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When Dr. Chyka comes back to eliminate all the evidence of the plot against Eric, Nicole and the disgraced priest wind up falling straight into his clutches. He holds them captive and ponders whether or not to use them as guinea pigs. Nicole and Eric do their best to escape but to no avail. Sure that he is about to meet his maker, Eric decides that it’s time for him to tell Nicole what he’s done his best to keep hidden.

The fact that Nick is nowhere to be found suddenly gets the better of Julie. She becomes determined to discover what has happened to him and begins asking questions that make more than a few people squirm. Pretty soon, she sets her sights on Gabi and probes her. Meanwhile, Abby is getting some probing of her own. After Adrienne opens her big mouth to Jenn, Abby has to take an earful from her mother about her relationship with EJ.

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- Matt Purvis

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  1. From patty

    So it looks like Abby and EJ keep this little fling going! Can’t wait to see Sami’s face when she hears of that latest development.
    More Ericole, yesss! This show is getting good!

  2. From rosa canchola

    sammi should belive ej. he is gonna get in trouble with abby.Cant wait for that. although i like them to gather. abby is gonna blow it. she cant hold it to gather.

  3. From MAB

    I’m officially sick to my stomach after seeing EJ & Abby kiss on the previews. I haven’t seen the episode yet, so I’m curious to see how this goes down, and who initiates the first move, but I assume he & Abby end up sleeping w/ each other. I also assume for EJ, this is all about Sami, as usual, trying to keep her secret and keep her out of trouble, because spoilers say he loves Sami ONLY and feels he’s made a HUGE mistake. I don’t get it, after all EJ & Sami went through to be together, and now of all people Abby will be yet another obstacle between them. I can’t believe the show has done this…I think it’s appalling. I think it’s stupid to take this route after Abby had a relationship w/ Chad, not to mention the age difference, and the fact she’s too immature for a man like EJ. One minute she’s a virgin, and she seems to be headed for a nice & neat relationship w/ Cameron, then she ends up w/ Chad, loses her virginity, and now she’s sleeps w/ EJ? Boy did she do a 180. I mean I know EJ is impossible to resist, but for someone who preaches to everyone else about their wrongdoings (just like her mother), how can she justify sleeping w/ Chad’s brother? Makes NO sense! She stalked Austin, strung Cameron & Chad along, and now is going after yet another woman’s man. There is no doubt that Abby has NO clue what true love is, nor how to go about trying to find a real relationship. And I’m sorry, and I mean no disrespect to Kate Mansi, but she is not in the same league as James Scott or Alison Sweeney (nor is Abby in the same league as EJ & Sami). In comparison, this would be like Ciara having a crush on JJ. It just doesn’t fit. Why on earth prompted TPTB to involve Abby in EJ & Sami’s world???

  4. From bobbi

    #2 MAB I think a lot of people, including me are behind you on this one. What was he thinking? He kisses the one person in all of Salem that couldn’t keep a secret if for 2 minutes because her guilt will get the best of her. She is way over her head in this hook-up. And how low does he have to stoop?
    Where does he think this will ever help his situation with Sami? I hope this sends her running back to Lucas. He doesn’t put up with her crap, they have children in common, they have a sense of humor together. And-it would drive Kate over the fine edge. This storyline gives a whole new meaning to the word crazy!

  5. From Keri

    Ugghhh I am shocked and kinda grossed out to see that EJ and Abigail are going to get frisky. It doesn’t make any sense, seems totally out of character for them both. EJ has always said Sami is the love of his life, and Abigail is a goody goody two shoes that not so long ago was still a virgin. She was weary about getting involved with Chad, because he’s a Dimera, but he’s the tamest of them all. This story line stinks! Abigail keep your clothes on around other women’s men!

  6. From Clear

    I feel better now I know why EJ is bothering with the formerly saintly and now conscience ridden Abigail. It was the only thing he could do to protect Sami by keeping Abs away from Hope. I surely would never think of Nick again if I had the Dimera lips of EJ available!

    I wish they would let Eric and Nicole be together and be happy long enough for them to marry and Nicole to have a child of her own.

  7. From Hellolisare

    Couldn’t have said better #2 MAB. It’s another wrinkle this storyline doesn’t need. Please don’t put her back with Lucas though. I would rather see her working with Kate and Brady then for her to get back on that tired merry-go-round.

  8. From Lindy

    Ah, a little pizazz on the show with EJ and Abby hooking up. They only kiss on today’s show so I haven’t officially seen yet what it leads to, only the comment in the spoiler above about Abby getting some “probing”. As far as who initiated the kiss, they just sort of both fell into it and then they were both into the kiss. I felt the set-up leading to it was a little forced by the writers.

    Personally, I think the spirited side of Abby might attract EJ in the same way Sami’s spirited side does. You could see him becoming more and more intriqued with her as their conversation went on.

  9. From Mouse Fan

    Oh, please let the “probing” be French kissing!! :)

  10. From patty

    I don’t believe that EJ is doing this to save Sami, but because he wants to.He’s the one that moves in for the kiss. EJ’s a resourceful guy, I’m sure he could have come up with a better way to prevent Abby from talking to Hope. I for one think that Sami is getting exactly what she signed up for. He’s a self professed bad boy, bad boys cheat . From what I see in the promo, things get even more heated up tomorrow. Even though this turn of event is a little shocking, JS and KM did a great job and have tons of chemistry.

  11. From Cindy

    MAB: I think the writers have done the one thing that would unite us all – EJ and Abby together is just WRONG! EJ obviously loves Sami and is only be doing this is protect her (however misguided it is). He can’t possibly sleep with Abby. It must only be kissing. Sami will find out, but in the long run she will have to forgive him….we can only hope.

  12. From Kat

    Hi Ladies, I am with you all the way, Abby, of all people Abby, maybe, maybe….. having a a thing with EJ… makes my skin crawls. The writers would make EJ so out of character, specially these days, after EJ has proven, just how much Sami means to him…He gave up everything for her…
    I can’t stand that “nose into everybody’s business” Abby. Don’t know who annoys me more, Abby or her mother Jenn.

    If EJ really would start an affair with Abby, I would start doubting his sanity.
    To unappealing for me to watch, and such a waste of a hunk like EJ DiMera with a school girl, not even a likeable one like Abby. Please writers, tell us, that you are just joking with us…. please…
    And please don’t let them sleep together, gross….
    It just does not make any sense at all…

    However, if this will make Sami come out of her “self induced coma” just a kiss, I hope, might be just what Sami needs to realize not to toy with the Man that loves her more than anything.. After all, every man has his limits… like my Mom always said…”Man can not sweat it out of his forhead” LOL.

    We all have know that the writers really did not know what to do with the SL that had made John a DiMera, well thank you, that they are finally going to address that botched SL, and open up John’s character for another SL…

    MAB,Cindy,Mouse fan,Hellolisare, Clear, Kerri,bobbi, so agree with you, EJ and Abby, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  13. From Kirsten

    Love this Ejabby turn of events! It’s a soap opera…this is why I watch! Nice!

  14. From gerri

    Maybe EJ’S and Abby’s hook-up,is nothing but a dream on her part.

    If so wake up Abby,this will go nowhere,don’t know why the writers haven’t given her a S/L,that means something(Is she looking for a father figure,this go around?)

    I would love to see Nicole,find lasting happiness,with someone,and have a family of her own.she deserves that.

    I think Victor was surprised at Marlena’s reaction,about forgiveness.

    and who will John’s parents be????

  15. From Heather

    I agree with #10 that the Abby and EJ actors have chemistry. Good job on both their parts today. EJ has a choice, to do this or not to do it. Saving Sami is not an excuse. Abby is an impressionable young woman who will have this, however far it goes, in her head for a long time. He is an adult man of the world who should be more in control of his actions. But, again, I saw chemistry between the actors and the scene was well played.

    I was as surprised at Marlena’a reaction to Victor’s apology as he was!

  16. From Heather

    P.S. – When Sami finds out about EJ and Abby, even if it turns out to be just kissing, I don’t think she will learn any lesson about putting EJ off on a wedding date. I would think it would rather be a complete turn off toward him. That is if she has any sense whatsoever.

  17. From Tina

    EJ is such a slime bucket. He started that kiss for sure. So many other things he could have done but that’s EJ for you. Hope Sami finds out and dumps the loser!

  18. From Sharon

    oh for heaven;s sake…EJ has always been a ladies man…and I for one don’t think his hanky panky with Abby is for Sami’s sake..he is doing what he always has done…exactly whatever he likes!! And did anyone actually expect him and Sami to last??? This is, after all a soap opera………Sami and Rafe were the ideal couple for a while, and we all know where that went.

  19. From Mopy

    Abby and EJ? I don’t mind it. I agree with Patty, Heather, and Sharon.

    I find that EJ and Abby are intellectually very well-suited, and their relationship miles more mature than the Ejami match, which is appealing for two opposing personalities. EJ has a respect for Abby that… actually… I just noticed now that EJ treats the “good girls” with more respect than the “bad girls”. It’s no different with Abby.

    If nothing else, it’s a nice break from the constant shouting and baby-ish temper tantrums that is the Ejami relationship.

  20. From Clear

    Tried to post, but it did not show up. I read a spoiler that Sami overhears something she does not like when she gets back. Can’t these writers find some other way besides eavesdropping for characters to get information?

    Still think bad boy sees no other way to shut Abs up, but to give her a new problem to fix- – bad boy attraction!

    Also, yes let Nicole have Eric, have a child and be happy!

  21. From Cougar

    Say it ain’t j kissing Abs yesterday!!?? I saw it but didn’t quite believe it. I see it as 2 fold a little of both. EJ is a red blood man capital R & B. He is getting frustrated and angry at Sami for freezing him out. But true to his DiMira roots he is going to hold a kiss if not a little something else over the saintly Miss Horton. Abby tipped her hand when she said that “No woman with a pulse would not want to sleep with him.” The wheels started spinning and EJ saw an opening that he could not refuse. Abby is a very beautiful girl after all and tempting. But she is no match for out smarting a DiMira and took on more that she could handle.
    Having said that I am very disappointed in this approach that the writers have taken. I really wanted to see Sami & EJ finally make it too the alter with out a cloud hanging over their head. I could really see EJ having an “intellectual affair of the minds”and nothing physical with Abby. This is the thing you don’t see with EJ & Sami; discussing Chaucer with wine after dinner.

    I can see it already, Abby jumping up at the moment the priest says, “If there be any reason to object to this union . . . ” with a revelation of some sort to ruin yet another one of Sami’s many bothched weddings. The hint being that Sami told EJ she doesn’t want another interrupted wedding at the alter.

  22. From Lindy

    That is so true that Sami and EJ never have any intellectual discussions. All they ever do is have sex and fight.

  23. From patty

    True that all EJami ever do is fight and have sex, no tender moments, no laughter , no family quality time. Their pillow talks are about murder and rape for crying out loud! Not the makings of a happy couple. They didn’t even spend the holidays together. Ever since they have been together it`s been lies, secrets and one murder cover up after the other. I always said Sami would never accept EJ’s Demira ways and a Demira that cheats to boot, no way! It’s only ok when she does it, aka griefsex. This relationship is so dysfunctional it is beyond repair. I say bring on EJabby, Abby is a beautiful and smart young woman and it`s time for her to shed the goodie two shoe image. I think EJ is smitten.

  24. From Cougar

    Is DR Chika the new Rolf? He has real potential – writers do a good job and perhaps we could ding, ding have a winner far a new villlan. I think this should be Anne’s new love interest. Slimey and the love to hit below the belt. After all he’s a
    Dr. and could slither his way in to a job at the hospital, this keeping an eye on Dr. Dan’s progress in finding out what happened to Eric.

    HMMM. Dr. Chyka & Liam coming to Salem at the same time could there be a connection? Chyka dabbles in drugs and Liam is a drug rep this a good front man.

  25. From Cougar

    A post did not appear, second try hopefully it wont show up, Ill try again.

    I think Dr. Chyka would be a good love interest for Anne. They both love to hit below the belt. I could see Dr. Chyka slither his way into a position at the hospital and keep an eye on Dr. Dan’s progress on Eric.

    HMMMM. Dr. Chyka and Liam coming to Salem at the same time; could they be connected. Chyka dabbles in drugs and Liam is a drug rep – good front man.

  26. From gerri

    Good points Patty #21
    and Mopy#17.
    The shouting matches and slamming doors,have gotten old,with Sami and EJ.

    myself I think it has to be a boring life,when all one does,is wake-up,and spend the day,planning and plotting,as to whose life ,can be destroyed that day.

    Writers please mix It up,give us a tidbit of happiness somewhere.

  27. From Lindy

    Abby’s doe eyes are enough to make any guy melt. Such a cute gal. And I love the way they dress her.

  28. From patty

    EJ is certainly melting today, he and Abby make love. It looks like saving Sami was the last thing on his mind.

  29. From Heather

    Sorry but seeing Abs and EJ lying in Bed together made me want to Puke!
    Poor writing at best, not exciting intriguing and even sami’s reaction is not worth such. For gosh sake he is twice her age and the entire line is Poor and Highly Un-creative.

    The writers need to grow up or leave as this stuff is poor at best.

    Again my apologies!

  30. From MAB

    bobbi – I think TPTB have made a grave mistake here. I would rather see EJ sleep w/ anyone other than holier-than-thou Abigail. I agree, everyone will know what happened soon enough because she can’t keep her mouth shut. Abby kept hounding EJ for more info just because she wasn’t satisfied w/ what he was telling her, even tho everything he told her about Gabi was the truth (but just left out the murder part). And besides, why is SO important for them to keep in contact w/ Nick? They didn’t even have this much contact w/ him when he was in prison. Then she goes down this road of naturally thinking she’s right that EJ is sleeping w/ Gabi. Man, she doesn’t even have a clue when she’s off base, hence the immaturity. As for Sami, I don’t want her back w/ Lucas. He has a new SL coming and a new love interest. It’s high time he had his own SL away from Sami, just like Rafe is having now. Sami doesn’t need to retreat back to her old flames, she belongs w/ EJ.
    Lindy – I agree the set up by the writers was forced. I saw zero chemistry between them as well. I personally feel it was more Abby than EJ. She’s had a crush on him for a while now. Seems like anytime a man shows interest in her, she crushed on them, just like Austin. As for EJ, not that he didn’t participate, but I still feel like it was about Sami and keeping her secret safe by shutting Abby up. With that said, it’s always easier for a man to stray, especially when he’s not getting it at home, and people keep telling him Sami controls him (which he hates hearing), so I’m not completely shocked at EJ’s behavior, when Sami’s got him so screwed up. As for Abby, there is no doubt she wanted him and initiated what happened. Although I hate it, they are 2 consenting adults so there is no blame to be had here, especially EJ. And Abby is certainly is adult enough to make her own decisions, and if that includes sleeping around w/ other women’s men, then she’ll have to deal w/ the consequences. Carrie didn’t knock he teeth down her throat over Austin, but maybe Sami will over EJ! And I’d pay money to see that!!!
    EJ wouldn’t even be at the cabin if everyone would stop depending on him to save their collective asses! And if EJ wanted to be w/ Abby, there would’ve been signs of him pursuing her. That surely isn’t the case. He’s trying to keep her big mouth shut so everyone doesn’t go to prison for Nick’s murder.
    Kat – I’m w/ you, I wished the EJ & Abby thing was a joke! Hmm, I’m betting this is just another way to keep things strained between EJ & Sami, and I’m sure they’ll eventually get past this nonsense and get back to their tender, fun loving relationship.
    Cougar – everything you said, ditto!

  31. From Renee

    That is just sick, Ej and some kid, just sick. I won’t watch it. I turned it off as soon as it was verified as not a stupid Abby dream. I really do not know what those writers were thinking. It’s not entertaining at all. Way out of character for even Ej.

  32. From Liz

    I think that if baby and EJ start having an affair it will really spice days up. Since Kristen and Brady’s hook up it’s been pretty boring. Days needs to shake things up a bit, and a secret affair between the two would be awesome. Maybe a pregnancy would be good too….

  33. From Dedra

    You know this is typical Days, they have interrupted EJ and Sami so many times that it is boring. EJ and Abigail. Really? I hate Sami is going to be hurt, but she can move on. EJ cannot say that he loves Sami and have sex with someone else. I know Sami wouldn’t have sex with him for a while, but that is no excuse. Abigail did initiate it; but EJ could have resisted. Unfortunately, EJ is keeping Kristen’s secret of drugging Father Eric and that was so foolish of him to cover up for her. EJ evidently loves his family more than Sami or he would have come clean instead of saying Eric looked like he was enjoying it. That was pretty grimy of him. EJ is who he is, in the past he raped Sami twice, he kidnapped their child and tried to destroy Rafe when they were married. EJ is a creep and always has been. Sami can do better.

  34. From LAG

    Very, very disappointed with the EJ and Abby storyline. There is no logic to it at all. She was his younger brother’s girlfriend. Sami and EJ are the best couple on this soap. Again, very disappointing.

  35. From Heather

    #29 Heather is not me. Either there is another Heather on here or my name and email show up on that person’s computer and then posts as that person’s comment. Anyway, I will from now on post as Heather #1 since I’ve already been on here for a few weeks.

    EJ was right and that between him and Abby today was “quite lovely” . . . . AND HOT! But at the same time tender, as was their conversation afterward. EJ has found Abby beautiful, young, and interesting and I’ll just bet he was surprised that was some of the best sex he has ever had! I know it was some of the best I’ve seen on the show in a long time.

  36. From Mouse Fan

    Heather #1, I agree!! Even though I didn’t want to believe it, the connection between EJ and Abby is there!!

    I’m more disappointed in EJ than in Abby though!! She’s had her ‘daddy’ issues and almost seems star-struck, so I cut her a little more slack than EJ!! He is engaged after all, and supposed to be older and more mature!!

    Even if he and Sami aren’t jumping each other’s bones at the moment, he seemed to stray pretty quickly!!
    That would be hard for me to forget, even if he used the excuse that he was trying to save me!!

    Next time EJ, use the head on your shoulders to execute your plan!! :)

  37. From Lindy

    Now that I’ve seen the love scene between EJ and Abby, I’m onboard with it being excellently done and that there is a real connection between the two. Kudos to the actors! They played it beautifully!

  38. From Laura in CO

    There was no love making between EJ and Abby, it was lustful sex pure and simple. And do you guys really think that they’re going to get into a serious relationship, one that lasts at all, after they jumped into bed together right away? No way! I will say that the chemistry between the actors was so intense that I wouldn’t doubt it if they got it on in real life, lol.

  39. From Kat

    Newsflash,,, our big hunk EJ DiMera got
    SEDUCED by Abby, yes Abby, yes she did go after EJ in that cabin, and I bet, if EJ had not been sooooooooooooo Sex deprived by Sami, it would not have worked. How many horny men would be able to resist those advances from a beautiful young eager girl, coming on to him in a lonely cabin somewhere in the middle of a lake….LOL
    After the deed, Abby looked like she had never known before, what Sex could be like….
    and EJ looked like, did I just do this, or wow, was that ever good, with this young girl..
    Abby seems to have this thing for older married Men..
    who knows, maybe because for the most part they know what they are doing…. I know sex between Abby and Austin never happened, but looks like EJ just blew her away… Lord help EJ, because this girl is going to be in his orbit, and we all know Abby, she will not let things go.
    Just for the record, EJ did try to tell Abby NO several times, so Abby all this is on you, you wanted it, be prepared with the fall out…

    Only hope that Abby will not have gotten prego…

    of course, once Abby blabs to everybody, it will be all EJ’s fault, but wish so much, all the high and mighty could see a video of Abby pursing EJ all the way…

    Did not understand, why Abby was so into it about Nick, he (Kate) had just sent her a Text…

    Looks like we just met Lucas’ new Love interest. She looks very nice.. Good for Lucas, because the ship with for Sami and Lucas has sailed years ago.
    They never had true love the way it should between a man and a woman, always more buddies/friends/partners in crime, etc…
    Why put Lucas and Sami again through all this, when we know it will never work, and for us viewers, not again..

    Every time Brady gets hurt, it’s back to drugs and alcohol, this has been going on for years now, so let’s not blame Kristin totally for his downfall.. Brady has a problem regardless of you the woman in his live is and what She does to him…or what happens to him. Not saying that Kristin is not really bad…..but she had some good in her at times, and wanted to be good, but she acted out always in haste, should have just sat back and waited for things to cool down, instead of seeking revenge and seducing Eric.
    I miss Kristin, she was one heck of a Character, but we have Little Miss know it all righteous Abby…

    Sick of Jenn always walking through the hospital texting, not looking where she is going… how rude, and then bumping into Dan… next time could be a patients out for a stroll, I have done that, would not appreciate being knocked off my feet by someone like Jenn.

    33 Lindy, I agree, the scenes were done beautiful, just don’t like the SL, the writers seem to have chosen.

    P.S. Abby might be cute, but her character is annoying, self righteous, know it all, pushy, never minding her own business, being a Mommy’s girl, jumping to conclusions (like EJ sleeping with Gaby) and never shutting up to let somebody say something to correct her from her way out assumptions….

    Other than that, hope everybody got what they wanted out of yet another episode of “Days of our Lives in Another World, not our own”.

  40. From Kat

    I never believed that Abby loved either.. Cameron or Chad… She enjoyed the game and needed someone to get Rid of her virginity.. because so many times we saw her act embarrassed about it…Feel bad for Cameron and Chad,because she played them both IMO..
    Abby has proven, that she likes older men, and she is far from being a sweet impressionable young girl.. she sure knew how to play the cruel game with Austin and Carrie..
    She knows how to be a cruel

    Don’t know which way the writers are gong with that EJabby sl, but
    us EJami fans have been waiting for a long long time, to get our feast….
    please writers, don’t make us to unhappy, we want our ending with Sami and EJ, and that means the Altar, no matter what.. we want them to get married soon, not in 10 years from now.

