Days Of Our Lives Poll: Dannifer’s Return.

Going another round?

Unless you are unfamiliar with the bizarre logic that tends to dominate events in Salem, it looks as though the reunion of Jennifer Rose and Dr. Dan is now all but inevitable. Since her son offered his big confession and the doctor has mostly managed to keep his man hands off of Nicole and Theresa, it seems likely that they will end up back together. But will it come fast or slow? Is this going to be dragged out? Are you hoping it will never come to pass at all?

Vote in Soap Opera Fan Blog’s “Days Of Our Lives” poll to let us know what you think of the possible reunion.

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- Matt Purvis

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  1. From dc

    I was so glad to see Jennifer and Daniel back together today. I am glad JJ told her the truth about what Teresa did.. Sure hope Brady wises up and stays away from Teresa.
    This thing between Abby and EJ is just wrong. They need to bring someone in for her to be with (not someone who is old enough to be her dad)..

  2. From dc

    Daniel is a man whore.. He’s been with everyone (almost) he’s good for Nicole since she’s been around the block too…. Jennifer is stupid…Abby is stupid.. Like mother like daughter. Would like to see sex scenes with ej and Sami!!!!! They are hot together!!!
    Love psycho nick…gabi needs to get a brain!

  3. From ilovedays

    Glad JJ told the truth so Daniel and Jenn can go on with their lives, hopefully together. As we all know, it probably won’t last long. So I will enjoy it while I can. I actually liked EJ and Abbey together. I don’t think ED looks like her dad, I think he is only ten years older than her, so I don’t think the age is an issue…I think they are super hot together and am looking forward to more scenes with them together.

  4. From ilovedays

    Oops…I meant to say…”I don’t think EJ looks old enough to be her dad”

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