January Days Of Our Lives Comings And Goings.

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Find out who is heading in and out of Salem during the month of January. Bookmark this page and refresh it regularly as Soap Opera Fan Blog will be updating when more “Days Of Our Lives” casting news becomes available.

Les Brandt returns as Ricardo, Stefano’s henchman the first week of February.

The show is casting for the role of Fletcher. The character is said to be a cross between EJ and Chad, 25 to 35 years old, at least 6 feet tall, gorgeous, confident, powerful, dynamic and charismatic. Fletcher is irresistible, a master in not only the boardroom but the bedroom, which makes other men want to be him. The contract role promises he’s a character with a heart of gold.

Eileen Davidson’s back as Kristen DiMera. She begins taping in March and find out more about that on

Blake Berris returns as Nick Fallon January 24 in a big christening crasher scene.

Theresa (Jen Lilley) will have a run in with Horace (Sean Guse).

Larry Poindexter returns to “DOOL” but this time not as Larry Welch’s brother Ben, but as Father Louis in scenes with Kristian Alfonso (Hope) and Daniel Cosgrove (Aiden). 

Rumors are circulating that “One Life To Live” Alumni Kassie DePaiva is going to “Days Of Our Lives.”


Alison Sweeney is leaving “Days Of Our Lives” once this year is up. The actress announced this on the “Ellen” show and the reason behind it is that she wants to spend more time with family, to direct, and to write.

Sean Whalen will be seen as Ted, January 14 in scenes with Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian) and Anne Milbauer (Meredith Scott Lynne). “The Bold And The Beautiful” lovers will recall the actor playing Carl Ferret from 2007 – 2011 on the sudser.

Michael Benyaer is back in Salem as Dr. Chyka January 10.

Susan Seaforth Hayes returns again as Julie Williams on Tuesday January 14 and Friday January 17.

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that soap vet Daniel Cosgrove has been cast in the role of Aiden. Cosgrove previously played “All My Children’s” Scott Chandler, “Guiding Light’s” Bill Lewis and “As The World Turns’” Chris Hughes. Look for him to make his first appearance on January 22. Find out more about his character in the link.

The role of Will Horton has been recast with Guy Wilson. Look for him when he first appears on January 8. Chandler Massey will last be seen in the role on January 2.

Jade Harlow (ex-Jessica, “Passions”) is coming to Salem as a new character, Sheryl, who is in scenes with Kate (Lauren Koslow) and Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) starting January 7. Sheryl knew Jordan and Lucas debates whether or not to use her…

Martinez plays Durango Dynamite January 7.

Clinton Jackson will be seen as Shop Keeper January 7.

“DOOL” is casting for 5-year-old twin blue-eyed girls to play Sydney. She’s currently played by Nadia and Talia Hartounian.

The show is looking for a man of any ethnicity with a distinctive voice to play a hit man for multiple episodes.

“Days” is casting for a three-day principal role for Debra, a woman in her early 30s to 40s, blonde, blue-eyed, petite and fit. This character is rebuilding her life after a bad marriage.

“DOOL” is casting a grumpy older man, 75-years-old as Howell, the president of the Domino’s club.

Casting call! Two roles – one is for Giselle, a 40-50-year-old high society woman. “Seeking all ethnicities. Intelligent and bordering on regal. Recently left by her husband for a younger woman. Multiple shows,” reads the description. Second for a 20-30-year-old to portray a mugger. “Includes stuntwork. Average height.”

Eve Donovan might return to “Days Of Our Lives” according to the actress who played the part from 1987-1991, Charlotte Ross.

There is a casting call for ‘Ben’, a new contract character who is in his 20s, gorgeous, Caucasian, and either a Midwestern or Southern country boy who is charming, honest, and sincere.

The show is also casting for the contract role of Sabrina, a 17 or 18 year old, gorgeous, Caucasian, shy, sweet, and innocent.

