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Christmas comes to Salem once again and Brady decides to reward himself with his own little pile of snow. He manages to pull his face out of it thanks to frequent intrusions from his family. Wiping the white powder off his face, he attempts to convince Maggie that moving back into the mansion with Victor is a bad idea. Brady knows something about bad ideas. He runs off to meet his dealer and is caught by someone he knows. Rather than have the truth about his nose’s recent adventures come to light, he decides to smear JJ’s name when the Deveraux nearly blabs about it to Dr. Dan.

Things aren’t exactly going well at the Horton house either. Anne has decided that this is the year that she will spoil the season by destroying one of the cherished traditions of the Horton clan. The holiday could already be ruined by some bad news. Hope has to finally tell Ciara the truth about Bo. Meanwhile, Sami decides to tell EJ the truth about what happened to Nick. They head out to the scene of the crime to look things over and she winds up seeing something that leaves her totally horrified.

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  1. From bobbi

    No Horton Christmas story around the hospital tree this year? What’s with Brady throwing everybody else under the bus? Isn’t somebody going to wonder why “he’s” hanging around that part of town? Oh, yeah. Jogging. If Bo is going to stay out of the picture, then I think it’s time for Hope to move on. This has to be the worst Salem Christmas we are about to see. Drugs, drugs and more drugs! Are you kidding? Merry Christmas?

  2. From Clear

    It seems the Grinch, Anne, and other evils are ruining the Christmas Spirit in Salem. We can only hope that the reason for the season wins out despite adversity for those that want some joy and like to see some justice!

    Brady needs to go back to a lockdown rehab! He is no longer thinking straight!

  3. From Patr

    I hope the hurry up and kill ann and Theresa. I’m sick to death of them. Brady please grow a backbone. Finnish the Sammi, Kate and what’s her name story. Damn Sammy just got off for murder. Tired of it. Bring some joy for Christmas. And bring Bo back. Those jackasses should pay him.

  4. From gerri

    I’m not surprised at anything,the writers are throwing at us.seems like the only focus with them,is crime and drugs,and nastiness and break-ups.
    No happiness to be found this Christmas In Salem,very disappointed,in the S/L’s.

  5. From Clear

    The writers seem best at writing catastrophe and then leaving loose ends. If they don’t get with it on some of them I am afraid Days will fall by the next ratings wayside. It would be nice if they finished a few SL’s once in a while and filled in blanks that were left wide open!

    Where is Bo, John, and is Nick alive? What was the deal with the coins, the African /Alice Connection? Did we ever find out directly what the bank account was for? Do we really know who Daniel’s father is? Is Stefano still working with an agency undercover? Who were Rafe’s parents? What happened to his fiancée? All clear as mud?

  6. From Arlene

    Doesn’t surprise me that there will be no Christmas story to tell this year. It’s politically correct to ban anything to do with Jesus and the real meaning of Christmas. You also never see the Thanksgiving meal and prayers that was a tradition on Days for years, and they got away from the dinner altogether. Sad to see these old family traditions die on this show.

  7. From Lindy

    After watching Days religiously for many years, I only watch it once in a while anymore to check on certain characters. I have gotten into Young & the Restless and it’s excellent, much better written than Days and more interesting. I highly recommend it to anyone who still likes a soap but is tired of Days.

  8. From Sherri

    Watching Christmas on Days always gets me in the Christmas spirit and the tradition of hanging the balls on the tree. I love to see the flashbacks each year of Tom and Alice and the others. It has always been a tradition for Days.It will so NOT be Christmas without this.They are part the family.

  9. From Lindy

    Gosh I haven’t watched for a week until yesterday—And Nothing Has happened.

    And Yes I agree, there is nothing but drugs thugs and crime and sorry but Can someone explain just WHY Anne hates the Horton’s so much.

    Theresa has grown old rapidly and bringing her sister in will not help maintain the older fans!

    There are almost no more couples as all have broken up but EJAMI, although Sami should change clothes occasionally! The dress has grown dirty after more than a week in the same!
    Yet It nice to see Caroline again in action —- she holds it together!
    Poor Hope, now what. And Ciara has turned into quite a snobby brat–yet she has time to turn into a good kid but will she? Bo/Peter not coming back is understood as these storylines are not intriguing but more juvenile and boring.

    Sorry Days but some creativity is needed to keep us watching!

  10. From Lindy

    Hi, this is Lindy. I agree with all of #7 but I didn’t write it, unless there is another Lindy on here besides me.

  11. From LauraInCO

    I used to always look forward to the wonderful Christmas traditions the Salem families observed every year. Things have certainly changed. It’s sad.