  41. From gerri

    Will Sami find out,about EJ and Abby?If so what or “who” will she do,to get her revenge on EJ?hopefully not Rafe or Lucas,those connections are finished.Maybe the new guy in town,who’s trying to romance Jenn,we know she won’t let EJ get away,with this,after he has,professed his undying love for her……

  42. From patty

    I agree that those scenes between EJ and Abby were really well done. This is the most tender and romantic I’ve seen EJ ever. I really don’t think this is the last of these two,they are smoking hot and are quite taken with each other. Ironic that while Sami is away, all of her men were occupied with lovely young women today, one more so than the others. She is absolutely going to blow a gasket when she hears of this. Gotta love karma!

  43. From Mouse Fan

    EJ is a big boy and should have just said, “No!”, and left it at that!! Horny is no excuse!! Show some restraint for Heaven’s sake!!
    He started it with the kiss!!

    How would EJ feel if the roles were reversed?! Or worse, what if he had an illness or injury that prevented him from having sex for a while?! Would he allow Sami to throw down the neighbor boy just because she was horny?!
    Anyone with a significant other that is currently, or has been deployed would probably agree with me!! IMO.

    And, if horny was EJ’s excuse for cheating, why did he go for round 2?!

    No, this time EJ has really disappointed me!! I was hoping he would have Sami’s back, no matter what!! Not have Abby on her back!!
    Ahhhhh, Soaps!! :)

  44. From patty

    Mouse Fan, you’re absolutely right. No excuse whatsoever for his cheating on the “love of his life”. They both went into this with their eyes wide open and because they wanted it bad. Even if EJ claims he did it to protect Sami, by what we saw today we know that is bull. My guess is that it happens again. Abby is free to have sex with whoever she wants, he is not.

  45. From Mouse Fan

    Right On, Patty!! :)

  46. From mardol42

    EJ and Abby!!!????!!!! RIDICULOUS!

  47. From nancigal

    OH. what tangled webs…. Guess once Abby had tried it she couldn’t wait to go for it again. Can’t wait to see the eye scratching she will get if Sami finds out.. and EJ as well. Shouldn’t be long before Sami knows as Abby blabs everything. Will be one great cat fight. Lindy, you said it just right. Nice love scene without all the slobbering kissing and moaning and groaning!

  48. From nursenancy

    Kat, You obviously have not known Sami & Lucas through the years. No way they were just friends or partners in crime. They’re the total package!

  49. From annabell

    EJ and Abby were HOT and they just looked so natural ,not forced like EJ and Sami.
    I hope Sami go’s running back to Lucas for good this time around.

  50. From Kat

    Sorry, but Horny has gotten many a good men into trouble, and always will…..not everybody out there can handle temptation well, and Abby did put it on and go after EJ… Maybe he wanted to… yes, but he did try very hard to get out of there… but Abby, our “horny” girl would not let him… she wanted him bad.. and she told him……LOL, that is MO and a bit of truth…

    And another thing,,, EJ is Not yet Married, has not yet taken the vow of fidelity….
    so he is in reality still a free man, with a woman that does Not want him right now, and refuses him…
    Just as EJ was a “free” man when he had his Grief sex with Sami,…

    Having a illness or injury, is really not he same thing, as having a woman, that just plain does not want to be with you, and locks you out of her bedroom…. apples and oranges…

    Yeh .. I can’t believe the writers are going this way…must have a good reason….
    and yes, if Sami wanted to throw down the neighbor boy, LOL, because she was horny, that would only mean, that EJ does not allow her in his bed…and he would deserve what ever Sami would do… they are not married yet.. still time to get out of all this… whatever ….
    So EJ and Sami, think about what you want, make up your minds and get on with it or end it…

    Writers, what are you up to….

  51. From Mouse Fan

    So EJ broke off his engagement to Sami before bedding Abby?! I must have missed that, because that would have been the decent thing to do, and that would have made him a “free” man.

    There aren’t many folks that would consider themselves free to do whoever when they’re engaged to someone else!! Old School, but MO. :)

  52. From Livia

    OMG! I repeatedly vomited in my mouth afetr seeing EJ and Abby together! DISGUSTING!!!! Sami will be on the rampage and it won;t be pretty!

  53. From Emeres

    Please tell me that EJ only did that for Sammi and he is just as sick about what happened as the rest of us. I got ill watching him and Abby together. Always thought once married that EJ and Sammi would be the dynamic power couple in Salem. Sammi a Dimera…wow. I only started watching Days again because they got back together…great chemistry. Sammi has never made it to the alter. They have kids together!!! Please don’t split them up. We have waited long enough. UGH!!!

  54. From Yolonda

    Worst episode ever! S/l of Ej & Abby was random, don’t make sense & so out of character. Days is desperate, they boy are reaching! I don’t understand Ej’s Dimera loyalty to keep his sister, Kirsten’s secret a secret, which btw cost him his engagement. BUT, and a BIG BUT, he backstabs the his little brother Chad, who btw save Ej from being shot! So again, Ej backstabs Chad by sleeping with the lil girl who gave her virginity to Chad! the one that Chad fell in love with! This Dimera loyalty sucks! S/l again don’t make sense, what do we expect now? Bigfoot? Aliens? Oh wait how bout Sydney & Nick hooking up in 15 yrs from now?

  55. From Joanne

    If they cheat with you, they are going to cheat on you. I have never liked Ejami together. I want Lumi together only if Sami will grow up. Ejabby is just plain weird. EJ has never been faithful to any women he has been with. EJ cheat on Nicole twice. First with her sister and then with Sami. I knew Ejami was never going to make it to the alter.

  56. From Loretta

    Oh sure, poor big strong EJ was overpowered by tiny little Abby because he was in a state of horiness due to his fiance, Sami, throwing him out of their bed. (Which I think Sami has good reason for doing, by the way.) Come ON! Seriously?! After a dynamite kiss, followed by a couple weak protests, EJ made a conscious decision to have at it with Abby and proceed with what she obviously wanted.

    But OMG it was terrific! Best love making I’ve ever seen James Scott do! And Kate Manci proved to be the perfect partner! It was just great! Don’t know where this story is going, and EJ will probably regret it, but I hope to see more of them together. And I do mean “together”!

  57. From Hellolisare

    Please no baby story lines. We are just now at the tail end of Will and Gabi’s story. It would be so predictable if she comes up pregnant. Besides both Ej and Sami’s characters have done that story to death.

  58. From bobbi

    #45 Hellolisare-You have to know there was no protection involved with that romp in bed. Why is anyone surprised with E.J.? When things weren’t going his way with Nichole, he started an affair with her sister. Why not his brother’s ex? Leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. The only way he can control his women is to blackmail them. Or, threaten them with taking the kids away from them. Not saying Sami is an angel. We have a mother, grandmother, and greatgrandmother dodging murder charges.
    On the bright side-Wow-Lucas is looking mighty good these days.
    Does Kate really think she’s going to get Rafe back when he finds out what’s she’s doing to Jordan?
    Ok-ride on E.J. There are still a few women in Salem you haven’t “done” yet. And Abbey-beware of the wrath of Sami. Your life is never going to be the same.

  59. From Maryl

    Sami and EJ not making it to the altar? How do any of us know that? We know these writers “handle” all kinds of situations and obstacles that they deliberately put in the path of our favorite couples. As an EJ and Sami fan, I never once expected them to rush to the altar and live in marital bliss immediately after acknowledging their love for one another. That would make their SL too simple and boring. The writers are using this couple to the fullest. They have created nothing but problems for them since they have been together. This problem Sami is having now with EJ out of her bedroom is well planned by the writers to create ground work for a new problem, Abby. I don’t know how far they will take this SL, but I’m sure they will give it a good spin. EJ did the deed for Sami. He might have enjoyed it a bit more than he should have, but afterall, he is a man who has been shut out of the bedroom of the woman he loves. And of course, this is a soap opera and that sort of thing is par for the course. See it happen all the time with other characters. As Sonny told Gabi, EJ will do whatever he needs to do to protect his family. So in this case, he had to give Abby something else to think about and boy what a distraction it was! I believe our little Abigail will be distracting for quite some time. My only hope is that the writers don’t decide to have a pregnancy result from this little distraction. You know that EJ is a real stud when it comes to getting women pregnant. I think it’s a bit ironic that Abby went after Carrie’s man and now she has developed an appetite for Sami’s.
    She does seem to like older men–I guess it’s the father figure.

    As far as the possiblity that EJ and Sami may never get married, well, who else in Salem that is supposed to be in love, is enjoying marital bliss? Lets see,
    we have the following “love struggling” couples—Bo & Hope, Dan & Jennifer, Nicole & Eric, Dan, Brady or whoever, Brady & Kristin, plus all his other exes, John & Marlena, Rafe & Kate, maybe Hope or Jordan eventually, Gabi & Nick, Abby & Cam, & Chad, Stefano & Kate, Vic & Maggie (in holding mode right now, but fragile). Sorry if I forgot some. Anyway, to me it’s not that big of a deal that our most complicated couple, EJ & Sami are not tying the knot as quickly as we think they should. One of Sami’s biggest mistakes has always been to march down the aisle too quickly only to have things come unglued. It may take a while for EJ and her to get it right, but I think they will. Look how long it took for them to admit that they loved each other.

    I’m wondering if Theresa & Brady may be on the horizon as a couple. The fact that all of a sudden Brady’s paternal bloodline is being changed (no longer a Brady)may be making room for him & Theresa to become involved romantically.

  60. From Sue

    I have watched days from day1 and although I haven’t always agreed with the stortline I have enjoyed. Watching Abby and EJ together turned me off. Was hoping this was a dream sequence.

  61. From Maryl

    bobbi #46, I believe you left out an important detail in the SL involving Nicole, EJ and Taylor.
    When EJ married Nicole the second time around, he told her he did not love her, but needed a mother figure for Sydney because he had custody of her and for the sake of the court, he wanted to insure that she had a mother figure. Nicole agreed to this because she wanted to have Sydney in her orbit. Their marriage was a bargain and in truth a farce. This left the door open for either one of them to seek love elsewhere if it came along. I believe they even discussed that. Nicole however fell in love with EJ again and eventually after Taylor departed, he thought he was back in love with Nicole too. Taylor was the only woman that I remember
    EJ cheating with while in this farce of a marriage. He never cheated on Nicole in their first marriage nor the brief while he was maried to Sami. That is the only two women he was ever married to. Never has even been shown to be screwing around (unlike Brady)with a lot of different women. I only remember Kate & Taylor. Sami & Nicole he messed with, but wanted to and did marry both. Who else did he mess with? Please let me know.
    When Sami and EJ had the grief sex
    Nicole had left EJ and was seeking a divorce.

  62. From Loretta

    I just reread my #45 and I see I made a mess of the word horniness, or horneyness, but I guess what I meant is clear.

    And, no way did EJ do this for Sami!

  63. From MAB

    Kat – ditto! Abby seduced EJ! I’m not making excuses for EJ for letting it happen, even though he tried to stop it twice, and even leave the cabin, but it was obvious she was the aggressor. Then when he apologized for taking advantage of her (in which he didn’t), she made it clear that she is a grown woman and it happened because SHE wanted it to. She may be right about being a grown woman, but her immaturity still looms heavily. She runs around telling JJ how to act, but then she goes and does this? Well, Abs, looks like JJ is way more mature than you. Now, I’m sure EJ rocked her world, but I didn’t see anything but sex between them. It was obvious when they were done…it just happened. It was nice that EJ told her it was lovely, and I’m sure he was being honest, but I think it was just sex for him. For her? Who knows, but I’m hoping this will help Abby move on to be more mature and find a real relationship. I just hope she doesn’t act stupid and try to go after him, or blame him, and for pete’s sake, NO baby! She still made a big mistake tho, because when Sami finds out, it just won’t be EJ she’s mad at. I don’t think Abs will want to tango w/ Sami. Sami is too scrappy (look what she almost did to Ciara over the earring LOL). She would wipe the floor w/ Abby! Also, you brought another good point…Abby was adamant about thinking EJ slept w/ Gabi, which apparently she still believes, but slept w/ him anyway. IMO, she is acting like a slut, knowing he is engaged to Sami (no matter what their problems are), and also thinking he slept w/ Gabi. I also agree w/ you about Abby playing Cameron & Chad.

    EJ is tender and romantic w/ whoever he is with. That is just how he rolls! Just like Abby said, any woman w/ a pulse would want him. Now that is one thing I can agree w/ her on. With that said, I don’t see how you can be taken w/ someone when you roll over after sex and ask what have I done??? If you are in love, you bask in afterglow, as he always does w/ Sami. I didn’t see a round 2, only that Abby reach over to kiss him after the nice compliments he gave her. I’ll have to watch today to see if they do it again.

    EJ did say no, twice, and even tried to leave, but she was the aggressor and it happened. He is a man, and restraint is not one of their strong suits. I do agree there is no excuse for cheating in any form, just like when Rafe cheated on Sami w/ Carrie, but there is also no excuse for Abby to just think she can sleep w/ anyone she wants. If she wants to be a grown woman as she described herself, then she needs to find a single man who isn’t involved w/ another woman. Her decision to sleep w/ EJ involves other people’s feelings who will be hurt.

    Why do some make a big deal of how many woman EJ has slept with? He has only slept w/ Kate, Sami, Nicole, Taylor, and now Abby. That sure is a lot less than the majority of men, and women, on this show.

    Jen irks me to no end! Why does she even talk to Daniel? All she does is walk around all high & mighty, and when she runs into him, she starts out nice, then turns around and insults him. I wish she’d just leave Daniel alone, but I know that won’t happen because I guess their destined to be together (even tho I’m over them). Although I want Nicole w/ Eric, I like how Daniel is with Nicole. He is himself, and don’t have to walk around on eggshells like he does w/ Jen, wondering what mistake he’s gonna make next and have to apologize to her for.

    Maryl – ditto! I never expected EJ & Sami to rush to the altar either. We EJami fans know there would be a lot of obstacles for them, and will continue to be. That is what happens to all couples. It’s what keeps things interesting, and keeps us watching. EJ & Sami are an unconventional couple, not at all like any other, but that don’t mean the same formula won’t be used to create obstacles for them. And I think this Abby thing is just one more thing to add to the list. I still don’t like it tho, for many reasons, but mainly because she is not in the same league as EJ & Sami. It just seems unrealistic that EJ would just sleep w/ her of all people. Which is why most of us think maybe this was nothing but an orchestrated plan by EJ to work this to his advantage. One more thing, I also brought up that I think Theresa & Brady are the next couple to happen. I think if it’s done right, they could be a great couple.

  64. From Heather #1

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions on the show and the storylines but it is so interesting the way Rafe was raked over the coals by some for falling in love with Carrie, who pursued him in a big way, but Rafe was married to Sami and never had sex with Carrie. Yet, I’m seeing EJ get a pass by some for having sex with Abby while beng engaged to Sami, before he and Abby even know each other very well. I enjoyed EJ and Abby’s scenes, believe me, I sure did. Very well done! But what’s the difference here? It could be said Rafe cheated in his mind. But now EJ has cheated in the full sense of the word by performing the sexual act with someone other than his fiance. I do consider being engaged a commitment that is not to be broken unless both parties to the engagement agree to it. When you are engaged, you presume the other person is true only unto you and that you will someday be united in marriage. I do not believe EJ did it to save Sami and I also do not believe Sami will buy that excuse.

    My first impression was a good one of the young woman Lucas interviewed. If he connects with her, I hope it works and that she won’t just be used by Kate to keep tabs on Jordan.

  65. From patty

    Wouldn’t it be something if after Sami finds out about EJ’s affair , he blackmails her into going ahead with the wedding while he carries on with Abby. He is not above doing something like that and he certainly has enough evidence against her. Now that would be in character for the bad boy EJ everybody knows and loves…except me of course. In the meantime, whatever happens, I will be loving every minute of Sami getting exactly what she deserves for impulsively and selfishly choosing to go to the dark side .

  66. From patty

    Cheating is cheating. Period. Just because it’s EJ doesn’t make it less so. Not surprised one bit and totally in character for him. He participated and enjoyed every bit of it and wasn’t thinking about his “love” Sami. Elvis thinks about what he wants. Sami went with this guy thinking he’s a changed man, but a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. She got what she bargained for ,she wanted a bad boy, well she got one and along with his many faults he’s a two timer too. Poor Sami…not!

  67. From nancigal

    Heather #1, I agree with you totally. Commitment is COMMITMENT! Lack of that is what causes all the broken marriages and not such a great example for the children! But, this is a soap and they live in a world of NO consequences, for real! Please tell me what IMO stands for. Also, where do we go to report that the last person commenting always shows their e-mail addr? Even tho it says it won’t be published?
    I really hope to see a SL on Nicole and Eric. And I hope to NOT see a SL of Brady and Theresa. What a wreck for both of them. That would almost be as bad as seeing anybody hook up with Ann! What a “bleep”!

  68. From Mouse Fan

    Hi Nancigal! IMO stands for In My Opinion!! I think… or at least IMO!! ;)

  69. From DP

    I am so disappointed in this turn in the Ejami story. It is completely out of character for EJ to cheat on Sami, even if she is withholding sex. He chased her for a lot longer than the few weeks they have been apart and he always stayed the course. The EJ of old would have had her disappear and not once think that the “noble” thing to do would be to seduce her. This story line is so plot driven it’s unbelievable. Abby gave him the perfect out when she accused him of having a thing with Gabi. He could have admitted to it and left. Let Sami and Gabi in on the lie and that’s it. Instead he denied it and continued to convince her of something else – huh??!! Chemistry? She’s a child in comparison to the mature EJ Dimera – it was pedophilic (and I know that’s not a word).

    I’m tired of the Ejami fights too, but they were purposefully making them so incredibly unbelievable, so that we would be on board with EJ and Abby pairing up, but sorry didn’t work for me. Even the recent fights seemed forced. Why would EJ withhold continue to insist Eric was sleeping with Kristen willingly? He and Kristen knew each other for a year and did not have a ton of scenes together to show brotherly love. He was skeptical of her in the beginning. If this was Lexie ok I could see EJ withholding information, but it was Kristen that he knew for a year. No way! Not for the love of his life who he finally after 8 years has a real shot at.

    EJ cheated on Nicole because she was never his true love. Taylor was a joke of a storyline and the writers knew that too they could hear the tv’s being turned off they had to move on as quickly as possible from that snoozer of a storyline.

    I hope I’m wrong, but it’s so obvious this is going to be another non wedding with a secret revealed. EJami should have had a wedding event like the weddings of the 80′s soaps. Too bad missed opportunity for Days IMO.

  70. From Kat

    Maryl, MAB and again Maryl,
    I sooooooooooooo agree with both of You. I enjoy reading your comments, very fair to the sl.

    If Sami and EJ got married right now…the sl for them would be practically over.

    Sami has to learn, that when she dishes it out, there might be consequences. EJ has bent over backwards for her, and now because of something Kristin did, she locks EJ out of her bedroom. Beware of how you try to “punish” your man…

    When she distanced herself from Rafe, (ok, different reason) but she still was distant… Rafe started to find Carrie very inviting and they were both married.

    I do not think that EJ had any intention to sleep with Abby when he set out for Smith Island, but her coming on to him, flattering his Male Ego.. the way she did and totally inviting him to kiss her and then more…
    Again, that girl that claims she has such High Morals, higher than others… sure likes to go after Married or engaged Man, well EJ I guess technically is still legally free, has not said I do yet. Sure it makes him a stinker and morally it is very wrong… But better now, than after the Wedding…

    I remember, I think, when Nicole was married to EJ, she did mess around with Brady, even in the DiMera living room.
    Brady had his share of women, and I am sure he is not done yet.
    Brady and Teresa, could see that, better than with younger JJ..

    I would like to see Hope with John..
    sorry to say IMO Marlena and John are done.

    Seems .. he did not have that Great Love for Doc after all, or some of things that happened, would not have affected them so much. Still think, he had never totally gotten over Kristin.

    Doc should go with Roman, now there is a man that has loved her like always. It’s time Roman gets a woman.

    Jenn, tired of talking about her anymore. She is annoying and MAB ..I so agree with you..

    Bring Carly back for Daniel, she did still love him, and sooner or later get Nicole and Eric together.. might be a long haul, but so what.
    Having said that, I agree, Dan and Nicole are good together, but she does love Eric…

  71. From Maryl

    Cheating is cheating. The main source of sls for a soap. If everyone on Days was like Doug and Julie are right now, no one would watch. No one wants a boring soap opera and to constantly condemn the characters because of the sls the writer have written for them, then it might be better to tune into the Waltons. We surely can dislike what sls the writers pin on our favorite characters, but is there really this need to brand and continuously hammer on any particular character as being the only one who does so called bad things? They are all guilty of something or other. They just use a lot of “soap” to wash all the goody-two-shoes whenever they commit a no no. No one hits on “Dan the man” continuously. He has messed with Kate, Chelsea, Chloe, (broke up her and Lucas), Nicole (while pregnant with EJ’s child),Carly (fathered a child with her)and now the saintly Jennifer. I probably missed some women in between. Maybe Ann will be next. These were all different women that he has gone through but yet he is admired and respected in Salem. Even with all that history he has with women, he seems to get a pass from fans who let everyone know that they disapprove of cheating and see no exceptions or fine line—cheating is cheating! I believe the reason Dan gets a pass is because even with all his “romantic” history his character is still boring. EJ, on the other hand, is so scrutinized for everything he does. My conclusion to that is EJ is definitely not boring!! He stirs you up whether you like him or not. If one doesn’t like the character of EJ, one can always start concentrating on Rafe instead. He is the one who will do everything right and please his fans. As for me, I will cheer EJ on and fast forward through Rafe, because EJ is the one who keeps the pot boiling.
    The “cheating” (he’s not married, only engaged–not a vow of fidelity has been made–engagements often falter even in real life) with Abby happened because it was the only way he thought he could distract her or have something over her to keep her from going to Hope about Nick. That’s the way I saw it until the writers show us something different. EJ & Sami fans have always wanted Sami to have to fight for EJ for once, maybe this will develop into just such a sl.

