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Elvis and Abby continue to tango around the truth in Salem. He starts to worry that she will be opening up to people about the little private talks theyꞌve been having. The DiMera does his best to keep the blond from blabbing to Hope. This leads to another heated argument between them. EJ insists heꞌs telling Abby the truth, but he may have to do a lot to convince her. After their latest encounter, heꞌs left shaking his head while she turns to her mother with a confession to make.

Kateꞌs battle against Jordan plows ahead. She decides to use the therapistꞌs clueless friend, Sheryl, as a tool to pry details about her life out of her. As usual, Lucas isn’t sure that his mother is making the best maneuvers. Of course, she wonꞌt listen to him. She gets hard at work eavesdropping on the two young women, hoping that something interesting will eventually happen. Meanwhile, Stefano fumes about the fact that people are still digging into what happened to Eric. He orders Dr. Chyka to make sure that there are no clues left for Daniel to find.

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- Matt Purvis

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  1. From thetruth

    Pukeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ! Ej you are a big moron..puke puke puke.

  2. From Clear

    On the last blog, I meant JJ should tell his Mom truth about Teresa and Dan!

    Why would EJ be interested in his brother’s young girlfriend? Makes no sense! He is engaged to Sami finally.What does he want a Horton mud wrestling ring? EJ & Abby does not play well period–Puke, puke is right.

  3. From Heather

    I read that EJ issues Sami an ultimatum, she marry him or else he will expose proof of her involvement in Nick’s murder. How romantic is that? Not so much! Sure hope Sami doesn’t fall for it!

  4. From Heather

    I find it poor that they may bring JJ and Theresa together—the writers need out of their own pants and move on. Ciara is not the result of Bo being gone as many single Women raise kind loving un-snotty girls and boys.

    Abs after EJ come on, she is not just young enough to be his daughter but is just a gossiping machine without any true role; well to don the latest clothes faze of which she cannot afford! And Anne is far from entertaining or Enticing!

    ALSO please get rid of all those fur coats not only are they ugly they Are UNETHICAL IN MANY RESPECTS!
    Sure Hope John comes back to Marlena as anything different is just not good.

    Love that Brady got caught with his stash —good scenes! Nicole and Eric sure hope that they do get together as Yes A Priest may be married these days.

    Julie and Doug—great to see you too!

  5. From Kat

    EJ has been there for Sami through thick and thin, and given up a Lot for her…
    he deserves to finally get an answer from her..She thinks .. that she can do whatever she wants and keep it from EJ, but Lordy lord, EJ finding something out right before the wedding, and did not tell her right away, he did not know a video would surface… LOL, then for Sami the sky is falling…

    If Sami does Not know by now, will she or not marry EJ, then it’s time for her to move on, set EJ free and let them both find happiness with somebody else..

    I truly enjoy EJ these days, he is all loving and protecting family man.. and Sami needs some taming of the “Whatever”.
    Since we don’t know yet how EJ will/or not want to get close to Abby, I am not judging yet.
    I can see Abby getting all day dreaming about EJ, does not mean that EJ will feel the same way about her..
    It could be the beginning of another repeat SL a la Austin… or EJ could get with her in drunken moments, something like that, and have total regrets, but Abby might not….

    For JJ to get romantic feelings about Teresa is just plain idiotic, she blackmails him, makes him do things, and then he gets involved with her… then he does deserve everything that is coming to him…dumb teenager, but let’s see what will really happen.

    About all the Fur coats, we do not know it they are real fur or faux.. they make such beautiful faux fur coats these days.
    I have a beautiful black/brown full lenght Mink, I just love it, but it is in the closet and once in a while I take it out and enjoy the beauty of it..but I don’t wear it out anymore.

    I liked Nicole’s coat, but not with that short dress, looks like she has not cloth on under that coat..
    For me, it would be great with black slimming slacks and boots…

    Hope everybody is well and had a good slide into the new year… maybe more posters will return to this site, we used to always have a few hundred every week, once or twice like 500, when the story line involved EJ and Sami in a big way… That couple has drawing power, people do talk about them..

  6. From Heather

    #4 Heather is not me.

