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As winter sets in, Rafe and Jordan need to feel some warmth. Luckily for them, they are both quite happy to share their body heat. Less luckily, they have Kate looming and looking to hand out some revenge this holiday season.

In the spirit of asking for a lot more than she gives, Sami demands that EJ finally air all of the dirty secrets that he has kept quiet for his sister. Could this be enough to put a nail in EJami’s coffin? Of course, the grave isn’t enough to end anything in Salem. Just ask Gabi. She freaks out when she discovers that Abby has just received news from someone who is no longer supposed to be in the land of the living.

It looks like Jenn receives a brain boost under her tree this year because she notices that her son is being super manipulative. While she continues to pretend she isn’t pining for Daniel and lectures her son, the doctor is busy helping Nicole save Brady. Mr. Black continues to dig himself into a deeper hole and his friends may not be enough to save him. And Nicole does some digging of her own as she tries to bury her lingering feelings for Eric.

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  1. From bobbi

    Yeah! More spoilers. Fun to see what’s coming next. Sorry there won’t be any Days next Wed. I guess they deserve a day off. Waiting to see if Stephano and Kate get cozy again. She might as well. She broke it off with Rafe and now he’s moved on. Starting to get the feeling Hope is about done waiting for Bo to show up. Always thought we would see Kayla and Abe get together. Still think there might be fireworks between John and Hope. There sure would be fireworks with Marlena if they got together again. Happy Holiday to everybody and if you’re traveling, stay safe!

  2. From Clear

    I already posted similar feelings on the old site, so Ditto Bobbi about Bo.

    I always thought Kayla and Dan would make a good super couple, but he has a super tendency to sleep with all his patients!

    I think Kate will get pushed into dinner with Stefano. That will ruin any chance with Rafe, if he weren’t already sweet on his therapist.

    Wonder if Julie will plan on seeing Nick in NY?
    He is probably recovering some where and has amnesia now.

  3. From Kat

    “Make my Day”… and He did.. Stefano is baaaaaaaaaaaack.
    Salem just is not the same without him.
    It would be nice, now Stefano in his old age, could go out some day, having repented or at least trying to repent for all his sin.s
    He Never, himself, did kill anybody on that show, unlike Victor… quoting Joe M. in an interview, but somehow people still ended up dead, but not by his hand.. Whatever….

    I do want him back with Kate, they made a good couple together…

    Read, where Jenn/Dan were voted one of the worst couple on a soap… No chemistry together…

    Of course Nick is Not Dead… I think we all know that by now.
    Looking forward to seeing how the writers will play that one out..

    If Hope is done with Bo, please writers do Not write out Our Bo in a negative way, that would not be fair to a wonderful character over so many, many years. To tarnish Bo now, would be dis- graceful, unless they replace the character with a new actor..
    I could see Hope with John, they have been together before and had chemistry, as Gina and the Pawn..
    Funny to see Hope today with Stefano, years ago they slept together when she was Gina, LOL, even thought for a while, either John or Stefano could be Zach’s father… Only in a soap..

    It is wonderful to see, just how devoted EJ is to Samantha, is there anything he would not do for that woman.

    Abe, just like Roman need new women in their lives, how about Marlena for Roman and Kayla for Abe…
    Like the new guy, Rafe’s new Therapist, he is a looker alright and he has joined the cast, but who will they involve him with….

  4. From bobbi

    #3 Kat If I were E.J.I would never go to sleep. How many more people is Grandma Sami going to bump off? Oh, I forgot. She did try to bump E.J. off when he was sleeping. And yet, men fight for her. Black Widow should be her new name. I had also written that Marlena and Roman, Kayla and Abe. Sadly for Jen, I see another disaster headed her way with Liam. Think he’s the new drug dealer in town. Good choice in men Kayla.

  5. From Kat

    4 bobbi, good points…

    Thinking back on Gaby, I do not believe that she was in love with either.. Cam or Chad, seems like she just wanted to get rid of her virginity, LOL, because I did not see her grief at all over lost relationship… she just moved on, saw no real heartbreak one way or the other.
    Now EJ fits more her profile, He is older and sophisticated, not as old as Austin, but enough to fit her “Daddy” Complex. It might be another one sided “affair” for Gaby with EJ ending up in a real “pickle”.
    Why not, the writers seem to love to repeat SL’s.
    But Wow, watch out for Sami.