  72. From Heather #1

    nancigal #53, the people who run this site must know about the problem of the last person posting having their name and email show up on other people’s computers but nothing gets done about it. A couple people have commented that they don’t really care but I think it doesn’t speak well for this site being secure. It’s not as long as that is happening.

    EJ and Abby go for round two today. It’s not about Sami. EJ likes to have his way with women, and it’s probably doubly satisfying with someone as young, beautiful, and intelligent as he thinks Abby is, and she is so willing. He gave a couple very weak protests yesterday. He didn’t even do that today!

    I thought I was favorably impressed with Cheryl yesterday while Lucas was interviewing her but the plot thinkens now that she abruptly ran off when she spotted Jordan.

  73. From Heather #1

    MAB I totally agree with your words. Didn’t Abby just graduate HS a couple years ago? Yet where are the good storylines over just a bunch of folks literally screwing each other. BORING! And with this new lawyer, I would bet that Hope and he get together over at least 1 cast keeping her treasured vows even if Peter is not coming back. Other than the EROLE storyline, where’s the true love, the intrigue and the mystery and good storylines as SOAPS are about much more than the cast literally screwing each other when the writers fail to create!

    Sorry but I have watched this show since the 70′s and it gets worse each year. you can miss a whole week’s worth of shows yet nothing changes. Even the Nick crisis has grown old as have the children trying to be adults on this show, specifically Abs and Gabs!

  74. From Heather #1

    Just read the commet #56 above mine, which wasn’t there yet when I posted. For the record, because I am relatively new on here, I have never given Dan a pass. But right now the sex issue is about EJ so of course that’s who everyone is commenting about.

    In an engagement, no, no vow of fidelity has been taken but I would think the engagement would falter, and should falter, if one of the parties sleeps with someone else. (And twice at one meeting, like the show today!!) If they can’t remain faithful during the engagement, how would one know if a marital vow of fidelity would really make any difference?!

  75. From Heather #1

    #58 is not me. I can only think that person has my name and email on their computer and does not delete it and put in their own before posting. Please, whoever you are, delete my name and email before posting your comment, and write in your own information. But if you did that and my information showed up anyway, then there is nothing you can do about that. That happened to me a couple of times, also. For security reasons, this is not a good thing to have happening.

  76. From MAB

    Yep, EJ participated, just as Abby did, and just like every other character on this show who has cheated on their significant other. But “assuming” it’s known what that character was thinking at the time is nothing but pure speculation. It is unknown what EJ was thinking until the writers tell us.

    I don’t see anything wrong w/ Theresa & Brady possibly becoming a couple. They could change each other and over time become a great couple.

    You know, I used to loathe Anne, but anymore, I’m starting to agree w/ most of what she says about Jen.

    Kat – ding ding ding, you are completely right! Exactly the same scenario when Sami distanced herself from Rafe and now EJ. Like typical men, Rafe went off cheating w/ Carrie, and even fell in love w/ her, and now EJ has hopped in the sack w/ Abs. Granted, the situation is completely different tho, and cheating is not right, but after all this is the soap world, and EJ isn’t the first to do. Like I said, Abby made it a point to say it happened because SHE wanted it to, so it proves she was the aggressor and she made the decision to sleep w/ another woman’s man. She is two-faced, going around acting like little miss perfect, when in reality, she has no morals or ethics. As for EJ, of course he didn’t have any intention to sleep w/ her. Yep, he made a mistake, but the circumstances were set for it to happen because the writers have a reason. I think he did it because of how she was boosting his ego, and inferring Sami had him on a leash (which very much angered him), and I think he did it because it was a way to throw her off track and keep her mouth shut, which would keep her quiet about her suspicions over Nick, and solidify everyone involved stays out of jail. There will always come a time when he could use this to his advantage as well…I mean he is a DiMera after all. :)

    Heather – they skip so far ahead on the younger crowd, so I guess now since Will is in college, she’s supposed to be older than him, so I assume she’s mid-20′s.

    Maryl – ditto, some will always scrutinized EJ for anything he does.

  77. From Lindy

    I liked EJ and Abby again today, although we didn’t see as much of the in bed goings on. Wish EJ was as loving to all his women as he is with her. Think maybe the new woman in town could be trouble for Jordan. I like the new Will, at least from what I saw today.

    I have the same thing going on with other commenters names and e-mails appearing on my computer. Mine must be appearing on other computers, too. It’s creepy so I don’t think I will be on here anymore until I think that problem is repaired.

  78. From Heather #1

    EJ and Abby go another round today. I repeat, it’s not about Sami. Yesterday he protested weakly, today he didn’t at all. I had posted about that before but it was taken off, along with several other posts that were originally on here.

  79. From Heather #1

    Oops, my earlier post is back on again. Sorry for my repeat in #63.

  80. From Loretta

    EJ cheated on his fiance, Sami. No getting around it. And he enjoyed it so much that he did it again. Oh, no, wait, or was he protecting Sami the second time, too?!

  81. From OMG

    EJ and Abby, this is going to be a diaster. Sami will get things back with EJ and plan a Days wedding and it will be Gabi and Nick all over. Abby will get pregnant and the truth will come out on their wedding day….

  82. From Sharon

    I am actually hoping things work for EJ and Abby!! Sami needs a rude awakening…no one should get away with all she does!!

  83. From missymiss

    i was nauseous abt abby and ej, HE W0ULD NEVER CHEAT 0N SAMI….. REALLY WRITERS… C0ME 0N!!!!!!!

  84. From Kat

    First, I never get anybody’s E-mail or name…
    if I did I would just delete it and go on….
    Maybe you get mine, well you can always e-mail me and say hello, LOL

    Jordan and the new girl, sure are of the same type, could be Emily and her crazy sister Meredith.
    Jordan did tell Rafe at the end, that she actually saw his picture before she took the job.. so something is up IMO.
    Wow, if I had just slept with EJ, note .. I am saying EJ, a fictional character, I would be on Hormone Cloud 9 myself, LOL

    When EJ helped Abby into her coat, could not read his mind, but it could have said so many things,
    feelings for Abby, guilt, regret or even guilt/regret for maybe wanting more… or as we heard at the end of the show,
    Bloody Hell, or whatever he said, could not understand it….
    What Have I Done. It’s going to “kill” EJ for having betrayed Samantha…even though she has asked for it in some ways… But EJ has become a pretty decent character, and I just adore him.. fiction and all. right next to Stefano, bad and evil and all.

    Did I hear right, Rafe grew up in West Salem….and the Convent.. so is his family and Mother in West Salem.. why can’t we ever see them… if they are in the same town… puzzled in PA

    I loved it, when Will told EJ, just how much the man has done for him and his family. EJ gave up a “Kingdom” for Sami, Will and all…
    and she kicks him out of her Bedroom..
    Sami is not blameless in all this mess, sometimes a Man treated wrong… just had enough, and that is what happened to EJ when “little
    Lolita” but of age….
    seduced him.
    I am still with EJ, but hope that Sami gets a little reality check of how to treat the man, that risked many times over, everything for you and your family/children.
    The one to get hurt the most in all this mess, is EJ, because his love for Samantha is so great, he tried to actually kill himself in his drunken state, but passed out… so our Sami, the love of his life did it for him.
    Still think, that EJ and Sami have the best chemistry, but IMO, EJ is not the Bad Guy anymore, he used to be.
    He has changed, and I do want happiness for him, and Sami better her head on straight and realize, that nobody will love her, protect her, fight for her more, no matter what, than EJ, the father of her children.

    Actually, it’s Sami’s fault that EJ is in this big mess right now…he was trying to protect the “3 crazy women.. Kate, Sami and Gaby”…from themselves…LOL

    Just thought of it…
    if Lucas was to get involved with the new woman..what’s her name… and if she is crazy Meredith…
    big drama could be ahead..

    By the way, I enjoy all of the different opinions on here, that’s what makes this Blog site interesting…I just have my own….

  85. From patty

    Jordan and Rafe are so adorable together. Even though I’m curious about her past, I’m hoping these two are in for the long haul. Love how they light up when they’re together, hate Kate lurking in the background like a dark shadow.
    I so want JJ to get back at Theresa. This girl has got to be the most useless little witch to ever hit Salem.
    EJabby is so not over. Too much insisting on “this can’t ever happen again” while their eyes and lingering touches said something completely different. EJ looked absolutely shell shocked when he got home as if he doesn’t know what hit him.
    Liking Cheryl with Lucas so far. Can’t wait to see what her connection to Jordan is all about.
    New Will might take some getting use to but good job on his first day.

  86. From jen

    Hoping to see a lot more screen time with Lucas on this new story line with Sheryl. Give Lucas a love life. He is looking mighty fine… I would also like to see him interact more with Sami as well. It would be great if Lucas blew up EJ’s world regarding the Abby matter, pay back you know. Lucas will think it’s disgusting what EJ’s done with his niece.

  87. From Kat

    I guess, her name is Cheryl,,,thank you patty…

  88. From Hellolisare

    Okay, here I go. Sami Isn’t solely to blame for the state of their relationship. She isn’t wrong. He is lying to her, and it’s not a small inconsequential lie. One of the people she loves most in the world is being ruined. Everything is being taken from him.

    No, Ej didn’t commit the crime but he is withholding the fact that Eric was drugged. He is protecting a person whom he had a relationship with for one year. When she came to town, he didn’t even like or trust her. If the person involved were Lexie his silence would be much more understandable.

    The writers are doing a disservice to the character. They should show Stefano putting pressure on him to remain silent, or perhaps showing him to be torn over his decision. So far we have been shown neither.

    As Sami has said she knows him. She knows she hasn’t been given the whole truth. He could tell her that Eric was drugged,but that he doesn’t have proof. If she didn’t believe him then. It would be her problem.

    Obviously, I can’t know what the character thinks, but Sami has told him that she cares what her family thinks; her brother is her hero; and she couldn’t bare another ruined wedding.

    Should he find Kristin and turn her over to the authorities. I don’t think so it’s not his job. He should come clean about what he heard. It’s hearsay and probably wouldn’t clear Eric’s name, but he could at least be honest with her.

    I’ve been an Ejami fan for years, but I just don’t see this lastest blowup as all on sided

  89. From Clear

    EJ appeared to be playing Abby after he found her weakness- – him! If she gets preggors he may marry Abs! Sami may be the one stopping the next wedding.

    I hope JJ gets the upper hand with Teresa. She is a really selfish, nasty piece of work!

  90. From Clear

    Ps, so is the Aiden character they are bringing on for Hope ‘s love interest, or since he has a child is it to bring out the bad seed in Ciara some more?

  91. From GA Mom

    I’ve watched DOOL since it began nearly 50 years ago. I agree with so many who think the writers have lost their minds in the scene where Abby and EJ go to bed. It is really disappointing to say the least. It brings EJ down 10 notches from my perspective. From Abby’s history, here’s another big mistake she’s made!

  92. From Amber

    I am sooo over the whole EJabby thing!! I want to finally see a real love s/l with Eric and Nicole!! I’m seeing spoilers he tells her he loves her next week…God, please let it be!!!

  93. From Loretta

    When I got into this site this morning, I had Amber’s name and email where mine are supposed to be. Isn’t that supposed to be private? I noticed other people have mentioned it.

    Hellolisare %62 wrote good comments. Well written and it is true that EJ knows Eric was drugged. I happen to think EJ knew all along what Kristen did. It sounded that way when EJ and Stefano had dinner a while back. But whether he did know that not, he does know she drugged Eric. He should tell Sami that and for that matter, he should tell the police.

    I am tired of the Theresa story and want it to come to an end. JJ should tell the truth and get this over.

  94. From Loretta

    Excuse me, I mean Hellolisare #65.

  95. From bobbi

    #50 Maryl I knew that the marriage was that of convience, but it was the fact he had to pick Nichole’s sister, when they were trying to repair their relationship. Even if you’re not romantically involved, would you want your husband “doing” your sister?
    Yes, at the time we thought Brady was E.J.’s cousin, but there are so few people not related on this show, it’s hard to pick someone that’s not a family member.
    #62 Kat-not Sami’s fault if he takes a young lady to bed. That’s all on him. He’s a spoiled brat used to getting his own way and when he doesn’t, he uses someone to get even. I do agree that Sami makes her own bed with impulsive decisions and never pays the price, but she didn’t deserve this. Also, and I forgot who wrote it, it is nice to see E.J. with someone (Abbey) who can sit and talk about things on an intellectual plane. They were right when they said all Sami and him do is argue and make-up. Never sit and just talk, unless it’s about covering up some crime. Good job with the Will replacement. Looks enough like him to pull it off. He does need to relax a little. At least we have a few new people to watch instead of Brady snorting coke.

  96. From xunny

    I agree with Mab and Bobbi. That was a tacky move to put Abigail and EJ together in that way. Sami does much better with Lucas, although he could use more of a backbone. I was disgusted watching them and the scene looked so out of place. Ppl like drama but come on writers, this was insulting and tasteless. On another note, if Peter isn’t coming back then they need to recast Bo Brady because he’s not the absent -father type.

  97. From patty

    Yes bobbi, watching Brady snorting coke is quite disheartening. Brady is a good guy and he deserves a break after the Kristen disaster. Thank God she is out of the picture and I hope for Brady that he doesn’t fall into the Theresa trap either because she is just as bad . She uses people and is such a hateful little witch. There is no redemption for dragging someone down the destructive path like she is doing to JJ, a young boy trying to turn his life around. Hers and Anne’s unreasonable hatred for Jenn is making them look like a couple of psychos.
    I agree that despite the fact that Sami could drive any man to cheat or to jump off a bridge, this thing with Abby is not Sami’s fault, but his own. He has been lying to Sami and she withheld sex from him, all he had to do was tell her the truth. I still don’t think that is a reason to cheat and I believe that even though it wasn’t his intention, he and Abby have a great attraction that they couldn’t deny. The lying will most likely continue because I don’t think he will be sharing this little encounter with Sami, and my guess is that he and Abby won’t be able to stay away from each other, which would mean more lying of course. Which ever way it plays out, it won’t be pretty when Sami finally gets wind of this. There should be some of those ugly Demira figurines flying around.
    I agree with Amber, enough of this EJami/ EJabby,time for some more Ericole. Now there a true soap romance! :)

  98. From Kat

    The oldest thing … when there is No Fire at home…
    so easy for a man to slip, specially when it is handed to him on a silver platter…
    Man are not as strong to saying No, as women are.. that’s why it is so easy for a woman to play a vulnerable man…
    so women… you also have to work on a relationship, not just expect, that you automatically have your man on a lease, and he only sings to your tune…
    Sami went out on very thin ice, and EJ gave in to temptation…LOL
    And that has been around for as long as the world is turning and always will be.
    And besides that, this is a soap, and the writers needed a SL to put a damper on EJami’s relationship, to drag it out longer. I truly enjoy watching all the intrigue, twists and turns coming up..

    Let’s not forget, what the three women have done, Murder and cover up.. I know, Nick is still alive, but they don’t know that…
    But again, EJ’s slip up seems more important than Murder to some..
    EJ has been one of the most unselfish man on this show for quite some time.
    He is helping so many people, gave up a lot, like I said a Kingdom.. but he never seems to get an Kudos for anything… from some fans. No Matter what he does, he could save the Pope tomorrow, and somebody will find something wrong with him.
    BUT that is OK, because it makes this site interesting, and I enjoy that…

  99. From Randelle

    A friend and I discussed EJAB last night and came up with a great storyline:
    Sami/Allison take 1 month off, 3 months for the show as time is slower there.

    Yet when she does come back she finds ABS at the mansion Pregnant and EJ introduces his new Wife to Sami. After all he must marry her for he impregnated her. Abs doesn’t even know Sydney, Johnny or Ali so she takes the kids out of the mansion immediately and of course runs back to Lucas–giving Lucas a decent re-role. Curious for your thoughts Ladies and Gents?

  100. From Randelle

    Soory I meant o say Sami would take the kids.

    Also can you imagine Jen’s reaction to Abs becoming a Dimera or Abs reaction when she finds Stephano’s DUNGEON!

  101. From patty

    EJ is helping people? He’s helping cover up a murder and a rape, not out of the kindness of his heart but because that’s what he does. He’s not even good at it because he blotched every attempts to get Sami out of jail. He could help Eric ,his fiancee’s twin brother ,by telling the truth but does he? No, he would much rather see him knocked off his pedastal,as he put it. Not the Pope but a priest who has never hurt anyone. Daniel and Nicole, they’re the ones going out on a limb to save Eric and Brady, not for some sinister agenda but because they care. Covering up Sami’s and Kristen’ s crimes is not being heroic .

  102. From Maryl

    Good blog, Kat, I so agree with you! I think the only thing that will break up Sami and EJ is their loyalties to their families. EJ will always stand up for his family even though he knows they do bad stuff and Sami will always be in defense of hers. When the writers first had them admit their love for one another, we were led to believe that they would not let the family come between them but instead would look after their own.
    EJ, Sami, and Children. How quickly these writers go back against what we hoped would happen.
    All the problems the two of them are having is the result of goofy stuff the family is involving them in. Other than Sami shooting Bernardi, it’s been all about family messes. Poor EJ is being twisted every which way, trying to protect Sami & their family, trying to portect his sister, and all the while being blamed for lying and using unethical means to help the 3 scatter brains and his crazy sister. Maybe Abby did help him forget all the mess for a while even though that will now become a major problem. I think EJ and Sami are both capable of forgiving each other for just about anything, they have already done as much, but unless they can let go of their families’ shirttails and live their own lives with no responsibilies to either one of their families, I don’t see much hope for them. I hope the writers take their story down the path that we have always hoped for–EJ, Sami and Children in a happy home.

  103. From Amber

    Barf me!! When are they gonna stop trying to push Danicole on us??? The first half of the show made me soooo sad and mad at Nicole! Does she have feelings for Daniel or Eric or both?? Will she tell Eric she still loves him or move on with Daniel FOR REAL because she thinks she can’t have Eric??? We know Eric tells Nicole he loves her next week…is that the gamechanger for Nicole telling him she is not with Daniel??? If there is not an ERICOLE reunion soon, I’m afraid they are just gonna move on from it!!! Come on!!!

  104. From Heather #1

    Eric is a good person and didn’t do anything to deserve the mess he is in with the church and its members. So I’m all for getting his name cleared, therefore I am with Sami on this. EJ is witholding the truth from her, about Eric being drugged, and Sami knows he is keeping something hidden. So she fights back at him by shutting him out of their bedroom. I don’t blame her for that and I don’t feel it gives him license to cheat on her and sleep with another woman. However if it were me in real life and I thought my fiance was keeping something as huge from me as what Sami and EJ are at odds about, I would have broken the engagement and moved out of the DiMera mansion. But it’s a soap and they have to keep the drama going with them living together.

    Good comments, Patty #69, and I agree with you.

    I read that Daniel and Nicole will be in danger. Maybe if Theresa and Brady were paired together, she could be a better person.

  105. From MAB

    Kat – so agree w/ you. In all that is going on, it seems some find EJ having sex w/ Abby worse than Gabi, Kate & Sami murdering Nick. But again, it’s because it’s EJ. Some aren’t satisfied if there isn’t something to blame him for, and this is just another thing to add to the list. I doesn’t matter tho, because EJ & Sami are here to stay!! Corday has made it clear that they are “the” couple, front & center, but as always for any couple, there has to be obstacles, and Abby is just gonna be one of those.

    EJ did tell Sami the truth, she just choose not to believe him. He found out literally just hours before everyone else found out what happened. He didn’t say anything before the wedding because honestly, what could he say? He had no evidence to back up what she had told him, so he kept silent. Otherwise, I truly believe Kristen would’ve gotten away w/ it, and snowed Brady yet again, or worse, put Eric in jail for rape. Bottom line, everyone knows what happened. It’s not like EJ is keeping something from Sami she don’t already know. This was ALL Kristen. EJ wasn’t involved and had no control over what she did. The only one who did was Stefano.

    There is no reason to cheat, but face it, it’s a soap and ALL couples cheat. EJ didn’t invent it. It happens, and all couples get past it eventually, just as I believe EJ & Sami will down the road. EJ was wrong for allowing it to happen, but he slipped like most men do. It’s not the end of the world, and I highly doubt the end of EJami. This is nothing more than another obstacle for them, and who knows, it may enhance their relationship, and even help Abby grow up. For now tho, she is really the one to blame for it happening. She seduced another woman’s man, and didn’t care about consequences. She wanted it to happen, and she made it happen. It could’ve have been anybody, but she has set her sights on EJ because he was nice to her and showed her some attention, just like Austin did.

    Lucas had the best line yesterday when Kate told him to look busy…he said we’re in a restaurant, what do you want me to do, bust tables? LOL I’m looking forward to his new SL & love interest. I’m not too sure about Sheryl yet, but we’ll see.