  12. From nancigal

    This is my first time on here and want Gerri #3, Clear #4 and Arlene #5 that I agree all the way. I have watched Days since it’s first day and am very disappointed in all the leg and lip locking scenes. Isn’t something to be left to the imagination? I also think the writers to need to tie up all the loose ends. Do you think Nick is really not dead and will come back just before the jury finds all three women guilty? DUH!!! How many times have we seen that? I’m enjoying reading the comments. My pet goat ran into me on Thanksgiving and broke my leg so I have lots of time to sit and read.

  13. From dc

    drugs in salem is not a good thing..
    I wish they had sent Teresa back with her mom and dad. I am not happy with jj staying in salem either. he has caused too much turmoil for his mom.
    it appears bo is going to call hope and tell her he is not coming home for Christmas but maybe he is also going to tell her he wants a divorce. I wish bo was coming back with john.
    I am really going to hate when will is replaced in January.

  14. From Gentzy

    OMG – I am SOOOOO sick and tired of Anne – they definitely need to get rid of her!!!!!
    I’m sick and tired of all the storylines – they’re dragging them out too long and it’s getting too boring.
    Also, they need to recast someone else as Bo and bring that character back for Hope and Ciara!
    This talking on the phone is crap!!

  15. From bobbi

    Guess the writers thought we’d all be out Christmas shopping instead of watching DOOL. Guess they haven’t heard of DVR or VCR, so they decided to drag the story lines for the next couple of weeks. Please, oh please, stop showing Brady snorting coke. Makes him look like a bigger ass then he already is. # Gentzy-agree about Anne. There is just no story line there at all. Mean, nasty woman. Yeah-so what? Why? She’s just there. Not liking the direction E.J. and Abbey are going. First, I didn’t think much about it until I saw others writing about it. He will never be true to Sami no matter how much he says he loves her. Lucas is the only one that knows her and can deal with her and keeps her in check. Oh-new year coming. Maybe the writers will listen to the blog and start to put some thought into their stories instead of going round and round with the same old ones.

  16. From Peggie

    OMG, I am so sick of Anne, is there a cliff for her to step off of? I am also sick of seeing EJ and Abbey, please send her off to find Chad or hook her up with someone her age.

  17. From Peggie

    Yes, like it very much

  18. From Daryl

    Bring us a Salem Love 2013 Christmas PLEASE.

  19. From CR

    Agree 100% with you Arlene. These storylines and characters that they are adamant at focusing on are vile and reprehensible. This show’s dreadful storylines make it unwatchable. If I do happen to DVR it once a week, I find myself fast forwarding through most of it.

  20. From CR

    i have no interest to see anything about Jesus on a soap opera.

  21. From gerri

    Dear Santa,
    please give the writers,knowledge,
    of what Days was built on,and ask them to
    Please bring back some of the
    traditions,that made us want to watch every day.a little of what they are writing now,goes a long way,”"Shameful”"It Is(.enough is enough!!)
    If It doesn’t change somewhat with some good and happy things,happening my New Years resolution will be to give it

  22. From Kat

    Could Liam, the Big Drug Rep, who got a date with Jennifer, turn out to be really a Big Drug King Pin??? Listening to Abe talk about him, he just sounds to good to be true….
    Totally agree Ladies, bring some of the old traditions back, that made DOOL special.

    To many Repeat SL’s/Plots, and also to many loose end SL’s hanging around. That is very Annoying, at least to me,…

    Rafe looked good with Hope and Ciara, but so did Justin with Hope today.
    We all know, that Justin did have big feelings for Hope when she was living at the Mansion…
    Could be, the writers are testing Hope with different possible Love interests..

    The faces and actions between Dr. Dan and Jennifer, so sick of it, please move on.

    Could Abby be falling for EJ, the way she did for Austin, not another repeat..
    I just don’t like Abby .. or her Mother Jenn.

    I enjoy however, EJ interacting with more of Salem’s characters, and being for the most part very light, light grey.

    Will Stefano also be light grey, can’t wait to have him baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack…

    Be nice to see Marlena, just maybe getting back with least for a bit.
    Still think, that John’s big problem was, He still had unresolved feelings for Kristin.

    He was dreaming about her, before she even came back to Salem.
    And let’s face it, Kristin’s exit is very wide open, that story also is NOT resolved.

    Maybe John and Hope could make new couple, they have been teamed up before and looked good together.
    I liked John better with Hope and with “Strawberry” Marlena.