    Jenn Of Little Faith in Dr. Dan and their love…. will start going out with Liam, the Drug Meister ???? legal/and ill-leagal, ???, just out of spite to show Daniel,
    Daniel just wash that Jenn right out of your hair, who said that.. Nicole I think, and of course South Pacific…

    To All of the bloggers, past and present and the Admin.
    May the “God of Inspiration” bless all the writers, to come up with new and exciting SL’s, Re-Hash is getting so old and boring…

  6. From gerri

    “‘Merry Christmas to everyone”"
    Just watched Days,and most all of it,was a welcome surprise,I wasn’t expecting to see any happiness,but was a well written show,even including the Hanging of the ornaments….Bravo….
    Loved Santa(Doug) pushing Ann out of the way,and thought Abby did a wonderful job,reading the Christmas story.

    I think Nicole and Daniel,just might be the next couple(I think It will work,she’s crazy about Parker,and they already seem like,a family.Jenn deserves whatever falls her way,she’s been so mean to Daniel.

    Wasn’t thinking Maggie and Victor,getting back together,but their reunion was sweet,who knows Victor possibly can change.

    The next big S/L will probably,be who the heck Is Jordan???
    and The Nick S/L is nowhere near,being over,just don’t know what direction,it will go.

    also I’m ready to find out what’s behind,Ann’s nastiness toward Jenn,I believe it’s more than wanting her Job,she is just mean,and Teresa is just a bad,bad seed,she and Brady need to hook -up,and see which one falls the lowest…..

  7. From Clear

    Teresa has got to be the new queen of mean! Even on Christmas she taunts J.J. I would like to see her get caught with drugs and high, and then forced to enlist in the Army or serve time. Teresa at boot camp would be way cool!

    By the way what ever happened to Jeremy Horton? Why don’t they bring him back? Stephanie and the current young Dr. Horton are other possible come back characters too.

  8. From Clear

    By the way, I did enjoy the Days Christmas traditions! Thanks for not preempting Days on Christmas to TPTB!

  9. From bobbi

    I loved Santa shoving Anne out of the way, too. I also want to thank the writers for not making the last family Christmas scene with Brady alone snorting coke. It was a good Christmas show after all. Now here we go waiting to see who gets the great New Year’s eve kisses. Anybody’s guess at this point.

  10. From Luvtoteach

    Thanks days for a wonderful christmas show. Bravo to the setting crew. The decorations were beautiful. And the music was great
    I loved seeing Doug and Julie. JJ delivering a gift to Parker and singing silent night. victor and Maggie reuniting was awesome

  11. From bobbi

    I want just one thing to happen to make my year. Please let Theresa show up at Dan’s apartment and run into Nichole! It’s time Theresa found out what it’s like to cross paths with Nichole. She’ll have Theresa running with her tail between her legs in no time. Just a pup playing with the big dogs.

  12. From Clear

    Yeah, Bobbi! That would be way cool for Nicole to take care of the Teresa problem.

    However, if TPTB are going to put Danifer back together at some point, I don’t want to see Nicole get close to Dan again! I would like to see her get the man of her dreams, have a child and be happy- – at least for a while!

  13. From Heather

    I loved the Days’ Christmas Day show! They kept the traditions, we found out how talented JJ is, Anne was shoved aside in grand style, Maggie gave a wonderful message, and Nicole was an absolute knock-out in that dress. To me, she is the most beautiful woman on the show. Madison, remember her?, had a terrific figure but not the pretty face like Nicole.

    As they left to go to the hospital, I liked how Abby went back to put the Baby Jesus in the Nativity. That is a tradition I started with our grandchildren. We have our Nativity on display early in December but Baby Jesus isn’t added until Christmas Eve. When our own children were growing up, we didn’t have a Nativity so this has been a new tradition to my husband and me, too.