    It’s about time we find out the deal w/ Jordan. Her & Rafe are already getting boring, sitting around making goo-goo eyes at each other. I just hope once her secrets start to surface, he don’t turn into the old Rafe and start judging her like he did Sami.

    I forgot to mention Nicole & Daniel the other day taking down the drug dealer. Nicole was so funny when she said, I feel so bad ass! LOL

    Can’t wait to see Eric tell Nicole he loves her next week! From what I’ve seen as of late, I think we could start having supercouples again, that is if the writers make it happen. Of course there will be EJ & Sami in front of the pack, along w/ Nicole & Eric, Lucas & Sheryl, Brady & possibly Theresa, and Rafe & Jordan. Just wish Daniel & Jen’s relationship had not been tarnished, because they had potential at one time, but after the way she’s treated him, I’m over them. If Bo doesn’t come back, I guess Hope will eventually find someone. I still say she can make it on her own for a while, and I think it is her who should be living in the Horton house. She is the only plausible person to take over for Alice (definitely not Jen, ugh!) And then there are others…will Marlena & John get back together, will Roman ever find a mate, will Abe & Kayla get together, will Victor & Maggie stay together, will Stefano & Kate get back together? So many possibilities!

    Every character is redeemable, and that includes Theresa. Sure, she’s a little snot right now, but I think she will change, eventually, and we just might see her & Brady down the road…and I think they could work!

    New Will, seems ok enough, but it will take a while getting used to him. I’m sure he’ll do ok in the role, and eventually settle in, but Chandler Massey will be sorely missed. He made the Will character his own, and it’s gonna be hard for Guy Wilson to replace him.

  106. From Heather #1

    The #’s keep changing. it’s Patty #76 now.
    P.S. – If EJ would be honest about knowing Eric was drugged, it could change everything. I happen to believe he knew all along what Kristen did to Eric but even if he didn’t, he does know she drugged him and he hasn’t told Sami that. I think EJ is enjoying seeing Eric brought down.

  107. From gerri

    Heather#1,your e-mail address,and name was still in comment section,I deleted it,but I agree with you and Patty,and bobbi on your views.
    The Demira Clan might keep show interesting,but my goodness,put something good in their actions,not always plotting,against others,and trying to destroy lives.

    I think Stefano needs to hook up with Anne,and EJ with Theresa,these two might give them each a run for their money…..

    I do enjoy,The three commandos,Kate,Sami and Gabby,trying to keep(the murder mystery)Hid.
    being from Alabama,I do wish they would give Cheryl our southern accent.would make for a funny show,as some say they love our accent,and others poke fun at us.
    but oh well,we are who we are……

  108. From Amber

    Barf!! Why do they keep trying to shove Daniel and Nicole down my throat!! I’m not buying it for a second. I hope this is just to throw everyone off for when Nicole learns that Eric loves her next week. That’s got to be a gamechanger, right? Does she have feelings for Daniel or Eric or both?? More so, does Eric loving her carry more weight with her than Daniel having feelings for her? Ugh…this is torture for Ericole fans!!!

  109. From Kat

    What happened, ok start over again..

    Looks like we have the groundwork for Abby being pregnant, and the assumptions will be, that Chad is the Father..
    Abby told Jenn about the Sex her Chad shared.
    Hate that she made herself out the victim in that..she played both guys, and nobody forced her to go with Chad after Cam left her..
    It was her own choice to take Door # 2…

    Of course there we could go again, who is the Daddy… Chad or EJ
    or not, I am just guessing..

    EJ sure seems very bothered by what he did, he knows he did wrong, another reason I like him.

    Kristin hurt Eric, not EJ…

    EJ is helping the “Three Murderous Amigos”, and yes Murder, because Nick was alive when they dunked him in all the way…

    but still EJ is the bad one, and the rest are enjoyable for what evil deeds they are doing..

    And EJ Did get Sami out of jail, after yes a few botched attempts… DJ did, nobody else, because the rest of them couldn’t solve a crime if they tried… SP, yes we are here, but don’t know why, We never solve anything, so don’t count on Us, ever..LOL

    Rafe doing pretty good so far, let’s move that relationship along a little faster.

    Also enjoying Lucas so much more these days. Let’s keep him acting like grown up, and not like a shrill teenager, not saying all teenagers are shrill… but ….

    The actress playing Cheryl, looks so familiar,seen her in something, but what.. Any of you know.?

    Good stuff all, agree or not…

    MAB and Maryl, with you all the way..

  110. From bobbi

    #37 Maryl-Poor E.J.? You mean the E.J. that had a nut case transformed into looking like Rafe, and locking the real Rafe in the cellar so he could break Rafe and Sami up? That poor E.J.? Where else but Salem can this stuff happen. Remember when Stephano had most of Salem killed off, went under the tunnels, pulled them out of their caskets, revived them and sent them to an island? These cheating couples will never hold a candle to Stephano’s meanness. So, what’s a little cheating among families?

  111. From Anne

    I don’t care for the Abby-EJ pairing at all. As someone earlier posted, it is plausible as a platonic, intellectual friendship, or she could act as the voice of reason in his head, but not now. After fiery Sami, I cannot really buy that EJ maintains a romantic interest in this girl who could be his daughter or very young sister.

  112. From Danielle

    One of most overlooked characters on the show….but a total gem and needs more screen time—-one word: MAXINE!

  113. From Heather #1

    #72 gerri, thank you for letting me know. I don’t like that. But I wondered if that was the case since on my computer I always get the info of the last person to post a comment. It was Kat this time. So I figured my info might be showing up on other people’s computers, too. This has been going on for quite a while so I don’t know if it will ever be fixed. But I guess I will do as Lindy #57 said she is doing and stop posting comments. My husband and brother, too, would prefer that I stop. They worry about non-secure sites, as we all should.

  114. From Annie

    I LOVE Abby and EJ — she deserves a real love in her life and we all know that SAMI is just a user and will end up doing what is best for SAMI since she is clearly just a Narcissist. Write Sami OUT and end the suffering!!!

  115. From Heather #1

    Numbers changed again, it’s gerri #81. Sometimes when I get into this site a lot of the comments are missing. Then they come back the next time I get in. Strange. It doesn’t seem to be working right.

  116. From Pamela

    To MAB: Ciara and JJ wouldn’t work for another reason. Have you forgotten that their mothers are first cousins? Jennifer is Bill Horton’s daughter, and Hope is Addie”s. That makes Ciara and JJ second cousins– sometimes done, but a little too close for comfort for most folks.

  117. From Shirley Stark

    Ok so i’m ready to put my 2 cents in.
    I have to say when EJ and Sami finally got together I was so happy. Finally they have a chance at happiness. Those two are honestly meant for each other.
    The last few weeks with her being mad at EJ for what Christine did is getting old.
    Than Sami leaves for work and leaves EJ wondering about there relationship.
    I am so angry right now that EJ slept with Abby. REALLY!!! Once again they will be torn apart by secrets and lies.
    This secret wont last very long. Abby is to much of a goodie two shoes and will spill her guts to someone. Its only a matter of time before Sammi finds out.
    When she does oh boy look out. I love it when Sammi Is plotting and destroying people.
    Only thing i’m happy about EJ’s littly tryst with Abby is Sammies revenge. She is going to make EJ’s and Abbies life a living hell.

  118. From mardol42

    I wonder if Abby is going to be pregnant. I agree with Danielle. I think that Maxine is terrific and should have a major storyline. Love her!

  119. From trisha


  120. From patty

    I happen to think the whole Nick murder cover up is ridiculous. I know he’s not dead but the way everybody is scrambling around trying to cover things up and going on their merry way like nothing happened, treating the whole thing like a big joke is just stupid. Gabi is the only one who seems to be affected by it and feels remorse. Now Sami, Kate and EJ’s reaction is not surprising, they are use to this, but Will and Sonny I don’t get. I know they hated Nick but really! If Nick pops back up again,there will be hell to pay. He will get his revenge on all of them.

  121. From Tess

    I have to say that this EJ Abigail thing makes me sick. I don’t know who is more sickening, Abigail or her mother, they both give me the creeps.

  122. From Maryl

    bobbi #97–EJ did not lock up Rafe–Stefano did. Stefano was also responsible for the clone. EJ didn’t know anything about it until after the deed was done. He of course, enjoyed seeing Rafe locked up and had a great time making “visits” to his cell. Neither Stefano or EJ were responsible for “killing” off the wonderful citizens of Salem and sending them to the Island of Melaswen. Fact is that it was crazy Andre who orchestrated all of that. Stefano was out of the picture at the time due to illness.
    Yes, I will still say Poor EJ. Afterall, just look how he gets hammered on this site and accused of things he didn’t even do. Then there’s the self-righteous people of Salem who shun him and throw their stones but underneath they are just as much sinners as he is.
    Kind of like people often do in real life. Never see any of the good, only the bad.

  123. From Kat

    106 Maryl, you said it girl.
    It’s not always EJ, and now it hasn’t been for a long time.
    He is trying to do the right thing, but things get messed up by other people..
    Look how he let lying Nicole, Dr. Dan and Rafe of the hook, they messed with his child, keeping it from him… that was just disgusting, and they are the good people.
    People forget or don’t remember crazy Andre, he was also the one that locked Lexie in the dungeon where the gas got her… but Stefano got blamed.And then we find out the hard way, “Thanks” to Gaby, that the whole town had Gas underneath, killing a few people, causing injuries and property damage… but all is nothing…
    as long as they can hang anything and everything on Stefano and EJ.
    I would love to see sometimes, just a wee bit of fairness, but I am not holding my breath any time soon.
    I guess EJ has more than enough people/fans in his corner, he is doing just fine…

  124. From Maryl

    Kat, you are so right! Both EJ and Sami have a lot of fans on their side. Just check out TV Source Magazine polls. The thing that I believe rubs some fans so wrong about EJ right now IMO, is the fact that Sami finally admitted her love for him, something EJ/Sami fans could always see was there while many never could. Now that EJ has Sami’s love and has made progress at being a better person, I feel there is this wish out there that EJ screws up real bad and loses her and the kids. With these writers, you never know. This Abby mess certainly seems to be a heading in that direction. The part of Days fans who dislike EJ may get their wish. I hope I get my wish instead, which is to eventually witness a marriage between EJ & Sami and that their children will have the happy home they deserve. EJ & Sami need to be free of worrying about the opinions and approval of their individual families and concentrate on keeping their own safe and happy.

  125. From Amber

    I just got confirmation on the 20-24 spoilers:

    Nicole comes clean with Eric about not being in a relationship with Daniel

    Eric has to make a difficult decision involving the priesthood and Nicole

    We’ll…there you have it! Nicole tells him…so will we finally see them kiss?!??

  126. From Tina

    So done said we don’t actually know what EJ was thinking when he made out with Abby….please. We all know what he was thinking. He wanted to have sex with her. He is a low life in every other aspect of his life so why not this too. All this EJ and Sami forever! That didn’t last too long did it. Move on Sami and dump this greasy haired jerk.

  127. From nancigal

    Amber #109… THANKS for the info! Where do you find that, anyway? I used to get Soap Opera Digest, but let it stop.
    So happy that Nicole tells Eric the truth. Just hope Daniel doesn’t get hurt by Steph’s thugs and he gets the info needed to clear Eric. Would be really nice if it could be traced back to Steph and he had to sit in jail for a while.
    Also ready to see JJ get out from under Theresa’s wicked little thumb and would love to see her and Ann go down together. They are evil!
    Gerri#94..Being from Texas, I also miss the southern accents when they are done correctly. Not the hick sounding stuff, but real. Seems it would give more spice to the show. As if it needs more spice! Do hope Gabby doesn’t go completely nuts before Nick returns… she’s not far from it now!

  128. From Appalo

    I am guessing Abby will get pg with EJ’s baby. That would be some story.

  129. From Loretta

    Much as I really got into EJ and Abby together this week, and I never liked EJ with Sami, those characters are not the focus of the show for me. Seems many on here go on and on about EJ, and back and forth on the good and the bad about him. He is far from being the whole show. Neither is Stefano. They are abviosly phasing Stefano out anyway.
    My main interest right now is Eric and Nicole. If that relationship ever gets going, I think it’s going to surpass anything we ever saw between boring EJ and Sami. And I’m also waiting with baited breath for Theresa to get what’s coming to her and for JJ to tell the truth. Hopefully Theresa can be redeemed but I’d like to see her learn a big lesson first. And I read there will be a man in Hope’s life so I’m anxious to see that.

  130. From DP

    EJ did not know about Kristen raping Eric until right before the wedding. He was shocked when he overheard her conversation with Dr. Chyka. He even spoke highly of Eric to Kristen at first. Then on the next episode you hear EJ talking about bringing Eric down off his high horse. Whoever the script writers were for those two episodes had EJ sympathetic to Eric and then not – definitely miscommunication. EJ was shocked when he found out, but then we see him having lunch with Stephano and the writing is that he knew all along. I think the reason we all have different opinions about what we saw happening is because we saw EJ not knowing and then acting like we knew all along. The writing either changed direction or two different dialogue writers wrote EJ two completely different ways. Someone must have not gotten the memo that he was all of a sudden suppose to have known. When he came out from the back of the Dimera living room he said “who was that” – he did not know in that episode.

  131. From Maryl

    I love Eric! Greg Vaughan is a doll. I am not, however, too sold on Nicole and him, as of yet. A story about a priest taking off his collar for a woman he loves makes an enticing SL at the start, but once they get together, I’m wondering where their story will go. What exciting Sls can we expect or imagine from them as a couple. I guess a lot of it will depend on how the writers handle his dedication to the church. If Nicole and Eric happen, they will be a challenge for the writers. They could become another one of Salem’s boring couples very quickly. I guess the writers could bring Nicole back to her “old self” and start throwing some dastardly deeds her way. Afterall, she became “famous” in Salem for that sort of thing. Ha! Not totally convinced that the old Nicole has been completely redeemed.

  132. From MAB

    I read that it was in fact Eric & Nicole who will be in danger.

    I talked about supercouples yesterday and I want to make a slight change. I think they should pair Abe & Maxine.

    It has been written and shown that EJ knew nothing about what Kristen had done until right before the wedding. And that remains true unless the writers change it. I don’t see how EJ telling Sami that Eric was drugged, which everyone already knows, would change anything. He has no evidence to back up what she did. Sure, he could try to find the doctor, but we all know Stefano would put a stop to that. If Sami wants to be mad at anyone, and wants answers, then she needs to talk to Stefano.

    Kat – oh I hope Abby don’t end up pregnant. I agree how she always makes herself out to be the victim, she did it w/ Cameron & Chad, and will probably do it w/ EJ as well. I agree EJ is bothered, but I don’t think he’s bothered in the same way Abby is. She is thinking about it a lot (not that I blame her), but he is thinking about Sami. Also, I’m already sick of Abby (and it just started), sitting around moping about what a horrible mistake she made. Well, it could’ve been easily avoided Abs if you hadn’t been so instant. Lord knows how long this will last. Ugh!!

    When Nicole & Eric talked before the interview, you could tell he is struggling about still wanting to be a priest, and his love for Nicole. I hope he realizes he can still do God’s work even if he doesn’t go back to the priesthood. He is a good person, and can make a difference being a priest or not. I think Father Matt will guide him in the right direction.

    Maryl, you have every right to say poor EJ and not be told otherwise. Many agree w/ you. And you are absolutely right about who locked up Rafe.. Stefano! It’s just another way to conveniently blame EJ for what Stefano does. Also, ditto on your comment of the self-righteous Salemites who judge the DiMeras from one end to the other, when in reality, they are no better.

    Pamela – not to sound rude, but I was just trying to make a point when I made the comment about Ciara & JJ, in that is how ridiculous I think pairing EJ & Abby is. You don’t have to tell me who is and isn’t related, I know, I’ve watched this show for years.

    Kat – you’re correct, EJ/James Scott is doing just fine. Not only does he have a huge fan base talking about him, but even his non-fans talk about him. That just makes him more popular. Yep, I’d say he’s doing just fine, and laughing all the way to the bank!!

    Maryl – I agree w/ you about how it rubs some the wrong way because Sami finally admitted her love for EJ, what we EJami fans knew all along. And through everything, even being mad at him, she is still totally in love w/ him (just like she told him before she left town). But whether she’s w/ him or not, EJ will always get the shaft by some. I also hope EJ & Sami will stop the madness w/ their individual families and concentrate on “their” family. They are never gonna satisfy either side of the fence, and they shouldn’t have to. Family is important, but it’s “their” family that will pay the price in the end if they don’t change things.

    Over the years, there have always been certain characters the show focuses around, and right now it’s EJ & Sami. But this is nothing new, the show has done this for years, built other characters & SL’s around the top characters & SL’s. They did it w/ Marlena & Roman, Marlena & John, Bo & Hope, Kayla & Steve, and so on. Just like for years Marlena was the focus of the show, the top female, well now it’s Sami. Times may change, but the formula for a soap opera pretty much stays the same. And as a fan, just because EJ & Sami is my favorite couple, doesn’t mean I can’t also be a fan of Eric & Nicole, or any other couple. I love Eric & Nicole, all the way back to when Jensen Ackles played Eric. I’m all for them, and think they will be great. But I can love EJ & Sami and Eric & Nicole at the same time. I don’t have to limit what I like…and overall, I enjoy most of the SL’s and most of the characters. Some are more popular than others, and that’s just how it is.

  133. From gerri

    couldn’t have said any of your comments better……..Bravo

  134. From gerri

    Maybe EJ didn’t turn the key,to lock Rafe in that underground,Demira prison,but once he knew what was happening,he could have turned the key,to unlock,him,instead of enjoying,watching all the torture,and at the same time,knowing an imposter,was with Sami and Johnny,and Sydney,so where was his so called devotion,and protectiness,to his family during this time???

    And why are the Demiras,so important,as a family,and none of the rest in Salem are,as Stefano and his cronies are continuously,trying to destroy them?

  135. From Kat

    Read an interview with EJ and Sami, on TV source…
    they both are very happy the way their SL’s are going. They are far from over.. it has only just begun. So let’s watch, what they already know and have filmed.
    Of course their cruise will be rocky, it’s a soap and the viewers deserve to be on the edge of their seats.

    Hi gerri-116- well in MO, the DiMera’s are important as a family, just like the Kiriakis’, the Horton’s and the Brady’s.
    Because together they make a good show, without the Bad Families…ha, ha.. what would ever go on in Salem, but then again, the so called Good Families are doing plenty Bad also.

    Like making a good Stew, you can not leave out vital ingredients, or it will be a very dull tasting Stew.

    Almost all actors will tell you, that the most sought after Roles/characters are the Bad One’s…Having said that…
    STEFAN, EJ AND SAMI are some of the Top rated/talked about by sooooooooo many —characters—.
    Without characters like Stefano, EJ or Sami, or characters Like Them..Bad…
    any soap would be nothing.

    I just sit back and enjoy a good SL with all the good and bad, with characters I like or not, but that’s the way soaps are, always have been, and will be. GOOD VS evil.

    If some only want good, they will always be very unhappy watching a soap because nothing is more removed from Morality.. than a soap..

    Guilty Pleasure. Like it, or Not..

  136. From Kat

    P.S. LOL, always think of something after I clicked.

    By understanding the whole concept of a Soap, does however not mean, that we.. here on this site, can not bitch and complain about certain Characters/SL’s because that is just human…but wishing families/characters off the show, is not realistic, they would just have to bring back different Big Bad characters.

  137. From Hellolisare

    EJ admitting to Sami that yes Eric was drugged wouldn’t change the fact that this crime was comitted, and I’m not trying to lay this crime at his door. He is innocent. That being said he isn’t lying by omission. He has said to her face more than once that the sex was consentual. He knows that isn’t true. Now if he put all his cards on the table with her, I would agree that she is behaving badly by putting distance between them. However she has told him repeatedly that she needs to know what he knew and when he knew it.

    I roll my eyes everytime he says consenual. Just don’t say that word man! To me that is the real root of the problem. She knows him well enough to know that he isn’t being honest.

    That being said, if the writers don’t have her pick up on this thing between him and Abigail. That blows a hole in all of that I know you and you know me ying yang that they have been spouting for months. It will make her character appear irrational. Because the drugging lie doesn’t bother his conscience at all, but this lie seems to.

  138. From Hellolisare


    I really do want them to of them to work through their differences.

  139. From MAB

    Kat – I read an interview w/ them on SON. They seem to be good w/ what is happening, and from the way it sounded, it is not over between them by a long shot! James & Ali did mention tho that they would rather be on the same team instead of at odds w/ each other, and even mentioned teaming up together against something, like them against the world. Also, I agree that we can complain, it’s our right, and we all do it. There are times when I just say “what da hell” are they thinking (like the EJ/Abby thing). But I still enjoy the show overall.. Like I said, I don’t limit myself, saying the only reason I watch is EJ & Sami, because I don’t. Yes, they’re my favorite, but I like others too. I don’t compare the couples either, like comparing EJ & Sami to Eric & Nicole. They’re completely different, and I like them for different reasons.

    Sorry, but I haven’t heard EJ say directly to Sami the sex between Kristen & Eric was consensual. I remember him saying by what he saw from the video, that it looked consensual, but several others said the same thing after what they saw. He has not been repeating that during their discussions.

  140. From MAB

    Yep EJ made the decision to let Rafe stay locked up and watch him suffer, just as Rafe made the decision to try to hide the paternity of 2 of EJ’s children and watch him suffer. All the families on the show are important, but in different ways. But if you didn’t have families like the DiMera’s , you wouldn’t have the Brady’s or Horton’s either. At least not for any length of time. Days would’ve never survived as long as it has if it were all about the Horton’s & Brady’s…they survived because of families like the DiMera & Kiriakis clans.