    Of course Nick is still alive, otherwise the Tree Amigos truly would be killers… So far, they have tried to kill somebody, but did not succeed LOL.

    Anne reminds me of a Stocking stuffer, got to have something to fill the empty space…

    Time for Bo to come back/whoever…. or let Hope move on with a new love interest… Rafe, Justin (what to do with Adrienne),
    maybe even Dr. Dan… I would like to see Carly come back and team up with Dr. Dan again…
    Just throwing stuff out there.

    Teresa and JJ, not interested at all..
    Brady, not again, been there, done that to many times.

    Maybe the writers need a refresher course in Creative Writing/Thinking, because they don’t seem to be in a big, help, is it “rut”, how do you spell that…

    Question, could there be a connection between Jordan and the new guy Liam (?) the Drug Rep…


  23. From Cougar

    I think the only interest EJ has in Abby is intellectual; he enjoys conversing with her. I wonder if this will prompt him to offer her a job as Sami is AWOL all the time lately. Too much heat between Sami & EJ for that ship to sail away already. EJ sure gave Sami the stink eye today. Samamtha Jean fess up and tell him whats up; he will dig untill he finds out what your up top.

    The thing about Anne is she makes a good villaness but they need a little flash back as to why she has such an intense hatred of Jen. Did Jen accidently snub her in high school. Did Jen beat Anne out of a college scholarship forcing Ann to go to a community college instead a university. Perhaps Jen got voted prom queen or cheerleader over Ann. Perhaps she liked a boy who was hung up on Jen. Who know, but this idea of Anne being mean just for the sake of being spiteful is one dimensional and illogical. We need toknow what is the force behind her misdirected anger toward Jen.

    Teresa is also a great villaness with potential but her motives of pure spite for going after Jen are also irrational. She’s a great trouble maker but needs to find some other mischief to get into besides being Ann’s minion. She would be perfect for a elder abuse sl; victimizing poor alzhiemered Caroline or stealing from the pub. If nothing else I’m sure she and Ann could have a bill pulling whiskers out of little kittens.
    Kat you got your thinking cap on with mister perfect, too good to be true Liam. Ding, ding I bet you have a winner there with him knowing Jordan from somewhere.
    I too miss a few of the old traditions of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sacrilige to not have the Christmas tree decorating with everyone around the tree.

  24. From Cougar

    typo meant to type hsve a ball instead of bill pulloing whiskers out of little kittens

  25. From Clear

    Maybe the writers need to be locked in with the reruns from 1965, so they can get a clue about what was great about Days then. Even with keeping the traditions, they need to create, bring to a crescendo, and resolve the SLines. Then start again instead of never finishing any of them.

    What was that about a Ball. They need to get all dressed up and attend one – - masked would be nice– Valentine’s?

  26. From Missy

    Some people just should —–

    Anyway they aren’t skipping the tree ornament thing I read somewhere else it will be done In the decrmber 25th new episode . Yes they are playing new episode on the holidays. And all the years I’m around we never got up from the dining room together always whenever we were done eating and one at a time .

    Edited to remove content. Please do not tell people not to watch the show. Everyone can post their opinion about the show both positive and negative as long as it is within guidelines. ADMIN

  27. From Missy

    And Brady is just being. Schmuck and he’s making me dislike him and Teresa should really get lost she is evil my goodness

  28. From bobbi

    Did anyone else see an article about Theresa’ 1/2 sister coming on the show? Supposed to make Theresa look like an angel in comparison. Sounds like Kimberly and Shane did a crack up job. Have to agree with everyone about Ian. Drug lord coming to town-good looking guy who sells pharmaceutical supplies shows up? Hmmmm. What rocket science wrote this story line? Will Dr. Dan save Jen from the good looking, drug selling Ian?

  29. From Jan

    i’m sick of them dragging out the story lines. Some of them need to be over with already. JJ should have told Dr. Dan what is going on with Theresa. She is a real witch. Jennifer needs to stop being so snippy to Dr Dan. Why does Anne hate the Horton’s so much? She comes on with the hatred and there is no explanation for it. And Theresa saying Jennifer ruined her life? She came in with an attitude . Let’s just get over some of these negative story lines and back to some of the things that have made Days special. Sad to hear that the Christmas Story will not be read and are they really not going to do the Christmas Ball hanging on the Horton tree. That is really sad. It has been a tradition since I started watching Days back in the 60′s, Boo

  30. From Hellolisare

    I wouldn’t worry about the EJ Abigail thing very much. She’s the Melanie Wilks to his Rhett Butler. He’s not interested in her in a romantic way at all. Every since the character arrived on the show his focus has been mainly on Sami, but he always has some woman that he talks to and semi confides in. Kate, Lexi, Arianna, Nicole, Kristen and Sami herself have played the role. They use these relationships to show us that he is wrestling with moral issues. Plus the character really needs to interact with people other than Sami, Stefano and Will.

