would Sami, Kate, and Gabi not just tell the truth for once. Will they let everyone think he left for NY?

    I hate to see even a character like Nick killed. He could’ve just been knocked out. Wait, because a year from now we may find he did not die, and is back in Salem for payback after having amnesia for months, years?

  2. From gerri

    I agree,he could have just for NY,
    job-related..but it did look like,he was going to harm Gabi,so I guess self defense…and again,deaths are always questionable in Salem.

  3. From gerri

    oops missed putting in “left”in my NY comment

  4. From gerri

    Why can’t Jen go away and take jj and Abby. They are sooooooo boring to watch. Have them go off to visit bill in Africa on a permanent vacation.

  5. From Kat

    Don’t think Nick is dead, have a feeling he will come back for big Revenge… Wonder if Kate and co. really checked that he was really dead….
    Since Gaby is leaving the show, will it be with or without the Baby.. Be nice if Ari would stay in Salem.
    Why would Sami in her wildest dreams get involved in a “Murder/Self Defense” Coverup. Wasn’t all that jail time enough for her..and will She be keeping a secret from EJ, No… not our Sami who gets so bent out of shape, when EJ did it..
    Just can’t stand Jenn and Abby anymore. Dr. Dan, just stay away from her period, she is not worth it.
    I hope Dr. Dan does not take her back just like that, once she finds out what really Did “not” happen.

  6. From Bobbi

    Wow. What a way to start the week. Then we’ll be left hanging on a 4 day week-end. Read somewhere that Nick will have a clone. Stepheno at work again? Abbey should have just dialed 911 and told them he was trying to rape her and she hit him with a rock and ran because she was scared what he would do when he woke up. But, then that wouldn’t be a soap opera, would it?
    Of course, you know cousin Hope will take a personal interest in this (she has nothing else to do) and track down the person responsible for Nick. This story could go several different ways. Just hope they don’t drag it out for weeks.

  7. From gerri

    post#4 not me.
    and Bobbi’s e-mail address,was still on,when I posted this comment.

  8. From Kat

    gerri, it’s still working fine for me…It always shows My Own Name..

    Anybody gets somebody else’s Name… just delete it and put in your own.
    Didn’t hear about Nick’s clone,
    I just think, that Nick is not really dead yet, and he will be scaring the living daylights out of
    the Three Amigos, Kate,Same,Gaby…

    It’s time something happens with the SL for Hope…boring…
    Give Roman a bigger part, and please, when John gets back, let him talk, not whisper, let him call Brady..”Brady” not “Son”, it’s getting old.

    Jenn and Abby, Africa.. here they come…LOL

  9. From CindyHaskins

    I would like to say that jennifer and jack jr and abby are not going no where anytime soon.also this character are not boring all the need is better storyline.

  10. From molivya

    Does anyone else think they should recast Bo? Peter is not coming back and the story line is not believable. Hope isn’t my favorite character but she’s a mainstay and MUCH better than Jennifer as an old school cast member with a front burner story. I am hoping for the return of Bo.

  11. From CarleyS

    I would like to see Nicole and Daniel get together, but for Nicole not to waver on her feelings towards Eric as that would leave Daniel burned yet again.

  12. From CarleyS

    I would like to see Daniel and Nicole get together as a long term couple, with Nicole not wavering in her feelings towards Eric as then Daniel would just get burned again.

  13. From CarleyS

    oops! I didn’t think my comment posted, so retyped it, and now saw that it is posted twice.

    I’m new here!

  14. From Cougar

    Molivya, I think they should recast characters more frequently as opposed to when they bump them off. The show I think the show is better served with the possability of doing something with a mainstay character in the hope that a beloved actor will return someday. The frequency of killing them off and then resurrecting them from the dead has been pretty well worn out and over used. I am probably the minority but I would rather see a replacement brought in once and a while. I guess I am a person who is willing in life to give anyone a chance till they are proven otherwise OK. Who knows maybe lightening will strike twice or a new character can bring something different or fresh to the character.