  14. From Arlene

    I was pleased with the Christmas show and it was nice that Maggie and Victor are back together. Am looking forward to find out more about Jordan. Wonder if she works for Stephano somehow? Hope J.J. continues to want to stay straight on the show. Am curious as to how his storyline with Theresa will be since she wants him to be her errand boy. Happy New Year to everyone!!!!

  15. From Judy

    I loved the Christmas episode and can’t wait for the New Year’s!

    Love to see what’s happening with Eric and Nicole;maybe he doesn’t want to get back into the priesthood when his name is cleared; just sayin! Nicole looked great in that backless dress!

    Ejami; can’t get enough of them. Love how he told her he had her back. Although things between them started out weird to say the least I love them as a couple. I hope they don’t go the Abby route with EJ. No chemistry there!

    I have no idea what Anne is doing on Days. She’s annoying and so is Theresa. I hope they both get what they deserve soon.

    The Nick storyline is bs. Of course Nick is not dead like others already said. The only thing I actually like about this SL is the unlikely pairing of Kate and Sami.

  16. From Tracey

    Hope 2014 reunites Dannifer! LOVE THEM TOGETHER!!!

  17. From Tammy

    I read an article The Best and Worst of 2013 (D00L). Daniel and Jennifer were voted the worst couple but that was just the opinion of the person that wrote the article they were not actually voted the worst couple. That was just her choices for 2013 and she voted JJ as Best Newcomer. I think some might disagree with her choices but each to their own.

  18. From MAB

    Hi all, hope everyone had a nice Christmas.

    I very much enjoyed the Christmas show, especially the traditions. I hope the show never loses that. I’ll admit it brought me to tears when they hung the ornaments, how they remembered their loved ones, and Maggie’s speech at the end. I have to say though, I wasn’t too thrilled about what she said about Jen. She basically made her out to be the new patriarch of the Horton family. Really??? Paleeze! Like she could ever walk in Alice’s shoes. After the way Jen has acted, and her treatment of people like Nicole and Daniel, she doesn’t deserve that title. I say if anyone does, it’s Hope. I always hoped that Bo & Hope would be the next Tom & Alice, but I guess that won’t happen w/o Bo (and I hope Bo is never replaced unless Peter Reckell decides to return). If Hope has to move on, I hope it’s just someone worthy, but personally I think she could manage just fine on her own. It seems Bo’s absence is more about Ciara’s acting out than Hope missing the love of her life. I was hoping they would explain his being gone by just disappearing. I think that is more logical than him just staying away to work on bringing down the DiMeras. Sorry, but that’s just not a good enough reason to me. Anyway, back to Jen, I will never accept her, of all people, to take over the Horton helm. I definitely don’t understand why she gets the shove and not Hope. Jen is a Horton, yes, but what about Hope? She is a Horton & a Brady! I think she is a more appropriate choice as a woman to follow in Alice’s footsteps. Not to mention she is better than Jen is every way.

    It was nice to see Lucas around for Christmas, and I’m really looking forward to his new SL and love interest in 2014. It’s about time! Can’t wait for John to return too! Rafe & Jordan are cute, but I’m hoping this SL starts picking up soon.

    It was nice to see Doug & Julie back, but I’m kinda over Julie and her opinions. She just comes off as rude, instead of being insightful. I did love Santa Doug pushing Anne aside at the hospital, too funny! Also, how noticeable was it that it’s become Jen’s job to read the Christmas story to the kids, and when she wasn’t available (due to the unseen interception by Anne), it became Abigail’s job to do it. Again, why do they get to take over the Horton traditions? Is it because they live in Alice’s house? Again, I ask why is Jen getting shoved in line in front of Hope???

    I didn’t like that EJ didn’t attend any family functions with Sami. I know they are “having problems”, but he should’ve been there. I understood him staying at home to put together the 87-piece bike (as he stated), but I think it was thoughtless for the writers to exclude him altogether. I was glad Sami finally confessed to him about Nick tho. She should know by now she can tell EJ anything and he’ll have her back no matter what, as he said himself. Man, what that man goes through for her, but I guess she goes through a lot for him too. It’s just so refreshing how they can be their real selves with each other about everything, and not have to put on a façade (as they did in the past with others). I love them, best couple to date on the show, massive chemistry, along with great acting, and all the multi-layers of their relationship – good, bad, mad, happy or sad…and love. Their method just works!

