General Hospital Spoilers And Videos For December 9 – 13.

Sorting things out.

Read a sneak peek at what will happen in Port Charles. Soap Opera Fan Blog has “General Hospital” spoilers for the week of December 9.

Now that Duke knows Derek Wells is Julian Jerome, Sonny asked Duke to join forces with him to take Julian down and inquired who was next in line to run the Jerome empire. Duke told him Carlos was and this leads to Sonny and Shawn appearing at Carlos’ door.

After voicing that he was a changed man, Franco was hit with the revelation that Heather is his mother and that she was intent on ensuring a relationship between Carly and Franco did not happen and threatened Carly’s life. Franco wants nothing to do with Heather but that does not stop her. As she finds Carly in the shower, by midweek, Franco searches to hide a body. Franco begins to wonder if he is truly a changed man and asks Kevin to see him as a patient.

Still dealing with the news that his wife is alive, Patrick hasn’t had a chance to sort out his feelings and finally makes time to do so.

When they lost baby Connie, Lulu wanted to know why Dante didn’t perjure himself on the stand when he’d done it before. With growing contention between Dante and Lulu, Sonny offers his son some advice and then Dante reiterates his proposal to Lulu. Elsewhere, Spinelli receives some life changing news.

Since Ava burned the Metro Court footage, the cards were definitely stacked against A.J. as it made Diane’s job in defending him more difficult. Even without the footage being allowed in as evidence, the jury adjourns and reaches a shocking decision in the murder trial.

Even though he understands that Britt is nothing like her parents, Nikolas is conflicted given what they did to Robin. However, he is able to put his conflict aside and he and Britt decorate the Christmas tree at Wyndemere, once again breathing a sigh of relief that the predicament is over.

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  1. From maureen

    Why do Carlos and Sabrina only speak with an accent when they say each others names? Sabrina gushing about being engaged was as annoying as her whining about Robin’s return. I really wanted to like her, turns out I like Britt way better. Her character is far more interesting.

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