Days Of Our Lives Spoiler Video: Habitually Punctual.

January 25th, 2012 by Matthew Purvis

“I have big plans for you.”

Madison is cagey about the details of Abby’s job, Marlena has a new therapy idea for Jack and Brady argues with his dad.

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Matt’s Musings On Days Of Our Lives For The Week Of January 2-6.

January 6th, 2012 by Matthew Purvis

Since seeking pill therapy didn’t work out so well for Hope last time, she and Babs went in for talk therapy this time. Babs broke down and let out all of the emotions he’d been bottling up for five years like he was a dinghy with a leak. In a couple of seconds, he was empty again. Marlena ended the hour right on the dot, thankful that her Botox had made it impossible for her to register anything remotely approximating an unprofessional emotion. Meanwhile, John, Salem’s unwilling organ donor, was bankrupting himself to pay back the people his nephew ripped off. Brady offered to go into business with him. Madison didn’t like it. A few minutes later she did. Across town, Stefano complained about Harold’s dress sense. John squinted. Marlena was horny. Rafe and Carrie were hired to find a cat but it beat him up so he went home to cook dinner and make out with Sami who was acting happy as a clam at high tide. Will nearly puked at the sight of the spectacle and went back to his grandma for more therapy. Read the rest of this entry »

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Days Of Our Lives Weekly Spoiler Video: Panic Sex.

November 11th, 2011 by Matthew Purvis

Next week in Salem…

EJ and Sami are so distraught that their son might be dead that they lose control of themselves.

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Days Of Our Lives Thoughts On The Week Of October 17-21.

October 21st, 2011 by Matthew Purvis

Matt’s Musings.

The life lessons continued in the town of Salem this week. Rafe learned that corruption only works when you’re a Brady and that Sami is far more tolerable after you’ve had a few beers. Austin discovered that if you tell a woman you are extremely excited, then drop your towel and it falls straight to the floor without hitting any interference, she’ll immediately leave the country. John discovered that Marlena’s shoulder pads have magically transformed her shoulders into her body’s largest erogenous zone. And Will learned that the best way to deny something is to speak like you’re a robot. Read the rest of this entry »

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Matt’s Musings On Days For June 6-10.

June 10th, 2011 by Matthew Purvis

Thoughts on Days.

It was all about the fine line between romance and skankiness in Salem this week. Daniel were making Jenn sweat in her sweat pants. Before he could start chewing off the ice cream encrusted on her tank top, Abby walked in. Daniel’s hair popped into instaperm and he rushed away to the hospital. He and Mel engaged in their daily smirking session. She hiccuped laughs until Maxine tipped them off that Carly was ill. The intrepid doctor rushed to her side. Carly still lives in a hotel room. He checked her out and guessed she didn’t get her shots. He’s only a surgeon after all, he can’t be expected to know the difference between drug withdrawal and a stomach bug. Then again, it was unclear whether Carly’s exploding insides were caused by drugs or the spectacle of Dannifer’s face sucking shenanigans. When she returned to work and he was talking about Jenn, she could barely control the desire to sink into a narcotic stupor. After filling her purse with meds, she poured them out on her desk like they were pixie sticks and then snorted them through a straw. Read the rest of this entry »

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Matt’s Musing On Days Of Our Lives For May 30-June 1.

June 1st, 2011 by Matthew Purvis

Thoughts on Days.

Chloe had another date with Salem’s newest pornographer, Quinn. Appropriately enough, they met in a sea food joint called the Creamy Clam n’ Mussel Cafetorium that looked like it hadn’t been re-decorated since the 70s. He wandered off and ran into Mama Vivian in the park. Meanwhile, Jenn and Daniel had another date. Instead of climbing a hill, she dressed up like she was throwing the prom in her living room. He ran away the first chance he got because that seemed a little too mature for both of them. After she slipped into her sweat pants and jumped into a bucket of ice cream, he returned to lick her clean. Unfortunately, their ice cream social was interrupted by Abby, who didn’t seem nearly as traumatized by this scene as the audience at home. Read the rest of this entry »

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Matt’s Musings: Days Of Our Lives Thoughts For November 22-26.

November 26th, 2010 by Matthew Purvis

Thoughts on Days.