    I’ve read rumors that Nick is still alive, which I figured he would be. I mean there couldn’t be another murder involving Sami so quickly, right? I’ll be glad when this SL is over tho. The only good part about it is Sami & Kate working together, and the great chemistry these 2 characters share.

    Stefano is back, and I love it! It is really noticeable when he is absent from the show. I can’t imagine the day when he is no longer around, so I’m gonna soak up as much of the Phoenix as I can until then. Whether he’s scheming or atoning for his sins, it doesn’t matter, as long as he graces us with his presence on screen, that’s all that’s needed. Also, I really hope he & Kate get back together.

    I was glad Maggie & Victor reunited as well. After his talk with Daniel, it seemed he finally understood that even though he did what he did for Brady’s sake, he really hurt others in the process. I think he was genuine in what he told Maggie, and in his apology to Eric. Next is Marlena, but I guess we’ll have to see how that turns out. And then there’s Brady. I just have to wish for a better SL for this amazing actor/character next year. He is so underused. He should be the next John Black, yet he isn’t even in the same class at this point. It could happen, if the writers make it happen, but instead they keep recycling his SL by pairing him with women who aren’t good enough for him, and then him turning to drugs when things go bad. Actually I think Theresa could be Brady’s next love, that is if the SL is done properly. I could see it happening, and I’d get behind these 2 if it’s played out right. But I read Corday is liking the chemistry between JJ & Theresa. I don’t see it, and I’m hoping these 2 don’t get paired together. JJ needs someone his own age who is maybe a little on the innocent side. He doesn’t need someone like Theresa.

    Nicole was spreading Christmas cheer, as only she can. It was super sweet of her to take gifts to Johnny & Sydney, but even more sweet that Sami allowed it. I thought it was gonna be another argument between them, yet they mellowed for a moment, and Sami even wished her a Merry Christmas. Even though Nicole is not a mother, she sure has a lot of little ones who love her, even Parker. The present he gave her was adorable, and even more adorable was him & Daniel wrapping it. I think it was nice that Nicole & Daniel has someone to spend the holidays with, but I don’t see them as a couple going forward. Not only because of the obvious couple pairings the show seems to be intent on, but I think they’re better as friends (much like Sami & Lucas). I see Nicole & Eric in the long haul, and I’m all for that! It’s time Nicole had a man who loved and wanted her…and no one else! Spoilers say Eric starts to recognize his feelings for her (anyone wanna bet they are the surprise kiss on New Year’s Eve)? She needs a good man, and aside from his awful treatment of her during the Kristen debacle, he is a good man, and I believe he is “the one” for her.

  19. From Becky

    Looking forward to 2014 with EJ and Sami becoming our married powerful couple. I love the good, the bad, and everything in between about those two! Happy New Year to all DOOL fans. Let’s keep DAYS rolling with us tuning in each day to see what is in store. EJ says it is going to be “just fabulous.”

  20. From Carly

    Jenn the new Matriarch of the Horton family??? Seriously?? She is just a spoiled brat…She needs to grow up a whole bunch before she can come anywhere near her grandmother’s status. She is so needy…can’t really stand her character now. Hope Nicole and Daniel get together…and I wish every scene with Brady wouldn’t show him looking longingly at his stash then snorting away…gets old really fast. Yay for Victor and Maggie…EJ and Sami are great together. I wish people would stop combining the names of couples…it is annoying and ridiculous…reminds me of kindergarten.

  21. From Clear

    I hope the hot kiss is Nicole and Eric. I do not want it to be EJ and Abby. Now EJ and Sami are together let them at least be faithful!

    JJ and Teresa? Sounds terrible! They both need a new love interest. She needs to get off the drugs first. She and Brady need to go to rehab.

    I hope Stefano is sincere. He may still be working with FBI, NSA? Bo, the coins and other loose ends could be connected that way.

