General Hospital Spoilers And Videos For May 26 – 30.

Bombshells, ultimatums and stunning revelations!

Read a sneak peek of what the week holds for the citizens of Port Charles. Soap Opera Fan Blog has “General Hospital” spoilers for the week of May 26.

After learning Ava’s secret and finally thinking Ava is about to get what’s coming to her, Carly plays the recording for Sonny which prompts Sonny to corner Ava. By the end of the week, Ava drops a stunning revelation on Sonny, but will Sonny believe her?

Thinking he got revenge on Julian for trying to leave the mob, Luke makes another ultimatum to Julian and encounters a mystery man. Knowing that Lucas took a bullet that was meant for him, Julian considers revealing who his bankroller is. Elsewhere, Tracy finds herself concerned about Luke’s weird behavior.

Plus, Ric and Elizabeth get lost in the spirit of romance. Ric discovers he’s being charged for a criminal act and Morgan and Olivia find comfort in each other.

Summer spoilers by Soap Opera Digest

The fallout from Sonny discovering Ava killed Connie reverberates throughout the summer months and has profound effects on many of the characters including Morgan.

Will Carlos remain behind bars with the tape floating around?

Duke kept up his end of the bargain with Anna by quitting the mob, but with Julian not exactly gone, is it possible Duke will return?

Nina Clay returns to Port Charles and Silas and Sam are taken aback by this.

Luke’s odd behavior is explained.

Ric and Elizabeth become closer, much to the chagrin of Nikolas. This will have a significant impact on Nik and Liz, Ric and Liz, and Nik and Britt.

Nathan and Levi will be pitted against each other as the six-month ban on Maxie seeing baby Georgie comes to a close.

Patrick finds himself dealing with a crisis while more information comes to light as to who the driver of the car was.

Michael is ready to run ELQ and this leaves Kiki wondering about the status of their relationship.

Jordan continues playing both sides to get the necessary information on the mob and things heat up between her and Shawn.

Rafe’s return has a strong impact on T.J. and Molly’s relationship.

Brad refuses to give up on Lucas.

Will Lucy end up with Scott or will Kevin forgive her betrayal?

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