    Loved watching Sami, Kate and Gabby in the woods dragging Nick’s body around. Hillarious from Sami declaring she broke her nail to losing the body for a moment. It reminded me of Alfred Hitchcock
    movie “The Trouble With Harry.” I could almost hear the old Hitchcock theme song playing in the back ground. But I will miss Nick. Hope someone is right about that rumor of Nick double and that he is the one that got killed.

  15. From Cougar

    Wow I guess I posted a moment too soon! Nick grabbing at Sami from the side of the river bank. I suppose they do damage control and finish him off.

  16. From sajohnson

    glad nick is gone hate. when they bring bad people back. keep him gone

  17. From sharon

    Today’s show was the best in a long time. The interaction between the two witches, Sami and Kate was downright funny. When Nick grabbed Gabi at the very end, I even jumped! At least, there was no drama with the do rights/dumwits (Jen, Abby, JJ and dr. Dan). And totally agree, it is time to bring Bo home…along with their kids.

  18. From Kat

    There we go again, Brady. (no matter what he does or tries to hurt or kill), going up against to EJ… All EJ really knows, is what he told Brady… He only find out Hours before the wedding what Kristin Did … did da…
    NOBODY ever gives the DiMeras any benefit of the doubt…. so now maybe .. and I am saying int he story line, it is plausible, for people that do Not Know Eric so well, that He could have had a Fling with Kristin…incl. EJ….
    EJ was right, what he told Brady, Kristin did love him… she gave up on all Revenge… but then again,let’s face it, that girl just could not handle the fallout, and she went crazy,, drugging and seducing Eric.

    I truly hope, just because Kristin/Eileen decided to leave DOOL, the SL will be completely dropped, I just do Not See that story Between Kristin and Brady “Finished”… no way. to many Doors left open… Well if I remember correctly, the TPTB and Eileen left the door wide open , that she might return down the road.. I truly hope so, because She is HECK OF AN ACTRESS…and Her character of Kristin surley made DOOL gain points, no doubt aboutit.
    Some of the Greatest Characters/Actors, that we do not Always love and adore, because we Do not like the Character at “The Moment”… we just have to go with it, because, this is just like in theatre,, an esemble effort t)SpellCheck),
    everybody has a Role to play, like them or not, but it takes all different talents to put a good SL together….otherwise, there would ever never be any good interesting, exiting sl out there./
    Good, Evil, Cheatig, murder, adultery, lying, etc… have as long as the world turn, made the all time best components for a good Book, TV show, etc. etc. as time goes on….
    Love my daily “Dirty, Not.. Little pleasure”…. really, how sweet it is, so innocent…everybody just sit back and enjoy,,,,and Anybody, that cat do that….. Adios…

  19. From Clear

    So, will Nick survive to come back after Gabi and crew? I don’t see how Sami can be mad at EJ for being quiet about Kristin.

    I hope Nicole’s plan to help doesn’t backfire, and Eileen D. is back on Y & R! So, doubt she will come back soon

    I saiid earlier that I wish they would recast Bo if Peter R. Is not returning. Sierra is a brat! She needs her Dad for some discipline. I meant Ciara. — Hope & Bo’s girl.

  20. From j

    Since the writers have changed DOOL from daytime drama to daytime comedy (Sami – I broke a nail while moving a “dead” body) here’s another SL:

    A new storyline is developing for JJ. He is becoming Salem’s newest guitar rapper. He soon realizes the people of Salem aren’t quite so hip and needs to make a change. JJ blackmails Dano, Eric, Brady, Maggs and Jennie to become backup for his new country/western genre. They can sing some of the oldies like “Stand By Your Man”, “Your Cheatin Heart”, “I Fall to Pieces”, and many others. JJ and the Hornetts become a huge success. JJ wants to find a spot in the organization for Abs, but even he realizes, she has limited skills. They finally decide for Abs to sit at a table in Horton Square, drink non-fat lattes and sell their CDs. This idea isn’t going well withs Abs who has higher aspirations. Dr. Dano quits his day job at University Hospital and is now free to resume his affair with Ann. Dano now has the money to rent two other apartments next to him and Nicole, Eric, Brady, Maggie, JJ, Theresa, Abs and Jennie move in. Dano is even able to hire Harold away from the di Mera household.