    Remember when Hope kept Bo away from Ciara and thought it was fine? It was all shrew Hope then. I would think he would at least have time to talk to his daughter personally onthe phone though. (This IPad gives words caps and writes a whole different word sometimes!). TPTB. Need to just recast him and bring him back. They could always have him come back with amnesia like they have done before. He could have it along with Nick and they could be together in the hospital psych ward and need PTherapy too! LOL!

  22. From Paula

    Peaches the porn star and Daniel will never be a couple. LOL. Daniel has never loved Nicole nor will he ever. He will always be in love with Jen. Dan only has eyes for Jen and Jen only has eyes for Dan. They will be reunited! The Salem slut will have to dig her claws into some other poor schmuck!

  23. From Heather

    I think Daniel and Jennifer will be reunited, and I hope that is true. When things are going right between them, I like them very much as a couple and I enjoy their sweet and tender love scenes. But I also feel the s/l with them constantly being torn apart for one reason or another is getting old. Hope the writers wrap it up soon, and I hope it’s with JJ fessing up.

    The actor who plays Eric just gets better and better looking. Same with Rafe.

    I think what Maggie said about Jennifer was fitting. Like the rest of the family, Maggie is standing by Jennifer, and wondering what the heck her son, Daniel, is thinking. None of them know what we viewers know and it looks full well to Jennifer and to everyone else like Daniel is done with Jennifer and has moved on, with Theresa no less.

    No one can fill Alice’s shoes as head of the Horton family but I believe Alice would approve of her sweet Jennifer Rose taking over. And if Alice were here, I believe she, too, would think Daniel is nuts to be doing what they all think he is doing, and she would support Jennifer.

  24. From Heather

    . . . . . or, who knows, maybe Alice is the one person Daniel would feel he could confide in about what the real story is?!

  25. From bobbi

    If Eric was going back to being a priest I don’t think he would have picked up his camera again. Have said times before, we need something other than the hospital as the center of the show. With Nichole at the newspaper (magazine) and Eric with his photography, I see good story lines. And with Nichole, I can just imagine the trouble she can get in with investigative reporting. It would be refreshing to see something different and getting off the merry-go-round of the same stories. A little stagnant. Sounds like a few new people are being added to the cast. Hope I like them better than Theresa and Anne.

  26. From Hellolisare

    The difference between Alice and Jennifer is Alice would be kinder to Daniel. Yes, we know she thinks that he is guilty but, she has been down right nasty to him. Something Alice would never be. Heck, Hope wasn’t that nasty to Bo when he was running around with Carly. (Yeah I know she tried to stab him, but she was under the influence.)

  27. From bobbi

    I too read that J.J. and Theresa are going to get friendlier. Do the guys on this show just love to be used by women? Do not like those 2 together at all. #23 Heather-yes I agree. Eric does get better looking and he was pretty good looking before. Not sure he should have gone from a collar to a leather jacket quite so soon, but I’m not there to help him get dressed (darn) so I’ll just sit back and enjoy looking at him. He and Nichole will make a great couple.

  28. From Heather

    I would be downright nasty to Daniel, too, if I believed about him what Jennifer and everyone else belives. They all will owe him a huge apology when the truth comes out and whether or not he will accept it from Jen is a question. It could be said if she loved him, really loved him, how could she believe he could do such a thing. But on the other hand, everything Jen sees and hears points to it being true and so far there is nothing to put any doubt in her mind.

    Alice had class and she probably would be nic-ER to Daniel but at the same time she could set people straight when they needed it and I think that would be true of Daniel, too. But nicer or not, my overall point was that she would support Jen like everyone else is.

  29. From Heather

    bobbi,that’s deprivation at his worst, isn’t it, not being there to help Eric get dressed?! (chuckle)

  30. From babs

    OMG. Jenn as the replacement for Alice? no way. She’s a twirp and I can’t stand her. Alice was never that selfrighteous. Jenn’s so full of herself. She always thinks she in the right. She said she loved Daniel but she always put him last. And he’s a sucker for putting his rep on the line for her. I just can’t stand her. Can’t wait to see the look on her face when/if she finds out the truth.

