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September 11th, 2008 by Christine Fix

Welcome to the Soap Opera Fan Blog site map page.

Soap Opera Fan has covered Days, as we have for almost 14 years on and we’ve recently added three of the top soaps to our blog!  You can find the scoop for all other soap operas on our sister site,!

Soap Opera Fan Blog gives you all the soap opera scoops that you can handle, only at a glance. If you’ve been on vacation and have missed out on what’s going on with one of the four soaps that our blog covers, simply review our weekly summaries. Check twice a week for the spoilers for each show and often, to find out who is coming to your fave soaps and who is leaving. We’ll bring you all of the latest scoop on actor appearances and then make new friends within our fun-filled message boards!

Soap Star Sightings:

If you see any soap stars at the grocery store, at Disney Land, hanging out at Starbucks, anywhere at all, and you talk to them, and have a photo taken of or with them, please share it with us! We will post your story with your photo!

Star Sightings

Announcements and Sweepstakes:

Announcements and Sweepstakes

If there is any news regarding Soap Opera Fan Blog, we will notify you in this section. We’ll also give you a chance to contests on Soap Opera Fan Blog to win giveaways! Prizes range from small trinkets to larger prizes such as cruises. We try to make our contest giveaways fun for any soap fan! If you have an idea for a giveaway, please contact us and we will consider it!

Soap Opera Polls:

On Soap Opera Fan Blog, you can find polls to the four soap operas that we cover. We urge everyone who visits Soap Opera Fan Blog to vote on our soap opera polls! We’ll post at least one, weekly.

All Soap Polls

We’ll try to include all four soaps in one or two polls per week, for you to vote in! We’ll also post a new poll weekly, for each soap opera. Send the link to your friends and be certain to check back regularly to find out how your vote has counted.

Bold and The Beautiful Polls

Days Of Our Lives Polls

General Hospital Polls

Young and The Restless Polls

Breaking Soap Opera News:

Soap Opera Fan Blog has all of the latest news – at a glance. Short news items geared for our readers to quickly find out the scoop during breaks at the office, after work, between dining, spending time with the kids or family and friends. You’ll always be on top of the soap news. If you also enjoy other soaps such as All My Children, As The World Turns, One Life To Live and Guiding Light, please visit our sister site,, for all of the in-depth news, scoop, spoilers, comings and goings, that you need. While you’re there, be sure to browse our message boards and meet new friends!

In our Breaking Soap Opera News category, you can find scoop that involves all four soap operas.
Find the scoop for the other four soaps in these links!

Bold and The Beautiful News

Days Of Our Lives News

General Hospital News

Young and The Restless News

Soap Opera Comings and Goings:

Take a look at the latest in actor casting news, Soap Opera Fan Blog will provide readers with current details surrounding which of soap stars will be leaving the show, which will be arriving, and on which dates you can expect these changes. We update the comings and goings as we hear news from our sources.

Bold and The Beautiful Comings and Goings

Days Of Our Lives Comings and Goings

General Hospital Comings and Goings

Young and The Restless Comings and Goings

Actor Appearances:

Be sure not to miss out on meeting your favorite soap stars on other television shows, movies, theatre productions or best of all, in person! Read all about it in our Actors Appearances sections. You can spend time with actors at celebrity appearances, fan club parties, special actor supported charity events, soap cruises, super soap weekends and more! Get your photo taken with them, get their autograph and enjoy the excitement that comes with getting to know someone you admire! We encourage all fans who have met an actor, to contact us and share your story. We will post it, with photos, on the blog!

The Bold and The Beautiful Actor Appearances

Days Of Our lives Actor Appearances

General Hospital Actor Appearances

The Young and The Restless Actor’s Appearances

Soap Opera Spoilers:

Spoiling your story, teasing you, but not giving you the whole picture.. This is what you’ll find we do, here at Soap Opera Fan Blog. We don’t post rumors, spumors. We post only the facts, so you’ll be able to find out what’s going to happen next on your favorite soap opera.

The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers

General Hospital Spoilers

The Young and The Restless Spoilers

Daily Updates and weekly “Thoughts” Columns:

Soap Opera Fan Blog only does daily updates for one soap! Days Of Our Lives. Daily updates can be found here, on the original site. We will eventually move them over to the blog, and you will find them on this page: Days Of Our Lives Daily Updates.

You’ll find that we also have weekly “Thoughts” columns, just for Days, on the site/blog. Matthew Purvis and Lori Wilson share the DAYS thoughts. Matt’s Musings and Lori’s Last Word can be found within this page,  until we move them over to the blog. At that point, they will be found on this page . We will not have opinion pieces on the blog except for DAYS. It’ll be grandfathered in!

The reason that we only write daily updates for Days Of Our Lives is because that was the original soap update that Dustin Cushman had been writing for almost 14 years on the original site, Soap Opera Fan. We do not want to change that. Once Passions ended, we wanted to bring the readers more soaps to catch up on.

Looking for more opinion pieces for all of the 8 soap operas? Please visit our sister site. News Room on Fridays and Mondays. More specifically, you can find them within these pages:

Look for the weekly All My Children blog by Kristi.

Look for the weekly As The World Turns blog also by Kristi.

Look for the weekly Bold and Beautiful weekly blog by Lori.

Look for the weekly DAYS blog by Christine.

Look for the weekly General Hospital blog by Julie.

Look for the weekly Guiding Light blog by Matt.

Look for the weekly One Life To Live blog by Amy.

Look for the weekly Young and The Restless blog by Candace.

Feel free to comment on these blogs, vote on the great polls within and simply enjoy reading them.

Brief Cast Bios:

They’re short and sweet and to the point. This is the who’s who of the four soaps we cover. We share the name of the actor portraying the character from the soap, we provide their birth date, birthplace, a few career highlights and some trivia.
The Bold and The Beautiful Brief Bios

Days Of Our Lives Brief Bios

General Hospital Brief Bios

Young and The Restless Brief Bios

If you want to get to know the actors or characters better in all 8 soap operas, please visit our sister site, We have cast lists for all 8 soaps. They’re in-depth, and we’ve even got a section within each bio called ‘related updates’. You can find out what your favorite character has been up to, if you’ve missed out on seeing them on the show, instead of reading the entire update. Just find the ‘cast list’ for each show, under the navigation menu for each section.

Weekly Soap Opera Updates/Summaries:

Soap Opera Fan Blog will provide a weekly summary for all three soap operas, out of the four that we cover. We’ll do this each Friday. This is for those who haven’t had time to review each of the daily summaries on If you’ve got a few minutes to read and want to know, quickly, what’s been happening on your favorite soap, this is the place to read.

Bold and The Beautiful Weekly Summaries

We do not write weekly summaries for Days Of Our Lives. Instead, we provide daily summaries as we have for 14 years +.  We prefer not to alter what the readers are used to as much as we can with DAYS!

General Hospital Weekly Summaries

Young and The Restless Weekly Summaries

For daily summaries of all 8 soaps, check out our sister site daily update page.

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