December The Young And The Restless Comings And Goings.

Casting scoops.

There is more “Y&R” casting news to report for the month of December. Bookmark and refresh this page often, as Soap Opera Fan Blog will be sure to update with more details as to who will be coming and going in and out of Genoa City in the coming weeks…

Jerry Douglas returns as John Abbott’s ghost on December 24.

TV Guide is reporting that designer David Tutera (“My Fair Wedding With David Tutera”) will guest star on two episodes of “Y&R,” beginning on January 22, in order to plan a wedding for two Genoa City residents, who become engaged during the holidays.

Michael Muhney, who plays Adam Newman, announced via Twitter that he was let go from the show. His last air date will be January 30. In an interview with the HuffPost TV Canada Muhney stated, “It was explained to me that CBS and Sony want to give Adam a break for 3-6 months and then they’ll bring him back with a different actor. Maybe he does need a break. Adam has been on screen a lot. He’s not being killed off.”

Hartley Sawyer will be leaving the role of Kyle Abbott. As of yet, there is no word when or if there will be a recast.

TV Line is reporting that Ray Wise (“How I Met Your Mother,” “Mad Men”) has been cast to play cult leader Ian Ward, Dylan’s (Steve Burton) father. The actor starts taping scenes on Friday December 13 and will first appear on January 23.

Holden and Ryan Hare play the role of Johnny Abbott.

Billy Miller is leaving Y&R and his role of Billy Abbott and will last be seen on January 30, 2014. David Tom, who played Billy Abbott from 1999 to 2002, will reprise the role on February 3, 2014.

Eileen Davidson will return as Ashley Abbott on December 2.

Briana Nicole Henry has been cast in the role of a young model named Esmerelda and will first appear on Thursday December 12.

Tristan Rogers is leaving “General Hospital” and returning to “Y&R” as Colin Atkinson. He’ll appear in scenes with Jess Walton (Jill) beginning in early 2014.

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that the show is looking to cast the role of Josh Williams, a relative of Paul’s. The contract role and character is described as mid-to-late thirties, good-looking, accomplished, has an intelligent presence in business and is one who can take on even the shrewdest competitor.

“Y&R” is casting for the role of Connor Boyd, who is described as vibrant and sexy and in his mid 20s. Though the character comes from an affluent background, he craves to be carefree, even though his family expects him to take the business world by storm.

The show has put out a casting call for the contract role of Andrew Abbott, a never-before-seen cousin. Andrew is described as a strong, handsome, very driven, ambitious, educated man in his mid to late 30s.

“Young And The Restless” is looking for a strong brunette actress to portray ‘Ally’, in a lead role. The character is 20-24 years old and described as “sweet, lovely, and eager to begin her path.” The role starts shooting as soon as possible.

Read our Y&R November casting news to see who recently left the show and for more details others who have arrived in Genoa City.

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  21 responses so far...

  1. From linda hendrix

    just so adam doesn’t go anywhere. I hope they find who killed her. it wasn’t adam.

  2. From Anna Mousa

    I hate to hear the part of Billy is changing to the original actor. I will miss Billy Millers beautiful smile. Really wish you wouldn’t change that.

  3. From Susan G

    This show is done.

  4. From claire wright

    Why is the question. They are letting 2 great actors go and are bringing on so many more and for what!! Who wants Colin back…not me.I have watched from day 1 and on Jan 30 will be my last(it is both their last days, go figure)

  5. From Red.River

    I will never watch Y&R again. These morons fire Michael Muhney, who is the best actor on the show? CBS and Sony have no shame. I’m so done with this trainwreck of a show.

  6. From Miss Dee

    Some of those casting calls sound like smokescreens for replacements of current characters:
    - Andrew Abbott = Billy Abbott
    - Connor Boyd = Kyle Abbott
    - Josh Williams = Adam Newman

    Just sayin……

  7. From Jan

    Michael is one of the best actors I’ve ever watched, I cannot believe he’s leaving!

  8. From Tanee

    I love Adam, I don’t want him to go he’s the best actor on the show

  9. From Linda Healey

    Casting on Y&R has lost there minds getting rid of 3 excellent actors/ actress. I think casting needs to be fired

  10. From Jean Berdan

    Don’t let Billy Miller or Michael Muhney leave Y&R. Way too many changes just to make room for the younger set and never mentioned relatives.

  11. From Peggie Baker

    Love Michael Munhey, but never really cared about Hartley sawyer or Billy Miller.

  12. From AnnaMD

    I am crushed that Michael Muhney was let go! He is my favorite actor on Y&R. Whose boneheaded idea was this???

  13. From Ladybug

    Don’t know what’s going on there but firing the best actors is not the best move first Billy Miller now Michael don’t care about Kyle his role was boring this line about Nicki and new son is already old and stupid get rid of the role kristoff and the girl no chemistry at all line of Summer is stupid Sharon’s stupidly is getting old my lord your story lines are so boring can’t believe I’ve watched since the beginning to quit now no good story lines at all ESP now that Adam is being fired that was a stupid decision after putting him and Chelsea back together stupid to kill off Dee Dee the only one who can play and feel that part is Billy and Victoria Chlore and Kevin no and so sick of Michael Loren and fen rap it up stupid guess I might read about it won’t be watching it need to fire some writers and oh yeah bringing back Aileen zdavidson what for she never has a part and she can’t act on here or Days oh well ya lost another old time fan but guess ya don’t care about what fans think anyhow BORING the fight between jack and victor so blame old your story lines are so flat and Dillon is not convincing in any role you guys are on a snowball going downhill fast and melting

  14. From Rita

    I love Y&R. I will miss Billy and Adam. I hope that Adam returns. What is Chelsea going to do now? What about Connor? She needs a new person to be her husband. Who will that be? I am very concerned. thanks for all the info.

  15. From Rita

    I love the show Y&R.

  16. From Sandy Dehn

    I love to read any news that is related to Y&R, my favorite for yrs.
    I love Billy and do not want him to leave, hoping he finds out who killed Delia before his departure. Please let that happen. Him and Victoria are so good together.
    Make Sharon disappear. And Dylan and Phyllis’ s sister belong together.

  17. From Sandy Dehn

    Yes indeed I do love it.

  18. From Evelyn

    I was never a fan of Adam till he got with Chelsea, and then I hated him again. Now I love him, except for the Dee Dee killing, and I hope they find out it wasn’t him. Y&R needs to fire that producer that’s letting all the actors go.


    When Billy and Adam leaves it will be my last YOU people just want to get someone TOO play there role cheap I hate Victor how about getting rid of him there’s a few others that needs to go not and I mean not Billy and Adam, and you can all your replacement but it won’t be the same and your no1won’t be no more LOVE YOU Billy& Adam,(;)

  20. From Sheila

    I do not like to I think they need to keep them

  21. From Crazy cat lady

    I am SO upset that Michael Muhney and Billy Miller are leaving. They are both great actors, and contribute so much to the show. No one can replace Michael as Adam. He is incredible! I love Billy’s smile and attitude. He has changed that character a lot, and it won’t be the same without him. I don’t like Mason, Hilary or Leslie. Why not get rid of them instead of great actors with contributing roles? Too many new faces have appeared on the show lately, but I want the “old” ones to stay! I’ve been watching since I was 3 years old. 35 years later, I’m considering not watching after Michael and Billy are gone. Please bring them back!!!

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