“DOOL” is seeking a “Gorgeous 17 to 18-year-old African American, Hispanic or East Indian teen to play the role of Mary Beth, a sweet, smart, innocent high school senior.” The role is recurring but could lead to a contract.

Read who recently came and left Salem in our Days Of Our Lives December Comings And Goings.

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  35 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    good-bye chandler. just hope the new “will” can live up to your good acting. I’m gonna miss you but I wish you well in all that you do..

  2. From jenn

    I feel the same way… I will miss Chandler. The new Will def has big shoes to fill.

  3. From dc

    OMG!! I thought losing Bo was bad enough, now Sami.. I sure hate to hear this but I know family is more important especially when young children are involved.. Good luck Alison in all you do. I know you will be on the show until the end of the year and maybe it will be a good exit. The writers have awhile to figure it out..

  4. From reardon

    Well, there ya go. Just when they finally bring Sami and EJ together as a couple, they are going to break them up again later in the year. Or is James Scott’s contract up at the same time for negotiation? I wonder what they’ll do with her character, and EJ, when she leaves.

  5. From Lindy C.

    Give me a break it is called acting. The focus is to be on the story line! A good casting team should replaced a character almost seamlessly!

  6. From anita

    I’ve watched DOOL since day one. the only time I did not watch when marlena was possessed. I cannot imagine anyone filling Sammy’s shoes. She and EJ are the BEST. Too many changes. Will I continue t watch??? only time will tell

  7. From CO

    Anyone else think that Sheryl and Jordan used to be a couple?

  8. From Arlene

    I hope that they just recast the role of Sami. Her character is one of the main ones on the show and should be recast instead of doing something such as killing her off the show, or having her leave town for some reason. Whoever would play her next would have to be a gorgeous actress who could play Sami well. With that being said, there is one recast that I don’t care for and it is Will’s recast. I can’t pinpoint it but he doesn’t seem like Will to me at all. Anyone else feel like this?

  9. From reardon

    Of course they will recast Sami. She’s too important to the show. Sami’s been involved in almost every major storyline since she’s been created and to kill her off or send her away wouldn’t make much sense. The success of any future Sami will depend on the talent of the actress and the chemistry she shares with her fellow actors. I personally don’t care who stays and who leaves but it’ll be the fans of Sami, EJ, and the “EJamis” who’ll be crying the loudest.

  10. From dc

    there is no doubt in my mind they will recast the role of sami. just hope they find someone who can fill her shoes.. she is such a good actress. and with ej (WOW) what chemistry..
    I think ej is a little too old for abby (more like a father figure)..
    would love to see jj take Teresa down..

  11. From dc

    I was really surprised to see nick re-appear today. I am not sure I like him returning. He was as obsessed with Gabi as he was with Melanie.. Too weird..
    By the look on everybody’s face it was a shocker.. I really don’t want him to stay around..

  12. From Julie

    I don’t blame Alison for leaving Days. They have ruined her and EJ. EJ would have never slept with Abigail. It is a sick and disgusting story line. They have ruined EJ’s character, he is way to old for Abigail and he would have never done that to Sami. The writers made a huge mistake. I don’t even want to watch it anymore!!!

  13. From JS

    First Bo leaving now Sammie. Sad I love Sammie and hated to see Bo go. Is this new guy going to become a new flame for Hope? Hope not.

  14. From nancigal

    #6 Anita.. Me,too, since day one. That’s nearly 50 years! Lots of changes over the years and we are still watching! Enjoyed the shocked looks on faces when Nick appeared at church. At least he wasn’t dripping wet! HA. Who are the designers? Poor Gabby looked like a Gypsy with the purple velvet dress and black beaded head band. Good grief. Sure they will re-cast Sammi. Too many story lines she is in. And I am like ya’ll, I pity the person that comes in as a new Sammi. Doubt anyone will like her, at least at first. Anyone know why comment section is closed on “this and next weeks” updates? First time I have seen comments on “come and goings” section. Looks like a good place to post thoughts and read others and all getting along. I really want to see Anne and Theresa take a fall. Would love to see those two start going after each other. Talk about fur flying! Any ideas on Abigail? What are we going to find out is her problem w/ always making out and then feeling like it is someone else’s fault.. or is it the father figure deal she is searching for? Anita, do you remember when Julie and Susan were best friends until Susan got pg with somebody Martin’s baby? What was his first name? I cannot remember. And all we saw was them kissing in the car. Didn’t need to have all the exotic scenes to figure out what happened. Times back then were so much simpler! And left a little to the imagination!