  141. From gerri

    I know the show needs both good and bad characters,I would just like to see the good win,out some of the time.
    I do hope before the last curtain falls,on”" Days”"that the Dimeras,along with Victor,go down,for all their dirty deeds.

    Mab made a good point,hadn’t thought of it,but I also think Maxine and Abe would be a good fit.
    She is so nice,and is underused…

  142. From Kat

    121 MAB, exactly, that’s what EJ said.. it looked consensual, and from just seeing that hot video, anybody else would assume the same thing, not knowing what really happened. I would think so, if I had not seen what Kristin did to get Eric into bed….
    MAB check out TV source, they have a lot of good stuff on..

    EJ did nothing wrong, it was Kristin, so why would that bother him to a great extend, his knowledge is very very limited …now what he did with Abby, yes that deed/lie does and will bother him greatly and it should..

    EJ can not carry everybody else’s guilt and what they have done.

  143. From gerri

    lying and hiding the paternity,of one’s children,in no way is comparable,as putting your children’s lives in danger.

    Sami and Nicole(along with Kate)who helped Sami,by telling her EJ’S plan,knew enough to try and protect their children.It seems Sami has forgot all of this,but in spite of everything,they need to stay together,as they are the parents,of two children,and they can each try to out do the other,in the lying department,makes the show interesting,to watch their fights,not so much tho in their make-up sessions,which is really nothing,but grabbing and heavy breathing,no tenderness there.

  144. From Maryl

    Why would EJ need to unlock Rafe & set him free? That would have been a sign of sympathy for Rafe, in which case, EJ has absolutely none for the man who tried to keep him from his children and also, from EJ’s point of view, came between him and Sami. It wasn’t EJ’s idea to clone and lock Rafe in the dungeon, but he certainly didn’t have a problem with it, because he has no love for the interfering Rafe. EJ acts civil to Rafe now only because of Johnny. Rafe was sticking his nose into DiMera business and Stefano was tired of that. So knowing what the DiMeras are capable of, Rafe was asking for it. Rafe turned out to be not so tough and clever as he thought he was. Fits in real well with the Salem PD.

    The DiMeras and the Bradys are like the Capulets and Montagues or
    Hatfields & McCoys. One has to wonder if they even know why they hate each other. It was supposed to have started because of Colleen & Santo, but there are faded areas in that SL which were never fully explained by the writers, so it leaves you wondering if there is more. Too many SLs were simply dropped. Anyway, it creates an on-going sl for the town of Salem. Maybe John will have some more answers since he found out that Colleen Brady was not his mother afterall.

  145. From patty

    Awesome and true posts gerri! Nothing anybody has ever done comes even close to the dirty deeds of the Demiras. There is not one crime or atrocity they didn’t commit. Trying to keep children from them is the only logical thing to do. Now I know every show has to have its villains but doesn’t mean we have to like their actions. If Sami had a brain in her head she would take her children out of there but since when has Sami put her children first? Besides she’s become a serial murderer herself, someone needs to keep children away from her too. That being said, I wonder if she’s the one lurking in the shadows listening to Abby and EJ’s conversation. I hope so, I want her to become suspicious and turn green with jealousy every time Abby and EJ cross paths.

  146. From Maryl

    #125 Gerri–tell that to a parent who was lied to and denied access to their own child. One would not even know whether their child is alive, ill or in danger. Where is the comparison?

    As far as Sami and EJ’s children being in danger–don’t buy that for a minute. EJ happens to care about his children very much, so when would he, being a DiMera, not be in total synch with the safety and well-being of his children? Even Sami has always known that. She used the kids “safety” concerns only when she wanted to get something over EJ.

  147. From Loretta

    Lied to and denied access to their child, the DiMeras have done that, too, like say when EJ hid Sydney and made Sami think she was dead. The DiMeras have covered pretty much all the bases when it comes to crime. I don’t see how anyone can deny that – but to each his own.

    EJ and Abigail were good again today. No sex scenes but those two actors really do have chemistry. Thought for a minute there EJ was going to offer her a drink since he was having one! – that he very much needed after Jennifer’s visit! EJ’s relief was rather comical when he realized Jennifer was NOT all hot and bothered about his and Abigail’s sex. Wish we wouldn’t have been left dangling after Jordan and Cheryl’s talk. But that’s how it will be for a while. Kate is really a piece of work!

    Speaking of comical, I just can’t take Nick’s “murder” seriously because first of all, I don’t think he is dead, and secondly, Kate, Sami, and Gaby are really funny together over the whole thing. Gaby is the only one of the three who regrets it. Kate has other interests on her mind now, too, and Sami will also when she finds out about EJ and Abigail! Wonder if it was her or Stefano lurking in the entryway?! Or who else?!

  148. From Cougar

    Good grief Abigail, asking why it happened?! It happened because you wouldn’t take no for an answer and jumped EJ’s bones! As you yourself said any woman with a pulse would want to sleep with EJ. Remember that little gem that came from your lips.

    Secondly the next operation that Dr. Dan performs will be a face transplant. If that person skulking around the mansion is Sami overhearing that you slept with EJ, she’s gonna rip your face off if.

  149. From patty

    Maryl, obviously the Brady’s and Horton’s reason for hating the Demiras is because they have tried to destroy each and every member of their family. They have every reason and cause to distrust and dislike them. The Demira’s reasons for hating them is anybody’s guess, most likely because they fight back . I think they just do it for kicks myself. The Salemites may never be able to take the Demiras down, but they haven’t taken them down either. They’re still standing strong.The Demiras are the ones that always end up alone.

  150. From Loretta

    It looked consensual but EJ knows it wasn’t. If my fiance’s brother, who she loves so much, was in the mess Eric is in and my sister was the one responsible, I would care deeply and have regrets. Guess I’m just funny that way! All EJ has to do is tell Sami yes, my sister drugged your brother and I know he was not responsible for what happened. Sami would be back in EJ’s arms in a flash. But he can’t bring himself to do that. For one thing, he would look at it as a betrayal of Kristen, and for another thing he doesn’t like Eric. I agree with someone else who said he is ejoying Eric being brought down.

    I can’t wait for Eric to bare his soul to Nicole like I read in a spoiler!

  151. From Cougar

    Danniell I too think that Maxine is an underutilized talent. I’m not sure I can picture he with Abe though. For some reason I think I can picture her as already married, though perhaps to someone deployed in the military. At any rate she is a salt of the earth type married to a good hard working man. If not the hubby ion the military certainly a son who might be deployed. I really wish that the writers can see her as a diamond in the rough waiting to have her own sl.

  152. From Kat

    130 Cougar, love what you had to say… Abby, really now, she seduced EJ all the way, and now she is acting… “What happened”.. Priceless.
    Can’t wait for Sami to find out, or get some clues….another Priceless…

    And Jennifer, such outrage about Chad..she made it almost sound as if EJ did it… and not Chad .. IMO

    Besides, isn’t Abby a bit old, supposed an almost College grad.. has been out in the world like forever, she lived in Europe going to College there, before she came back to Salem years ago.
    Shouldn’t Mommy start to mind her own business and work on her own messy stuff. Men,stay away from these two, Mother and daughter, they are also priceless….

    Chad should be glad he is rid of Abby, she played him before and after Cam broke up with her.
    She had no idea that Chad lied about his brain tumor…and that is why Cam left her..
    She did not have to take Chad if she really did not love him, it’s on her, She made the choice .. and made Chad the Consolation price.. Really Abby, you are the one that went with Chad under false pretense… you did not love you played Chad… what came first, the chicken or the egg.

    And now you went after EJ, yes you did,
    and it’s already starting, blaming him for what she initiated, more than once…
    Good grief.
    Guess the writers have a reason, why they are writing Jenn and Abby so annoying….
    but I am sure, many out there just love their characters, the way I like EJ,Sami and Stefano.. Great convincing acting by everyone, they really know how to evoke feelings in their fans…

  153. From Loretta

    What I saw was that the sex between Abigail and EJ happened because they both wanted it to. After her remark about any woman with a pulse, etc., etc. they looked into each other’s eyes, and after a couple of weak protests from EJ, they did the deed. And then they did it again! No protests from EJ the second time!
    But I’m not complaining. I enjoyed it. But now Abigail thinks EJ might have had an ulterior motive and that’s why she asked him why it happened. Just MO, as y’all say on here!

  154. From Hellolisare

    Ok, I didn’t want people to think I am in the habit of rewriting the character’s dialogue. So, I watched the two clips from right after the big reveal. What he said was “After what you brother did to my poor sister.” “If anyone was the aggressor” Sami called Kristin a rapist. He replied “You don’t know there were drugs involved.”

    They keep having the same fight over and over so I didn’t watch any more clips. But clearly he is denying that drugs were involved when he knows better.

  155. From Maryl

    Loretta, yes EJ kept Sydney hidden from Sami, but it was all about getting back and causing her the same hurt he felt when he was told that he was the father of little Grace upon her death. Remember the scene with EJ and the baby in the morgue? It was totally heartbreaking. James Scott stated that it was one of the hardest scenes he ever had to perform.
    Also, right before the kidnapping, EJ had overheard Sami and Rafe cooking up ideas about keeping him out of Sydney’s life. I think he acted out of total hurt and anger. He later regretted what he had done, of course, and returned Sydney to Sami. I think EJ also admitted to Anna that he still loved Sami. I don’t think Sami or Rafe would have ever let EJ know about his own child had she not died and I believe they would have tried to keep Sydney away from him as much a possible. Of course, Grace was not Sami & EJ’s child but EJ mourned her just the same believing she was. She did turn out to be a DiMera afterall–Chad’s child.

    Patty, you are absolutely right! Stefano has caused the Bradys, Hortons and their offspring quite a bit of misery. He does seem to enjoy himself. I don’t think he has any true intentions of destroying them, but he likes to mess with them–chess game style. If he wanted to truly destroy them, they would all be gone. He must think of them as mice and himself the big black cat. The one thing about Stefano is that he has never killed any of them–he just likes to mess with their brains or lock them up for a while. This being said, he has actually saved some of them from disasters. Couple of examples are when he took care of and helped save a pregnant Hope from crazy Princess Gina, and for crying out loud, he even helped save the saintly Marlena from the Devil himself. EJ saved John from Stefano and Dr. Rolf and so on and so on. Stefano must believe in holding on to his “toys”! I have always thought of Stefano as being more comedy than drama. All in all, I think the Bradys and the Hortons are actually safe–they just need to keep their bags packed just in case Stefano wants to put them in his dungeon for a while. We have Joseph Mascolo to thank for this character who keeps us both laughing and angry at the same time.

  156. From Kat

    Wow, you guys should read
    Christine’s weekly Friday blog for 1/10
    she either read some of my latest posts, or her and I are on the same page about Abby/EJ and Sami… and guess what, she even used my word “horny”…
    Thank you Christine.. I so agree with everything you had to say.
    And of course, I am not the only on here,thinking my way….

    Maryl, great analysis about Stefano and EJ… you are so right about what has happened in the past, and the fall outs from all the schemes and plots on both sides..

  157. From patty

    Maryl, when I speak of the Demiras, I speak of all of them. Stephano, EJ, Kristen and yes even Chad who was being schooled into their wicked ways. They’ve all deliberately set out to destroy or deceive with no reason. They’ve even tried to destroy each other then they turn around and pretend family comes first blah, blah ,blah. EJ disowned his father more than once, then grovels his way right back in . Stephano has turned on all his children. Kristen just used her family so she could get revenge on John and Marlena. EJ may have saved John but he also framed him for no obvious reason. EJ participated in all his father’s plots to destroy Rafe and was cheering on imposter Rafe for having sex with Sami, putting his children at risk. His plan to kidnap Sydney was all his own, not his father’s. He kicked Sydney out on the street with Nicole after raising her for months when he thought she wasn’t his. Those are not just Stephano’s cat and mouse games, those are the doings of a hard hearted and cruel man. He is now lying and cheating on the woman he has fought long and hard to posess and they haven’t made it to the altar yet. If EJ’s lips are moving, he is lying. I don’t mean withholding information, I mean lies upon lies which Sami can detect because she’s an expert at it herself. EJ is Stephano’s son and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree but nobody makes him do anything he doesn’t want to do. That goes for having sex with Abby too.
    Oh and so much for Stephano’s promise to God. He’s now giving orders for something “bad” to happen to Daniel, the man who saved both his sons. These are just a few reasons why the Salemites don’t trust the Demiras.

  158. From Clear

    Abby forcefully out of guilt, or drawn like a moth to light demanding EJ tell her why he slept with her is like asking for a repeat performance!

    Then so guilt ridden and accusatory when he doesn’t jump her bones again! She wants a rationalization for what she did and reasons to continue to be with him again. EJ wants to be done, but she is in his face.

    I too want to see Eric and Nicole find happiness. I am still hoping the writers will find Nicole’s baby that she miscarried first alive because it was sold by the bad doc–or let her marry Eric and have a child finally!

  159. From Loretta

    Maryl, in my mind it was no where near an adequate excuse for what EJ did.
    As for what Sami and Rafe would or would not have done but for the fact that Grace died, they are fictional people and all we know as truth is how the writers played it. You know how EJ fans hate it when someone projects thoughts into EJ’s head, so we shouldn’t do it to other characters, either.

  160. From gerri

    the comparison is clear,EJ was well aware,that the imposter” Rafe”,was with Sami and his children,and should have known,that sex would happen,with his beloved,and god knows what,might happen to his children,apparently he wasn’t worried,or else he wouldn’t have went along with his father’s plan.

    It seemed like for awhile,EJ was possibly becoming one of the good family guys,and I was hoping it might be,and he and Sami,would prove,that people can change,and they would be “”"the couple”"”
    but doubting now that they just aren’t meant to be.It actually would ruin the show,if they changed.

    I’M ready for other S/L’s to be front and center,like the mystery
    of Jordan and Cheryl,,and the possible pairing of Eric/Nicole,and will Brady and Theresa get rehab,and become a couple,and maybe help other addicts?

    Will Gabi go off the deep-end,and confess to law enforcement?
    and how soon,will Nick show up again? and Anne my Gosh,big mystery here as to why she hates Jenn and the Hortons so much,I’m ready to know why…

  161. From gerri

    #139 Patty,good post as all of yours are………..agree,agree,agree!!!

  162. From Kat

    Should Abby decide to confess gerri, I hope she comes all the way clean, and tell the Law just what she did to Melanie,
    curious to see how Brady, Abby and Jenn, will react when they learn that Madison and Jack got killed because of the chain reaction our “sweet little Gaby” set in motion. Gaby is not that weak little girl, she proved that, when she let Melanie locked up in a room, being tortured by Andrew, not knowing from moment to moment what this guy might do, she did not confess then, and she won’t now.
    I do not feel bad for Gaby, she fits right in with Kate and Sami.
    Why always bring up what EJ did in the past, he is not the same man anymore, nobody brings up all the baggage others have, only EJ, Yes and Stefano, but I can see it with Stefano..

    P.S. we all had our say about EJ when he put the Fake Rafe into Sami’s bed..etc.. this is a new chapter, just like Victor, etc. are in new chapters..

  163. From patty

    Hi gerri! Good to be blogging with you again and see familiar “faces”, lol! Hope Jolie, SandyGram and Just Moi and the rest of the gang decide to join us but I understand that some might be hesitant because of e-mail addresses showing. Big shout out to all of them anyway!
    I am so enjoying Rafe and Jordan right now but I am ready for Rafe to be back in cop mode and be aware of what is going on around him. I like the slow build of his and Jordan’s romance but I can’t wait to find out what is up with her past. She is an absolute sweatheart and perfect for him so far so I’m hoping whatever she’s hiding is not enough to destroy that. I wish Kate would just get back to her murder cover up and leave them alone.
    Eric(GV) has got to be the most gorgeous man ever and I can’t wait for him to tell Nicole he loves her, even though the guy can speak with his eyes and she’s blind if she can’t see it by the way he looks at her.I think going back to the priesthood is not as important to him as it used to be. I want Nicole to be happy, please don’t let her make a mistake with Daniel.
    I had to laugh at the way EJ checked himself out in the mirror before going in to see Ms Deveraux. Dude is smitten. I really thought that Jenn knew everything there for a minute and so did he. He was sweating bullets when she said Sami needs to know.
    I think Abbigail is more guilt ridden than EJ is about what happened between them. She is full of self doubt and remorse and he seems to think she has nothing to blame herself for. I think what Abby meant when she asked why it happened is was he using her to keep her quiet. She has already told him she wasn’t taken advantage of because she wanted it to happen at the time. She didn’t set out to seduce him, he’s the one who seeked her out on Smith Island . I believe the attraction was already there and they acted on it, both of them. It will probably happen again.
    Love seeing more of Lucas. I hope he and Cheryl hit it off, if she’s not trouble that is. And if his mother stays out of it.

  164. From Amber

    WOW!! Days hasn’t been this good WITH sooo many different characters in quite a long time!! Loved the Jennifer and EJ scenes!!! That was fun! BUT WHY DO SOOOO MANY PPL MAKE ME FEEL BAD BECAUSE I DONT GIVE A FLIP ABOUT EJAMI/EJABBY!!! Abby annoys me…

    LOVE Lucas and Sheryl!!! Jordan and Rafe bore me to tears though…thank God for Lucas and Kate making that story tolerable, lol.

    ERICOLE: I am soooo excited next week…but worried at the same time!! I can’t stand how the writers keep trying to make us think Nicole might love Daniel! I’m holding onto the idea that after Eric and her both confess their love: GAME OVER…Danicole dies, right???

  165. From Maryl

    Kat, you are right about Gabi–she is definitely not Ms.Innocence. She
    has a dark side to her that leads her into trouble and then she complicates other peoples lives because for some reason they always feel sorry for her and think that they have to help her. I thought Sonny really had her number, but now it appears she is
    ok with him too. However, she isn’t all bad either. She does have a nice side to her too, but I will definitely not miss her when she is gone.

    Kat, it’s no use trying to defend anything EJ does. This site is definitely anti EJ. EJ is a very complex person. He has a loving side and a dark side. You either have the ability to see him both ways and understand his behavior or you see him as black & white–no in between. EJ is always motivated to do something for a reason. Sometimes out of anger, and sometimes out of love. He is
    a DiMera and like he told Abby, he is the son of the Prince of Darkness. Ha! I liked that! His life is not easy. He has had this loyalty to the DiMera family imbred in him. It’s not going to change soon if ever. So many times he expresses disgust and disapproves of Stefano’s deeds. He certainly hated what Kristin did to Eric. Kristin not only hurt Eric, she hurt EJ too. His relationship with Sami is now suffering because he, once again, thinks he has to protect his sister. Yes, he could tell Sami he knew Eric was drugged, but even if he came forth wouldn’t it be just heresay? All the bad stuff had already gone down when EJ found out about it. Anyone who watched the episode between him & Kristin should see that he did not know what she had done and to who until right before the wedding. All EJ knew was that Kristin was working on some sort of “plan” to get her revenge on Marlena. I think that’s what he meant when he was talking with Stefano. He did of course by then know the whole of Kristin’s stupid plot.

    So much for this week. My fingers hurt from typing so much in the past couple of Days! Ha.

    MAB and Cougar Hi to the both of you! I have really enjoyed reading your blogs!

    By the way, James Scott was #l actor, Alison Sweeney #l actress and EJ & Sami #l couple on this past week’s TV Source Magazine Pulse Poll. Over 5,500 votes were cast between all the other soaps’ actors & actress. I have kept up with the polls and J. Scott & A. Sweeney have steadily held a top spot for all of 2013. The same in the popular couple category–EJ & Sami were always near or close to the top. Good to know that it’s mostly this site that has such a problem with EJ & Sami. Ha!

  166. From Linda

    I agree with Kat. Eric has shown a side of him that suggests that he chose the wrong vocation.
    As for EJ, he’s a man & Abby was
    available – I know that sounds sexish – but she is dumb as a brick.
    Not that I wish it,but if she is pg, just think what the all mighty
    “holy” Hortons will say – good God the baby is a DIMERA!!!!!
    Jen is a snob, thinks she is better than everyone & Abi is her
    mother’s child – can’t keep her mouth shut – nor keep a secret.
    She deserves a good coming down & her mother also needs to come down
    a bit. She walks around like she is special – a “princess” who never seems to be at work.
    As for EJ, Sami is in deep trouble
    EJ has evidence against the “3 murderous Amigos” & they know it.
    Sami is risking everything because
    of Eric & he’s got the hots for Nicole – Sami will hate that – so
    she risks losing her kids & jail -
    Enough said – Sami better take gd
    care of EJ or else enjoy pinstripes.

  167. From Kat

    147 Maryl, you make me laugh, but you are so enjoyable to read, and so right on the money…

    148 Linda, you said it, so true. I like your post..

    We all know by now, that Eric is done with the priesthood.. From the background story, I think he entered into it more out of guilt, what had happened
    to the other priest, than anything else. Also, he always acted to much on his personal feeling, like who came to see him, he did not have the kind forgiving/helpful feelings towards everybody that needed him.. he decided who he thought was worthy to get his Ear..
    He should been there even more for the “Sinners”, but no, if a DiMera came he got snotty and high and mighty… that’s not what God would have done, He welcomes all, especially Sinners.

    So I think,Eric will do better on the outside, living a useful good life with the right kind of woman by his side.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Eric, but just don’t think that the priest hood is his calling after all.
    The weekend is calling….