  31. From Appalo

    I would like to see Bo with Billy. Hope never had confidence in Bo. Daniel should end up with Nicole. E.J. and Sammi make a great team when they work together. Jen needs to be alone for awhile to morn Jack. Brady needs to be alone for a bit. Kate should be alone also. Marlena should be with Roman.

  32. From bobbi

    #31 Appalo I do like Dan and Nichole together, but she’s in love with Eric and by the looks of things, he’s falling for her. Bo and Hope were always the power couple and it’s sad not to see them working together anymore, but the writers let them lose their chemistry. Brady does need to be alone for awhile just to grow up. Kate is dangerous and gets into too much trouble when she’s alone. And yes, Marlena and Roman. John turned into the biggest jerk and Brady didn’t fall to far from the tree.

  33. From Lindy

    Dan isn’t only putting his reputation on the line for Jen but he also sees good in JJ and knows what can happen to people who go to prison. No good happening in there!! So he’s doing everything he can to keep him out. I kind of agree with Heather #23 and #28 about Jen and I’m giving her some slack for how she’s treating Dan. He’s a big boy and can take it for now and the truth will come out eventually. I’m not excited to read that Theresa’s sister, Eve, will be coming to town. Let’s skip it with Eve and rather have Theresa LEAVE town!

  34. From Cougar

    This is cougar posting. The last poster’s name & email was showing up so I don’t know if it will read that she sent this or me, I have deleted her’s & put mine name in.

    Hope all had a great Christmas.

    Beginning to wonder with all the Nick sightings if someone put peyote buttons in Salem’s water. That would go hand in hand with all the drugs floating around Salem these days.

    Little bummed that EJ wasn’t walking into the lion’s den by showing up for at least a little eggnog at the Brady family gigs. At least the writers gave him a respectable outing of actually assembling Johnies bike instead of having Harold & Mary put it together.

    JJ, really. Going warp speed from trouble making teen to matchmaker to make up for all the drama. And why doesn’t he just tell Dr. Dan what Teresa is up to. It certainly can’t get any worse.

  35. From Clear

    Cougar, I wondered the same thing. Why not tell Daniel about Christina? I think he should also tell his mother about Daniel covering for him.

  36. From MAB

    Happy New Year to all!

    I’m not saying the family shouldn’t support Jen, it’s her treatment of people that is a whole other story all together! The difference between Alice and Jen is Alice would handle the situation w/ Daniel like an adult. Jen is acting like a high school girl, being very naïve to allow Theresa and Anne get the best of her, and believing anything that comes out of their mouths. But no, Jen who always thinks she’s right, turns nasty on a dime, and treats “good” people like dirt if she thinks she’s been wronged in any way. She has that holier-than-thou mentality and it’s sickening! Again, this is why if anyone should be living in the Horton house and being considered the next Alice, it should be Hope. Hope has her moments, but overall she is a gem, and more like Alice…mature, centered, fair, level-headed, etc. Not to mention she is 10 times the woman Jen is.

    Some characters can’t be replaced w/ another actor, IMO, which is why I just can’t imagine anyone else playing Bo. I’d rather see him missing, or something, until Peter Reckell decides if he’ll return. And if he doesn’t, then it should just be the end of the Bo character. I’d rather Hope just carry on w/ her own SL, and be alone for a while, and then down the road if Bo doesn’t return, then move on w/ someone new.

    I loved Friday’s episode where EJ & Sami went down to the river. It was so funny at moments. Just more proof how great these 2 are together, in every way! The show has been great as of late, and Monday’s episode was terrific! Loved the fallout of Will finding out about Nick, and Brady get caught. Great acting all around, kudos to the cast!

    I do think Eric will kiss Nicole on New Year’s Eve. I can’t wait for their SL to move forward.

  37. From Viv

    I think Julie should move into the Horton house and take over the running of the family! Miss her and Doug. But forgot…Julie can’t cook :-) I don’t really care a lot about how a storyline will be played out…I Just Want to Know What is Fueling Anne’s Hatred of the HORTON name!!

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