  15. From Mopy

    Yay! So glad to see Nick again, and so glad that he’s not killed off! I know he’s not much of a fan favourite, and I despise that the writers have written him as a full-on psychopath, but I still adore him and see the great potential he has.

  16. From Evelyn L. Ford

    Okay, today’s DOOL (1/27/2014) was very scary; my question is this: how do y’all think that Nick could have survived that rushing, ice cold wintry stream water that was moving so fast that it could sweep anyone away? Does anyone have any guesses whatsoever? Could anyone’s hunch be that guy who keeps popping up, saying, “GREETINGS!” and who was onto Sami, Gabi, and Kate? Could he have been the one who possibly saved Nick? He keeps going to that part of Salem to watch the birds and he kept on scaring the 3 ladies! Maybe he didn’t live that far from where Nick could have drifted off to and maybe he washed ashore and that guy found him and saved him? Who knows? Just a hunch, but it’s happened a many of times according to what I remember!

  17. From Evelyn L. Ford

    And not just in DOOL but on other soaps, too! Any All My Children fans (former fans- cancelled again <:() remember what happened to Greenlee and how David saved her life after she went a-motorcycle riding and crashed in a stream or something?

  18. From Evelyn L. Ford

    Oh, wow! Just read that DOOL was renewed again until September 2016! :) YAAAYYYYY!!!

  19. From reardon

    Evelyn, I agree that the old man in the woods might well have pulled Nick from the river downstream. And I think Nick remembers enough of what happened (if not all of it) and is faking his desire to be honest at all times. He’s lying and I think he’s obsessed with Gabi and he’s out for revenge.

  20. From Gentzy

    WHY did they bring Nick back????
    When are they going to recast for the role of Bo and stop the storyline of Ciera beginning to be a bad kid. That’s pathetic!!!!!!!
    These ‘ghost’ phone calls between Bo and Hope are boring, stupid and ridiculous!!!!!!!

  21. From dc

    well, as far as nick coming back, I was not thrilled.. and he is acting really creepy. but I think that is how psycho’s act..
    and if they are not going to bring bo back or replace him, they should stop the phone calls between him and hope..
    nick is acting too weird for me..

  22. From dolfan

    Please Please recast the roll of Sammi when the time comes. It’s time to bring Bo back also. If you keep losing all of the main stars there won’t be anything left to watch.
    Wouldn’t it be a great twist if Abagail ends up pregnant.
    Sorry but time to recast the Char. of Will again the new guy isn’t doing it for me.

  23. From nancigal

    What is the big plan that JJ and Bev are working on to get Teresa? I haven’t figured that out. Whatever it is, I hope it works. Can’t wait to see Teresa and Anne both go down. I agree that it is probably the birdman/greetings guy that found nuts-o Nick and nursed him back to health and that Nick remembers all that happened. Do ya’ll think Gabby will go crazy or will Nick kidnap her, keep her in a secluded place and perhaps she dies? I did hear that she was leaving the show, so how will they get rid of her. Maybe she and Sammi will go away on a trip and the plane crashes… but they will make it out and live on the island where Tony was…. Ha Ha Ha !! #16 Reardon, think you are right that Nick wants revenge and he’s such a psycho. No telling what he’ll do. Saw that Kristan is coming back in the summer. Run, Brady. RUN! Guess she and Stephano will get some new evil plot going. As for Bo…not sure what the writers plan to do on him. Maybe he and Hope get a divorce, she falls for new guy that Ciera keeps whipping on his son… then Bo will return… Can’t have a happy couple on this show ever!! And I am wondering if the ‘terrible trio’ will continue to visit and plot since Nick is back and they don’t have to worry about being found out for murdering him. Can’t wait for Sammi to find out about EJ and Abigail. Sheryl and Jordan story should be interesting. Hopefully Daniel and Nicole will locate Dr. Chyka and beat the hell out of him til he tells all. But Stephano will probably stop that.. Looks like lots of new SL’s could be heading our way.