  168. From Clear

    Linda, 148- – good pithy comments I agree with short and to the point too! Wish I’d said them. LOL!

    Anne feels the same way about Princess Jenn, but her character is mean, conniving and vindictive! So, I love it when Dr. Dan puts Anne in her place. I really like Maxine too.

  169. From patty

    One thing I agree with you about Linda, EJ could very well use the evidence against Sami to keep her in line,or to agree to marry him if she tries to leave after finding out about his affair.
    I disagree that Abby is as dumb as a rock, she’s an intelligent, strong and beautiful young woman, the complete opposite of Sami and the reason why EJ is so drawn to her.

  170. From Tina

    MAB….please let people have their opinions. You have yours. If we don’t like EJ, we don’t like him. Don’t be so condescending. And you chased a lot of people away with your personal attacks before, don’t start again please. We all want to say what we believe, our opinions. Let us all have them. That’s all. Oh and I don’t like the new Will at all.

  171. From Clear

    Patty, Abby is sharp intellectually for work or studies, but for common sense and relationships dumb as a rock– or immature.

    When Abs had Chad and The good doctor both after her, she should have been able to go with a preference to start with and avoided trouble. Either she wanted one of them or nothing, but she couldn’t make up her mind.

    I think she still wants to have her cake and eat it too, but cannot decide how to do it. So she will be a drama queen while she messes everything up really well. Whether one is pro Ejami or Ejabby, EJ would not have done the deed if her character had backed off, but instead she kept on coming on to him.

  172. From patty

    Clear, yes I agree that Abby is immature in some ways, she is after all still a college girl, but she is much more level headed and grown up than Sami. Sami is like a 5 year old who needs a man to clean up after her messes.I am neither pro EJami or pro EJabby, I think Abby made a grave mistake having sex with Elvis, so does she, but I do think that Abby is no more responsible for what happened than he is. He didn’t put up a very convincing fight and he stayed for seconds and possibly thirds. He could have walked out at any time, he’s the one in a relationship. I won’t blame either Abby or Sami for this, men who cheat do it because they want to. But I do like that they are sticking it to Samantha because she’s an impulsive,lying, cheating, selfish murderer herself and she totally deserves it for the griefsex.

  173. From Helen

    Abby did not have her sights set on EJ and intend to seduce him. When she first encountered him on the island, she was cautious and a little afraid, especially when she realized Hope wasn’t on the island, too, and she was alone there with EJ. What happened between her and EJ was both their faults, if one wants to call it a fault. What tells the tale there is that they did it TWICE. I enjoyed the scenes.

    It always surprises me how infatuated some fans are with EJ that they excuse his faults and try to justify them by endlessly trying to explain reasons why he’s doing what he’s doing at any given time. And also pointing out the bad deeds done by other characters on the show as if saying “see they do bad things, too, so EJ is not so bad”. I admire James Scott. He is handsome and talented and he has the part of EJ absolutely nailed. But I separate that from EJ. I don’t like EJ, never have. He’s a bad one, following in Stefano’s steps. I recognize he has tried to be a better person but the bad seed is there. James Scott is talented enough to have made me not like EJ.

  174. From gerri

    our girl Sami,will fall into EJ’S arms again,but this time,It will be “”anger sex”"after learning about EJ’S and Abby’s tryst,of course EJ will brain wash her,into believing ,the reasons,behind it,protecting the mother of her grandchild,and her giving him,the cold shoulder,and moving out from his bed.

    Tina,you said it well#152.
    some of us,see the Dimera’s differently,and will post our opinions,let us be….
    we all watch the show,and wish the writers would put certain couples together,nothing whatsoever wrong with that.

    like I’ve said before,I hope in the end,that the good win out,no matter if it might be boring,in some’s eyes.I think there is a huge difference between being bad and evil”wrecking lives,kidnapping,murder,these acts are nothing short of evil,and the Dimera’s and also Victor are front
    and center. many posters (both sides)have good ideas,about different characters.

    I think Rafe and Jordan,will make a good couple,and maybe Lucas and Cheryl,it’s high time Lucas got a good S/L and hopefully a lasting relationship,(Kate stay out of it)

    I’m so ready for Eric and Nicole,to become a couple,(Marlena and Sami stay out of it)Maybe a child will be in Nicole’s future,either by birth or adoption..
    ain’t too sure yet about the new Will.

  175. From Amy

    I hate the Abby/EJ fling Think it wrong cant stand Abby she id immature does not deserve a man like EJ. She cant keep a secret. Let Eric and Nicole be together. Let Lucas have Sami he can handle her childish ways. and give hope to Rafe. EJ is a dog. Abby does not deserve anyone either I cant stand her act so innocent character.

  176. From Kate

    I wish they would clean up this Nick mess and get on with the other story lines. Didn’t like him dead or alive!

  177. From Cougar

    Hey Maryl. Its good to hear from you,MAB & Kat again. Hey Kat remember you commenting that this site used to be hopping with lots of comments. It seems to be on its way back again 156 comments.
    EJ does it again spark controversy and opinion. Love him or hate him a lot of the comments are EJ, Sami & Abby centered

    I think there would be more posts, but others like me have had periodic trouble with our email addresses showing up. I know that I don’t chime as often due to that.

    But it sure is good to hear from some of our regulars even those on the other side of the EJami fence Gerri & Patty – good to be communicating again.

  178. From SASHA

    At first i was upset about the Ej/Abby thing. in one hand i wanted to slap Ej but in the other i wanted to say GO ABS the man is hot!!!! not happy about the new Will. (no offence) but i loved the old Will! What happened??

  179. From Clear

    Yes to to all these comments about Sami, EJ, and Abs from you, Patti, Gerri, and Cougar. Plus Kate, I never liked the Nick character they made either. When he was first on years ago he was kind of funny to start, but they soon villainized him.

    I like to see the SL wrap up with justice and some closure too. They leave too many loose ends. Whatever happened to Anna? Roman was married to her at one point? There are lots more things that people wouldn’t forget at the Salem PD or ISA.

  180. From Gentzy

    Well the writers have finally hit rock bottom!!!! A storyline with EJ sleeping with Abigail!!!
    Will they have her sleeping with Stefano next?????????
    Do NOT like the ‘new Will’. He doesn’t seem relaxed or natural. His acting seems forced or fake, don’t know which. Definitely DO NOT like him with Sonny!!!!!!!

  181. From Gentzy

    I agree. I don’t like the new will at all.

  182. From bobbi

    #139 Patti Thank you so much for your opinion on the Dimera’s. A Dimera, is a Dimera, is a Dimera.
    The only one that had a shred of decency was Tony. And that poor guy ended up unknowingly falling in love with his sister. Thanks, again to Stepheno. How many kids does he have, bloodline and adoption? Thought Chad had half a chance, but even though he fought it for a while, I think wanting a family (especially a father figure) was winning out.
    #156 Kate-agree with you on the Nick story. If I have to see that drowning scene one more time—. Let’s get to the part where Sami has more to do than a cat covering poo. She has a murder to cover up, E.J. has been unfaithful, the 2 men she usually turns to are now getting into relationships and she has to figure out how to break them up. And a business to run. Oh, and let’s not forget, 3 kids to raise. Girl is going to busy. And give the new Will a chance. He just came into a part that has been played for years by someone else. Tough shoes to fill.

  183. From Kat

    I think We All know by now,Who and What the DiMera’s are….and that is why Myself and so many others just “love” to watch them. This show is In Big Part made by the DiMera’s LOL…
    The writers know what they are doing.. just look around, all we ever talk about is the DiMera’s, and Sami…They are the draw to the show. And .. if some day there is no more big talk, by all sides about the DiMera’s, I am sure, the writers will figure out, that the DiMera’s have lost their staying power and their punch and will create Another “Evil/but so loveable.. Family”.
    After all, Victor has gone soft, and except for a few funny comments,he is now For the most Part… boring and under Maggie’s thumb. Sure, he had a moment with the video..said..”Had”.

    I remember now where Cheryl is from.. played on Passions..”Jessica”.

    159 Gentzy, you made me laugh.. Abby sleeping with Stefano…that’s a good one…I know she likes older men, but she would have to develop a GrandFather complex to go for our Sweet Stefano.
    I am willing to give the new Will a chance.. he just seems a bit uncomfortable yet in his role.. reserve judgement..

    Agree, one more drowning Nick pic, would be one to many..prob. doing it for fans that do not watch every day, to keep them up to speed.

    Looking forward to more with our “Prince and Princess of Darkness”….and not to forget the “King of Darkness”,
    after all, “The Queen of Darkness” being Sami’s Mommy, well that’s what our King calls her..

    You just got to love DOOL, what a Grown up Fairytale it is, so way out, with such a variety of great characters. Well put together ensemble..
    A bit for everybody, so nobody feels deprived who to love or hate or get annoyed by…
    Long live DOOL.

  184. From reardon

    Gentzy, I agree with you that the new Will looks forced and wooden. I thought the same thing when Chandler Massey first started as Will. He was green as an actor and it showed. He knew all his lines but just didn’t look comfortable in his role and it took quite awhile for him to grow into it. Chandler soon became my favorite actor on the show, as well as Will being my favorite character when he portrayed him. Now Will has to start over again with a new green actor portraying him. He’ll grow into it the same way Chandler did. We just have to give the new actor a chance to show it.

  185. From Clear

    Yes, Marlena, Queen of the Night! What will happen with her and John. What is he bringing back to Salem?

  186. From Maryl

    Jordan doesn’t impress me very much. She is like a mannequin trying to be human. She lacks emotion and even her movements are stiff and come across as rehearsed. Maybe that’s how she is supposed to appear right now. I think the new girl, Cheryl, has a lot more substance to her and she has only been on the show for a few days. Like her with Lucas!

    I don’t see chemistry between Rafe and Jordan for now. However, I do see a spark between Hope and Rafe. I don’t think Rafe can ever replace Bo, but I think he could have a good sl with Hope and Ciarra. Since Bo is out of the picture, Hope needs a good sl of her own. She is being wasted. There is so much more to her than having her run behind goofy Jen offering moral support.

    Abby seems to have a sex issue. She obviously wants it really bad, but can’t seem to reason when it’s right or wrong. She can’t seem to control herself. She is no little girl in today’s times. She is out of college, so she must be at least 22 yr. old—that would make her a woman. We know she thinks that of herself, as she reminded EJ of it. She is not altogether inexperienced either. She should have learned something from her mess with Austin. She also rushed into bed with Chad while she still preferred Cam, supposedly. We haven’t had a nymphomaniac on Days that I know of, maybe that’s what Abby’s problem will be. Please, writers don’t do that to poor Abby. I know Kim Brady was a prostitute at one time, but I don’t remember anyone being a nympho.

  187. From Kat

    Clear, you are right.. Marlena is the Queen of the Night…Thank you.. Well it’s dark, no matter what.

  188. From Kat

    164 Maryl, I think Abby will get totally obsessed with EJ, she might even end up thinking that EJ killed Nick, as this thing goes on.. she did accuse him of sleeping with Gaby.. anything can happen with an out of control Abby, and of course busy body mother Jenn won’t help a bit, only make things worse.
    When Jack, Jenn, JJ and Abby left Salem close to 8 years ago, she had just graduated High School with Bo’s daughter Chelsea.
    Abby has been a grown woman for a long long time.
    So something must be not quite right with her, for the way she has been acting with men…..
    EJ, dummy, what did you get yourself into. Looking forward .. watching all the fall out and fireworks that are coming up for sure…

  189. From MAB

    Ok, so anything bad anyone has ever done on this show doesn’t come close to anything bad the DiMeras have done. Wow, that’s a joke! I guess Too funny. It’s likeSami’s problem regarding her children was always Stefano, not so much EJ. She only tried to keep her children from EJ for spite, because he had moved on w/ Nicole, the first time, then the second time, she decided she wanted Rafe to play daddy so they both lied to EJ…then Rafe took it upon himself when Nicole got pregnant to play father to her child too, and once again lie to EJ. And those kids lives have been put in danger by ALL the adults around them, not just EJ, so he’s not the only one to blame.

    OMG, please stop the madness that is Jen & Abigail! Jen was absolutely pathetic! She ran over to the DiMera mansion, like a mother going to school to scold someone for messing w/ her child. She goes over babbling a bunch of nonsense to EJ blamimg him for what happened between Abby & Chad, and all the while acting like her daughter played no part in what happened. She is a big girl Jen, but as long as you keep acting like she’s little miss perfect and handle her problems for her, she’s never gonna grow up. Then Abby shows up, ugh! She told EJ straight up at the cabin that they ONLY reason their sexcapade happened was because SHE allowed it to happen…and now she’s backpedalling asking why it happened, and blaming EJ for using her. REALLY????????????????? Did she really think he had sex w/ her because he had feelings for her? How dumb can she be? He’s engaged to and is in love w/ Sami! How many times is that going to have to be pointed out? But she doesn’t care about Sami feelings, I mean she doesn’t even care about Gabi’s feelings, only her own! She is selfish, and childish. She acts like she’s exempt from being wronged, and that life experiences can’t happen to her, only other people. She acts like everyone owes her something, and that the world revolves around her (like mother, like daughter). She’s just SO immature! Also, during her scenes w/ EJ at the mansion, the acting inexperience was obvious. Sorry, but Kate Mansi is just not in the same league as James Scott. And I’m sure once Ali Sweeney enters the scene, her inexperience will just be more evident. Big mistake writers involving her w/ these caliber actors.

    Tina – hmm, here we go again, being called out for expressing MY opinion. So you wanna stir the pot, huh? Didn’t you learn anything from before? Talk about condescending! I’m not saying or doing anything different than anyone else on here who opposes opinions. It works both ways. No one was driven away from this site, anyone who did leave left on their own accord. If you have such a problem with me, then why do you continue to read my comments? Skip them! It’s THAT simple! Do not address me personally again.

  190. From MAB

    Spoilers say when Jen tells Abby to stay away from EJ, she defends him. Spoilers are also saying Abby becomes obsessed w/ EJ. Oh no, say it isn’t so! I knew this would be a repeat of the Austin thing. Abs needs some therapy, and fast! She no doubt has a problem w/ obsessing over men, not to mention someone needs to set her straight on how self-centered, and childish she is. Future spoilers say Abby thinks EJ murdered Nick. Oh boy, is this girl clueless or what???

  191. From Maryl

    I was kidding about Abby being a nympho in my previous blog. Surely the writers wouldn’t try to go there. (Ha!) MAB, I do agree with you that she has some kind of problem obsessing over men! Something there is no normal, but then look who her mother is. I also thought Jen was ridiculous going after EJ concerning the situation between Chad and her. So stupid! Now that spoilers say Abby will have more encounters with EJ, I’m wondering if she will still continue to play the part of a victim, and act so upset with herself. If she does and continues to pursue sex with EJ, then I think we can all presume that something with her is amiss. I don’t like what the writers are doing to EJ and Sami, but I think it will be fun watching everything explode, especially Sami!

    Kat, I’m with you on EJ being a dummy, but he is sure one gorgeous hunk of a dummy!! I guess that could be Abby’s problem–she is addicted to the DiMera men–just leave Stefano alone, please Abby, he belongs with Kate. Kate could mellow him down a bit for sure.

  192. From Heather #1

    I see the comment section on the new page is closed. I hope that means they are fixing the problem of emails showing up on other people’s computers. MAB’s was the last one on mine. It’s always the last person to post.

    Everyone’s opinion has validity and is credible and I think sometimes if posters come across in their comments like another opinion is not then that creates a problem. We are all on here because we like the show and enjoy discussing it. No opinion is to be discounted because we see what we see and we think what we think. It’s like in a court of law when 2 eyewitnesses each see something entirely different.

  193. From Maryl

    Tina, if you believe EJ fans need to stop responding to negativity written about him by anti EJ bloggers in order to be “acceptable”, then I’m afraid you will be quite disappointed with us, because we will defend EJ, especially when facts about him and his past are twisted and misconstrued. I think we can all be happy bloggers even though we don’t agree about the characters. Debating is fun as long as we don’t get personal. It is afterall, only a soap opera.

  194. From MAB

    Heather #1 – I see the last person’s name who posted too. I wished they would fix this. Also, great comments about everyone’s opinions, I agree…besides, that is all they are anyway, just opinions. Don’t know why some get so bent out of shape.

    Maryl – ditto!

  195. From Heather #1

    I think Tina was only referring to the consescending nature of some of the posts. I don’t think she wanted to start anything. Just asking for a little patience with other people’s opinions. There is a friedly way to disagree. I haven’t been on here long but I saw right away that there’s an edge to some of the comments.

  196. From Heather #1

    P.S. I am not really that bad of a speller. I re-read my comments before I hit submit but sometimes they show-up with letters missng. I think “condescending” was my own type-o, tho.

    I so much enjoy ALL the comments by everyone. I will write more often when the email problem is repaired.

  197. From Maryl

    Heather#l You are right, there is an “edge” sometimes to some of the comments, but it comes from both sides, so I think it is sort of a healthy balance. Shows how passionate we are about the character we like or dislike. Also, to think that the nature of a post sounds condescending is just one blogger’s opinion in itself. We are all guilty of sounding that way at times, especially if we are hashing over the facts about a character. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are trying to appear superior or smarter, it’s just that you simply know or looked up the facts about the character or sl you are blogging about and want to pass the info on. I myself appreciate learning something I either forgot about or didn’t pick up on while watching the show.

  198. From patty

    Maryl, if there was a “nymphomaniac” story on this show, I would say it would most likely be Theresa. She has came on to every man she has been in contact with, Vargas, some ugly biker dude, JJ , Daniel and according to spoilers she will soon be trying to take advantage of a drunken Brady.I don’t think that word could be used to describe Abby who was a virgin right up to her last college year and had sex with one guy before EJ.
    I thought today’s show was hilarious with EJ piling on the lies and Sami giving advice on men to Abby. I suppose they are going to become besties before it all hits the fan.
    From the spoilers I read, Abby continues to be wracked with guilt over what happened but it says nothing about him feeling a twinge of remorse . Of course it happens again, they have the hots for each other, Sami or no Sami. Abby will most likely take Sami’s advice and not let what happens with a man define her. Lmao at Sami, we don’t keep any secrets from each other. Sami , you are so clueless! Like her hair .
    Nicole walking in on Dr. Creepy in Daniel’s living room wearing just a towel, Eric to the rescue I hope. Can’t wait.
    Wish JJ would just spill to Daniel already. That witch Theresa has got to be taken down soon.
    Nice seeing Marlena make an appearance. Hope to see more of her.

  199. From Cougar

    Loved, loved , loved that Sami admitted to Abigail she loves EJ and he loves her no matter what at the end of the day. Too bad EJ wasn’t eaves dropping when she said it.

    It just about busted a gut laughing when Brady called Teresa a bitch. The second most funny thing was Teresa hiding in the bushes when JJ was talking to Dan. She looked like a malevolent evil troll.

    Cant wait to see what Dr. Chyka does with a naked towel drapped Nicole! Yikes stripes. Chyka definitely screwed up by showing up at the hospital with out a disguise unless he did harm to the other Dr. that is supposed to meet with Dr. Dan/ Chyka has very distinctive looks and does not exactly blend into the back ground. That bald head really stands out.

  200. From MAB

    You can disagree all day long, and even make comments about others opinions, but there is no reason to address someone on a personal level in a negative way. IMO, when you point someone out by name, you are trying to start something.

  201. From Cougar

    I really think that I can see Brady and Teresa winding up together. I just see them sharing a coke spoon in some dark alley. They say addicts quite often hook up at their meetings and it is usually a bad choice. When two people struggling with addition wind up together they fall off the wagon together. However those two have the added bonus of not even trying to kick the habit. I just see something coming down the pike there. AS always, it seems when Brady gets involved with a woman he hates her guts first then the fall into bed and never climb out. He did not like Madison at first. He hated Kristen not only once but forgave her and went for round two after a brief hate spell.

    Marlene you seemed a little harsh when talking to Eric about Nicole. Yes we get that you are the brilliant Dr. Evans but as a shrink aren’t you in the business of helping people changing or getting in a better state of mental health. If that is the case no psychiatrist has any business practicing.

    I think we all see that Eric is heading out of the priesthood. I wish that they would never have even gone that route of making him a priest if they are going to have him defrocked. I’m not Catholic but it just seems wrong to have pursued the solvency of his vows to God.

  202. From Cougar

    MAB 179 you know I love and respect ya honey, just walk away from this. It isn’t worth it to take the bait. Some anti EJ folks don’t get us. Maybe they never will. So be it.

  203. From Mouse Fan

    EJ screwed up, plain and simple!!
    Even EJ knows it!! “What have I done?!”
    You’ve done Abby, EJ!! Multiple times!! Now try to pass it off as “she seduced me”!!
    “I tried to leave, but she knocked me out, tied me down, and forced me to have sex with her!! There was nothing I could do and I swear I didn’t enjoy it, or enjoy it, or enjoy it!!”
    Oh wait, that’s not how it happened!! LOL!! :)

    So now Theresa is going to take advantage of Brady?! Oh, please don’t let him fall head over heels in love with her!!
    Run Brady, Run!! It’s just the drugs and alcohol talking!!

  204. From Kat

    MAB,, no doubt about the #152 comment by Tina, it was a personal remark about you.
    When I read it a couple days ago, All I could think,
    Oh NO, here we go again, somebody is pushing MAB’s buttons like in the past, and then when MAB responds, she will be made out the Bad Girl…
    I wish the Admin. would have learned by now, that agitations like that, start “Wars”.
    MAB, just ignore it, you have so many friends on here, that just love your nice and long informative comments, and girl, that is ALL that matters.