    Abs is still feeling she has not achieved her full potential. She tells JJ she is moving on from Horton Square peddling his CD’s and has landed herself a job at University Hospital. Abs has been taking correspondence courses the past six months and since Dr. Dano quit his job at the hospital there was an opening. Abs commands JJ and the Hornetts to a gathering to announce she was offered and accepted the opening left by Dano. Jennie is so proud of Abs that she goes into cardiac arrest. Abs tries to resuscitates her, but Jennie dies in Abs’ arms. Dano is amazed by Abs’ quick thinking and medical skills.

    JJ and The Hornetts disband. With the amazing profits all have earned; Dano takes his boggie board and runs off to Hawaii with Ann. Eric becomes a major performer in adult movies. Maggie and Brady open a recovery home for substance abusers. Abs becomes a full time mother: one child by Victor, twins by Stefano, currently pregnant with a child by Harold. JJ disappears and DOOL goes off the air.

  21. From j

    you are showing my email

  22. From jArlene

    Today was very suspenseful! Glad to see that the comments are back again, hope this site can stay up and not have problems anymore. I agree that Bo should be recast, but I wish that they could work with Peter Reckell and bring him back.

  23. From j

    Email (won’t be published)

  24. From Clear

    Too funny! Now spoilers say someone else will be hospitalized. Who will it be? Not Nick! Maybe Rafe’s phys. Therapist because the drug dealing mob finds her –witness protection again? While in the hospital who she really is comes out?

  25. From Bobbi

    #13 Kat E.J. did know that Kristen was going to drug Eric again to make him finish him ever remembering what happened to him. It would clear Eric if he would just man up and admit what happened. Kristen put the business in jeopardy and put him in a position to once again lie to Sami that he knew about sleeping with Eric. So why defend her. Look at the hero he would become if he save Sami’s brother. #15-what crazy dreams are you having?
    Kate and Sami couldn’t have been funnier. Love it when show lightens up and has that sense of humor. Needs it more often. Nutty story line, but funny. Safe travel and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  26. From Kat

    19 Bobbi, thank you. You are right, EJ could be a hero, but then it would not be soap opera drama… But EJ could save the Pope and the so called “Good” People would find something wrong.
    I read, that Eileen will only be on Y&R for a limited short time… so the door is open for her Return..I hope… she brings good acting to the show.

  27. From Debbie

    My apologies to all, but it seems as if with the departure of Kristen that the storylines are getting Stupid and Juvenile. The whole mess with Nick is an example.

    Do we really need more childish storylines when so much more could happen—John bringing Bo back would be grand as would have been Kim and Shame hanging around a bit longer trying to get the dirty on Kristen Stephano and EJ’s knowledge of the Rape!

    And what ever happened to Marlena’s strength, she seems to have become a dimwit overnight!

    And Yes I agree with Gerri, the whole Abs, Jen and JJ bit is beyond boring and redundant—move on far away and fast. And Theresa has also grown boring so why not make her a flaming drunk!

    Lastly as I rant on, if this show turns to drugs and dealers for the younger actors—then the writers should learn about the effects of drugs for their scenes on smoking Pot were highly inexperienced and poor!

    Sure Hope this show turns around sooner than later.

  28. From haycam


  29. From Bobbi

    #27 Debbie Agree about the drug story. And now it’s going to get even bigger. So tired of Brady being the victim. I think he should just keep the girl he found in the drug house. Obviously he doesn’t set the bar very high where it comes to women. Or stick him in rehab until he grows up.
    Looks like things are finally going back to the Salem newspaper. Used to be such a good storyline, and all of a sudden it went to the hospital. Jen, Jack, Bo, Hope, Kayla and Patch always kept things hopping investigating crimes. You’re right. The older stories had more meat (it is a day for turkey, right?) in them. Hate the drug story line. Seen too much of it and it’s a turn off.

  30. From Clear

    Brady does need to go to rehab big time! Who will they have get him there?