  24. From nancigal

    Sure nuff… the trio are still getting together and plotting. It’s obvious now that Nick knows all they did and he is out to make them pay for it. Will was right when he said Nick is acting like he did when he was trying to get Gabby and the baby to New York. What a creep he is!

  25. From dc

    good to hear that Kristen is returning. but watch out brady and maybe even john (since he is returning).
    since Kristen is coming back why can’t they bring Bo back??
    Ciara needs her dad.. I would really like to see Bo return.. He has been gone long enough..

  26. From nancigal

    If I remember correctly, months back I either read of heard that “Bo” was making the decision to not re-up on his contract and wanting to move on to bigger and better roles. I have been surprised to not see him at least as an extra on any TV shows or movies by this time. That certainly doesn’t mean he can’t be replaced. Not understanding what they are doing with that story line. Salem Spectator usually has good blips from the actors/tresses. Saw today where Teresa found the $2K check. How did JJ and Bev get that check cut? Does Jenn just leave the check book laying around?

  27. From Petra Elmore

    Yes let Sami go…it’s just a job. Plus other actor’s would get a chance. It’s show business and let them be.

  28. From Evelyn L. Ford

    AH! Just as I suspected! Anyone catch the end of today’s DOOL? “Mr. Greetings”, as I call him, greets Kate and acts like he knows Nick! He just had to have saved him from the water!

  29. From grandma to many

    I guess EJ must have a magic stick that is so enticing that little miss I will be a virgin till the wedding vows are read is suddenly the biggest slut in Salem wow what an about face she did ! Who will blow the biggest gasket when they find out Sami or Jennifer ? Please send Nick , Theresa , Ann and Abigail to Aramid and let Julie hound them for at least 20 years !

  30. From dc

    Way to go “grandma to many”.. Love your comments.. You go girl!!

  31. From viv

    So….think maybe Johnny and Sydney have a little sibling on the way? Wait till Chad finds out about Abby and EJ! Or Stefano? Or Jennifer? I want details on what Ciara is doing to the little boy! Is she going to be our next Sami? First we had Julie, then they gave us Sami…now is it going to be Ciara? LOL

  32. From Evelyn L. Ford

    AHAAAA! I may have been right all along! “Mr. Greetings”- Percy Ruggles- he’s Nick’s FRIEND! I knew it! He had to have saved him! :) If Sami and Gabi both leave and are not recast, then, jail? But what about Kate? She’s in on it, too! We all know she was with them 2 when Nick was thrown into the water!

  33. From viv

    Stefano will “save” Kate…and she will be blackmailed into coming back to him….that is a given. Don’t think Nick wants Victor as an enemy..oops, already is :-)Expect Gabi to have a breakdown and be sent away. I keep expecting Sami or Kate to reach around and slap her when she starts one of her fits. Can’t even think what they will do with Sami.

  34. From nancigal

    Hey, Evelyn…. Good thought!! Send them to jail and they can be re-cast years from now.. when they have served their time..At least that way they aren’t killed off or just up and leave town. Kate may get Stephano to keep her out of jail if she marries him again. THAT would free up Rafe.
    I SOOOO hope that JJ gets thru all this legal mess and Teresa goes down… guess we will know soon.

  35. From Clear

    Why does this one have a comment section when others do not?

    Why on 2/20 do we already have a preempt? At least it is not my day off.

    The show will not be nearly as interesting without Sami! Will she be recast? She is my favorite character!

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