    Have not seen today’s show yet, so I have no comments.
    Later, and let’s keep the peace.
    Still have to say, I do Not get anybody’s name or E-mail, so it must be just a now and then thing.

  205. From reardon

    I thought Abby’s demeanor with Sami and EJ today were appropriate for the character. She didn’t know how Sami would react once those parlor doors were closed. *I* didn’t know how Sami would react either, so I think Kate Mansi did a fine job displaying caution and trying to be a little guarded with how she responded to Sami. I believe I would have responded the same way if I was Abby. But thankfully, I am not! lol

    Well, isn’t Teresa acting like the little wench that she is? Beautiful and ruthless…she sort of reminds me of a younger version of Kate Roberts. I’m really enjoying this actress as a new young villainess to the show. I hope they can a lot with the character.

  206. From Heather #1

    I just watched today’s show. Like some others, I can see Brady and Theresa getting together, because they’re addicts and will have that in common at first but then it could develope into something healthy. I liked today how he called her a and she threw it right back at him. Sorry she showed up and ended JJ’s truth session with Daniel. The look on JJ’s face was priceless when he saw her.

    I really liked Sami’s hair today, the style and the color, and her make-up was different and very becoming. I had to laugh at the situation she, Abby, and EJ were in at first, and then when Sami and Abby were alone the things Sami was telling Abby were hysterical under the circumstances. To me, Abby was lisening in disbelief and I think I even detected a slight quick smile at one point.

    I didn’t care for Marlena today. Harsh with Eric, like someone else said, and she was with Maggie, too. The doctor in Daniel’s apartment and Nicole shows up only clad in a towel!! How surprised they both were!! Under much different circumstances, he might have considered it his “lucky” day (LOL) but this is not going to turn out well. . . . .

  207. From Kat

    Saw today’s shop, how long before Abby will accuse EJ of Rape, LOL.
    From serving herself on a silver platter to EJ, to .. how could you do this to me…priceless.
    Writers, you really are having a great time with us viewers, agitating us to no ends.
    Wow .. Marlena, you little know it all, take a break, because you know diddly about what is going on anymore… so stay out of it.
    You have done enough by now messing up lives, or at least helping in doing so… a la Video in your Son’s church.

    That woman needs a man back in her life, to keep her busy. John or Roman… we know John likes strawberries, wonder what Roman likes… prob. Beer nuts and a cold one…LOL

    180 cougar, what a nice thing to say… kudos to you…

    I am not very much into Brady, Teresa, JJ, but I am sure many others like watching them.
    Brady and his Drugs and Alcohol, after every woman gone wrong… just not doing it for me anymore..
    and I agree, they are setting up a relationship for Brady and Teresa..

    Do like Sami’s hair very much, the color is great, if she only knew, what she was saying to Abby, our little Lolita.
    About Chad, she went to bed with him very willingly after Cameron dumped her, she had no idea why Cam broke it off. Poor Chad, consolation price, does anybody ever think about that. It was a poorly written SL IMO, about showing that Chad did manipulate did not come all the way through.. To Me, it showed Abby playing two men, and then crying wolf about it…and now her Mother Jenn, help me, is trying to cry wolf even louder, LOL.. those two women, Men’s worst nightmare IMO

    Oh yes, EJ bloody well did screw up royally, but let’s never forget, that Abby is Not the little innocent girl here in this scenario, no way at all.
    She played him and poor horny devil went right into the spiders web.
    You got him Abb’s and now the least you could be is honest about it, and not turn tables on what really happened, take your share of the blame….

    Hope we are not loosing our comment sites again, seems the new one is closed already…to bad.

  208. From patty

    I think Abby has taken her share of the blame and is feeling guilty and torn up about it, unlike EJ, who should be the one feeling all this but all he seems worried about is getting caught. Abby didn’t go find EJ or set out to have sex with him, he came to her to stop her from talking to Hope, the kiss was mutual and the sex just followed… over and over. Also mutual. Nobody had him tied down or holding a gun to his head, nor was he drugged or blackmailed. I don’t think Abby is turning the tables on him, I think she’s afraid that he was using her, which is something she knows he’s capable of and it’s still to be determined if he was or not. Sami’s words to her today may have confirmed those fears, that the Demiras will do anything to get what they want. That is probably why she starts to think he hurt Nick and was trying to keep her from talking to Hope by having sex with her. She is young, inexperienced , naïve and full of self doubts but she is not stupid. She didn’t grow up committing crimes and covering them up but she does know how the Demiras operate and has every reasons to be suspicious imo.

  209. From patty

    Wow! The video above of Eric telling Nicole he loves her, thinking they’re going to die! Love it, can’t wait to see this!

  210. From Clear

    Hey, Teresa is one female patient Dr. Dan has not slept with yet! It’s a record!

    Ditto to comments in 183 and also agree with the comments you made,Kat, cause I feel the same. I can see the Narcissist, Teresa, with Brady the horn dog though–much to his continued detriment probably

  211. From gerri

    I so agree with all your comments..
    Sami did pretty much,describe how the Demiras are.big words,Lie,cheat,but she left out plenty more things They do,and are much worse than to Lie and Cheat.
    Can’t wait until she finds out the truth,she’ll wish she could take that hug back,and slap the holy mess out of her.

    I’m thinking that indeed Theresa and Brady will be a couple,and will come clean(after all this time,It Is “”time,”"for Brady to
    change…Just wondering,who could possibly be his father’s family..

    JJ needs to man up and tell Daniel everything,Why the delay?It Is going to happen,the writers just drag the S/L’s out way too long.

    Glad Rafe is getting better and will be able,hopefully to return to work,and is possible,with the law enforcement,connection he and Hope,could become a couple,if BO isn’t returning,I would rather see
    him with Jordan tho.

    Abby sure looked pale and sickly to me today,guess It’s guilt,and fear,of being caught,but apparently,there will be more fun times with EJ ahead,so in those moments,she isn’t worried.
    but agree EJ wasn’t forced into their trysts,he was very willing,and will be,each time,that they can get together…..

  212. From Maryl

    patty, Abby will never be painted as a nympho—I know that. I was just trying to bring up a funny scenario. But there is something amiss with this girl. She goes after older men with no problem. She doesn’t care if they are married or in EJ’s case engaged. And she is so ready to jump in bed with them. Then she boo-hoos and feels so guilty. Why would she be so turned on to older men? I think it has something to do with missing Jack. The writers will cover up her transgressions
    by making up something of that nature to get sympathy and understanding for her, afterall, she is a Horton. What I can’t understand is, just as you listed all the sins of the DiMeras, which she is well aware of, (no experience needed to know that), she still wants EJ???? If she has these reasons to be suspicious, one would think she would stay away from EJ. I do agree with you about Theresa. She does fit the description you gave to a T. I don’t think anyone likes Theresa, but I do think if she hooks up with Brady, things in her life will start to change. That is if both Brady and her can ditch the drugs.

    I believe the fire will soon start between Sami and Abby and as always, Sami and EJ will not be boring!!

  213. From patty

    Who knows the reasons why some young girls like older men. The same reason why some men like their women young I guess. I was under the impression that EJ wasn’t that much older than Abigail and I always thought of Sami as older than him, she’s been around a lot longer. The difference between this scenario and the one with Austin though is that Austin wasn’t a willing participant , EJ is. As for going back for more, I think they both know how wrong it is but still won’t be able to stay away. I just hope he doesn’t do both at the same time because that would be yucky.
    I hope you are right about Brady , I hate seeing him spiralling out of control. The last thing he needs right now is a little twit like Theresa to bring him down further.

  214. From Kat

    Tue Jan. 14…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EJ aka James Scott.. 35 years old.
    What a beautiful species of a Man.

    Hope EJ gets his act together pretty soon.

    Sami is 2 yrs. and 4 month older than EJ, that works for me.

  215. From Kacey

    I never post. Just read the comments but I agree with you Maryl. I’m totally confused by the Abby character. I dont think the writers know what to do with her. She dumps chad because he lied to her about being sick and yet she hops into bed with Ej knowing that he’s the one that helped chad do it. This is a stupid sl that was written for shock value. And for the people who say that the actors have chemistry, news flash, James Scott has chemistry with most of the actresses on the show(including grandma caroline). I even noticed chemistry with him and the old Will! Yes, chemistry is needed but it will not make a super couple. Ej with Abby would be a total snorefest. What makes them interesting is the fact that Ej is cheating and that’s it. Once the affair comes out, the excitement will be Sami’s wrath!

  216. From Maryl

    Kat, Ditto!! Just think if EJ does both Sami and Abby at the same time—we get a double dose of that gorgeous hunk in bed! Soooo much fun to watch. But I also hope he gets his act together soon. I just loved, loved, that look on Sami’s face in the preveiw when she sees EJ with Abby!! It’s definitely the “look” of the Sami we know, and you can bet her radar is turned on to little miss “boo-hoo”. Can you believe she is blaming EJ for takng advantage of her. We saw exactly what she did in that cabin, no excuses on her behalf. She was ripping off EJ’s shirt before he even knew what hit him. Now she is the victim?? Please!! I hope the writers will let us know what really went on in EJ’s head when all this happened. I know he wanted to have something to possibily hold over Abby, but I don’t believe his initial plan was to have sex with her. It just presented itself as an opportunity. I think he had no true plan or idea of what he had to do to stop her from running to Hope and he was finding it difficult to reason with Abby, so when she started making the moves toward him, he saw an opportunity–DiMera style. I know he regrets what he did and I do believe he enjoyed it more than he wanted to, but he has been kept out of Sami’s bedroom too long and he was an easy target. If this does continue with Abby, he may be having some sort of mixed feelings about what he feels for her. So Sami, you better wake him up real quick and start taking care of your man or else you need to move out of the mansion and let Abby move in! (Ha!) Don’t forsee that happening!
    Sami loves EJ for better or worse and she knows it deep down inside.
    It’s time for her to make a decision–give him up or marry him.

    Happy Birthday to James Scott!!!

  217. From Heather #1

    I don’t know why we shouldn’t feel sympathy for Abby, losing her father and maybe it has caused her some kind of daddy complex, although a desire for older men certainly wasn’t evident when she was involved with Chad and Cameron. But I have seen nothing that even remotely resembles Abby having her sights set on EJ and going after him. They’d had a few good in-depth talks but I saw nothing in Abby that showed she was becoming romantically interested in him. When he came to the island, it was a complete surprise to her and she wondered why he was there, and she was even nervous about being there alone with him, once she realized Hope wasn’t on the island, too. The sex just happened. Once there was the kiss, Abby was turned on, for sure, but I didn’t think EJ put forth any great effort to stop it. And in my opinion, the fact that they did it a second time pretty much cancels out any notion that EJ didn’t want it as much as she did. And he said how lovely it was. So why can’t we all agree BOTH Abby and EJ made that happen and now they both regret it, for different reasons.

    And like several others, I think it will happen again. Like I said before, whether one likes the pairing of Abby and EJ or not, I think the actors have chemistry and I liked the love scenes. So well done. I liked them better than the recent ones between EJ and Sami. He had a tenderness with Abby that he hasn’t had before. Even when he and Abby are just talking, he has a tender and gentle manner with her.

    But now, I’m looking forward to Eric and Nicole. Nothing like fearing death to make one bare their soul! Ooooh, it’s going to be good!!

  218. From patty

    Exactly how I see it Heather. There is a certain tenderness with EJabby that was never there with Sami. I think him having sex with both at the same time would be disgusting but seeing him with Abby will be nicer to watch than the panting and groping that goes on with EJami sex.
    I’m with you, cannot wait to see Eric declare his undying love to Nicole. I’m sure there will be a lot of obstacles for those two but it has the making of a nice super couple soap story. Love it!

  219. From MAB

    Abigail’s rant Monday was such a joke, blaming EJ for manipulating her. He may talked her into keeping keep her mouth shut about Nick, but the sex part was her decision, no manipulation there. I wouldn’t be surprised if she will eventually accuse him of rape (like Kat said), especially if he pushes her away. She is not taking responsibility at all for what happened, she just keeps saying how stupid she is. And although I agree w/ that, she is still playing the victim. She basically jumped his bones, and she wants to call foul? Nope, it don’t work that way. And I would say if it came down to the truth coming out, EJ would take full responsibility for what happened, even tho as Abby said herself, it happened because she wanted it to. If she was so afraid of him using her, then why sleep w/ him in the first place? It’s not like she was new in town, or didn’t know him very well. She knew he was capable of using her, and coupled w/ the fact she knew he was engaged to Sami, and thinking he slept w/ Gabi too, again I ask, why did she sleep w/ him? There are no excuses for her behavior. She went into this w/ her eyes wide open. And no one is denying EJ screwed up, but there is also no denying Abby was not only a willing participant, but the initiator.

    It would be no surprise if Abby starts to think EJ killed Nick, but again, she will be way off base. She jumps to conclusions way too much, and once she gets an idea in her head, she believes she is right even if the truth staring her in the face. And if she’s old enough to hop into bed w/ someone like EJ w/o thinking there would be consequences, well, I call that stupid. Enough of her being young & naïve. She self-proclaims she is an adult, just as she did to EJ. She knew exactly what she was doing.

    Why is some saying EJ & Abs had sex over & over? It was only twice (so far). And if she is so guilt ridden, scared, blaming him for manipulating her, then why would she go back for more? Even more so, why would she do that to Sami, someone who tried to help her? Because she is a self-absorbed, self-centered spoiled brat who thinks she is the center of the universe.

    Sami’s hair looks great. It’s a nice change.

    Brady & Theresa yesterday, too funny! Loved it when he called her a bitch. I think they will end up together. At first, it might be all about their addictions, but you know they will both eventually kick their habits, and may end up being good for one another in the end. I see the chemistry between them.

    Thanks Cougar, Kat for the kind words. I will always respond in defense of myself, but believe me, I’m over it.

    Happy Birthday James Scott! Ah, I share the same birthday month as him. 

    Maryl – I think it’s obvious EJ had no intention of sleeping w/ Abby (and neither did she), but like Sami said, EJ would do anything to protect his family. Abby presented the opportunity, and it happened. I think he used it to his advantage, and I’m sure on some level he enjoyed himself in the process, but as for Abs, it’s obvious she has wanted EJ for a while now, and even tho she didn’t go up there w/ any intentions of sleeping w/ him, she used it as a way to make it happen.

    Spoilers say Abby becomes obsessed w/ EJ. So I think I’d call that having her sights set on him.

  220. From Kat

    194 MAB, great pos.
    Everything you said about EJ and Abby, is so accurate. There is no real winner here. EJ, for whatever reason,, big dummy, Abby… dangerous in her own way. She is either a great manipulator or slightly off in the head.
    Obsession seems to be part of her make up. She was in full gear, when she wanted Austin, and I see her kicking in gear right now, about EJ.

    Of course it is going to get much worse and sooooooooooo complicated, because like some say, EJ seems/might just have feelings for her. Like MAB said, he would take the blame for all of it, and of course Abby would let him… just like Austin was blamed.. Thanks to Melanie, she made Abby come clean and clear Austin’s name.
    Good all Jenn, should remember if needed, just what her “little girl” is capable of, she can be quite a Witch.
    You are welcome MAB. Over so many years now..I learned to have a lot of respect for you and I like your rational clear comments on everything, and of course being a fan of EJ. But you are big enough, to also see when you don’t like something EJ did…or if Rafe did something good, you would give him his kudos.
    Such a great Actor, playing his character just perfect, that is exactly why so Many fans like or dislike him and Never stop talking about him…

  221. From Heather #1

    I don’t think Abby felt any guilt at that moment when she and EJ went back for seconds, and obviously he didn’t either. It’s in the after glow that guilt has reared its ugly head, for both of them.

    Just to clarify, in my comments in #192 when I said Abby didn’t have her sights set on EJ, I meant before this all happened. I don’t believe she had any romantic interest in EJ before then. I think she thought EJ was a friend and maybe not as bad a person as what she had heard about him but I didn’t see any romantic interest. Now, of course she has been bitten by the bug of true adult sex! We can’t know what’s in the characters’ heads but I can only imagine with EJ was something she hadn’t experienced before with Chad. So I’m not surprised spoilers say she will be obsessed with him. Maybe it’s not all about sex, though, but obsessed with the guilt and whether he had sex with her for some ulterior motive on his part. Which, of course, could be the case.

  222. From Heather #1

    patty, were you a fan of The Thornbirds? I just loved that movie, saw it 4 times in the TV replays over the years. But I hope Eric and Nicole have a happier ending!! You are right, though, there will be obstacales.

  223. From MAB

    Those in-depth talks Abby had w/ EJ was just like the ones she had w/ Austin. As I said before, it seems when a “man” talks to her and is nice to her, she gets infatuated w/ them. It may be a “daddy” issue that attracts her to older men. And if that’s what she wants, ok, but don’t play the victim when things go awry, and furthermore, don’t get involved w/ men who are involved w/ other women.

    I don’t see the chemistry, tenderness, or anything between EJ & Abby. It was sex, period. He has so much more w/ Sami, and it involves every emotion imaginable. They rock all the scenes, especially their love scenes!

    Am I the only one who has noticed the lack of performance from Kate Mansi along side James Scott & Ali Sweeney. Not saying she can’t act, but she just she isn’t in the same league w/ these two…which is why I again ask why did the writers take this path????

    Kat – you are very sweet, and I also respect you. I so enjoy discussing the show w/ you, Cougar, Maryl, etc. I just tell it how I see it, good or bad. So true about James Scott, he plays EJ perfectly. I’ve read comments from the actors who play Sami, Rafe, Lucas, and many others give him so much credit. They say he’s fantastic to work with, and that he even brings out better acting in them. Reminds me a lot of what they say about Joseph Mascalo/Stefano.

  224. From Kat

    MAB, what makes your post great, is that You pay so much attention to details, and that is why you are usually on the money.
    When I read your stuff, so many times I go “oops”, “I did not even see/notice that, missed that one.. well that puts a whole new perspective on things…or how could I overlook that.
    Many times, well maybe just a few, I had to rethink my opinion, because of lack of paying attention to details, so thanks for keeping me straight.
    I have seen that in other posts, that maybe they have not really put all the facts together, and just give an opinion for “that moment” or whatever.
    Happy BD MAB. I have 6 friends/family with BD’s in Jan. LOL

  225. From Heather #1

    We all see what we see. Like I said before, eyewitnesses to a crime often see 2 different things. I think Kate Manci is playing Abby just right. She is a completely different character than EJ or Sami. I thought she was the perfect partner with EJ for those love scenes. Beautifully done by both of them.

    The only one on the show that I’m not sure can act well is Jordan. But the writers haven’t given her much of a part to work with yet.

  226. From Heather #1

    To whomever runs these pages, I do wish you would take off the Miley Cirus tongue photo!! Think we’ve all seen enough of that on the news, let alone having it there every time we check in here.

  227. From j

    You do realize Abby is going to be pregnant

  228. From Kat

    2o2 j,, I touched on that a few posts back.
    and since Jenn made such a Big Deal about Abby sleeping with Chad, here we go again, if it happens…WHO IS THE DADDY…?
    at least we know that much, it’s a DiMera Baby.
    Having said that, I hope it is not true, but the writers did lay the groundwork with Jenn’s big outburst, which by the way, made no sense. Her daughter was a consenting adult and willingly slept with Chad and then with EJ.

    All she has done so far, is hurt Men, the wife and now of course the fiance. But I have to say, not to much sympathy for Carrie or her sister Sami. They keep pushing their men away, but expect them to live on Water alone.
    Does not make Abby a great person, no matter what…

  229. From Mouse Fan

    You’re right, Heather #1!! We all see what we see!! I don’t see EJ as a weak man, losing all control because a beautiful young woman comes on to him!! Although, he kinda did the same thing with Taylor during his marriage/relationship with Nicole, didn’t he?! I don’t remember whether Nicole was ‘denying’ EJ at the time!!

    You’d think he’d have some sort of restraint/conscience!! I mean really, how long has he done without?! It’s SEX, for goodness sake!! Weigh the Pros and Cons, EJ!! To Cheat, or Not to Cheat?! You didn’t break your engagement to Sami before having sex with someone else, so bottom line, you’re a D-Bag!! Just MO, no repercussions, please!!

    Yes, EJ is a DiMera and has done all sorts of bad things, blah, blah, blahhhhhh,
    but, he cheated on the LOVE OF HIS LIFE, more than once!! Come on!!
    EJ, you have disappointed me greatly!! Too bad you’re so hot!! Lol!!
    Ahhh, the Soaps!! :)

  230. From Hellolisare

    Does anyone know if the show will air during the Olympics?

  231. From Kat

    203 Mouse Fan, EJ was not married to Nicole in the biblical sense, it was an arrangement. So no denying, there was No sex between them..
    Maybe EJ should have told Abby, stop, I must first break my engagement to Samantha and then we can cheat. So IMO, that is a mute point..

    Mouse Fan, when you say he cheated on the love of his life more than once, please refresh my memory, because you might be right, and can’t recall. Thanks and I hope my talking to you does not get taken the wrong way. I respect your opinions, some are just not mine, and I for one like to talk about it..

    He had no idea what kind of a situation he would get into on the island and in all fairness, neither did Abby.
    But let’s at least be fair and say, that she was for sure, the Leader in that little Afternoon delight.
    She knew full well, that EJ was taken, so lets give both of them blame.
    Poor EJ coming from a Bed of Plenty.. to be put on a total complete Sex Diet by Sami… let’s ask some Men, on the soap…ha, ha, not your husbands or boyfriends, because they are all angels, just how difficult a situation a Man was in with Abby, rushing him, alone on an island.

