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It’s a new year and the month of January brings readers more Genoa City casting scoops. Soap Opera Fan Blog will update this page when more details are released, so bookmark, refresh and check back often.

Robert Craighead will return to the show as Judge Wayne on Monday February 3.

Chris McKenna (ex-Joey Buchanan, “One Life To Live”) took to Twitter to announce that he would be appearing on the show for a few episodes. The actor started taping on January 22 and will appear as Mark Harding beginning on February 17.

TV Guide is reporting that designer David Tutera (“My Fair Wedding With David Tutera”) will guest star on two episodes of “Y&R,” beginning on January 22, in order to plan a wedding for two Genoa City residents, who become engaged during the holidays.

“Big Brother’s” Candice Stewart will make a guest appearance on Monday January 13.

Michael Muhney, who plays Adam Newman, announced via Twitter that he was let go from the show. His last air date will be January 30. In an interview with the HuffPost TV Canada Muhney stated, “It was explained to me that CBS and Sony want to give Adam a break for 3-6 months and then they’ll bring him back with a different actor. Maybe he does need a break. Adam has been on screen a lot. He’s not being killed off.”

Ray Wise (“How I Met Your Mother,” “Mad Men”) has been cast to play cult leader Ian Ward, Dylan’s (Steve Burton) father. The actor will first appear on January 23.

Billy Miller is leaving Y&R and his role of Billy Abbott. Miller will last appear on January 30 2014.

Read our Y&R December casting news to see who recently left the show and for more details others who have arrived in Genoa City.

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- Amy Mistretta

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  20 responses so far...

  1. From Sylvia

    Do you think that you could post exactly where things stand as to the accusations made by Hunter King towards Michael Muhney stand?

    There is so much speculation going on, that it truly would b ewonderful to at least have some truths written.

    Thank you. – We update here Sylvia.


  2. From Nikki

    I stopped watching this show when Michael Muhney announced he was fired. Now I watch Days for the full hour!

  3. From berneita ellis

    what an absolute and total mess. I am so upset with all of it. Can’t stand it.

  4. From Gloria Giardino

    Sooooo Sad and disappointed to see the actors for Billy and Adam go. I have been a viewer for approx. 38 years, and never comment on thes sites. Don’t get the changes, seriously considering turning the channel, I am not the only one that feels this way, I have so many friends and associates that are so disappointed in the decisions to rid 2 of their best actors! Hey Guys, you are not always right! And if it has got to do with the almighty dollar think again. It is a strong reality that day time soap is on it’s way out, but I always stood strong that Y&R would not be touched, until now……..

  5. From JoAnn McCoy

    Maybe they could get the first Adam back, I really liked him.

  6. From JoAnn McCoy

    Maybe they could get the first Adam back

  7. From Terry Sullivan

    It’s bad enough that Billy Miller, another amazing actor is leaving. Now they fired Micheal Muhney over some bogus allegations from Hunter. They used her to do their dirty work since all the egos over there were clashing and Munhey had the better roles and is a better actor than the instigators over there. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for what you’ve done to Micheal Muhney out of your own pathetic jealousy over him. I will never watch Y&R again. I’ve spent decades watching this program and did not realize that the people behind the scenes are awful and conniving people who obviously can’t work as a family on that set after all these years like other Soaps do. Shame on you!!!

  8. From Terry Sullivan

    FYI I have cancelled my scheduled recording for the Y&R series. Goodbye. I no longer want to see your faces again. Especially that Hunter kid. She can play being in a coma well, since she doesn’t have to do anything and can’t act anyway. Y&R is no longer worth watching, let alone taking up my DVR space. What a disgrace. I’m totally ashamed of you people for this witch hunt against Micheal Muhney over your pathetic egos and jealousy. What a big set up. I
    don’t know how you people sleep at night. Shame on you’s.

  9. From Kate Elwood

    It’s not much wonder that the producers are upset! With all of the rumors and people deciding what the truth is whether they know or not, the fans are making this whole MM thing so much worse! How do we have any idea what is true and what isn’t from our living rooms? Some of you talk as though you were insiders, which I know you’re not.

  10. From Sandy Stark


    what makes you think Hunters allegations are Bogus? Do you see Michael, suing anyone for defamation of character? Many charachers of the show have confirmed what happened, and he was also fired from Veronica Mars.

  11. From Bonnie

    I also agree with all of the above. Not sure why Billy is leaving, but he and Michael are both good actors and to me, they are two of the finest on Y&R. I have pretty much stopped watching it. And I did the same thing, cancelled my recordings.

  12. From Paulette Jacobs

    Adam and Billy both gone

  13. From Kathy

    I am also done with your show after Billy and Adam leave. This makes me so sick, been watching since day 1, but no more.

  14. From Dee

    Y&R is going down the tubes by loosing two of the best actors in Daytime. Michael Muhney was accused of deplorable allegations, then TPTB decided to make it something else. It stinks of a set up to get rid of MM. Billy Miller was set to leave, again because of TPTB who refused to give him a flexible schedule for him to do outside projects. Y&R will go from #1 in the ratings to #000000000 after both MM & BM are gone. When they are so am I….

  15. From Deniece


  16. From Kandy Cooper

    I am really upset of how you are firing Michael Muhney, I can’t believe that he did this. If he did then have a talk with him. He is so good at his job. I am sick of the way you have been doing things away. I have been watching this show for over 30 years and let me tell you this your storylines are very sicken. I don’t like Abby with Taylor for one. What happen with Adam was a accident. Way are you making it more than it was…..Why can’t he ever be happy?. I don’t know I know that I am about to stop watching….

  17. From Lori Washburn

    I have an idea..Get rid of Steve and send him back to GH….NOW

  18. From Whiz

    Michael Muhney will get a new gig in short order as he is a very talented actor. Hopefully he will post his new gig so his fans can catch his performance !!

  19. From Lori Conner

    I stopped watching the show the day Michael Muhney announced he had been fired..Watched the show faithfully since I was 11 yrs old and now I am almost 53.. A long time, effort, energy went into watching daily for all those years..For TPTB to turn around and turn the whole show upside down… NO Thank You…Do Not wanna see the comings and goings..Not unless it is about Michael Muhney returning to the show.

  20. From Y&R Forever

    Time to let the MM thing go… he isn’t coming back and wont be let back !!! Do some constructive with your time other then whining over this guy.. he doesn’t give two hoots what anyone thinks.. he knows he screwed up big time! A wife and 3 kids and you doesn’t make this guy GOD.. get over it..

  21. From Linda Barringer

    Really disappointed that Adam and Billy are leaving Y&R.They are excellent actors.Please reconsider!

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