  31. From irene

    get rid of ej sick of himsami should be with rafe or lucas,bring back sandy horton tommys daughter.ej is too much enough is enough with the dimeras,are the writers forgetting that jon black is dimera/brady who i love

  32. From Hellolisare

    I can’t agree more with the comments about Brady. Tired of his victim act; tired of his anger issues/violence; tired of his substance abuse; tire of his women issues. I have watched the show for 10+ years, but I still don’t know why this dude is so screwed up. He needs some time on the therapy couch for sure.
    Sami should be angry with EJ because he keeps saying that Kristen didn’t drug Eric. She knows him well enough to know when he isn’t be entirely truthful.
    I hope Dan never takes Jennifer back. Give the guy some alone time then find him a new love interest.

  33. From Kat

    Can’t believe Nick is really dead… that would make the Three Amigos really dumb amigos in the crime of Murder… There has to be a twist somewhere…
    Kate knows it was self defense…and Sami, she must love prison cells.. Gaby,what can I say.. but the drama/comedy was enjoyable to watch..
    Brady, it’s getting old, Rage, Drugs, Women, he needs some big time help…
    Maybe John coming back will help, but John has so many issues himself.
    How will they write Gaby out of the SL….

  34. From bobbi

    # 33 Don’t know how Gaby will leave, especially without the baby. Unless Nick isn’t dead and kidnaps her. Still can’t believe she just didn’t tell Rafe. She would rather put her trust in Sami and Kate?? Isn’t it Monday yet? Hope everybody is having a nice holiday even if we don’t have DOOL to watch.

  35. From Maryl

    Although EJ hated what Kristen did to Eric, she is family and we know how the DiMeras feel about looking out for one another. So don’t expect him to turn on Kristen so quickly. It’s the loyalty to family that is so important to him. Same thing goes for Victor and his family.
    EJ will not try to play hero to save Eric unless he sees the need to do it for Sami. He will do whatever he has to for Sami if he sees it is necessary. That could happen because he does know that Kristen used drugs on Eric so he could help vindicate Eric. EJ’s loyalty to Sami (not her family)would have to surpass his loyalty to his sister and if he sees that he has to do this for Sami, he will.

  36. From Maryl

    Kat, I’m with you about Nick! I don’t think that guy is dead either. I have a feeling that he will rear his head when the “three amigos” least expect it! Ha! Would be fun to see the sl go in that direction.

  37. From Kat

    Hi Maryl, how’s the swamp…
    I agree about EJ, he was raised, Family loyalty comes first..just like you said, Victor feels the same way..Must be a Mob Thing,,??
    If Nick did die, that would make the 3 Amigos
    Murderesses..??? and that would not work.
    Gaby puts on a big whining act, but where was Any of that Compassion, when she had Andrew hold Melanie Hostage. She was pretty cold blooded then, because no matter what it cost, she wanted Chad bad…
    Somehow Gaby’s secret could come out, Nick did threaten her to reveal it… so maybe she will have to go away to do some time
    …. Leaving Sonny and Will taking care of Ariana. But please, will Will ever listen to what his Mother has tried to tell him forever now, Get Legal Custody, full or joint .. whatever,but get some rights when it comes to your child.
    Sick of seeing Dr. Dan with that wounded Deer Look, get some backbone and tell that Jenn… where to go.
    She will Never ever have his Back, because she has Zero Faith in the man she claims to Love… And to all the busy body Matchmakers, mind your own business. Quite pushing all the time.
    About Eric, I have moments when I like him, and then not, when he becomes so judge-mental about things. He is supposed to be a priest, not judge and jury…

  38. From Maryl

    Kat, the swamp is fine! Lots of good scum in it! Ha! I agree with all you said. I am not a Gabi fan and will be glad to see her go. I’m sick of her whining and everyone babying her. Her closet is full of skeletons that she has managed to keep hidden. Dan & Jen are a waste of time. They have been played over and over and still can’t win over the viewers. It’s time for their sl to end. Not sure what’s going to happen between Eric and Nicole. There’s always this possibility that Eric will want to remain a priest and then Nicole will have to try and find another man to cling to. Not sure how the writers will go with the sl, but Nicole and Eric do not share the same values and virtues, so not sure how that would work for them. Nicole never changes for very long, especially when she really wants something and can’t get it without resorting to her old tricks and schemes. I’m wondering how the Bradys, especially Caroline, would embrace the idea of Eric leaving the priesthood for Nicole. I feel certain he will be vindicated of all the scandal and charges made against him, but whether or not he puts his collar back on, remains to be seen.