    Of course they both liked it, what’s not to like, ueber sexy EJ and beautiful young girl in awe of him, flattering him..It happened, but both should walk away from what they have done, unless EJ is starting to like Abby more than Sami,
    but I highly doubt that will happen…not according to James and Allyson’s interview..

    Boy, am I bloody chatty today, LOL

  232. From Kat

    Hope they leave this site Open, until the other one is fixed.
    We have had up 300 and 500 plus post before, it we had fun.
    So please don’t close this site also…Thanks, MO

  233. From Mouse Fan

    Thanks Kat!! I just remember liking Nicole and EJ together and cringing when he went after Taylor!!

    EJ had sex with Abby more than once, so my opinion is he cheated more than once!!
    Abby, who is not in a relationship with the love of her life, or anyone. EJ, who supposedly is. Tomatoe, tomato!!

    I wouldn’t expect EJ to stop pawing Abby to break his engagement to Sami!! He shouldn’t have let it get that far to begin with!! Right, or Wrong?! EJ picked Wrong!!
    Abby, stupid, but technically free.
    EJ, not so much!! IMO.

    As far as I’m concerned, Abby could have been doing cartwheels naked and yelling at the top of her lungs to give it to her RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, but EJ has the final say on whether or not it actually happens… and then happens again!! Again, just my opinion.

    And how do you think EJ is going to handle this?! Step up and tell Sami the truth, or try to lie his way out of it?! He should tell Sami the truth and let her make an informed decision on their future together!!
    “You’re the Love of My Life, Sami, and I waited years for us to be together, but you denied me sex, so I cheated on you!! What are you going to do about it?!”
    Oh, SLAP!! :)

  234. From Heather #1

    Today’s show was great. We know Eric and Nicole will be ok, (don’t we?!), but what’s going on now is exciting just the same. I loved seeing Anne fall on her a..! And that Jennifer overheard Anne trying to get that other gal to lie for her.

    Lines to remember – EJ saying he pulled out all the stops with Abigail, well that’s not all he pulled out (well, you know) – and Kate saying her connection with Nick was dead in the water.

    Geez, Kate wasn’t very nice to Adrienne after she stood up for her with Julie. Maybe Kate is finally becoming a little unnerved over the whole Nick thing. I didn’t like EJ’s attitude with Sami. Sweet and comical at the same time that Gaby made that food for EJ. I thought Abby held up pretty well under all of Jennifer’s questions. Was more like an interrogation!

  235. From Heather #1

    Mouse Fan #208. Did I ever laugh! Loved it! . . . and I agree.

  236. From patty

    I totally disagree that Kate Mansi is out of her league along side JS and Sweeny. KM has proven herself as an actor and can certainly hold her own, especially with AS. There is a reason fans have been seeing the chemistry between EJ and Abby for a long time and TPTB wouldn’t put them together now if they thought KM wasn’t up for the challenge. JS is good but so are many of Days players, KM included. Greg Vaughn and Ari Zucker , now these two have delivered some Emmy worthy performances and could be considered in a league of their own.

  237. From gerri

    Mouse Fan…you are too your posts.
    Anne falling on her b-hind,was hilarious,and we need to see,things going badly for her at every corner.just want to find out,what is her past and connection to the Hortons..

    Abby,what do you hope to gain,from sleeping with EJ?Passion and pleasure are short lived,I think writers are planning on an intense,S/L with Sami moving out,and down the line another reunion,with her,having the grabbing and slobbering ,kind of sex,no tenderness,so muc for that,will be an interesting S/L
    as it unfolds.

    where is this going with the dead Nick story?I agree with Julie,tho,use the phone for the purpose it was intended,to have a real conversation with actually talking…..

    Where did the Doc take Nicole and Eric?at least they are together,and can finally admit their feelings for each other.
    Crime just comes too easily,in Salem,the plans fall into place quickly,with no one aware of what’s happening,this Doc moved fast,hacking into Daniel’s computer,in his office,and swiftly,getting to his apartment,and doing the same.

    Wonder how much longer Gabi can hold it together..
    Kate might be starting,to come unglued,as her remark today,came out,about Nicks situation,being “”"dead In the water to her”"‘

  238. From Kat

    Whoops, just got patty’s Name and E-Mail… already deleted…

    207 Mouse Fan, good back and forth, I enjoyed…

    Like I said, EJ you big dummy…and Abby, really, not again with a taken man..

    I kind of liked what EJ had to say to Sami, everything pretty much Facts. He gave her something to think about.

    Writers, Ann Millbauer needs a good rump in the hay. Our EJ certainly could give a big attitude adjustment, she wouldn’t know what hit her..
    but no way would I want EJ with Her, ever..
    but boy could he fix her. HaHa LOL

    As always, nice to read everybody’s opinions.

  239. From sue

    Get rid of Anne I hate she is soooo stupid

  240. From MAB

    Never said Kate Mansi wasn’t playing Abby just right. But the fact is that she IS a completely different character than EJ & Sami. Thus far, she is a one-dimensional, and to all of a sudden throw her in that position, playing opposite them is showing in her performance. She is a long way from what EJ & Sami can deliver. IMO she is just not in the same league as someone like Nicole would be in that position.

  241. From nancigal

    That mat be a very good idea,Kat. Maybe a little roll w/EJ would get Anne in a situation that she CANNOT…a Dimera !!! HA HA And to Heather#1 #201,I agree totally w/you. Take that nasty little girls tongue off the site. What a vulgar young woman. Doesn’t deserve ANY attention. Now who is the nosiest person on the show? Kate, Julie, Adrian? We should take a vote!! Grief, give these women something to do! You guys are right about Sami’s hair. Very nice. Wish the hair designers would do something for mousey little Jenn’s. Maybe she would began to ACT like she has a pair, at the very least. She might even place in that nosey group herself! Hey, anybody heard anything about what reason birdman is other than having seen the terrible trio at the river? Okay, enough from me. I live in the country and just enjoy the chat room! Happy Birthday to the January crew !!

  242. From gerri

    I’m in agreement,re-Miley Cyrus’s photo.please remove if you have any power to do so.It’s nothing short of “”"Repulsive”"”
    makes me regret any money I spent on her products,for my granddaughters….

  243. From Bridget

    What the HELL i am so surprised at this whole EJ thing!!!!WOW!!!! now that i said that i am glad nick is gone for good!!! Slime Bucket but on the other hand Gabbi is no angel she has skelton in her closet as a matter of fact EVERYONE IN SALEM HAS SKELTON IN THERE CLOSET some more than others. But i hope they don’t drag these story lines on the the winter,spring,summer and fall let’s move on and when is Bo comming home and why did he leave and when is John returning i can’t wait to see who his parents are and it better not be Stefano DiMara either but if that happens i will NEVER WATCH DAYS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  244. From patty

    My favorite line today was Sami to EJ”thank you for handling Abbigail”…ha, if she only knew how. Sami sniffling like a child was just comical.
    I thought the scenes with the drug doctor and naked Nicole were totally creepy. Give the girl a little dignity Days. She could have walked in on him fully dressed just as easily. Days is a little scuzzy like that.
    It looks like the writers would want to make us believe that EJ did use Abby to protect Sami but either way, it still makes him a jerk. He cheats and he uses sex to manipulate women. I doubt it will make a difference when Sami finds out.
    Anne falling on her butt today,that was hilarious. She has definitely became a joke at the hospital.
    Loved seeing Adrienne and Julie. Too bad they don’t have better storylines for those great veterans instead of making them nosy busybodies. Marlena, Hope,
    Kayla, Caroline…such a waste of wonderful talent.
    Anxiously waiting for Eric and Nicole to declare their undying love. <3

  245. From Heather #1

    I feel the same way about wanting better storylines for the veterans on the show and, ah ha, I read that one is coming up for Julie. It’s some sort of surprise storyline and she is going to nag everyone about something (I’m guessing about Nick) and drive everyone crazy but in the end she will be proven right. Guess she will be in about 11 episodes straight while this plays out.

    If you want to read her interview go into Salem Spectator and then into Forum and into The Crystal Ball. If the surprise issue turnes out to be Nick and he is alive, that wouldn’t be a surprise since pretty much all of us think he is. The surprise would be if he’s really dead. It will be interesting, and so will Julie!

  246. From Cougar

    I had to laugh at EJ’s facial expressions in recent episodes. His day keeps getting better and better. First mama bear Jen comes over and rips him a new one, the he has to deal with Abigail, then Sami. The look on his face when Gabby came over with chiros was priceless. Next texts from Abigail. The annoyed what next look on his face was so funny. By now I’m sure he really regrets jumping into bed with that one. He is going be constantly putting out fires, which I have to say was 50% his doing. Abby wouldn’t take no for an answer but it does take 2 to tango.

  247. From Rosemary

    If Sami going to be together with EJ, then she should.I’m glad Things happened with Abilgal and EJ. Sami holding out on EJ is wrong. Look how many bad things she has done.

  248. From patty

    Heather #197, I am a big fan of the Thorn Birds but I don’t think that’s why I love Ericole so much. I don’t even see Eric as a priest anymore but as a man in love and I believe the priesthood was not his calling. I think him and Nicole are so well matched, not just for their love story but also for their outstanding job as actors. Super couple material for sure!
    I read in a spoiler that Arianna’s Christening turns to hell. My guess is that is where Nick makes his presence known. I don’t care what he does to the murderess bunch and the ones covering it up but I do hope no harm comes to the baby.

  249. From Just Moi

    Glad this blog is back up and happening, enjoying reading most of the posts here, Hey Jolie you’re one of my favorites still missing!

    Love seeing EelJ doing some squirming when Sami shows up and he is with Abby, love it! Yes I’m sure Sami will forgive and forget when she finally finds out but that’s ok they do deserve each other but in the meantime I am enjoy his fling with Abby and yes the are BOTH to blame, and they both seem to have been loving every minute of it. To give EJ a pass because Sami locked him out of the bedroom and poor EJ can’t go a few weeks without sex is just, well….

  250. From Just Moi

    Oh I guess I’m in the minority again but I didn’t like Sami’s new look. I found it made her look older and the colour IMO is mousy, would have been better on our mousy Jenn lol.

  251. From Amber

    Oh my goodness!!! I can’t wait to hear those 3 little words from Eric, “I LOVE YOU!” I’m seriously gonna die…sooo sweet!

    I definately think Ari and Greg deserve some Emmy Nod love..their scenes are sooo fiery with so much chemistry and’s crazy!

    BTW, I love how the writers have come full circle with Nicole. Lately, her office has been grand central station–everyone coming to her for rational and calm advice. They have made Eric more assertive and Nicole more forgiving and loving. PERFECT MATCH!

    And I love how everyone in Salem has brought them to this point: Anne delaying Dan yesterday, EJ not coming clean to Sami about what Kristen did, Kristen raping Eric, Church defrocking Eric, Dr. Crazy tying them up…it’s going to be soooo beautiful when he finally says, “I LOVE YOU”


  252. From Hellolisare

    FYI in my part of the world (Central Ohio), the Olympic coverage will be starting everday at 3pm.

    So on to Feburary sweeps. I can’t wait for the Christening. If it’s half as good as the wedding reveal it will be really good. ;-)

  253. From MAB

    From what I gather by EJ’s comments yesterday, his reasons for having sex w/ Abby was to keep her mouth shut. The fact still remains tho that Abby initiated it. I don’t think EJ would’ve taken that path if Abby didn’t basically offer herself to him. So he figured, hey, if I give her what she wants, she’ll keep quiet. Not gonna happen EJ! Abby can’t keep her mouth shut about anything, and if she isn’t happy, then no one else is gonna be. When Abby called to “warn” him about her mother, he said they shouldn’t talk again on the phone. Well, naturally, little miss perfect got pissed off. Now every time EJ tries to distance himself from her, she’s gonna throw a tantrum and EJ will have to smooth things over w/ her to continue to keep her mouth shut. No doubt Abby doesn’t want to stay away from EJ, and it will be her to continue what goes on between them, just like it was her who started it. Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

    One thing Abby did say yesterday that proves exactly what I’ve thought all along…when she said to Jen “don’t you think he would want to talk to me” (meaning EJ), like no one could fathom someone like EJ would be interested in her. How self-absorbed can she be??? It’s just like I said, an older man shows her a little attention, and she’s hooked, just like Austin, and now w/ EJ. I’m convinced she has men issues, could be due to losing her father, but she definitely has issues. I believe she will become obsessed w/ EJ. But of course, EJ will get all the blame in the end. Abby will pout until everyone ends up feeling sorry for her, and her part in this will be overlooked, and she will suffer no consequences. That is unless Sami gets a hold of her, which I would love to see happen!

    It’s not like the show hasn’t made a mistake before putting people together, just like EJ & Taylor. They nipped that in the bud quickly and moved on because the fans didn’t like it, not to mention there was no chemistry there. Just like there’s no chemistry between EJ & Abby. I think once TPTB realize the fans hate this SL, they will resolve it quickly, and EJ & Sami will move onto the next thing. Also, I highly doubt Abs was put w/ EJ because of chemistry. She is only an obstacle between EJ & Sami. And although there is nothing wrong w/ Kate Mansi’s acting, she is most definitely out of her league performance wise up against the likes of EJ & Sami. She isn’t in the same class as the other lead actors on the show. She could never be compared to the likes of Sami, Nicole, Kate, etc.

    Anne falling on her @$$ was priceless! LOL But why didn’t Jen do something about what she said? Anne basically threatened that girl that if she didn’t back her up the Daniel pushed her, she would lose her job. That’s a big no-no in the workplace. Anne would’ve gotten fired for that.

    Ugh, more Julie and her mouth. I normally love her, but since Cmas, she has been annoying. Why hound everyone about Nick? If she is so concerned, go to NY and find him. They travel all the time anyway, so why berate everyone in Salem about his whereabouts?

    Can’t wait for what happens w/ Eric & Nicole!

    Kat – ditto on EJ’s comments to Sami. Is was all true.

  254. From Loretta

    #217 Heather #1 – Thanks, I looked up the interview you wrote about. It all sounds interesting and I will be happy to see more of Julie. Sounds like we are going to get sick of her nagging everyone but I like it that she will be right in the end. I love her never-know-what’s-next hairstyles and she always looks great in all of them.

  255. From Cougar

    Geeze Dr. Dan bellering like Stanley Kowaslski yelling “Stella” in “A Street Car Named Desire”. Just how big is that apartment that you have to sound like your calling the hogs!

  256. From Just Moi

    Hmm, I made two posts and they had posted and then they dissappeared. Wonder what happened

  257. From gerri

    good show today….I agree that Eric and Nicole will be the next super couple,the writes have changed Nicole to a kind and loving person,,,best actress on days,right now and IMO the prettiest….

    The hospital scenes are a hoot..
    not in my years as a nurse,did someone from HR,hang around the nurses stations,like Anne,and getting in Doctor’s faces,she would have been fired from day one.
    But I guess there is only that one floor,and everything takes place there.Theresa is just a weasel,can’t believe she is the offspring of Shane and Kim.

    Cheryl and Jordan’s past,is mysterious,how long will they drag this SL out?
    Find T a girl….I always liked him.

  258. From patty

    Line of the day “EJ plugged the Abbigail leak” Ewww!
    Also ewww is Theresa’s sexual fantasies about Daniel . Such a little sleaze. I’m also thinking that Anne has the hots for Dr Dan too the way she is obsessing. Why can’t somebody just fire her useless ass.
    I’m getting worried for Ericole that Dr Creep will erase their memories. Please don’t let them forget about their love for each other. Time for Daniel to put on his Superman cape and rush to their rescue.
    I felt the Wilson proposal was a little rushed and seemed kind of off with new Will .
    Loved seeing Allie with Rafe. Lol at Sami trying to explain to a confused Cheryl about having been married to both Rafe and Lucas.
    Just Moi, just want to say I saw your posts and that they will probably show up again. Strange stuff happening here but don’t give up. Good to hear from you again. :)

  259. From Heather #1

    I felt the same way about Sonny’s proposal and I think the writers would have been wise to let us get used to new Will for a while first. They’ve known for a long time that Chandler Massey was leaving so they had time to plan it differently. I do like the new Will, though. Chandler’s not an easy act to follow.

    Jennifer didn’t like it but I thought Daniel handled her great.

    The actress who plays Theresa is sure a pretty gal but such an, oh, so nasty character.

    “EJ pulled out all the stops with Abigail”, “EJ plugged the Abigail leak”, c’mon writers. Gotcha!, that’s a rather obvious play on words there.

  260. From Kat

    Annoying Jennifer again, playing Delivery guy to Dan.. Why, … she thinks he is so despicable, but she time to take of from her “work” ha, ha, however, think she is just nosy and wants to find out what is going on with Eric, etc.
    Thanks Dr. Dan for not letting her get to you. Who does She think she is…
    Priceless when Teresa showed up at the door, while Dan tried to usher Jenn out.
    Enjoyed the scenes between Nicole and Eric, looking forward to more to come.
    Always nice to watch Sami and Kate, two powerhouses in acting, they are closer than they want to admit ..
    Wonder what Jordan’s problem is, and why after seeing Rafe’s photo did she come to Salem.. could be because she liked what she saw, or she knows from her past…I go with the second guess.
    Agree about Sonny and Will, where did this proposal come from.. it just did not fit in right now. I miss our “old” Will, but time will pass.
    Wonder how Nicole and Eric will get out of this mess, who will save them.. Maybe one of Stefano’s men, never know. I am sure that Stefano is having the DrugMeister followed..

    Ann’s hair, not trying to be disrespectful to the actress, maybe the hair is only for the Show. Does anybody knew what her real hair is like?

    However she reminds me of the Hair Style the Three Musketeers, etc. men back then used to wear.. like on Ships, the Pirates.. help..I am sure you know who and what I am talking about.

    like to see her some day with regular hair, get all that weight off, and she might turn into a new person.

  261. From Loretta

    I didn’t like what the doctor said about erasing Eric and Nicole’s memories and that they wouldn’t even remember each other. I hope the story doesn’t go down that road.

  262. From patty

    So Julie will be sticking around to hound everybody about Nick. Good! I wonder if EJ is going to have sex with her too …huh…to plug her leak,lol! I love that she will be making them all hot under the collar and sweat bullets. Love meddlesome ,in your face Julie!
    Loretta, I so too hope they don’t go down the erasing memory road for Eric and Nicole. That would be so frustrating after they finally declare their love for each other.

  263. From Cougar

    kat I to have thought Ann’s hair odd Medusa comes top mind.

    Going along with the double entandres Sami said that EJ satisfied Abby’s curiosity. He can satisfy my curiosity any day too.

  264. From MAB

    Kat – I so agree, who does Jen think she is? For someone who ended things w/ him, she sure finds ways to be around him. But when he talks to her, or JJ, she tells him to leave them alone. I’ve been enjoying Daniel w/o Jen, and I wished it would stay that way, but I know they will eventually get back together. She is not only annoying, but nosy. Exactly where Abby gets it.

    Kat – the actress who plays Anne, that is her real hair. It’s very curly. I’ve seen her in some movies, most notably Legally Blonde, and her hair was the same, only shorter. I actually like her hair.

    Yep, the only thing good to come out of the Nick SL was Sami & Kate. They are priceless together!

    Not liking new Will…not only did the actor change, but it seems he’s even playing the Will character different. Not impressed, and I also think the proposal is off. They should’ve done it before Chandler Massey left, or waited.

    Loving Eric & Nicole! Finally, I’m psyched about another couple other than EJ & Sami. And if they ever find Brady the love of his life, I’ll be happy! I’m also looking forward to Lucas & Sheryl. Hope their SL picks up soon. I hope we start seeing something out of Jordan soon. As of right now, her & Rafe are dullsville.

    I haven’t seen anything about Eric or Nicole losing their memories. According to spoilers, Eric leaves town after his revelation to Nicole. Spoilers also say she eventually tells him how she feels too.

  265. From patty

    Well it looks like Crazy Doctor has changed his mind and is going to kill Nicole and Eric instead. Well we know that doesn’t happen but if it causes them to reveal their love for one another I’m all for it, even though those lingering looks say it all.
    It looks like EJ “needs” to see Abby to talk about Chad, or so he says on the text. This must be where the predicted kiss happens, or maybe more who knows.
    Loved that Jenn let Theresa in on Daniel’s living arrangements with Nicole. Ha, I would love to see that little twit trying to mess with Nicole. I hope JJ can avoid trouble until his meeting with the judge but after that I hope he turns the table on her and sticks it to her good for blackmailing him the way she did. I just don’t see her point in doing this.
    I love that we have Lucas back but hate that he’s getting caught up in his mother’s lies again. Not a very good way to start a relationship if he does have a thing with Cheryl . I wish they would move ahead with the Jordan secret soon.
    Still not sure about new Will but he sure gives it all he’s got in those love scenes.

  266. From Heather #1

    So Lucas told Kate he really hates lying for her. Well, Lucas, I hate it too that you lied for her. Thought this was going to be a new you in this new year.

    Score 1 for Jennifer today with Theresa! Driving Theresa crazy, isn’t it, since she doesn’t even know who Nicole is. Oh, I would really like to see Nicole put some serious hurt on that gal!!

    Anybody else notice how great Eric looks all sweaty like that?! Mmmmm!! He is just soooo handsome and Nicole is so beautiful. They are going to be such a handsome couple.

    I thought the new Will did really well today. The way he gently turned Sonny down and explained his feelings, and assured Sonney that he loves him, was very believable, and he did very well with the lovey stuff.

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