  31. From Babs

    #4 Clear
    Don’t know all of it but here’s some.
    Bo and John both had temper fits and ran away from home. Who cares where they are.
    I’m sure Nick is still alive. It’s a soap, after all.
    and DR Dans father is the man he always thought was his father. They used Maggie’s eggs and his father’s wife (Who Daniel thought was his mother) carried the pregnancy.
    they rest? who knows. :)

  32. From Babs

    and FYI Jennifer’s new boyfriend is named LIAM not Ian. :)

  33. From Babs

    #19 CR
    Thank you. My thoughts exactly

  34. From Lindy

    I Just watched Today’s Show. OMG Ciara needs a daddy for Mama is too protective and the child is growing into a thorough mess, snobby brat as if entitled.

    IS this a child Bo would be proud of, no so no wonder Peter is not coming back.

    Ej cunning at best but what will he do with the minimal info or will this storyline ever end!

    I must say as a animal advocate I am really aghast at all the Leopard Coats—-Kate and Nicole How could Nicole Afford Such and do the writers realize how many are offended by these fur coats as several animals had to die for those coats. And While at it—who is costuming Jen must not realize that it is almost Winter and Sleeveless dresses are not quite appropriate for Winter!

  35. From Clear

    Thanks, Babs. I do wish they would go ahead and recast Bo. Peter Reckell can go green in some far away place though I thought he was a good actor, I will not miss him. His character was kind of henpecked too– I never liked that, but guess that worm turned during the mid life crisis. I hope his character comes back hard edged and feisty to take down some villains.

  36. From Hellolisare

    Ciara is a chip of the old Brady block! You have to wonder what sort of bad seed genes Caroline has. Sami, Teresa, Stephanie, Chelsea and now Ciara have all had their issues. Some how the boys never seem to have issues with scheming. lol

  37. From Clear

    Bleeding heart liberal character, Hope, needs to give brat, Ciara, the board of education when she defies her. She needs to educate her about probable cause while she’s at it.

    Sami should have known better than to play the Grinch!

  38. From bobbi

    I have decided that the Salem police should hire E.J. I have never seen any body interrogate people, take the smallest of clues, and find evidence like he can. When the rest of Salem was in broad daylight, he was by the river in the dark with a flashlight and overgrowth up to his waist and still found a clue. Roman and Hope should take lessons from him.

  39. From Kat

    37 bobbi, ditto…EJ is great, what a Think tank he his next “target”.. Sami, and she most likely will break. They all will need EJ’s help pretty soon, since
    the birdman showed up again, this time as the Santa Claus.
    As I said before, this guy knows what’s going on, as a matter of fact I think he has Nick, or Nick is with him getting well…
    Something like that is going on..

    “Loved” Gaby’s version today, telling Sonny, Nick opened his eyes and tried to pull Sami into the river with him… ha, maybe Nick tried to grab her arm to hold on, hoping she might pull him out or something.
    Got to love the writers, they know how to push the fans button…
    33 Lindy, the coats most likely are faux furs…

    I don’t know, should I like Eric, or find him annoying..
    should get more interesting to watch him, now that he is starting to get the Hots for Nicole.
    Marlena will have a cow, LOL.

  40. From Maryl

    Kat, You have a good idea about the birdman. I agree that he may have Nick somewhere, helping him recover. Could be building up to a blackmail scheme.

    Had a good laugh when EJ called Lucas an “irritating twit”!! That’s the way I usually see Lucas
    too. Too bad Lucas didn’t hear him say it.

    I would take EJ over the Salem police any day if I needed some detective work done! Ha!

  41. From Micheline

    Yikes, what is this other person’s name and email doing on my computer?? I just opened up to read, have never commented before.

  42. From Micheline

    My name is not Micheline.

  43. From Kat

    40/41… it happens once in a while, just DELETE it, and if you want to post something, put your Own Name/E-mail in….

    I am not getting anybody else’s name, but some on here seem to have problems, every so often…

    39 Maryl, good one, that “twit” remark made me chuckle.
    I hope when Lucas now gets more Airtime, he will play himself a little bit more sophisticated and smooth…. Smooth, that is EJ…

  44. From kathy

    Please put Daniel and
    Jennifer back together.They are my favorite couple. The writers started out writing real well for them what happened???