    EJ may deserve an answer from Sami about marrying him but giving her an ultimatum that he will turn her in if she doesn’t marry him is not the way to get the answer. It’s basically blackmail. No love expressed in that kind of action. Based on EJ and Stefano’s conversation during dinner that time, I still believe EJ knew what Kristen did all along, not just right before the wedding.

    I agree with others that putting JJ and Theresa together is dumb.

    I think there would be more posters on here if people felt confident the site is working properly. I still get the name and email on my computer of the last person to post. And,like I said, the #4 Heather is not me. Or maybe there is another Heather on here

  7. From Moira

    Women do NOT typically fall for their rapist. EJ/Sami has been forced on us repeatedly. He blackmailed her into having sex (aka rape) BEFORE he would save Lucas who was seriously injured. Result: twins with different dads.

    Theresa has been forced on us as an actress. She may very well be a great human, very pretty, smart etc. but she needs to open her mouth when she speaks. It is like she has her mouth wired shit or is gritting her teeth. Take an elocution class for goodness sake.

    As for the fur coats, they could be faux. Not everything has to be apolitical statement.

  8. From Moira

    I tried once to correct this.

    My sincerest apologies on previous post. Someone please fix my previous comment to read wired shut. That was so an autocorrect issue.

    Very sorry

  9. From Kat

    #7 Moira, you make some very good points…like about EJ and
    Sami,… but who in this town of Salem has a clean slate… help… So Sami was “Raped”, she raped Austin…whoopy do da….
    so Lucas let Sami go all the way on Death row… the needles were in her….whoopy do da…
    Maggie, our pure Horton married a true Killer, Victor, who has tried to destroy so many lives…
    Nicole has tried to kill Victor…
    Kate.. just how many people has she tried to kill or destroy by any means,
    Sami, she tried to kill EJ, so what is worse, him so called giving her a choice to have sex.. to save Lucas…..or her just standing there and will fully putting a bullet in his head…

    Brady willfully setting out to beat EJ to death, and then giving orders to shoot Any DiMera, and well he got Chad.
    And now of course the current SL…

    just who is pure anymore.
    I am getting so tired, of always just hearing what EJ did to Sami…give me a break, this whole darn town is full of would be killers, cheaters, criminals, would be criminals. ..etc….
    just like a soap is supposed to be…
    Just give EJ a break, and stop pretending as if he is the ONly bad cookie in town… they all are one way or the other.
    In Will’s apartment, EJ was the only one with some common sense, compared to all three of the wild Hyinas…just how do you spell that…

    Just like everybody else on here, these are my opinions,no harm intended…

  10. From Kat

    # 7 Moira, remember the first time.. Luke and Laura, General Hospital, Big Rape Story, and then they became one of Soaps biggest Romantic Couple .. ever…
    Who know, it’s a soap and not real life, anything goes, that’s why we love it…..

  11. From lgd

    does anyone else think that theresa has a strong resemblance to the actress that played “karen” in “will and grace?” at first, i thought it was the same actress!

  12. From Moira

    I do remember Luke and Laura. That was the same issue.

    #9 Kat
    Sami has done plenty that makes her unlikable etc. the reason I commented on EJ is because the first few comments on the spoiler were directed at EJ. Believe me, i have watched this show since the beginning. I don’t forget the history. It is hard when the writers change and no one seems to care about those of us who have been loyal.

    Yes people watch soaps for escapism. Everyone has a dark side unless you are the Pope or Mother Teresa. People on soaps do outrageous things that many of us wish we could but we have filters. It is when they make something like rape “acceptable” and justify it as someone else did the same thing. Sami did not deserve Austin either. People can change and be redeemed but pairing a rape victim with the predator is really tacky,

  13. From Hellolisare

    #9 Kat, Not trying to start something. I need a memory refresher. When did Brady give any orders that resulted in Chad being injured?