In Salem this week, Rafe and Sami decided on a life in wedlock to avoid one locked behind bars. She said ‘no’ to his less-than-romantic proposal at first and then cried and then laughed and said ‘yes’ and cried some more. Apparently Alison Sweeney’s scripts don’t feature periods, just emoticons of weeping faces. The not-so-happy couple woke up the children and told them that they were dragging them out to the woods for a midnight wedding. Johnny and Allie were confused enough to be excited but Will was worried and realized his mom was up to something. All the same, they all filed out to the Salem woods, though there were no leaping mutated fish to scare Sami this time. Rafe had the place decked out with fairy lights and, apparently, had a clergyman who couldn’t even make it in Vegas brought in just for the occasion. Caroline busted out the collection of ropes she’s been keeping handy since Samantha Jean was a troubled teen and the bride and groom tied themselves to the children. This symbolic act was soon to be undone however. Across town, Nicole was busy trying to talk herself into EJ’s good graces. She may have given him the proof that Sami literally made him lose part of his mind, but he still wasn’t forgiving her for what she did to taint his love for elevator sex. They got marginally more sentimental, but the tender moment was shattered when his spies tipped him off about the wedding. He had a fit and dragged Nicole with him to tear the children from Sami’s arms. Samanther was forced to say goodbye. Even Nicole was grossed out by how cruel the whole thing was but she went along with it and went back to Casa DiMera with Syd and EJ. He told her not to get her hopes up, but things were clearly looking up for them. Read the rest of this entry »

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Matt’s Musings: Days Of Our Lives Thoughts For August 16-20.

August 20th, 2010 by Matthew Purvis

Thoughts on Days.

Stephanie continued her detective work. It’s too bad she works for the hospital instead of the Salem PD because she can actually get results. Recruiting some dude she once did a favor for and who desperately wants to get into her proverbial pants, she got him to hack into St. Mary’s database, in spite of the fact that it would almost certainly doom him to Hell. By the end of the week, she got to the truth that half of the cast has been waiting for and let out a long squeal. Read the rest of this entry »

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Days of Our Lives Thoughts For The Week Of April 26.

April 30th, 2010 by Matthew Purvis

Matt’s Musings.

Dr. Dick returned to Salem to discover that it had barely changed at all. Why he would go back there when he could have just as easily gone anywhere else in the world is anyone’s guess. Perhaps he should have gone to Hawaii so his shirts wouldn’t make him stick out so badly… He was instantly trapped into a weird business relationship with Hope; maybe his garish fashion sense reminded her of Babs. The doctor showed he’s still a pillar of compassion and stopped her from killing Elvis at Salem’s local corpse depot – the pier. They ran off with his cash and cards, leaving him to the mercy of fair Samanther. As she pushed his brain back into his skull, his lips sprang to attention and he licked her lips. She got confused. That didn’t abate as the week went on. Rafe tried to talk to her but realized he couldn’t actually tell her anything. Strangely enough, that went as well as things go when he tells her everything on his mind. He tipped her off that EJ wants more than the buns she burned in her oven – he wants to try baking another cake. Sami wasn’t in the mood for baking lessons from anyone and told Elvis that they wouldn’t be playing house as long as it meant she had to live with his dear old dad. Elvis tried to talk to her on her level. Then Caroline asked Sami why she never talks to her mom anymore. Sami said it was because Marlena is reasonable and that’s not the kind of talk she can take. Carline did her best, but even saints have their limits. Read the rest of this entry »

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Days of Our Lives Thoughts For The Week of March 29-April 2.

April 2nd, 2010 by Matthew Purvis

Matt’s Musings.

Daniel was busy trying to have a family moment with Mel at the pub, Salem’s family fun zone. He may not have raised her, but his blood is flowing through her and he’s had his hands in her guts so they’re already more than intimate. Carly arrived to rain on their parade. Mel flounced off and the doctor ran after her and slipped, cracking open his cranium. His brain slid across Salem, attempting to escape from his inevitable reunion with Chloe. They chased it down and shoved it back in his head just as the diva arrived at the hospital, fresh from a fright session with Victor, to spass all over Carly for sucking up Daniel’s life. Mel defended her mom. Carly got sentimental about the past they never had. Mel pouted until her lips almost fell off. Carly tried but she was even less successful. She didn’t have to mimic her daughter too much though since the blood which is now boiling on Dr. Dan’s brain is causing him to have double vision. Now his world is as repetitive as the dialogue. Mel was still seeing double too. She couldn’t shake her feelings for the two men she loves. Nate drifted around town like a lost puppy. Philly stood around wondering if he should bother being jealous. Hearing that Viv was marrying his father quickly stunted any chance at domestic peace that he was hoping for though. Read the rest of this entry »

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