  45. From gerri

    #43 Kathy’s e-mail just showed up on my computer,I just deleted It off,different poster’s have come up ,but not frequently.

    I too wish Lucas could get a decent S/L ,he is a favorite,and has always been.. Listen up writers to the fans!!!!we are the ones who can make or break a show…

    1st day of winter,and here in Alabama 81 degrees today,broke a record!! but some weather alerts,out as a cold front meets this warm weather…..

  46. From Clear

    80 here again today, but cooling for Christmas Day down in low 70′s. It is a downer to have to turn on the A/C again.

    Made me think of The saintly Jennifer and her dresses. Sleeveless is not becoming any more than over the hand too long sleeves for her. She needs Kate’s stylist for hair and clothes!

  47. From Heather

    #40 and 41, I have had that same problem and deleting the other person’s info and putting in mine didn’t work because when I sent my comment, their name showed up, not mine. For me, it’s a privacy issue and I don’t want my info on someone else’s computer. But I haven’t had anyone else’s name and email on my computer in about a week so maybe it’s fixed, at least at my end.

    The only thing I can say about Jennifer’s sleeveless wardrobe is that she has great arms. In fact, her whole body appears to be toned and in great shape. Terrible hair, though!! I’ve noticed that most of the female TV anchors also wear a lot of sleeveless. Megyn Kelly on Fox News Channel had on sleeveless the other night and the snow was just a flyin’ out the window in back of her. She looked cold!!

    Because of EJ’s conversation with Stephano when they had dinner together, I still think EJ knew what Kristen did way before the wedding. Wish JJ would just man up and tell the truth about the night Theresa OD’d. Dragging out too long. I’m liking Jordan and Rafe together more and more so I hope her secret past isn’t too bad. Sami didn’t handle Ciara the correct way but Ciara is turning into a little brat. Know she is acting out because her daddy is gone but Hope needs to get a handle on it and nip it in the bud.

  48. From Luvtoteach

    I agree with all many of these comments. I have 4 episodes of days Unwatched on my dvr. Just not interested. I am missing the hope of a wedding, a romantic couple (without murder or drugs) , something good happening , or some holiday spirit.
    I remember decorating parties. Christmas music

  49. From Sharon

    so glad i am not alone in wanting new story lines. Days has become so boring lately. A lot of it has to do with boring actors playing boring characters. What happened to casting and writing…were these budget cuts?????

  50. From bobbi

    #38 Kat-talk about investigative skills, until you pointed it out I didn’t catch the birdman as Santa Clause. Good one. Salem needs you on the police force. Thanks. Now I have wonder what that was about.
    I’m sure not much will move this week, but not complaining. At least it’s on. Thank the station for not replacing it with football.

  51. From Clear

    I’m looking forward to the Horton’s ornament party to see who is here this year. I am tired of hearing about Bo. Recast him, or cut Hope’s ties with him.

    Anne was dressed like an Elf and spoilers say she tries to stop the Horton tradition, Maybe it means she does not succeed!

  52. From Freda

    If EJ and Abigail hook up I will stop watching and I have been watching for 25 years was 12 when I started. Anne needs to goDan and Jen should be together as should Sammi and EJ. The story line with Rafe and the physical therapist is on my nerves

  53. From Freda

    I started watching Days when I was about 12 or 13 at least 20 years ago however if EJ and Abigail get together I will stop watching. They also either need to bring Bo back even if they have to recast him. I hope that Nick is not dead Sammi doesn’t need to be a part of another murder. Jen and Dan should get back together.

  54. From jennifer

    Taking a break for a while. Can’t stand to see another”murder coverup”/trial involving Sami. If things don’t change in the story line, I may giv it up altogether

  55. From Heather

    I agree about Bo and am tired of hearing about him. I always liked him and was disappointed when I first heard the actor was leaving. And I missed him very much after he left. But now I feel like the show needs to get on with it. Will he be recast, will the character not return, or what?! The phone and text communication between him and Hope has gotten pretty boring. For a while, I had high hopes for Hope and Rafe getting together but guess that’s not going to happen.

  56. From Shannon

    Freda–We are on the same page. I have decided that if the Soap puts EJ and Abigail together that I am done! I find it entirely ridiculous! I am not fond of the Abigail or Jen character’s anyway.

  57. From Lindy

    I think EJ with Abigail could be fun. Oh, would that ever get Sami going! I didn’t like how EJ hustled Sami along yesterday, without first explaining to her what his plan was for the day. Like she should just follow his demands. Know he’s trying to help her but he acted like a bully in that instance. The DiMera in him coming through!

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