  14. From Kat

    13 Hellolisare, no problem….
    right after Brady beat up EJ, as he said ..he wanted to beat him to death..
    he gave an order to one of the Kiriakis’ minion, shoot any DiMera, and Chad happened to be one of them.. Thank God, Chad did not get killed…
    If anyone out there can explain it better, please do so…
    It was actually Melanie, that made Brady stop, beating on EJ…and her father Dr. Dan and Carly saved him.

    Moira, of course, I agree, on a soap are so Many Things “pushed” on us..that we might never accept in our lives, or do..etc..
    but with that in mind, we keep on watching, and all of us get portions of what we like, not like, hate..
    none of us will be happy with every character or SL
    All I meant to say .. with Luke and Laura..etc.. the writers of soaps have been pushing the envelope for a long long time, personally, I don’t like it, but what can we do.
    Nice discussing things with you…

  15. From Hellolisare

    Kat thank you. I read a lot of recaps in 2011. (I couldn’t stand to watch most days.) I remember the beating but not the other stuff you mentioned.

  16. From patty

    Oh we’ll, why am I not surprised that Elvis has Sami cornered like an animal with his ultimatums and threats of blackmail. Always said they were a match made in heaven meant to spend their lives in marital bliss…not!!! EJ might as well dig out the tracking device bracelet he made Nicole wear because Sami’s days as a free spirited,independent thinking woman are over. She belongs to the Demiras now. Aw! True love makes me so warm and fuzzy!

  17. From MAB

    Kat – as usual, I agree with you. At this point, it really doesn’t matter if EJ gives Sami an ultimatum because she was the first one to give him one by kicking him out of her bed because she doesn’t believe he’s telling her the whole truth. It’s all pretty redundant at this point, as all the fault still lies w/ Kristen and she is gone and probably never coming back. So why would he lie? I don’t think he is lying, else why would he be so adamant about not knowing when they argued about it before? And regardless of how his conversation w/ Stefano sounded, he never said he knew all along. Plus, we were shown that EJ overheard Kristen on the day of the wedding and that is how he found out. That is how I will perceive it until they show it differently, or he actually comes out and says he knew the whole time. Also, don’t you think they were so cute at Club TBD! I love their comical interactions as of late. Sami has become more independent than ever, as only she can be w/ EJ. They are just alike, and that’s why their method works, and always will. She is where she belongs…with a man who bends over backwards for her and lets her be her real self, good or bad. Their love is true, just unconventional for some tho.

    Oh please, someone slap the crap out of Abigail. She gets a text from Cameron, and decides to ditch her friend and stay at home for New Year’s? Get over yourself and start acting like an adult. And please keep her away from EJ!

    Have I mentioned I love T?

    I’m gonna really miss Chandler Massey playing Will. He has really made this character his own.

    I don’t recall reading anyone saying Ciara is the result of Bo being gone. I do think him being gone is why she is acting out so much, and giving Hope problems. I think Hope is capable of raising her right on her own w/o Bo, but that don’t mean she won’t have a hard time doing so. I think Ciara will continue to cause problems.

    Really Jen? You sit there on a first date and tell Liam how much you loved Daniel? Ever heard of TMI (too much information)? Get a grip and stop thinking the world revolves around you!

    Wow, Kate never ceases to amaze me. As much as I love her, she stands there and gripes to Sami about EJ calling in “the cleaners”. Really? Wasn’t she the one who married Stefano because of what she did, and he covered it up for her? Wasn’t she the one who went along w/ the DiMera way while married to Stefano? She has committed nearly every crime in the book, so she needs to stop acting so innocent. Someone should’ve called her out on that!

    For a minute I thought Brady had come to his senses after grabbing Nicole, but no surprise he went back on his word. I hope Eric realizes he is lying and tells Daniel & Nicole.

    I’m puzzled as to why rape is always an issue and causes controversy between posters, yet no one ever banters about all the other despicable acts that goes on, like murder, adultery, drug abuse, physical or mental abuse????

    My thoughts on the fur coats, I’d say with the show’s budget, they are faux, but whether they are or not, why does EVERYTHING anymore have to be a political statement????

    I agree w/ you guys, I still don’t think this site is working properly.

