Days Of Our Lives Poll: So Long Sami.

Salem loses a longtime star.

To the shock of many, Alison Sweeney (Sami) announced last week that she would be leaving “Days Of Our Lives” at the end of the year so she can pursue other options and spend time with her family. After more than two decades as the frequent focus of the series, her departure is a big deal. Should she have an ending that is suitably big? How should she make her final bow?

Vote in Soap Opera Fan Blog’s “Days Of Our Lives” poll to let us know how you want to see her exit.

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  1. From Kat

    Looks like the Ejami’s will not get their great Ending, in the “end”. LOL…I am sure the writers will re-think the whole SL for my two fav. characters on the show.
    Could be, that is the reason they are bringing Abby into EJ’s orbit. She might be the next great love for EJ after Sami is gone. Think she might be prego with EJ’s child, they way they had her holding the baby in Church and EJ walking in, and Looking at them.. could mean something.
    I will miss Sami, she sure made this show interesting. Hope that she might come back some day.
    Will her kids leave with her, or will they stay with EJ.. So many questions .. what will happen…
    But we still have a whole year to enjoy Sami and EJ on the screen..
    Her darker hair and style, IMO, makes her more mature looking, however, no matter, she is a beautiful woman.

  2. From dc

    I agree totally with you Kat..
    I would hate to see anyone replace Sami’s character with a “new” Sami.
    Somehow, just let her leave for awhile so she could return in the future. But it is almost a year before she actually leaves. Not sure I want EJ to be with Abby. She is a bit young, don’t you think??
    After seeing todays show not sure why they brought Nick back. What is his purpose?? I am thinking they may keep him until Gabi leaves in May.. Just saying..

  3. From missymiss

    i say recast sami… ej and sami are a super couple and they need 2 continue their happy ending, i will be happy with any one playing sami, as long as ej doesn’t go anywhere..

  4. From Kat

    2 dc With you on Sami….
    Not sure why Nick is back either, like you said, maybe he will be involved in Gaby’s departure in May…. who knows…
    Abby, I did not care her to much, still don’t, but wonder if they are “grooming” that SL for EJ’s future after Sami.
    Just hope that James S. does not also decide to leave, that would really get me…COL… Nobody for Darn Sure could ever replace him.. Sami maybe, but I Hope not…
    3 missymiss, no matter what will happen, I certainly hope that they will give Sami a good “farewell”. Her character has kept us fans coming and going for 21 years, she is “One of a Kind” character on a soap, and she will be greatly missed… but we have another year to appreciate that great actress. Hope there will be a Wedding for her and EJ.. we Fans do deserve that for sure..

  5. From bettyg

    Sorry, but I’m really tired of “Days of Sammi’s Lives”. I feel way too much time and story lines have been spent on her, when other characters have been eliminated or relegated to minor status. I have enjoyed some of the Sammi stories, but, hey, there are a lot of interesting characters in Salem just waiting for a storyline. I’m sure I’ll probably shed a few tears on her last day, anyway!

  6. From nancy

    why don’t kate and nick in bed together and for sami a skydiving accident sami spiraling down to her death splat all the way down her one final hoorah

  7. From CRS

    I need a new sammi to have the happy ending for ejami. I am an ejami through and through and i honestly cannot see EJ moving on with anyone else. He himself has said he has tried to love other people but Samantha is it. So i don’t see him moving on without his Samantha, at all. Recast sammi and maybe allison will come back one day but leave it open for her to do so.

  8. From Deena

    They CANNOT recast Sami! It would be awful. There is only one Sami and anyone else would not make sense. This is what happened to Will and I cannot stand his character now. It is just not believable. They should make it open so the “true Sami” can return in the future.

  9. From Tess

    Sami used to irritate me but I have grown to like her so I am sorry she will be going. As for Abby, my gosh I find her character just plain pathetic. What are the writers thinking anyways? It’s really disgusting the way she goes after older married men.

  10. From sandee

    sorry, but I agree with bettyg….it has been “Days of Sami’s Life” WAY too long! I have been watching Days since day one (yes, I’m THAT old), and Sami has been a brat from the day she came on the show. She has had way way too many front runner storylines, to the extent of excluding more talented and seasoned characters on the show. I say good riddance, and I DO hope they replace her in the distant future….just not too soon…give other characters a chance to have decent storylines without having to revolve around Samantha Jean.

  11. From marie

    i think that sami going off the show is stupid, i think that they should bring her back, ej is her man, they were meant to be together, this thing between him and abby is sick, and gross, hes old enough to be her father, i hope sami finds out, and beats the living crap outta her, and not to mention jennifer isn’t going to be happy that her daughter is sleeping with a married man, its against her morals,and abby should be ashamed of herself all up in sami’s face acting like shes her best friend knowing shes stabing her in the back, and if i’m not mistaken isn’t abby related to sami? that makes it worse if she is, and abby ain’t even cute, what is wrong with this show,i can’t deal with the adultery and everything either,i’m just about to the point where i’m going to stop watching

  12. From mary

    I’ve been watching this show since day one, and yes i’m that old to lol, but i just wanna go on record and say yes sami can be a royal b***h but she wouldn’t be sami if she wasn’t, there bringing in all new charectors and getting rid of all the new, the show will never be the same, and i don’t care everyone knows that sami and ej are meant to be together and i hope she finds out about abby and whoops her butt, ej is way to old for that girl, and you all know hes is, I’m a ejami fan, please keep them together, maybe sami can find out the truth and both her and ej can leave town for a while and work things out, at least i hope anyways,

  13. From slot

    I like Ashley Jones who played Bridget Forrester on B&B.
    She is the same age as AS. Will looks as if he could be her son.
    I also like AJ’s personality more. Not so much screaming, but a very talented actress. JMHO.

  14. From slot

    I agree missymiss and sandee. Enough of the Sami Show.
    AS long as EJ stays!

    I would LOVE to see EJ with Ashley Jones, a more mature and calm Sami. With some Class.
    OR.. Jacqueline Maclnnes Wood..(maybe as the returned Chelsea)
    OR.. Chloe from Days.
    Any 3 would be be HOT with EJ.
    Good-Bye AS. It’s been nice, but time to enjoy your family.

  15. From slot

    I don’t want to see EJ and Abby together. There is no chemistry between them.

  16. From patsy

    As far as I,m concerned the writers and Coradey have gone too far with this EJ/ Abby story Its complete ruined theCharater EJ .They turned him into a weak horny older man .The EJ WE GREW TO LOVE was not weak and wouldnot have had sex with his brothers ex girlfriend .and after finealy getting Sami he wouldn’t resk looseing Sami for meanless sex .I don’t even like to watch him anymore. because of this story line he,s lost his apple to me . too weak of a charater for me to route for I hope coradey is enjoying he cheap sex story line for rateings most every one I know (witc are older women) says when Sami leaves they leave .I hope they come up with a strong loving couple befor then NOR EJ AND ABBY either

  17. From valerie

    I don’t care if sami leaves or not she not the best actress anyway.

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