Matt’s Musings On Days of Our Lives.

September 11th, 2009 by Matthew Purvis

Thoughts on Days.

The kidnapping story continued to unravel this week. Bo spent most of the week sitting in the pub pouting about his fight with Hope. He complained to anyone who would lend him an ear and fueled a remarkable degree of enmity against Justin. Hope hung out at home with her remarkably untraumatized daughter until Dean stopped by to bite his fingernails and act concerned. His nerves soon turned to be his undoing. As he anxiously played with his lighter, Ciara recognized the sound and tipped her mom off that he was the kidnapper. She tried to play it cool but Hope is even worse at lying than she is at police work. Dean cornered them and threatened them. Justin dropped by and Dean let Hope stick her head out to tell him she was busy cooking and couldn’t be disturbed. He jumped through the door and tackled Dean, who promptly shot him in a tussle. Then Dean tussled with Hope. Ciara stood around and watched like it was a bad cartoon. Wounded Justin called Bo, who ran over with reinforcements and arrested Dean. That’s a lot of action, but it didn’t feel that way and there were holes in the way most of it played out. As usual, Hope seemed like a flake, Bo came off as an arrogant jerk, Dean was another in the show’s list of random psychos and Ciara seemed bored stupid. It sounds harsh. It was. And yet, there was something humorous about it, even though it might not have been intentional. This was, I suspect, because the writers didn’t seem to particularly care about, or believe in, this story. It’s merely an expedient way to get to something else. Again, it seems like this little farce has been a way to set the stage for Carly’s return. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lori’s Last Word on Days of our Lives!

August 7th, 2009 by Lori Wilson

The week in Salem.

I was really detached from everything this week. I usually write down the things that stand out for me as the week goes on so I remember to talk about them in my blog, but it was already Friday before I thought of anything that really caught my attention, which was Chad.

I like Mia and I like Chad, but I think they are in two different leagues and don’t match up well on screen. I have a hard time believing they had a relationship, as I think he should be playing with the older crowd.
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Thoughts on Days For the Week of June 15-19.

June 19th, 2009 by Matthew Purvis

Thoughts on Days.

After the grimness of the past few weeks, things got marginally lighter on the show. Thankfully, the show is still managing to keep a fair degree of continuity, even when that doesn’t mean that every second scene is someone crying. The break in the tension was largely thanks to melodramatic Melanie. Max has decided to ditch town and go with Chelsea to London. His sister was not pleased and pouted around town before deciding to take him up on his offer to move in with he and Chelsea… and then came Nathan. Salem has yet another Horton in its orbit. It’s been awhile since a new member of the clan popped his head in. The last few didn’t fare so well either. Jeremy, while easy on the eyes, was hard on everything else and things barely went well for Nick. Will the vain and sarcastic medical intern turn out to be a weird hybrid of those two departed characters? He obviously has a brain, as well as a lot of attitude and a propensity for taking his shirt off. Time will tell. Anyway, he’s moved in with the three Ms, Mel, Maggie and Mia, which could lead to all sorts of shenanigans. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lori’s Last Word on Days of our Lives!

March 20th, 2009 by Lori Wilson

A look at the week of March 16!

Oh my God! Can the fuels project storyline just end already?! Melanie needs to focus on something else instead of trying to play Salem’s major players against each other and get involved in a storyline where we’ll start to like her. And Philip needs to stop acting like such a spoiled brat! Somehow EJ manages to act like the scheming adult businessman that he is while dealing with Melanie and the project. Philip could take a lesson or two from him.
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Matt’s Musings on Days of Our Lives.

February 13th, 2009 by Matthew Purvis

Thoughts on Days for the week of February 9-13.

While it wasn’t the most eventful week, it managed to be more amusing than not. Victor received some precious air time and used it for his usual charming string of nasty quips. Hope, still irate about shooting her sister-in-law, left Bo so she can go clear her head. Kayla, who was obviously pumped full of morphine, spent an episode teasing Daniel about his romantic life. He had his hands full. Chloe dumped Lucas, claiming that he is too good for her but not elaborating. He was, understandably, at a loss. His mother showed up to berate him, assuming this is all his fault. She has romantic problems of her own. Aside from lingering feels for Dr. Dan, she also has Stefano still sniffing around her. He even showed up at Chez Rouge dressed as one of The Hives and asked her out. Meanwhile, Brady gave his ex-wife a little comforting. Chloe pondered whether you have to be stupid to be happy. It doesn’t seem to help in Salem. She asked Daniel to run away with her but he refused to budge, basically insisting that her breakup with Lucas has to be her decision and refusing any responsibility of his own.

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Lori’s Last Word on Days of our Lives.

January 23rd, 2009 by Lori Wilson

John and Marlena leave Salem.

Days of our Lives this week was mostly about John and Marlena reuniting and leaving town. Other things happened, but it was really all more of the same in my opinion, so I don’t have much new to comment on other than Jarlena.

I wish they didn’t resort to another crazy person coming between John and Marlena in order to bring them back together. Why couldn’t it have just been a nice love story instead? How many injections, mind control tactics and craziness can one couple endure? Since Sandra Robinson is a good actress, why couldn’t Charlotte have just helped John regain his memories and then stayed on to replace Marlena as the resident psychiatrist? Instead, we just got another therapist obsessed with the too good too be true Marlena.
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Matt’s Musings on Days of Our Lives.

August 29th, 2008 by Matthew Purvis

For the Week of August 25-29.

Strangely enough, with the Olympics over and last week’s hallucinations now a thing of the past, getting back to Days regular storylines was somehow unrefreshing. Maybe that’s because the almost pointless, though pleasurable, meandering of last week had fewer flashbacks and likely will rarely be flashed back to in the future. One of the things that made Nicole’s film noir fantasy sweet was that we would never have to go through it again… and again. It’s not as “green” as the current Bo plot, which is so filled with recycled flashbacks, he must have shaved in a bid to further clarify what was past and what present. With the concentration on the hospital set over, the plot lines are now spread all over the globe and just as discontinuous as before. Suddenly, it appears as though Bo’s tabloid outing was practically planned. He didn’t actually destroy evidence, only a copy of the evidence to flush John out. Paul conveniently escaped from John’s dungeon and is running around in the shadows. Roman, once again agrees to do what the Salem PD does best – bend the rules. Proving once again that even the mob have higher ethical standards than the cops.

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Lori’s Last Word on Days of our Lives

August 22nd, 2008 by Lori Wilson

This week was mostly about not moving the story forward in case it was pre-empted due to the Olympics. If you missed any of Days, you missed some John and Marlena flashbacks, a visit from Marlena’s dead sister, two ‘40’s inspired episodes and a mysterious purple haze infiltrating the hospital.

Here are the top ten things that struck me during these filler episodes:
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