  18. From Kat

    17 MAB, have not yet watched today’s show, but as usual MAB, I agree with everything you said..

    I did love watching Sami and EJ at the bar, it was delightful.. What a Team they make.
    EJ is again,, bending over backwards helping his Love… to protect her and the others from Themselves.
    Sami should know, that she can trust EJ with her life, so far he sure has proven that… More later, after I see what is going today.
    P.S. Just love T,, please expand his role.

  19. From nancigal

    Think E.J. should tell Sami that Kristen hired the Dr. to prepare the drug used on Eric so Dr. Dan can find out and help prove Eric innocent as far as the church is concerned. J.J. should confide in Jenn and let them all team up on that slimy Ann and get rid of her. Let Jen/Dan get together and have one happy couple at least! The “bird man” is rather creepy. Not sure if he knows truth or not. Can imagine that he does and is actually caring for Nick in some obscure mountain cabin. When Nick comes back (which I think he will), Lord help those three woman.. talk about blackmail!! Where is it being said that Will is leaving the show? Guess some of you read the Soap Opera digest? I am sick that the Soap Channel has been canceled on TV at night. Anyone know of another channel that will be showing it? As for the fur issue.. if the show can afford to rent real furs, then they surely have enough to pay some decent writers that don’t constantly repeat the past SL just on other people! And they seem to be hung up on lip and leg locking activities! Please stop all the smacking and groaning noises and allow us some sort of imagination for ourselves! I second the motion of “MORE T.” And really love Victor’s little barbs.

  20. From Kat

    Sami’s hair, reminds me of the Statue of Liberty…
    IMO, so far, EJ is right on the money in his statements and questions to Sami…
    Any Man, would like to know where he stands,and I do believe, that He did not know about Kristin’s deeds until right before the wedding when He over heard Her talking.
    In his with Stefano, he just let Stefano think he knows what is going on, that’s how you learn a lot…

    I am enjoying Rafe these days, finally they listened, made him more likeable and gave him a new woman, just for himself, not a hand me down from many men in Salem…Sami never was for him, she had to much baggage and to many unresolved feelings for EJ..

    Lucas looked great today, and he acted so much more mature.

    Stefano, still stirring the pot…love it, but I also enjoyed EJ coming right back at him..

    Will see tomorrow,how the conversation between EJ and Sami goes…EJ, go, do some Taming of the Shrew…love it…

  21. From Tess

    My gosh Jennifer is so nauseating! Whatever happens on this show please writers do not let Daniel get back together with her. She treats him like an absolute doormat. He is so caring himself and should be with a woman with a real heart not such a self centered ego maniac such as Jennifer. Maybe Nicole?

  22. From bobbi

    Mab #17 I think the fact that rape is a bigger issue because it’s mostly women that watch this show and the soaps treat it as a stepping stone to love. It’s an incident that happens more in the real world than Sami continuously committing murder. And to be flip about a true violation that leads to the “love of their lives” is creepy. My opinion. I hate the drug story also. Now, back to E.J. Why in the world would he take Stephano’s love advice? Isn’t he the old man sitting there with no one? Does that how E.J. really wants to end up? He knows Sami enough to know, you can’t back her into a corner. They are 2 peas in a pod and he should know how to work this out with her. They’ve been at it long enough.

  23. From Lindy

    Sami will soon find out everything Kate told her today about being the woman of a DiMera is true. I just don’t think it shows much love to blackmail a finace into setting the wedding date pronto. I like post numbers 16, 19,and 22 and agree with what was said.

    I am definitely turned off by these soaps where they have the rap-ee ending up in love with their rap-er. I never have cared for Sami and EJ together for that reason, plus a whole lot of other reasons. I liked her with Rafe but now I hope Rafe has found someone else in Jordan. He and Kate were a hoot but not meant to be long term.

  24. From Lindy

    #19 nancigal, the role of Will is being recast. The new actor should be appearing any day now. I think I read January 8th.

  25. From BBow

    #17 MAB- I agree about EJ not knowing everything Kristen did until right before the wedding. I understand why Sami is upset, but she has lied and withheld the truth to protect her family. What did she really expect EJ to do? Evil or not, Kristen is his sister and he loves her.