  39. From Clear

    Gabi may decide to go to NY just to get away and give the baby to Will. Nick may pop up eventually.

    Lucas is back, so who will he be with now? I would say bring in a couple new men – -for Nicole for sure. It would be good if she could be happy for a while and have a child too– and another little dog too.

  40. From Babs

    I bet Gabi is pregnant from when she slept with Nick. Also, fun if he’s still alive but doesn’t find his way back to town until Gabi is gone and Will/Sonny are raising Nick’s baby along with Ari.

  41. From Clear

    If so, protection would have to be defective. Remember Sonny found the evidence that they had sex on the floor?

  42. From Kat

    41 Clear, I also remember the “protection” Sherlock…. but who knows.. Babs, you could be right…
    Still think, that one way or the other, Will and Sonny will end up getting Ariana, and they will be “gay” parents to that little girl… and of course they will love her…still wonder though, what will happen to Gaby.

    Will the police find all the evidence left by the river, tag and ear ring…would think, that the first thing Sami should do, is get rid of the other earring, and not in a garbage can, or something, where sooner or later somebody will find it….
    But the Bird man of the River, will give them away, so I would think somethings got to give, either Nick will show up, or, crap, I don’t know what …..stumped.

  43. From Linda

    Gabi should have called the police, Nick was a convicted criminal, but he would have black mailed her anyway cause of Dan’s daughter episode. Wish Jennifer was not such a dunce, ready for her character to go. Sami had a good guy in Rafe – how can she really stand EJ, oh yeh, they are exactly alike.

  44. From bobbi

    Unlike some others, I don’t want Jennifer to go, just start giving her a more adult part. Like, the 1st thing, get J.J. into rehab. Working at the hospital and having Maggie in the family would have been top on her list. And stop fighting with Theresa. She’s a stupid, nasty kid. Quit lowering her to that level. Teach J.J. to stay away from the toxic people in his life. This mess with Gabi and company just makes my head hurt. I’ve never seen so many people with things in their past to be blackmailed for. It just goes round and round. Time for some different story lines (and not drug lords). Hope everybody had a nice Holiday.

  45. From gerri

    I’m so ready for some Happiness(Even In Soap Land,It’s possible)Mix It up some,have some Romance,and not talking about bed,and heavy breathing,how about some dining,soft music,roses,dressed up,date nights?all we are given is Crime after Crime,and Drugs, someone trying to screw up other people’s life,which seem to be the highlight of their days,enough already,I want to see some sort of sanity,even tho in years back,we did have some of this craziness,we also had Romance and good times.

    anyone else feel like this?I’ve watched since Days aired.but some days now,It’s not so important to me,if I skip some of the episodes.just my rant……

  46. From Clear

    I hear you, Gerri! For some time I have been hoping for the masked ball and the Talent Show Fundraiser. Plenty of opportunities for crime embezzlement or something of a mystery and still have some happy people and give us romance with some justice!

    I will say Sami was right when she said Nick got what was coming to him. But I do not like to see characters killed. (Though I did not mind if Ian bit the dust a while back.) I don’t think Nick is dead.

  47. From gerri

    what has happened to Maggie’s Place?was a nice place to go out to eat,and be grown up,now we have the coffee shop,with all the youth hanging out and of course The Brady Pub,(which Is a big part of the show).I sure am hoping for something different,coming into the Holidays.
    (of course taping has already happened)so probably we will be disappointed.

  48. From Clear

    I think in one of the recent segments Maggie mentioned Che Rouge. I assumed she still has it and they just haven’t had any big do’s there since the square.

    A nice fashion show or Christmas, Valentine’s ball would be a thought at that venue!

    I don’t want to watch Brady trying to drug and drink himself to death either!

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