General Hospital Spoilers And Videos For January 6 – 10.

Second thoughts.

Read a sneak peek of what will happen in Port Charles. Soap Opera Fan Blog has “General Hospital” spoilers for the week of January 6.

Since discovering that she’s pregnant with Patrick’s baby, Sabrina has wondered what her next move will be given Patrick chose Robin over her. She discusses her future with Carlos and then Patrick and Robin receive staggering news.

Franco’s conscience has been wearing on him since he killed Heather even though Heather is very much alive. Heather freaks out Franco when she shows up for lunch. Putting her diabolical master plan into action, Port Charles must deal with the dangerous mental patient who’s on the loose again. Elsewhere, Ava threatens Carly, who then turns up missing. Franco frantically searches for Carly while Michael believes Franco caused his mother’s disappearance.

Given he shot Max, Morgan’s been having second thoughts about being a part of the Jerome crime family. He tells Julian he wants out of the business, which doesn’t sit well with the mob boss. Sonny discovers his son is still with the Jeromes when he sees Morgan with Ava later in the week.

Trying to avoid his past as much as possible, Silas never counted on Detective Nathan West coming to town and peppering Sam with questions about him. Could Sam find out what Silas is hiding before he gets a chance to tell her?

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  1. From maureen

    What? Are they actually thinking of re re re re doing the baby/parent switching routine again. Lets see, first there was Danny with the wrong mother, then Maxi gets pregnant from the embryo, loses that one and gets pregnant with Spinelli’s baby and lies about it, Britt implants one of the other embryo’s that belong to Dante and Lulu,and now Sabrina is pregnant with Patrick’s baby, and discussing a future with Carlos??? Good grief this plot is played out, don’t you think?

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