    I don’t agree with the ultimatum, only because their marriage will never work if Sami is forced into it. These two are great on screen together, whether they are in love or mortal enemies (I especially loved the line a few months ago when EJ asked Sami if she had been eavesdropping, and she just gave him a “duh” look and said “yeah, it’s how I get all my information.” She could have never said that to Rafe.). When it comes to the rape issue, I agree that no one on that show is a saint. However, as a man, I can tell you that I find rape to be the most horrific crime that someone can commit. It takes a lot for me to look past it (it took me a LONG time to like Jack), even in a fictional television show.

    Nonetheless, that being said, I really like the chemistry between Abigail and EJ. She seems to have a thing for older guys, anyway. I think I mainly like it though because it is something I would have never expected, and yet, they still have great chemistry. EJ told Abby about knowing that Chad was lying. From what I can tell, EJ has let Abby see exactly who he is. If she is willing to accept that, I think he should go for it. Sami isn’t exactly being the best fiancé to him right now anyway, especially after he just saved her butt. I say the writers should either get Sami in line, or let EJ move on with Abby.

    Is anyone else sick of Anne? I understand that shows need villains. I even love some of the villains. Stefano and EJ are great. Kate and Victor are both at their best when they are being manipulative. Even Theresa seems to have the potential to become the new Sami (in which case they could calm Sami down finally and start turning her into the new bad girl gone good…much like Julie). But Anne? She is just annoying. Soaps need villains you love to hate, not villains you just hate.

  26. From gerri

    Since Nick’s body hasn’t floated up yet,maybe somehow,by himself or with someone’s help.he made it to the Horton Cabin,and is healing himself there.

    Possibly a connection between Jordan and the birdman?

    No matter the reason or excuses made,a rape is a rape,and is in my opinion,wrong to turn it into a love relationship,but since it has gone that way,please keep EJ/SAMI,together,so they can free up former and possibly future relationships…

    It is way past time,for some of the other eligible ones,to find romance..

    Please end this Ann S/L……

  27. From MAB

    EVERYTHING EJ said yesterday to Sami was true! I love Sami, but it’s time she stop dragging her heels. I thought once they hashed out all of their past, they would be no more games. But I guess it’s just a way to have a riff between them to keep things interesting. At this point, there should be no surprise when one of them keeps something from the other one, all the couples do it. But these 2 accept each other for WHO they really are, flaws and all. Sami knows who EJ is when they finally got together, and she should know that he is just trying anything & everything to get a response out of her…and to make her stop blaming him for something he didn’t do, had no control over, and only found out about the same day everyone else did. But then again, this is EJ & Sami, a couple w/ an unconventional relationship, and it should be viewed as such. Some love it, some don’t and continue think their relationship should be like everyone else’s. But it’s not…it’s a rollercoaster ride I don’t think either one of them want to get off (I know I wouldn’t), and I doubt they ever will. They will work through this bump in their relationship soon enough, and come through this together.

    Again I see nothing to gain in trying to pair Abby w/ EJ. She was involved w/ his brother Chad, she is too young for him, even more immature for him. Why waste time pairing 2 people who aren’t compatible? Men like EJ need leading ladies who can carry their own right alongside of them. Abby is NOT that girl.

    Bobbi – there a a lot of women who didn’t see this as rape, including me, so we will disagree on this matter. And I don’t think this incident between them was not a stepping stone for their love. Their love happened over time. So again, in my opinion, I don’t know why this issue keeps getting rehashed when the characters have moved on from it. It’s a soap, nothing more.

    BBow – I don’t see Sami being forced into anything at this point in her life. She was easily manipulated by other men who she tried to be perfect for, but she is finally able to be herself w/ EJ and I highly doubt she will be forced into marriage. Like she told Kate, her situation is nothing like hers when she married Stefano. Stefano actually did blackmail Kate into marriage. Sami is already engaged to EJ, which is normally followed by a wedding. But she keeps letting people whisper in her ear about the dreaded DiMeras and she starts doubting her choices. She needs to stop listening to them and listen to herself. EJ is trying everything just to get her to make a decision. I see his ultimatum as nothing but a tactic to get a response from her.

  28. From Kat

    27 MAB, wow …again I could not have written it better.
    You really analyze the details..
    Love watching Sami and EJ..

    I made up my mind a long time ago, that in watching a Soap, I will have to take the good with the bad, it’s a package deal.
    The writers have always pushed the buttons, and always will.
    One will never find high moral standards on a soap, it’s a give and take… sometimes good, many times bad and mostly .. Not Moral..
    But fans seem to watch, writers keep writing their stuff and the show goes on.
    So, of course I do not like everything I see on the screen, but here I am.. still watching.

    Got to watch today’s episode, hopefully more Sami and EJ discussing their live together, and maybe setting a wedding date…

  29. From Mouse Fan

    Patty, Nancigal, Bobbi, & BBow – I totally agree with you!!

    And I, for one, hope that Nick comes back and brings some scary scenes with him!! Just for the excitement factor!!

    Luckily Gabi didn’t fall for Nick when he tried to molest her!! I really didn’t want to go through another rape-to-love SL!!

    Happy New Year to All!! :)

  30. From patty

    Uh Oh! Looks like EJabby happens! See promo! Hot! I think that should be the big surprise reveal at EJami’s wedding that Sami is worried about.

  31. From nancigal

    Lindy#24, Thanks. Just didn’t see him leaving the baby. Enjoyed Sami’s come back to E.J. today and that he finally let her leave… Round 98 (or whatever #) for Sami. Birdman connected to Jordan?? Hmmm. Would really love to see Maxine take Ann apart in front of board members (E.J.) and get her fired..

  32. From patty

    EJ cheats on Sami next week.

  33. From patty

    It’s official, EJ and Abby make out at the Horton cabin.

  34. From Becky

    OK everyone…I am a two-year newcomer to DOOL and I find myself very upset about EJ and Abigail! I am ready to back out of this soap! I really want Ejami to settle their differences and reunite in marriage. What’s everyone’s take on this? How will Sami be able to forgive him and how will EJ live with himself for what he has done?

  35. From Heather

    Sami obviously isn’t sure about marrying EJ so I think she should drag her heels as long as she needs to before committing to a wedding date. I was all in her corner yesterday and cheered when she left to go on her business trip. And “go Sami” is NOT something I say very often! But EJ and his ultimatum turned me off.

    So I guess Kate is going to play nice with Jordan, now, and try to get the goods on her that way. Jordan sees right through her, tho.

    Whether some call it rape or not, the incident between EJ and Sami years ago, when EJ demanded sex before he would save Lucas’ life, was getting sex by coersion (spelling?), which in some courts of law would be considered rape, and for me it was completely sickening. And that is why I personally have never wanted to see Sami and EJ together romantically. So far, so good for me on that score because they never seem to quite make it. I hope Sami never marries him.

  36. From Heather

    I don’t say “go Sami” very often but I did yesterday when she left on her business trip. Know EJ is getting impatient but he was wrong to issue her that ultimatum. Sami obvioulsy isn’t sure yet of marrying him and she needs to make up her own mind. I have never wanted them together since years ago when EJ demanded sex from her before he would save Lucas’ life. Another even more sickening ultimatum! So far it’s worked out good for me because they never seem to make it long term. Hope they never do!

  37. From dc

    well, the picture of ej and abby kissing is just gross.. I know ej would do anything to help sami but I think he went a little too far this time. can’t wait until sami finds out.

  38. From BBow

    I am finally watching Friday’s episode. I have to say, I am kind of sick of Kate/Jordan. Does Kate really need another young gorgeous enemy? She already hates Sami and Nicole. I feel like there is another one too but I can’t think of who. I also have a feeling she will eventually come to hate Theresa as well. I could see the show bringing back Phillip eventually (either JKJ, Kyle Brandt, or a recast), because he would be just the type of guy Theresa would go after. RICH. Still, having Kate hate every other attractive female on the show just makes her look petty, and I feel like her character is better than that. I miss the kind but complicated Kate that fell in love with Roman, or even the strong Kate that was married to Stefano and was both kind but could stand toe to toe with him. I feel like they are ruining her character.

  39. From Diane

    Luv reading your comments
    I hope days writing staff reads them too. Good insight

  40. From Clear

    I finally get it maybe? Is EJ going to pretend to be interested in Abigail to distract her from Nick and Gabi? He will be his most charming to “deer in the headlights” Abs maybe?

    Abigail should have learned to mind her own business by now, but of course she has to know everything –and then mess herself up trying to fix things.

    It is going to be interesting to see who Jordan may meet from the home town.

  41. From Jennifer W

    Ok, I know that the EJ and Abby storyline is a bit weird but, technically, she is older thank him! She was born in 1992, while he was born in 1997!! That would make her 26 and him only (gasp) 16!! HAHA! This is true in the technical format but with the soap opera speed aging I think that the show has them much closer in age with EJ being just a tad older than Abby! Abby celebrated her 18th birthday in April 2006!

  42. From Jennifer W

    Oh and for those wondering Sami was Born on October 16, 1984 – changed to October 16, 1977, so she would be 36! I am guessing that EJ is supposed to be closer to Sami’s age lol.

  43. From patty

    According to spoilers, EJ and Abby share a kiss today and maybe more!

  44. From Mouse Fan

    Hmmmm… It was rape, plain and simple. IMO.

  45. From nancigal

    #24 Lindy, Thanks. I’m new at this and finally found the blog where the change was also stated. Also noted that Gabi was to leave as well. Hope not. She’s a good actress for a “duh-brain”! New week starting and wondering when Nick will show up.

  46. From Mopy

    Did I seriously just hear background music with moaning incorporated in it, during EJ and Abby’s kiss scene?? Now, that’s class, I tell ya!

    I have to say, though, I don’t mind a bit a pairing between EJ and Abby. It’s somewhat interesting and intriguing… well, moreso than Ejami, currently.

    So, they ruined what was once a character I was completely cheerleading the potential of: Nick. They couldn’t have just left him as a good, honest, strong, interesting and complex character he was coming into upon his release from prison. They just had to make him into an easy joke, some certified nutbar. What a waste of great potential and great talent that is the actor who portrays him. I have developed a wee crush on Blake Berris, for sure.

    I’m not a Brady fan anymore (since his exit and return to Salem after his marriage to Chloe). It wasn’t the change of actors, though Kyle Lowder will continue to be my ideal portrayer of Brady. However, the scene where he was confronted by the group of three, when he grabs Nicole, about to use her as hostage – that has to be the best acting I’ve seen from that actor. His bulging crazed eyes at the height of his tweaking, then the way he lets Nicole go, realizing what he’s doing, completely horrified with himself… Absolutely bravo indeed! I was thoroughly convinced and locked in.

    Brady is so bloody dumb, though, that it’s hard to pull for him. The best thing about Brady is the support team he has, desperately backing him up. You want to see him succeed for the sake of his loyal friends, not exactly for him. It’s violently obvious that his character is niche-marketed towards viewers who have a Florence Nightengail complex. He always needs rescuing at some point or another.

    Ever since Rafe has come out of his coma, his character has become more and more uninteresting, which isn’t saying much, as there wasn’t depth to him to begin with. And, Jordan? Nah, I really don’t care for her with him. I like her friendship with Abby, and I think Jordan and Lucas might make a good pairing, instead.

  47. From Mouse Fan

    Bobbi, I agree! Rape is rape, plain and simple. Sami was in a relationship with Lucas, and was blackmailed/raped by EJ to save Lucas’s life. At least that’s how I remember it. Whether or not it eventually turned into love, it certainly didn’t start out that way. IMO.

  48. From Lucy

    I have been watching this show since 1984 and it’s just a soap!! Abigail needs to have a storyline and who better than EJ. I’d love to have a storyline with EJ myself lol. Maybe she will end up pregnant!! And as far as the twins go I do believe that EJ switched the paternity test Lucas is the father of both. If I am wrong my apologies.They should really do something about Bo and Hope. I don’t like it when they drag things on like the way they are. In the land of soap operas anything can happen.

  49. From MAB

    bobbi – I think TPTB have made a grave mistake here. I would rather see EJ sleep w/ anyone other than holier-than-thou Abigail. I agree, everyone will know what happened soon enough because she can’t keep her mouth shut. Abby kept hounding EJ for more info just because she wasn’t satisfied w/ what he was telling her, even tho everything he told her about Gabi was the truth (but just left out the murder part). And besides, why is SO important for them to keep in contact w/ Nick? They didn’t even have this much contact w/ him when he was in prison. Then she goes down this road of naturally thinking she’s right that EJ is sleeping w/ Gabi. Man, she doesn’t even have a clue when she’s off base, hence the immaturity. As for Sami, I don’t want her back w/ Lucas. He has a new SL coming and a new love interest. It’s high time he had his own SL away from Sami, just like Rafe is having now. Sami doesn’t need to retreat back to her old flames, she belongs w/ EJ.
    Lindy – I agree the set up by the writers was forced. I saw zero chemistry between them as well. I personally feel it was more Abby than EJ. She’s had a crush on him for a while now. Seems like anytime a man shows interest in her, she crushed on them, just like Austin. As for EJ, not that he didn’t participate, but I still feel like it was about Sami and keeping her secret safe by shutting Abby up. With that said, it’s always easier for a man to stray, especially when he’s not getting it at home, and people keep telling him Sami controls him (which he hates hearing), so I’m not completely shocked at EJ’s behavior, when Sami’s got him so screwed up. As for Abby, there is no doubt she wanted him and initiated what happened. Although I hate it, they are 2 consenting adults so there is no blame to be had here, especially EJ. And Abby is certainly is adult enough to make her own decisions, and if that includes sleeping around w/ other women’s men, then she’ll have to deal w/ the consequences. Carrie didn’t knock he teeth down her throat over Austin, but maybe Sami will over EJ! And I’d pay money to see that!!!
    EJ wouldn’t even be at the cabin if everyone would stop depending on him to save their collective asses! And if EJ wanted to be w/ Abby, there would’ve been signs of him pursuing her. That surely isn’t the case. He’s trying to keep her big mouth shut so everyone doesn’t go to prison for Nick’s murder.
    Kat – I’m w/ you, I wished the EJ & Abby thing was a joke! Hmm, I’m betting this is just another way to keep things strained between EJ & Sami, and I’m sure they’ll eventually get past this nonsense and get back to their tender, fun loving relationship.
    Cougar – everything you said, ditto!

  50. From Long Time DOOL follower

    NO NO NO! not EJ and Abbey.
    This is sick. I have watched DOOL for over 40 years and have never been more repulsed by a story line that this one. Come on writers, this just isn’t right. We need more couples that lead the way for the younger generation by having at least some type of Family Value.
    We use to have. What is this show coming to???

  51. From lucy67

    I think EJ is just upset with the wedding delays and he wants to move on. It’s is also a way to keep Abigail quiet but how is she going to handle being involved with EJ knowing that Sami is the love of his life. Guess we will have to watch and wait. It’s a great storyline. Can’t wait to see how it all comes into play. GO Abbi go lol

  52. From Laura in CO

    Watching Abby and EJ hookup is making me want to vomit. The writers are seriously irritating me. And having JJ have feelings for Therese after everything that evil little with has done, are you serious?? Whatever drugs the writers are on they need to stop using them!

  53. From Chocolite

    OK, now things have gone too far to the left. After all this time nourishing EJ and Sammi’s relationship, then sabotaging it, now you are going to have EJ sleep with Abby? Come on! EJ would never do that. I am soooo through with Days for now. I don’t know how EJ and Sammi will ever be able to work through this betrayal. Gone too far!

  54. From Diane

    EJ and Abigal together are brilliant. The writers finally got something right! Almost reminds me of the golden days with Jen and Jack! That was when soaps were in their prime! There is chemistry and complexity. What relationship is intriguing without being complex! It leaves you coming back for more! Honestly, the story line was becoming quite boring, predictable and monotonous. Thank you to writers for bringing sexy back to soaps!

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